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TOPICS: The distortion of the true teachings of Christ – The inescapable need for a restoration of Christianity – Kindness is not blind – Why they killed Jesus – God’s judgment upon the false preachers – The judgment of the Divine Mother – Overturning the tables of the moneychangers – The hour is late – The potential for earth changes and natural disasters – Come out of the tomb of orthodox Christianity – Rise up and fulfill your destiny. DO IT NOW! – Give Mother Mary a few minutes every day – 

Ascended Master Mother Mary, November 27, 2003 through Kim Michaels

I AM the Mother of the World, and I come to speak through my son about my Son and about his mission that has been lost. I would first speak about the sun, the s-u-n. Over these past weeks, you have seen an extraordinary increase in solar activity. While your scientists tell you that this is a random happening, I can tell you that it is indeed a planned activity.

This solar activity is the initiation of a carefully planned cycle that is designed to bring about a new awareness of the true inner mission of Jesus Christ, as my Son truly preached it 2,000 years ago to those of his disciples that were able to bear his words in those dark days.

The distortion of the true teachings of Christ

Oh I wish that many of those who are alive today, and who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ, could now experience the state of consciousness that we faced in that dark age. The age when I came to hold the balance for my Son Jesus, as he came forth to bring an extraordinary dispensation and an extraordinary spiritual teaching.

If you could experience but a glimpse of the darkness that was rampant in the earth back then, you would truly understand why it was impossible for Jesus to give the fullness of his spiritual teaching to the multitudes. You would then understand why this inner teaching, this true teaching of the true coming, the first coming, of Christ was given only to those of his disciples that were able to bear it. And let me say that even most of his close disciples did not fully understand this inner teaching.

If you could understand the darkness of the collective human consciousness of the time, you would understand why the teachings of my Son were distorted almost immediately. The very fact that the multitudes were not able to hear his inner teaching also explains why they immediately began to distort and misinterpret his outer teachings. This then should explain to you why Christianity never became the religion it was intended to be and why, almost from the very beginning, it was plagued by a lack of understanding of the true inner mission of my Son Jesus.

The inescapable need for a restoration of Christianity

You would then understand why it was almost inevitable that, over the course of the first few centuries of the Christian religion, power plays and politicking entered into this new faith and distorted it virtually beyond recognition. If you could see the immense contrast between the consciousness that dominated earth in those dark days and the much lighter consciousness of humankind today, you would instantaneously recognize that Christianity, as you know it today, is almost entirely the product of the lower state of consciousness that humankind had during the first many centuries of this Christian dispensation, this 2,000-year Age of Pisces.

You would then instantly recognize and understand that because the consciousness of humankind has now been raised to a much higher level, there is an inescapable and undeniable need for the restoration of the true teachings of Jesus Christ, the inner teachings of Jesus Christ. Not only were his inner teachings, that he gave to his disciples, not recorded, (at least not in a way that has so far been found and made public). On top of that, the outer teachings that he did give were recorded only partially. And they have since been degraded, misinterpreted and mistranslated so many times, that only a very astute and intuitive person can discover the true inner message that my Son Jesus came to bring to this planet. A message that he gave his life to bring forth, and that those who took his life to silence him have done everything in their power to destroy.

Kindness is not blind

Many modern Christians have been brought up to think that Jesus was a feel-good master that came with a feel-good message of turning the other cheek and of always being loving and kind to everyone. Certainly, Jesus did bring such a message, but his message was not one of undiscriminating kindness, of blind kindness. Truly, kindness is a divine quality and there is no quality of God which is non-discerning and non-discriminating.

As the scriptures say, God is not mocked. God cannot be fooled by the lies and manipulations and the mirages created by human beings who are trapped in what Saint Paul called the carnal mind. Therefore, God knows that while you must always remain non-attached and avoid any kind of anger, fear or other negative emotions, you will not always passively turn the other cheek and be kind to those who do not deserve kindness, but deserve the stern rebuke that you saw my Son Jesus give to the Scribes, the Pharisees and the lawyers on so many occasions. And I can assure you that Jesus rebuked these hypocrites many more times than are recorded in the scriptures. In fact, beyond the mission of bringing forth a new spiritual teaching, one of the main goals for his mission is captured in the words, “For judgment I am come!”

Why they killed Jesus

Jesus did indeed come for the judgment of those who would not bend the knee before the true God, and who would not bend the knee before the representatives of the true God in the form of the spiritual teachers, the lineage, the hierarchy, of the spiritual teachers God has been sending to this earth for thousands of years and beyond.

These dark lifestreams, these proud souls who would not bend the knee before a true representative of the ascended masters, even when he stood before them in the flesh, these proud souls did not want to hear the message that he brought, and therefore they sought to silence him. And they eventually succeeded in killing his physical body. Yet they could not kill his Spirit, his immortal being, and so he appeared again and continued to preach his message to those who were able to bear it.

