Transcending fear-based societies

TOPICS: The wild horse of the Christ consciousness - Moving out of a fear-based society - When governments distrust their own people - A new perspective on 9/11 - A society where nothing is hidden - Abusing the right to privacy - Is hiding something a right? - The desire to escape accountability - Leaving the authoritarian mindset - Transparent leadership - Do you need a military? - 


Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 11th, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.


I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. I am joyful over being given the opportunity to deliver this dictation with such a large audience where your chakras can become, metaphorically speaking, the loudspeakers that will radiate my vibration, my Presence, my ideas into the collective consciousness and therefore cause them to go further than they would otherwise go. Therefore, we speed up the time to where my release begins to have an impact in the physical level. 


The wild horse of the Christ consciousness

Now, Jesus has given you his magnificent discourse on the Christ consciousness and some of the rarely understood aspects of the Christ consciousness. I would like to build upon this by giving you a certain image that the Christ consciousness is like a wild horse. It is untamed, it is untamable, it is constantly moving very, very fast. As it is running across the plains, it is whirling up dust. Most people on earth are at such a low level of consciousness that they cannot see the horse, but they can see the dust. What happens is that the Christ consciousness always represents change. When it comes thundering into town, it comes to signal that there is a need to bring change in a society.

Once in a while there is a human being who hears the thundering of the horse, who runs out, attempts to grab a hold of its mane and either swing himself on top of it, which very few manage to do, or at least run alongside the horse for a time, until people usually fall flat on their faces and then walk out of the cloud of dust, covered in that dust. The people who are able to do this are those who have some kind of attunement to the need for change. Some of them may get a glimpse of the horse, some of them may touch it, some of them may be able to run alongside of it. The thing is, that once they come out of the cloud of dust, then the people can see that these leaders are covered in dust and they cannot tell the difference between the horse and the dust. They see the glimmering of the dust and they think this means that that person, that leader, has something they do not have, has some element of Christ consciousness. That is why they begin to follow that leader, and many times they follow a leader without questioning him or her once they have made that decision to submit themselves to that leader. 

This explains many of the situations that you have seen in history where some people have caught the need for change. They have gone into the cloud of dust, come out of it covered in dust, and therefore had some kind of charisma that the people responded to. Once the people had submitted, they did not question the leader. In many cases, unfortunately, once the leader has gained a following and attained the position, he does not question himself, or she does not question herself. That is why you saw, as Jesus explained, that many leaders can have a growth period and then stagnate and go into decline. Many empires can have a growth period, stagnate and go into decline. What you need to recognize here is that what brings change is always some element of the Christ consciousness, some alignment with the Christ consciousness.

The question is: "Can the people align themselves with the need to raise all life, or will they seek to raise only themselves, their group, their company, their nation, their empire?” If they cannot overcome the focus on themselves and seek to serve the whole, that is when they become subject to the second law of thermodynamics and go into a decline that can lead to their destruction. 


Moving out of a fear-based society

Based on this, I would like to give you some discourse on one of the more subtle changes that needs to happen before I can truly release the matrices for my golden age. That change is that we need to have a certain critical mass of the most mature, advanced, open-minded people, grasp the need to move from a fear-based to a non-fear-based society. Take note: I am not saying from a fear-based to a love-based because many people would not be able to grasp this. They have a human concept of love. 

In the beginning, they need to consider that for a very, very long time all societies on earth have been fear-based. They need to begin to consider how this fear-based outlook on life, this fear-based approach to life, has affected societies in many very subtle ways. Then, they need to begin to consider that the alternative to a fear-based society is one that is not based on fear, but that is based on perhaps trust or another positive quality that they can grasp. The real issue is that they need to grasp the move from fear-based to non-fear-based societies. 

Now, Jesus gave you the understanding that there are sometimes those who are even in the fallen consciousness, or perhaps even fallen beings, who can for a brief period be in alignment with the mind of Christ and the need to bring change. This can actually have a positive effect in the sense that even though it may precipitate a violent event, it still gives the people an opportunity to consider their fear-based mindset and transcend it. I wish to speak to you about one of the elements that needs to be examined critically as you consider this move from fear-based to non-fear-based societies. 


When governments distrust their own people

Now, given that we are in Russia, let us look at the Soviet Union and how you had a more primitive version of what many people today call the surveillance society. The communist government of the Soviet Union felt threatened, often by its own people, and they did whatever they could, given the technology, to always survey the people and to set up a very elaborate, complex system for making sure that they knew whenever someone did something that could be a threat to the state. 

