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TOPICS:  A new dispensation for Europe – Old records of anti-freedom – Insensitivity to life – Disinformation is the new weapon of the power elite – Two aspects of freedom – The opportunity to be spiritual has never been greater – Expanding the European Union – How Europe can help stop war – Both communism and capitalism seek world domination – Saint Germain’s vision for Europe – The people must take back their power – Saint Germain’s love –

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, September 30, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

Saint Germain I AM! And I AM here, on the continent of Europe, to anchor my Flame of Freedom in a more powerful way than ever seen before. I am here Above, as you are there below, and we are one – as Above so below – in our love for freedom. And thus I ask you to rise and say with me, “I AM FREEDOM! FREEDOM I AM!” (28X)

A new dispensation for Europe

Thus, I Saint Germain, come to let you know, with all the love and gratitude of my heart, that I have indeed received a new dispensation from the Karmic Board that allows me to give a new level of sponsorship to the European nations, who have come together in a true desire to create a more perfect union.

Well do I realize that the current European Union is not a perfect union by any means. Yet I must tell you that there is enough of a potential for a raising up into a more perfect union, that I have been allowed to give a more direct sponsorship than I have had the opportunity to give for a very long time. Thus, I can indeed sponsor the nations of Europe at almost the same level of sponsorship that I am allowed to give to the United States of America. My Beloved this is indeed a major dispensation, and I must tell you that applause is in order. [Applause] Thank you for applauding the fact that so many nations in Europe have indeed risen to a higher level that allows me to anchor the Flame of Freedom on this continent, that truly has seen so much anti-freedom that it almost defies comprehension.

Old records of anti-freedom

A very, very long time ago, in an age that is not recognized by current science, there was indeed a great temple of freedom on this continent. Yet, as the civilization that had built that temple went into a downward spiral, that temple of freedom was attacked from all sides by the forces of anti-freedom, and they eventually succeeded in destroying the civilization – that had decayed from within and become weak – and then moving on to destroy the freedom temple itself.

Thus, after this happened, the entire continent went into a downward spiral of anti -freedom. And it is indeed the remnants of this downward spiral that you have seen manifest so much anti-freedom on this continent in the last thousand years, especially. For have we not seen the emergence of a feudal system that replaced a much freer system in earlier ages, and thus enslaved the population in the hands of a small elite. An elite of people so insensitive to life that they would sit in their elaborate castles and mansions, eating, drinking and making merry, while the people who had provided the labor for the food and their shelter were indeed starving or dying of disease or malnutrition—or simply being over-worked.

I know well that when I walked this earth as the Wonderman of Europe, I worked with the kings and the queens of Europe in an attempt to establish a united states of Europe. And although it may seem like I catered to the noble class and the elite, I can assure you that I was in no way blind to the plight of the people. The reality of the situation was simply so that the people were not ready – yet – to stand up for their own freedom. And thus – foreseeing the potential of the French Revolution and even worse bloodbaths that could have taken place in other nations – I attempted to talk some sense into the royal heads of this continent.

I had little success, as I have little success today, talking to some of the same lifestreams that are now embodied in powerful positions on this continent, in North America, even in Russia and other parts of the world. For you must understand that these people are so blinded by their quest for power, by their absolute belief in their own superiority, by their belief that they have an absolute right to these privileges and that the people should simply serve as their slaves. And because of this blindness, there is no openness in their hearts to look at the people around them and be their brother’s keeper.

Insensitivity to life

Truly, they have a form of the Cain consciousness, although it is not the same shade of the Cain consciousness as you see in the Middle East. For they do not desire to kill their brothers. No, they desire their brothers to work for them and give them the privileges to which they have become so addicted that they literally think they would die if they had to do an honest day’s work. And in some cases some of the them would literally die if they had to do any physical work. But they have no compunctions about letting other people do that work until they die of exhaustion or overwork.