So what did these proud souls do after they realized that they could not kill Jesus himself? Well, they attempted to kill his followers and at the same time they attempted to kill his teachings, his teachings about the inner path to personal Christhood. I must tell you that if you could, for one second, experience the consciousness of these souls, who are absolutely committed to darkness, you would instantly recognize that these souls have distorted and destroyed the true inner message of Christ. And therefore there is truly a need for the restoration of that message.

I have appeared many times over this past century, and I have appeared mainly to people who were from a Catholic background. This was because I hoped that the Catholic Church could be restored and become an instrument of the restoration of the true inner message of my Son Jesus Christ.

I must tell you that so far the Church has shown no openness and no willingness to go back and look at the past, to open the Pandora’s box of the past doings of the Catholic Church. Even though the consciousness of humankind has risen to a much higher level than it was 2,000 years ago, the current leaders of the Catholic Church are too rigid and too proud to air the dirty laundry of this organization, to open up the archives of the Vatican and to bring back the true teachings of my Son.

I must tell you, therefore, that I am come this day as the Mother who is not the gentle soft mother that many of you see me as being. I come with the sternness and the fierceness of the she-lion who is defending her cubs against the hyenas who have come to devour them. I come now to defend my Son Jesus Christ and his supreme sacrifice for humankind, and I come to defend his teachings.

God’s judgment upon the false preachers

I am come to tell you that this day November 27, 2003, a day which is celebrated as a day of thanksgiving in the United States of America, will mark the beginning of a new spiritual cycle. This spiritual cycle will be an intense cycle of judgment of all those who are responsible for the distortion of the teachings of my Son Jesus and especially those who will not, even after these 2,000 years, bend the knee and restore the true teachings of Christ.

You will recall that Jesus rebuked the lawyers and said, “Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.” Well, I can tell you that some of those same lawyers are with you today. And they hold high positions in church and state, in the scientific establishment and in the media, and they still will not bend the knee and confess the Christ in themselves and in everyone else. And they are trying to prevent everyone else on this planet from discovering the true inner teachings of Christ and the message of the path of personal Christhood, the message that every human being has the potential to be the Christ in embodiment because every human being truly is a son or daughter of God.

Oh yes, those dark ones destroyed the teachings of Christ by creating the idol that Jesus, my beloved Jesus, my beloved Son, was the only Son of God. What folly. What lies. What subtle serpentine logic that truly has not been seen on this planet since the serpent persuaded Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit. The mission of my Son Jesus was to restore the lost tribes of Israel to the original state of consciousness that they had in the Garden of Eden, by making them realize that there is a path to a higher state of consciousness. And by attaining that Christ consciousness, they could make things right with their God and claim their divine inheritance as sons and daughters of God.

This is the central message of Jesus’ teachings, and as you can clearly see, it was distorted almost from the beginning. And ever since then, the Christian churches have done everything in their power to uphold this distortion. And I am dismayed to say that the Catholic Church has done more than any other organization to keep the lid on the true teachings of Christ.

The judgment of the Divine Mother

Therefore, I tell you that on this day, and from now on, there will be an extraordinary release of light from the physical sun, which is truly a focus of the spiritual sun behind the sun. This dispensation and this release of light will accelerate the process of judging those who have become the false teachers, the blind leaders who are leading humankind towards the ditch, the abyss of the fall into the bottomless pit of the consciousness of hell, the consciousness of the carnal mind. Let these false teachers now be judged as I, the Divine Mother, the ascended master Mother Mary, raise my right hand of the Cosmic Virgin and say, as did my Son 2,000 years ago, “For judgment I AM come!”

I hereby declare the descent of God’s judgment upon the Catholic Church and the leadership of that church, those who will not bend the knee and give to my people, my beloved sons and daughters, the true teachings of Jesus Christ. I will prophesy this day that unless there is an unprecedented and unheard-of turnaround in the Catholic Church, then indeed the prophecies of the demise of the Catholic Church will come to pass and much sooner than most people think.

There is yet hope that the Church can be turned around and restored. Yet that hope is like a tiny candle that flickers in the wind. And I must tell you that unless millions of Catholics rise up and demand a new openness in the Church, and a restoration of the original teachings of Christ and the original scriptures of the Christian religion that are today buried in the Vatican archives, unless this rising up does indeed happen, and happen quickly, I see no hope for the turning around of the Church. And, of course, the very fact that the Church has kept the inner teachings of Christ from the followers of the Church will make it virtually impossible for these people to rise up.