This, of course, is easy to understand when you look at how the Bolshevik revolution happened. It happened through violence, through manipulation, through lying, through cheating. People who are in this state of consciousness, they know they have risen to power by doing to others these things. It enabled them to get to power, but the price they pay is that they will forever, or at least indefinitely, live with the fear that others will do to them as they have done to others. In other words, that others will use the same means to overthrow them that they used to overthrow the previous power elite. This becomes the motivation for why they had this surveillance society.

If we now go forward to the more modern times, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and look at one of the major developments that has taken place, it is, naturally, the internet and digital technology. If the Soviet leaders had had access to this kind of technology, they obviously could have created an even tighter mesh of surveillance around their citizens. They did not have it and now it was developed, especially during the 1990's. 

Governments in the West were, of course, aware of this. They were starting to make some use of it, but they knew their people would be very critical about increased surveillance. They faced a certain dilemma where you cannot easily claim that you are a free democratic nation and at the same time institute tighter and tighter surveillance of your own citizens. The fallen beings, who always seek to take over societies, of course loved this kind of technology. 

It should be said here that, naturally, the internet and digital technology were released by me because it also increased the amount of information available to people. You will see that one of the reasons the Soviet leaders could not use computer technology is that they were actually afraid to release computers to their scientists. They faced the dilemma that they knew that if they gave their scientists computers, they could not control what kind of information they could access and how they could communicate with people in the West. It is, of course, the same in western governments that they cannot fully control the internet and the amount of information that people have access to.


A new perspective on 9/11

The fallen beings, of course, were not happy with this, but as they always do, they seek to plot a way that they can make use of new technology to further their ends of control. They very cleverly engineered the situation where certain people traveled to the United States, started taking flying lessons, and then captured four airplanes and flew them into a couple of buildings in the United States on September 11, 2001. 

Now, my beloved, here is where things will get very, very strange for many people, including many ascended master students. The western nations at the time were in certain ways in a period of stagnation because there were certain issues they had not been willing to face. The September 11 event was clearly engineered by the fallen beings, and they had a very clear purpose for doing this, mainly to provide the perfect excuse for democratic governments to increase surveillance of their own citizens in the name of combating terrorism. 

However, given the stalemate in western nations at the time, we can actually say that this event did bring the kind of change that is necessary in order to bring society forward and force a society to face certain issues. In a brief moment and from a certain viewpoint, this was in alignment with the mind of Christ and the need to bring change. Naturally, it was not supported by the ascended masters or the mind of Christ in any way, but it was, as Jesus said, one of those examples where the Law of Free Will mandates we must step back and allow things to unfold. When the second law of thermodynamics or the fallen beings precipitate one of these shocking events, then this does serve to awaken the people and force them to look at certain issues. You saw, of course, how most people in the United States and many other nations responded in a fear-based way to this – some would say “new” – threat of terrorism—but had there not been that threat for a very long time? 

What was really new about this was that this event was so shocking that it was difficult to ignore, and therefore governments responded according to their level of consciousness. One of the effects of this is, of course, that all western democratic nations have started using all kinds of surveillance technology from cameras on the street, to monitoring the internet in order to, as they see it, prevent further terrorist attacks. This is, of course, to a large degree an excuse for doing something that the fallen beings have wanted them to do for a long time, namely increase control. 

Naturally the democratic governments are not consciously doing this in order to increase control, but it is the outcome of what they are doing. There are free democratic societies that now have such a level of surveillance of their own citizens that if this had happened in the Soviet Union, these free democratic governments would have been appalled at how this totalitarian regime of the Soviet Union could monitor their own citizens. Now they are doing the exact same thing, only with much more sophisticated technology. One of the ironies of history, one might say. This is, of course, not to say that the modern post-Soviet Russian government is not doing the same thing. Naturally it is. 

What you see here is that this is one of those examples of how we sometimes need to use a certain type of technology that we know can and will be misused, but still that technology will bring society forward. What have you also seen as a result of the internet? Well, you have seen several times where an individual has downloaded information from classified secret government networks and made it public. Once it is made public, there is no way to stop the distribution of it. You see how the very technology that the governments are using for the surveillance of the people can also be used against the government to hold them accountable. 


A society where nothing is hidden

It was a calculated risk that I took by releasing this technology at the time and it has had an overall positive effect. Now, what will happen as we move closer to the golden age? What will happen as societies begin to move out of the fear-based mindset? Well, here is where we come to one of these subtleties precipitated by the fallen beings. What is the essence of the fear-based mindset? It is the sense of lack. There is a sense of lack about the resources available in the material realm. 

