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Ascended Master God Surya, March 23, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

I AM the God Surya, and I come from the God Star Sirius, my beloved. I come with great joy, I come to bring a dispensation of light to this planet. For we have indeed watched the willingness of such as yourselves and many people around the world, who have begun to awaken to the need to restore the Divine Feminine, to the need to raise up women, but first of all to raise up the feminine aspect of God in both men and women, reaching a greater balance.

For do not think that this is a movement that only involves women, for many, many men throughout the world have also been willing to come away from the traditional male roles in which they were brought up, and reach a more balanced manifestation in their own beings. And even striving for greater balance in the areas of business, or the areas of government or all aspects of society.

We have seen this, and thus we come to release an extraordinary portion of light to reinforce this movement of the restoration of the Divine Feminine. Not to bring the Divine Feminine into dominance over the masculine, not to have women take up the dominant roles of men, but we come with an energy that is a balancing energy, a light that will balance, that will bring balance, that will restore balance, my beloved.

And thus, I ask you who are the spiritually aware people to give a few seconds, a few moments, to tune your attention in your busy daily schedule to the God Star Sirius, however you choose to envision it. Envision the God Surya, for I indeed embody the perfect union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, and I ask you to just tune in to my heart on a daily basis, even for a few seconds, and feel that influx of the balancing energy, that will balance your own being, and thereby allow you to be a platform for bringing balance to this planet.

By doing this on a daily basis, you can give an immense service. But be prepared that you must be willing to also come into balance in yourselves, for otherwise the energies that we bring will magnify whatever imbalances you have that you have not been willing to deal with. And if you feel that this becomes too much, then you need to use the invocations and rosaries – as they are appropriate to your individual situation – to consume the unbalanced energies, that pull you into these patterns. And then, you need to be willing to recognize where you are holding on to beliefs that keep you in one dualistic extreme or the other.

Thus my beloved, I do not intend to speak long, for my light is so intense, that I do not wish to bring more light than the collective consciousness can handle. Which is why I ask you to be the open doors for that light on a daily basis, so that we can bring it in proportion to what the collective consciousness can deal with at any one time. Thus, I simply come to let you know of this dispensation, and I also come to congratulate you for the breakthrough you have achieved. For it was not a given that this dispensation could be released at this conference. For had you not come together in the oneness of your union of hearts, then it would have to have been postponed to some later conference. Thus, I congratulate you, I give you my gratitude. And I seal you in the God Flame of the God Surya of the God Star Sirius.



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