This is an absolute insensitivity to life. I encourage you to tour some of the places found in several nations, where you have museums that have gathered together houses in which the common people used to live a hundred or two hundred years ago. Then tour one of the royal castles that are also found in these nations. And then think about the contrast, of how 95% or more of the population lived in poverty, while the few lived in such elaborate luxury that it is almost incomprehensible how anyone could think they needed or deserved such luxury when their own people were barely surviving.

How can such a state of consciousness ever give rise to a free nation and a free people? Truly, it is inconceivable, as I am sure you can see plain as day. Thus, what needs to happen on this continent is that the people themselves become aware of the power elite and the consciousness of the power elite. For as El Morya said, there is still very much a power elite in the western world, in the democratic world, running the world behind the scenes where the people never see it. These people, many of them, are not elected by the people.

Thus, the people have no choice. They are appointed to positions of power, be it in finance, in the banking systems or wherever it might be. And thus, they cannot easily be voted out of office or removed in other ways. Then, of course, there are the people who serve as the henchmen of the power elite in terms of controlling the information that is available to the people or in terms of serving as the henchmen who immediately execute, or ridicule, or destroy, or cast doubt upon any true idea that comes up but which is not to the liking of the power elite and their philosophy.

Disinformation is the new weapon of the power elite

Thus, misinformation and disinformation have truly become the new weapons in the war for the minds and hearts of the people. And there are people in society today who have it as their job and their life’s calling to cast doubt upon the truth that is being brought out from various sources. The truth about the spiritual reality of life, the spiritual side of life, and the fact that every human being has a spiritual core and a spiritual potential that gives them the potential to rise higher in consciousness and obtain the ultimate freedom. That is the freedom from the human ego and the duality consciousness in which the power elite have been trapped for so long that they no longer see that they are trapped. And they think that their sophisticated intellectual reasoning is indeed the highest truth possible, and it is indeed higher than the reality of God and the truth brought out by the ascended masters through many different sources.

Look how the people in Europe have systematically been programmed for several generations to look with suspicion upon religion. Yes, my beloved, I am fully aware that much of this suspicion comes from the misuse of power that has been seen on this continent, primarily through the Catholic Church. And thus, there is a reality to the fact that people should be suspicious about the misuse of power in religion. But this does not mean that you throw out the Christ child with the dirty bath water of the Church.

It means that you rise to the discernment of seeing that while there is misuse of power and misinformation and false doctrines, there is a reality behind it all. And Jesus was not simply a humble peasant or a simple spiritual teacher, nor was he the only son of God or the Lord who will save the world without you having to do anything. Because beyond all these man-made concepts, there is a reality. And you can see that reality when you are willing to go beyond the dualistic mind. Yet the power elite does not want the spiritual people in Europe to realize the reality of Christ and his inner teaching. In fact, I must tell you that there is a power elite in Europe who is disguised as genuine spiritual and New Age organizations and teachers and gurus, who have it – behind the scenes – as their mission to destroy people’s belief in Christ and the reality of Christ.

Two aspects of freedom

For again, how shall this continent manifest true freedom? There are two aspects of freedom, there is an Alpha aspect and an Omega aspect. The Omega aspect is political and economic freedom, so that the people are not oppressed through physical means. But the spiritual aspect of freedom is a freedom of the mind, the freedom to know truth, to know reality. And how shall that freedom of the mind come about? It can come about only when people attain Christ discernment, attain the mind of Christ, that allows them to rightly divide the word of truth, to separate the real from the unreal and see the unreality of the Catholic Church without going into the black and white thinking of rejecting all religion or the gray thinking of thinking that they can come up with their own spiritual truth and do not have to reach up for the Christ discernment that allows them to see the spiritual reality, rather than some man-made doctrine or concept or philosophy that is convenient and allows them to live a comfortable life while feeling that they have some kind of spirituality.