Therefore, there is a sense of competition about those resources and there are groups, even nations, who want to grab for themselves as much as possible. This is a fear-based reaction. The other element of this fear-based mindset is that because there is lack, if you have something, there is probably someone who wants to take it from you. Therefore, you need to protect yourself, and one of the ways you protect yourself is to hide what you have, to keep something hidden. What you see is that for centuries, even thousands of years, many societies have been based on this sense of lack and this sense that it is perfectly natural, unavoidable, and legitimate that people, even institutions and governments, can have secrets, that they can keep something hidden from public view.

You see, my beloved, how this very consciousness has infused many, many societies. The Soviet Union, of course, was one example of how the leaders found it absolutely necessary to make sure that the people did not know what they were doing. At the same time, they wanted to know what the people were doing. You will see also in western societies − even in those who call themselves free democracies − that the governments believe that it is necessary and legitimate that they keep certain things secret from their own people. Many corporations believe that they have a right to keep their production secrets and even keep secret from their own employees the decisions made by the leaders of those companies—even though they could have a great impact on the lives of the employees. 


Abusing the right to privacy

This has filtered down to where the fallen beings have been very, very smart at using this consciousness to manipulate the situation so that most of the population in free democratic nations actually believe that it is necessary and legitimate that there are secrets kept at all levels of their society, including in their personal lives.  One of the basic human rights instituted in many constitutions is the right to privacy. Well, my beloved, the challenge that I threw at human beings with the release of digital technology was the necessity to question: "Do you actually have a right to privacy?” You may say: “Well, I certainly don't want anybody to put a camera in my bathroom and stream it live to the internet.” But that is not what I am talking about. 

What I am talking about is: “Do you actually need to live in a society where people can keep secrets from each other?” Now, you may think that the rest of the world wants to look at that live streaming of what you do in your bathroom, but most people would not care. What you are doing is upholding the right to privacy in order to protect certain elements of your private life that really do not need protection. The price that societies pay is that this focus on the right to privacy and the right to keep something secret is the absolute perfect cover for the fallen beings and their manipulation of society, even their manipulation of governments. As we move closer and closer into the golden age, we need people to start questioning this entire consciousness. 

Is it actually legitimate and necessary to have a society that claims to be free, my beloved, but at the same time allows people to keep secrets and do things that affect other people, but the people who are affected do not know about it? Is that truly a free society? What you recognize here is that the average good-hearted, honest citizen really has no secrets that he or she needs to keep from the government or the public. Naturally, you have a right to privacy in your own home. That is not the same as being able to keep secrets. 

You see that there are so many aspects of society where the fallen beings have abused the right to privacy in order to cover up how they are manipulating the people. This, of course, cannot be sustained in the golden age. Because people have not been willing to question this consciousness, well, I decided to release the digital technology and the fallen beings precipitated the 9/11 event. There were two ways society could have responded to that event. They could have responded as they did, or in a higher way where they said (as some people did say but very few acted upon): "We cannot allow these terrorists to get us to compromise basic democratic rights." Many of the governments in the West said this after 9/11 but they still followed right along and built the surveillance society that all western nations have today.

Because they did this, well you are now in the School of Hard Knocks, my beloved. There is only one outcome of this, and that is that the new surveillance and digital technology is used to the extent where nobody can hide anything. You already know, my beloved, that when you go on the internet, the moment you log on to any website, you are being monitored by the NSA, the CIA, Google, and Facebook. You decide which one is the worst of those. 


Is hiding something a right?

You know that the moment you step into virtual reality, well, you have no privacy. You will see how this will be extended as society becomes more and more digitized. There will come a point where it will simply be recognized that we cannot put the cat into the bag, we cannot turn time back, we cannot get rid of this technology. We have actually moved into the information age and we have established information societies. We need to take the only logical consequence, namely that we do not allow anyone to hide anything that affects other people.

If you are in your own home doing things that only affect yourself and your family, naturally you have your privacy. When you are doing something that affects other people, you do not have a right to privacy. You do not have a right to keep this secret because the people who are affected have a right to know what you are doing and how it affects them, what your motives are. This, of course, is not a threat for the average citizen. Are you cheating anybody? Are you manipulating anybody? Nay! But who are manipulating others? Well, the power elite, the fallen beings, the hidden elite that is seeking to control society. They are the ones who have something to hide, and they are trying to use your right to privacy to legitimize that they can continue to hide something. 

In the golden age, there will come this shift where the logical consequence of the information society is, of course, that you have to give up secrecy. This will then change the equation in many, many subtle ways because, suddenly, individuals, companies, and nations, governments, armed forces, spy agencies will realize they cannot do anything for which they cannot be held accountable. 