Why the statues cry tears of blood

What has happened over these past 2,000 years is that the Christian religion has been turned into a very powerful instrument for pacifying those who are the true warriors of the spirit that my Son Jesus came to awaken 2,000 years ago. Back then, many of these warriors, many of these lifestreams, were not quite ready to be awakened. Yet if all had gone according to plan, they would have been awakened a few centuries after my Son’s coming. But precisely because the false teachers managed to distort the inner teachings of Christ, that awakening did not take place.

And therefore, over these 2,000 years, Christianity has been turned into a religion that pacifies people and turns them into sheep, sheep that are being blindly herded into the folds that are built by the blind teachers themselves. This is a travesty! This then is indeed the tragedy of the past 2,000 years. It is a heavy burden on my heart, and I can tell you that this is the reason why so many of the statues of me around the world are shedding tears, even tears of blood. Oh so many Catholics have been stirred by these tears, yet they do not understand the message behind the tears. They think that I cry because so many people have left the Catholic Church. Nay, my statutes shed tears precisely because the Catholic Church has left my Son and his true teachings.

In fact, when truth be told, I am encouraged that so many people have left the Church, because this shows that they have not been completely pacified, that they still have an inner, intuitive sense that something is missing, something is wrong with the teachings presented by the Catholic Church. And that is why they leave the Church and look for the true teachings of Christ.

Oh yes, I know that this will shock many Catholics who will immediately reject my words, but it is true. The Catholic Church today is not a worthy representative of my Son Jesus Christ. And therefore I would rather see people leave the Church and search for the true teachings of Jesus Christ than I would see them continue to sit in their churches Sunday after Sunday. They sit there as if they were blind and dumb and had no ability to think for themselves and realize just how many Catholic doctrines simply do not make sense and cannot answer their questions, their reasonable questions about what Jesus really meant and what his mission really means for this planet.

Overturning the tables of the moneychangers

Do you not see, that the very essence of Jesus’ message was the acceptance that you are—and I mean every human being—a son or daughter of God? By consciously claiming your sonship or daughtership, you can act as an emissary of God, an extension of God. You can act as the ultimate spiritual warrior to overturn the tables of the moneychangers who have turned my Father’s house into a den of thieves, and who are stealing the souls of my sons and daughters.

Do you not see that this has been going on for thousands of years, and that my Son Jesus came to turn the tide and to overturn their tables and to give the people on this planet a tool for escaping this mental, emotional and spiritual tyranny that has enslaved them now for so many thousands of years that most Christians would not even believe it? So can you not see the immense tragedy that the very church, that was meant to be a tool for the liberation of your lifestreams, has now been turned into one of the most efficient tools for the enslavement of your souls that has been seen on this planet for thousands of years?Is your soul in peril?

I must tell you openly and frankly, that if you cannot see this tragedy, then your soul is in peril. Your soul is in jeopardy. Your soul is in danger of hell fire. You are like a drowning man who is grasping for straws but cannot see the ladder that is extended towards him by my Son Jesus Christ. You are grabbling for the straw of the false teachings that are offered you by the orthodox churches. And yet you do not see the ladder of my Son’s inner teachings that have been offered to you now for these 2,000 years, and are still available for those who are willing to read between the lines, to go within their hearts and to use their intuition.

If you cannot see the grave tragedy represented by the falsehood and the hypocrisy presented by modern Christianity, then you need to wake up, and you need to wake up NOW! I must tell you that the spiritual cycle that I am initiating today is a cycle of judgment of these false teachers, these false preachers in church and state, but especially in orthodox Christianity. Their day is done. Their day is up, and I must tell you that if you do not swiftly extricate yourself from them, you are in danger of being pulled down by their sinking ships. You are in danger of having your faith in God and in my Son Jesus Christ being destroyed. This can happen when you see the exposure of the hypocrisy, the corruption and the falsehood of these false leaders who are truly like whitened sepulchers, full of dead men’s bones.

The hour is late

Oh my beloved sons and daughters, I speak to you sternly because you have need of a stern talking to in this hour. I must tell you that the hour is late. I must tell you that the hour is coming where there is no turning back and where the things must come to pass that my Son Jesus prophesied, when he said that if men should hold their peace and refuse to defend the Christ, then the very stones would cry out.

I must tell you that the time is fast approaching when humankind, a critical mass of human beings, must rise up in defense of the Christ within themselves and each other. And if human beings will not affirm the Christ in themselves, then the stones must cry out, meaning that physical matter itself, the physical planet itself, will rise up and cry out in defense of the Christ.

Do you not see that you were meant to be spiritual warriors who could overturn the tables of the moneychangers in both church and state? If you do not rise up and pursue the path of personal Christhood, whereby you can become those spiritual warriors in action, then I can tell you that Mother earth herself, the Mother earth who is just an extension of my own body and blood, will rise. If you do not rise up and overturn the tables of the moneychangers, Mother earth herself will overturn those tables, and you will see this in the form of natural disasters.