So my beloved, I, as El Morya, have spent embodiments on this continent. I have given much light, much of my thoughts and ideas, in order to raise the consciousness of this continent, in order to bring about a Golden Age of Freedom. I have released much technology, in the Industrial Revolution and forward, that has indeed helped this continent reach a high state of political and economic freedom, where people are not as oppressed as they were for example in the Soviet Union or under the old non-democratic governments on this continent.

The technology that I have sponsored and inspired has allowed people to escape the drudgery of having to spend all of their time and energy just making a living. They have indeed attained a higher degree of freedom. And my vision for giving people political freedom and economic freedom was that by having the free time and the free energy, the free attention, they would put their minds, put their attention, on the spiritual side of life and their own spiritual growth. They would reach up for something higher.

So you see, there has been a very deliberate attempt by the forces of anti-freedom to sabotage my plans by turning the people away from religion completely. Or turning them away from seeking the higher truth and seeking only that form of spirituality which is convenient and which allows their egos to continue to control them while they feel they are very spiritual people.

The opportunity to be spiritual has never been greater

My Beloved, look at this continent. Look at the freedom people have. In many nations there is a welfare system, where people can theoretically maintain at least a basic standard of living without working at all. Now, I am not recommending that you go out and do this. But it is a fact that you could indeed justify having a certain number of people who lived off the welfare system while spending their time on true spiritual pursuits. Thus, in essence, doing what the monks and nuns did in the old days, when they lived in monasteries and focused their entire lives on spirituality.

Yet even beyond this, you have so many people who have lots of freedom. Some do not need to work full time to maintain a living. Others have pensions or other forms of income that allows them lots of free time. Just think what could happen if just a percentage of these people would use their freedom to focus on the spiritual side of life. Imagine that they gave rosaries, meditated or used other spiritual practices. Imagine that they studied individually. Imagine that they came together in groups and discussed spiritual topics. Imagine that they wrote about spirituals and challenged the lies of the power elite by giving people the spiritual meat that can set their minds free from these lies.

Just imagine how it was, just a couple of hundred years ago, when many people worked ten or twelve or more hours a day. At the same time as they were raising children and never had the time to sit down and contemplate the meaning of life or give a rosary or read a book, for no books were even available. So imagine what people have today, and just imagine that they started using it for something spiritual, instead of allowing themselves to be sucked in to the many addictions that are deliberately presented by the entertainment industry. Or consider the many other pursuits that make people addicted to this or that or the next thing, that takes their energies down, down, down in a self-destructive spiral, that eventually ends up taking all of their freedom and imprisons them in a box of negative energy, where they are so burdened that they can barely move and they can barely raise their eyes and say, “God, there has got to be more to life.”

It is, in fact, so that there are many people who have economic and political freedom, who have free time, who have free energy and free attention. Yet they are less free than many people were a century or two ago. Because their minds and their emotional bodies have been sucked into so many different addictions that there is hardly any attention left for them to ponder any deeper meaning of their existence. Yet it should be natural that when people do not have to spend all of their time on making a living, their attention should turn to the deeper topics of life, the deeper questions presented by the fact that you are alive, that you are conscious and that you have a mind that is able to ask questions and say, “Why am I here?”

Yet my beloved, so many people act as if it is dangerous to consider such questions. And in a sense one can hardly blame them for this reluctance, for have they not been fed a schizophrenic world view by, on one side, the Christian churches who hold on to doctrines that are so outdated that it is a shame to even consider that modern intelligent people could believe in some of these doctrines. And on the other side, they have a scientific establishment which pounds into their minds over and over again that life is a game of chance, that they are highly evolved animals but nothing more, and that they, their consciousness, will die when the body draws its last breath.

So, in a sense, it is understandable that people do not know how to deal with the deeper questions. But this can change very quickly, when the consciousness is raised by people such as yourselves. And when people are presented with a teaching that actually makes sense, a teaching about God and about the spiritual side of life that makes sense. Which of course is what we are striving to do through people in various capacities who have an open mind and heart to the new ideas, that must be brought in for the Aquarian Age to come into manifestation as a Golden Age of Freedom.