The desire to escape accountability

Do you recognize, my beloved, that the very modus operandi of the fallen beings, and of the power elites you have seen throughout history, is that they want to be able to do whatever they want without being held accountable? Well, this can only happen in a society where there is secrecy. In a society where there is full information, you will always be held accountable for your actions and that, my beloved, is one aspect of the Christ Consciousness. Naturally, to the Christ consciousness, nothing is hidden. 

Now we have talked about that fact that even some of our more mature students still see a distance between themselves and the ascended masters and you have various things that you often want to hide from us. We have also attempted to help you understand that only when you give up this desire to hide something from us, can you step up to greater oneness with us. Naturally, in oneness there can be nothing hidden. How can you be one with me if you want to hide something from me? It cannot be done. What will actually happen is that within the not-so-distant future, I foresee a shift in the collective consciousness where I can release a new type of information technology that I have mentioned before so that society will be able to read what we have traditionally called the Akashic Records.

Now, they will not get the ability to do it in as sophisticated of a way as we can do it in our retreats. They will be able to do it to the point where they can go back in the relatively near past and they can read the actions, or display them on a screen, exactly what happened at a given place. It is somewhat similar to what you can do now with a surveillance camera. It is just that here you do not need a camera because the recording takes place in the records of Akasha. When you can access this, you can go back, for example, to the scene of a crime, and you can replay what happened and see what people did what. 

This, of course, will in the beginning meet a lot of opposition and resistance. It is clear that in the beginning it will be used specifically to solve crimes but the real effect of it will be to prevent crime. Because if you know that you cannot get away with committing a crime, well, then most people would not commit the crime, would they? It is only because they think they can get away with it, that they break the law. 

In the longer run, this can also be used, of course, to expose all kinds of hidden manipulations in society. It truly will turn the tables on the fallen beings and those who are serving them in physical embodiment. They will not be able to hide anything and so this can lead to a shift in the attitude.

Now, there is a famous American author, called John Steinbeck, who wrote a series of stories about a small village on the Californian coast, a small fishing village. There is a merchant in one of the stories who has spent his entire life seeking to cheat and con people out of their money. He has been the embodiment of dishonesty, but one day he has a revelation and suddenly realizes that the ultimate con, the ultimate way to cheat, is complete honesty. If everybody is honest, then you cannot cheat somebody else, but nobody else can cheat you so you do not need to live in this constant fear of being cheated. 

We can go even further and recognize that when a society becomes based on trust and honesty, and people are not seeking to cheat each other, then there will be an increase in the multiplication from the ascended realm. The economy of that society will rise to an entirely different level that the people can scarcely imagine today. You have already seen this in some nations where they have created greater transparency, greater honesty in the business world because everybody has realized that there is value in co-operation. If nobody is seeking to cheat anybody, everybody prospers from it.

As this shift begins to filter down to all levels of society, people will recognize that they have to let go of this consciousness of lack because there is no need to be dishonest in a society where there is abundance. It is often more trouble to cheat or steal from others than to make the money yourself. That is not the way many people perceive it in the present society, but in a society with greater affluence, that is the way it will be. You will, in fact, see that those nations who have raised the material standard of living have overcome a certain type of crimes because it was actually easier and safer for people to get a job than to steal—and they felt better about themselves. 


Leaving the authoritarian mindset

This is a very subtle, and it will be a gradual, shift, but it is a very important shift that has many different ramifications. One of them that I wish to comment on here is that as it becomes clear that you cannot exercise power without accountability, a society will move out of what we could call the authoritarian mindset. What do you see today in so many societies? There are people who in various ways have set themselves up where they feel they are in a position of authority and many times the population in a certain country agrees with this assessment. 

You have, of course, the extreme example of this as a dictator that has all power and therefore is seen by those of his people who are still alive as the ultimate authority. You have in all societies, even those who call themselves free democratic nations, people in a position of authority. It can be those who are elected representatives and have some position in the government, such as a minister. In many cases, these people are not elected by the people, they are the bureaucrats who hold powerful positions in the bureaucracy, they are those in the police force, in the secret police, those who are in charge of the surveillance society. It can be those in the army and military. It can be those in businesses, especially large businesses. 

You will see that most of the people who reach a position of authority cannot exercise that authority in a way that is not fear-based. Most of them go into feeling they have to do something to maintain their position of authority. Therefore, they start to manipulate the people or the system in various ways. They go into this mode of feeling that they have a right to keep this secret from the people because they will not admit that what they are doing is not what the people want. They think it is actually what the people want, if only the people knew what they wanted. Since the people do not know what they want, it is the person in authority who is knowing what the people should want and therefore has a right to manipulate the situation and keep it secret for the people. 