The potential for earth changes and natural disasters

How can anyone fail to see that over this past year of 2003, there have been more extreme weather patterns than during any year in recent decades. Even the United Nations has stated this as a major concern. Of course, your blind scientists cannot tell you that this is all caused for a spiritual reason, namely a spiritual upheaval and cleansing.

So I must warn you this day that unless those of you who have ears to hear my words rise up and make an all-out effort to manifest your personal Christhood and to defend the Christ in yourself and in your brothers and sisters and overturn the tables of the false teachers in church and state, then you will see a very rapid acceleration in the occurrence of extreme weather patterns and natural disaster such as earthquakes, volcanoes, tidal waves and any other disaster you can possibly imagine.

I can tell you that the earth Mother is under such strain from the misqualified energies produced by humankind, that she can barely keep her balance on her axis. In fact, she is so heavy with the sins of the misqualified energies that she is in danger of falling over on her side, or turning herself upside down in an effort to shake off that which she can no longer bear.

Come out of the tomb of orthodox Christianity

Therefore, I need you to wake up and realize that it is time to come out of the tomb of orthodox Christianity. You must rise, as Lazarus rose at the call of the Living Christ. And you must disentangle yourself from the burial cloth of the false doctrines and the dead rituals in which you have been wrapped, in which your souls have been wrapped for nearly 2,000 years. I am your mother, the mother of all life on earth, the mother of the universe itself, and I must tell you that it is time to awaken to the reality of who you are in God. You are indeed a Christed being.

My Son Jesus has brought forth a magnificent book, The Mystical Teachings of Jesus which tells you everything you need to know to manifest your Christhood. I encourage you to devour that book, to internalize it and to let it become a part of your very consciousness.

In that book, Jesus says that 10,000 lifestreams have now manifested their Christhood, but many of them are not consciously aware of this. And millions more have manifested a high degree of Christhood. Well, I must tell you that it is high time for these souls to awaken and consciously recognize who they are and why they are here.

They are here to hold the balance in this critical time and to prevent the earth mother from going through a period of upheaval that has not been seen for thousands of years. You are the shock troops that are meant to be the first wave of spiritual warriors to turn this planet around for my Son Jesus Christ, so that he may come and reign as the spiritual king that he is truly anointed to be by Almighty God.

Rise up and fulfill your destiny. DO IT NOW!

This is truly the message that needs to be shouted from the housetops. And this day I, the Virgin Mary, the Blessed Mother, stand before you in such a tangible manifestation, that everyone who reads these words will be able to sense my Presence in their hearts—if they are willing to open their heart to me.

And I say to you: “Rise up and fulfill your destiny! Defend the Living Christ in my Son Jesus and in his inner teachings. Defend the Living Christ in yourself and defend the Living Christ in your spiritual brothers and sisters. This is indeed the need of the hour. This is the call of the hour. Heed my call, or you will see a wholesale destruction on this planet that no one will be able to turn back after the critical hour has struck. That hour is fast approaching! I cannot stress enough how urgent my call is! I need you to awaken yourselves and to awaken yourselves NOW!”

I am stern. I am direct. But I am first of all honest about the dire reality of the time in which you live. If you will study the teachings on our website, you will see that there is no fear in them. Nor is there any room for fear for a spiritual warrior. It is not my goal to awaken you through fear. It is, however, my goal to awaken you to the sternness of the stark reality you are facing on this planet.

Be not fooled by those who cry that all is well. Be not fooled by the false teachers who are selling their wares to those who are unaware. Awaken to the reality that you are a son or daughter of God and that you are here to serve your Brother of light, my Son Jesus, in bringing God’s kingdom into full manifestation on this earth.

Give Mother Mary a few minutes every day

If you will center in your heart for a few moments every day and focus your attention on my immaculate heart, then I will give you an extraordinary measure of the love and the light of the Divine Mother. And I will give you a measure of the wisdom and the truth of the Divine Mother who knows everything that happens on this earth, including everything that is hidden from the surface consciousness of human beings.

I do not come to leave you empty-handed. I come to leave you with a promise that if you will use the tools given by my Son, especially the tool for attunement with your Christ self, then I will indeed tell you what you need to know in order to protect yourself and your loved ones from any calamity that could come upon this earth. Use the exercise every day and go into the garden and ask me, the Blessed Mother, to come and sit with you. If you will be diligent and open your heart to my Presence, then my Presence will be there with you. And through your Christ self I will give you my love, my comfort and my divine direction for the safety of yourself and those whom you love.

Try me from this day forward and experience the reality and the faithfulness of the Divine Mother who has never left you and who will never leave you. I seal you now in the name of my Son Jesus Christ who has risen this day to a new level of cosmic awareness. Amen. And peace in the Light of Mother.



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