And you could all count yourselves among these people, even if you do not see yourselves as writers or speakers. You talk to people, and you can be who you are and share your heart flame. See yourselves as part of the movement that will bring the spiritual awakening that is the absolute necessity before there can be true freedom on this continent. For only a spiritual awakening will bring about the consciousness of peace that can prevent more wars, conflicts and bloodshed on this planet.

Expanding the European Union

And thus, let me say that one of the main reasons that I have been allowed to again anchor my Flame of Freedom and give sponsorship to the European nations is indeed the expansion of the European Union towards the East, that you have seen in these last few years. For it is a fact that by reaching out to the former communist nations in eastern Europe, the nations of western Europe have indeed shown a willingness to be their brother’s keeper and to help raise up those nations who are far behind economically and politically. And I am well aware that there is a power elite behind the scenes, who see this as an opportunity for them to expand their markets, so that people, even in a small village in Romania, can enjoy the freedom to drink Coca Cola. For to them this is the ultimate goal and the ultimate sign of civilization—that you can drink a drink that will destroy your health.

Yet it is also undeniable that there is a true willingness on the part of the richer nations in Europe to share their wealth, to reach out and to help other nations rise financially. This is nowhere more clear than in Germany, where you have seen the people of West Germany make great sacrifices after the reunification to raise up the eastern part of that country—with great difficulty and with great reluctance from the people who had become addicted to communism. I see this as a great opportunity. And I trust that if enough spiritual people will decide to raise their consciousness and do the necessary work, then this can be a positive spiral that can start—rather than being the new Europe that the power elite envisions.

How Europe can help stop war

Now for a topic that is even more serious, namely the topic of war and how the European nations can contribute to stopping war. My Beloved, we have stated clearly in the Invocation for Peace that for peace to come about, someone must start turning the other cheek. Someone must start refusing to respond to violence with violence. Someone must be the forerunner. And who will that someone be and how will they do it?

Well is it inconceivable that some of the smaller nations in Europe could come to a point, where they would simply abandon their military, where they would simply say, “We refuse to have a military force in this new Europe. For we will not contribute to the potential for war by acting as if we need a military in order to defend ourselves against the threat that surely is not as serious as it was in past ages.”

I know that for many nations this will be a radical suggestion. But do you see that sooner or later someone must take this step? Some nation must decide that if we are to have peace on earth, they must take the step of abandoning all military force. I am not saying that all nations could do this, given current world conditions. Certainly, the United States could not do this because there must be a nation that has enough military to deter certain other nations from starting a process of worldwide conquest, which is still not completely out of the question.

Yet the logic is clear. Some nations in Europe could indeed abandon the military and simply declare themselves to be war-free zones. You have seen two nations in Europe who for a very long time have remained neutral and have refused to go into any alliance. Those two nations are Sweden and Switzerland. Those two nations both maintain a fairly capable military because they feel that they need to defend their neutrality. And surely they did need to defend their neutrality, while the shadows of the Russian Bear or the Nazi Eagle were hovering over this continent.

But do they actually need a military today? Do some of the other nations need a military? Can there forever be a NATO in a United Europe, or can NATO have the form that it has today, where it is so dependent on the United States that many nations felt obligated to go along with the United States’ adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq—which now virtually every nation in Europe realizes was a mistake.

So when will there come a nation that has the courage to say, “We will lay down our arms. We will refuse to fight, come what may.” Is that not exactly what the people of India did, when they were inspired by Gandhi? And did they not succeed in defeating the British themselves, the biggest colonial power on earth, through non-violence. So could it not send shock waves through the world consciousness if some nations had the courage to take the bold step of abandoning their military?