You have seen in many societies − including, of course, the Soviet one, but also in many western societies − where the people have been afraid of those in authority positions. Of course, as you move away from a fear-based society, this fear of authority figures will completely and utterly fade away. This will mean that many of those who are in authority positions now, simply cannot stay in those positions. They will either go out of embodiment or they will, quite frankly, be deposed by the people. Many of them will choose to retire, and this will give room for an entirely new kind of leaders who are what you popularly call servant leaders.

They have that element of Christ consciousness where they are focused on serving the whole and this, again, will bring an important shift. Suddenly, the people will no longer sense any fear toward their leaders. If you do not have fear of your leaders, why do you need to distrust your leaders, especially when you begin to realize that these leaders are trying to serve you in an honest and straightforward manner and they are willing to take accountability for what they do? They are willing to be transparent.


Transparent leadership

There will come a time, my beloved, where it will be seen that the most advanced, the most prosperous, form of leadership is transparent leadership. It will be seen as an absolute necessity and it is a necessity because neither a society nor a company can step away from the fear-based mindset without instituting complete transparency in its leadership. This will get rid of all kinds of dishonesty, it will get rid of corruption, and suddenly, again, society can shift. You will, for example, see that many societies will free up many, many people to start producing something that actually increases the economy.

Look at the Soviet Union again and see how many people were employed by the government to keep an eye on the rest of the population. This meant that these people were not free to do constructive work, and that is a considerable factor in why the economy failed. Now you see that in western nations more and more people work in a bureaucracy, and more and more people are employed specifically to conduct surveillance of the rest of the population, or at least those who are considered the extremist elements. This again ties up resources and creativity. It cannot lead to a growth in the economy because when people are working on something that does not raise society, we of the ascended masters cannot multiply their efforts. Only when people do something that raises the whole, can we give that multiplication, and only then will the economy grow. 

My beloved, these are some very important things to keep in your minds as ascended master students. It is important for you to make the calls to reinforce this impulse that I have released into the collective consciousness so that you truly pave the way for − you open the way for − a more widespread acceptance of this. You can make the calls that those who are in positions to bring about these changes are cut free so they can grasp these ideas and take the necessary actions. 

Truly, my beloved, who would not want to live in a society that is not based on fear? Who wants to live in a fear-based society if they think there is an alternative? When enough people start grasping these ideas, they will realize that there is an alternative. It is an obvious alternative. It has been there all along, but humanity has not been at the point where they could institute it, but now this is changing and more and more people are ready to move towards a society that is not based on fear. 


Do you need a military?

Of course, another outcome is: “If you are not in fear, do you need a military?” As I have said before, obviously there will come a point in the golden age where no nations have a military. There will be a transition period where some nations still maintain a military because they recognize that there are other nations that are not quite out of the fear-based mindset and so they need to maintain a deterrent. They do not do this from a fear-based mindset.

This can then lead to an evolution where some of the smaller nations will simply say: "But why are we forced by Donald Trump to spend two percent of our gross national product on a military that we realistically speaking, don't need? And why should we go along with this? So let us, instead of going along, go our own way and take the lead, and take what is the historically necessary step of daring to abandon our military and trust that this will truly bring us to a higher level where it becomes obvious that we don't need it.”

My beloved, you will also see that many forms of aggression will fade away. You cannot go in and seek to manipulate the election of other countries, for example, whether done by computers or in other ways if this can be exposed. Then, you will be held accountable for it. You cannot spy on businesses if you could be held accountable for it. All of these things that you today think are inevitable (and think you can never have a world without this form of aggression and cheating and spying and manipulation), they can simply fade away and the people will begin to trust that they can actually live in and manifest a society that is not based on fear. Just imagine what a tremendous shift that would be. 

Dare to imagine and then allow yourselves to feel how you would feel if you lived in that society. Some of you may say: "Well that's easy for those who have grown up in certain nations where they didn't have to fear their government, but it is not so easy if you have grown up in certain nations where you had, and perhaps still have, a legitimate fear of your government.” I am still asking you, as the students of the ascended masters, to go into that state of non-fear. Allow yourself to feel what you would feel if you lived in a society that was not based on fear, and then choose to maintain that feeling. My beloved, if you who are ascended master students cannot achieve and maintain that feeling, how can you be the forerunners for a shift into the golden age consciousness? 

We look to you to be willing to make that change regardless of where you live, and maintain that feeling that you are not fearing your own society. Your approach to life is not based on fear, and so allow yourself to feel good about yourselves and about your situation. How can you feel good about yourself, if you are fearing the very society in which you live every day? Thus, my beloved, once again, I thank you for being the electrodes of this release. 



Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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