My Beloved, I am speaking this into the mass consciousness. For I want it to be anchored there, as a seed that can sprout and eventually set root and become a strong plant that awakens people to see that a new age has dawned, and in a new age certain choices must be made. Certainly, it was the nations of Europe that were among the first to abandon slavery and say that we cannot own other people as slaves. Well then, is it not a logical next step to say that we cannot force people into a uniform and force them to go out and kill their fellow men.

Even Gandhi himself was hesitant about the possibility of defeating Nazi Germany through non-violence. He thought it could be done but at an infinitely higher price than what had happened in India. Yet I must tell you that Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union could indeed have been defeated through non-violence. But even today the threat is far less than it was ten or twenty years ago.

I am not blind to the fact that Russia still maintains a capable military. But I must give you a realistic assessment, that the Russian military is not nearly as capable as many people think, and certainly nowhere near the capability it had during the communist era. And even then it was overrated, as they say. For there would have been much chaos, had the Soviet military, actually had to engage in a war. Today it would be virtually impossible for Russia to engage in a large-scale conquest in Europe.

And certainly, by the time more nations were ready to abandon their military, the consciousness of Russia would also have changed to the point where it would be feasible to create an unarmed zone in many European nations. So this is a step that eventually must be taken, for it does not make sense to have a free democratic society which is still dependent on a military to fight off a threat that would not be there if the consciousness of that nation was raised, so that the duality itself would not create its own opposition.

You see, it is not the people who want to fight wars. It is the power elite who wants to fight wars. And that is why they want nations to have a military. It is also the power elite who wants to make money out of selling military hardware and therefore wants to create artificial conflicts between nations that force them to enter an arms race that can bankrupt them, as nearly happened to the Soviet Union and the United States.

The people themselves must stand up and demand that their leaders find peaceful solutions to all problems. And when a nation enters the consciousness of seeking peaceful solutions, then the logical step is that a military is no longer necessary. For if you truly believe that every problem has a peaceful solution, why would you need a military to seek non-peaceful solutions? You may think that I have become a pacifist in my old age. Yet I am simply being realistic. Times have changed. And when times change, people must abandon the old thought patterns. Otherwise, a new age cannot come into full physical manifestation but will be stopped before it breaks through to the physical octave.

And thus, those of you who are the spiritual people must realize that – in large part, by the spiritual work done by many of the ascended master students over the last several decades – the threat of war and violence has decreased to a level, where it is necessary for nations to start thinking about non-violent solutions. Surely, I do not expect any nation to abandon its military within the next couple of years. But I do expect that some nations will begin to debate the necessity of maintaining all this military hardware and in essence putting themselves in a codependent relationship with the big multinational corporations who have the capacity to produce military hardware.

Both communism and capitalism seek world domination

Surely, many nations have military equipment produced in the United States, but produced by big multinational corporations that have virtually no national loyalty whatsoever. And again, this is one of the things that needs to happen in Europe—that you realize that you cannot allow corporations that have no loyalty to a nation, or to a people, to take over behind the scenes and influence a nation’s economy to a point, where they could almost bankrupt a nation because the economy of some of these large companies is indeed bigger than the economy of some small nations.

And thus, this is a situation that cannot ultimately lead to freedom. For as El Morya indeed was talking about communism and capitalism being two sides of the same coin, you must realize that the ultimate goal of capitalism is world domination, as it was the ultimate goal of communism. But instead of the state, it will become these large multinational corporations who will eventually merge into one conglomerate, that will then be so powerful that they can dictate the course of nations, regardless of the elected representatives of the people. Obviously, this is already occurring to a large degree, but I can tell you that it could be far worse than it is at the present. And it is indeed very possible to turn back this situation by the people raising their awareness of what is happening behind the scenes and demanding that their elected representatives free their nations from this yoke.

My Beloved, what sense does it make that a nation, a free democratic nation, should owe billions and billions of dollars or euros to some multinational banks that have no national loyalty whatsoever? They are run by power elite people, the very same souls who three or four hundred years ago were sitting in their castles and mansions, living off of the people, and who are still today living off of the very same people, even though the people generally have a higher standard of living.

This is another thing that must happen in Europe—that people must wake up and realize that the comfortable economic situation that they have in many western nations, the welfare system, is bought at a price and that price is their own freedom. Because they have sold out their nations and themselves to these multinational financial institutions who are pulling the strings behind the scenes. And who – for every euro spent by the people – are extracting their pound of flesh, even though they are not working for it and are providing no services and are indeed not multiplying the economies but simply hoarding to themselves by bleeding the people.

This is the opposite of the principle of multiplying the talents. And it simply cannot be allowed to continue. And it will be allowed to continue as long as the people do not stand up and demand a free economic system, where they do not have to pay interest to multinational banks, who should have no business whatsoever lending money, creating money in some cases out of thin air, and charging interest for that money.

This is a completely ungodly system that originated in the Middle Ages in the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and has truly prevented a far greater economic growth. It has prevented the manifestation of the vision that El Morya was talking about—much greater abundance and freedom in Europe and elsewhere.

Saint Germain’s vision for Europe

I too hold a very high vision for what could happen in Europe, not only economically but also culturally and spiritually. This continent is literally ready for a change that is as far-reaching as the bringing forth of democracy or the industrial revolution. This can happen within a decade or two. But right now the people’s vision is not clear enough and their willingness to take a stand for truth is not strong enough that they can break through the opposition, the stranglehold of the power elite, and actually get to a point where they can push aside that opposition that is holding back the growth of this continent.

This, my beloved, is a very real possibility. If the people will wake up and realize what is going on and realize their own power, the power of their minds, the power of their voice, the power of their votes when they are cast right and when they demand the real candidates who can run their nation and have a Flame of Freedom. The people have far more power than they realize. And it has always been so, and that is why the power elite can retain power only by keeping the people in the state of illusion, where they either do not realize they have power or where they actually deny their power to bring about change.

And this is what you see as a dark cloud hanging over this continent—that people still believe that they have no power to bring about change. And it is precisely because, for centuries, the Catholic Church told them they had no power because they were miserable sinners. And now for almost a century the scientific establishment has told them they are no more than animals, and therefore they have no spiritual power. But I must tell you that it is time to challenge that lie and that illusion. And you are indeed examples of what can happen when people are willing to challenge the lie that you have no spiritual power and come into the realization that you have power and the willingness to claim it, and the willingness to take a stand and simply demand – even if you are standing in your own room – and demanding freedom, demanding an awakening of the people as you do in the rosaries. Even this has power, but far more does it have power when people start to speak out.

And I can tell you that if the people in Europe, or in any one nation, would wake up and demand change, then you should see those people in the governments and in the financial institutions and other power elite institutions, you should see them shaking in their boots. For there is nothing they fear more than the people awakening and taking a stand. For they have seen throughout history that every time that happens, they have to retreat, for they know they cannot stand up to a united population who demands change.

The people must take back their power

So I tell you, “Claim your right to be free—spiritually, economically, politically.” Start with the spiritual freedom and then radiate that light. Let your Light of Freedom shine so that other people can see it. And then share with them how you have obtained your freedom, your peace of mind. And then, as they are more open, share with them the fire of your heart that you have attained—through your love for freedom, through your willingness to challenge your own ego, to look it in the eye and say, “You have no more place in my consciousness, I want you out of my system.” Likewise, you must gather, you must claim, the power to stand up and say to the power elite, “You have no more power in my nation. I want you off this continent!”

This is the only thing that will bring about a swift revolutionary change, whether it be in Europe or elsewhere. Someone must take that ultimate stand and say, “Enough is enough! Change must happen!” Not in a way of threatening, that if you don’t change, we will kill you as they do in some revolutionary movements. No, you simply need to make the claim, to state your claim, to state your truth and then allow God to work through you and do the rest. For I assure you that when even a small percentage of people will take that stand for freedom, then others will be awakened and suddenly there will be a popular movement, a popular awareness. And people will wake up and say, “Why have we not claimed this freedom long ago? Why have we accepted these positions for so long? It is time for a change. It is time for a new wind to blow on this continent and in this nation.”

My Beloved, I am grateful for your willingness to endure with me in what I know is a long discourse that has touched upon certain topics that may seem dire. Yet again, as El Morya said, we speak into the mass consciousness. And thus, our words go out as rings on the water. They spread through that mass consciousness, and they will start to break up the encrusted thoughts and beliefs that people have held for so long. And it is almost like ice that breaks up in the spring, when the rivers start moving and suddenly cracks appear. And suddenly there is a sound, like the rushing of a mighty wind, and suddenly the ice starts moving downstream and breaking up. And then patches of clear water appear, and now you know that spring is on its way.

This is the vision I desire to hold for you. For when you look at outer conditions, you think they are so solid and unchangeable. But I tell you, they are just like ice that is covering what is beneath. And what is beneath is the River of Life itself. And once you tap into that river, then the ice will start breaking up, and you will suddenly see a change and know that a corner has been turned and that things will never again be the same, for now a new day is here.

This is the vision I desire you to hold, that under this continent of Europe is the River of Life that is ready to break up that ice and move it so far out to sea, in the Atlantic ocean, that it will simply melt away in the warm currents, never again to oppress this continent. Hold that vision. Hold it even for your personal lives and allow yourselves to realize that whatever conditions you are facing in your own lives, it is just a thin sheet of ice. And if you increase that flow of Light from your own I AM Presence, it will break up and start washing downstream, until it is consumed by the Flame of Life, the Flame of Freedom itself.

Saint Germain’s love

My Beloved hearts, I too can be gentle when I am done being firm. And I desire you to know that I, Saint Germain, have a great love for the continent of Europe and for the people of Europe. This is a love that is very old, very tender and very warm. I still hold a vision for this continent that it can be a beacon for freedom. I know there are many spiritual people, many good people, who want to do the right thing. I know there are many people who hold a vision of a better future, not only for Europe but for what Europe can contribute for the rest of the world.

Thus, I want you to know, and I want all people who might hear or read this to know, that I love all of you with the tenderness of a father who looks on his children, who are growing up and coming into their own, becoming who they truly are. For my beloved, this really is all what we of the ascended masters desire to see from you—that you become who you are, who you were created to be by your spiritual parents. Truly, what more could we want than to know that as we have become free, we have served in some capacity to help others attain that freedom. For when you reach the freedom from the ego, how can you not want that freedom for everyone? And yet you realize that not everyone is ready for that freedom. But that makes you so much more appreciative of those who are willing to strive for that freedom and dedicate their lives to overcoming the human limitations that imprison them in this small little box.

And thus, I am grateful. Ascended masters do not cry as human beings, but I am on the brink of shedding a tear of joy over the fact that so many spiritual people around the world are rising higher and are reaching a state of consciousness where they can become an unstoppable force for good, for freedom. And I am very grateful for the opportunity to speak again on this continent through a messenger who can hold his awareness at my level of awareness for over an hour without sinking below where I can go. I am grateful that you are here and that you have also been willing to keep your attention on my words, so that you have been the open doors for the Light of Freedom to go into the mass consciousness through your chakras, as I have been speaking. A tremendous action has indeed been accomplished. More can be accomplished through the end of this conference. But even what has been accomplished throughout this day is significant.

Thus, I leave you with my gratitude. And I desire you to hold the image that as I say goodbye and send you on your way, you see that glimpse of a tear of joy in my eye. Thus, I thank you, and I seal you in the Flame of Freedom.


Copyright © 2006 by Kim Michaels