Bureaucracy and government in the golden age

TOPICS: Corruption and elitism - Bureaucracy in the golden age - Shifting to a positive outlook on life - No need for violent revolutions - How governments will change - The gap between people and politicians - Substance abuse pacifies people - All people want to improve their lives - Unfathomable growth - 


Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 11th, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.


So, I Am indeed, the Ascended Master Saint Germain. I come to give you a discourse in the series on how to manifest the golden age. This applies to all nations and is not specifically targeted at any particular nation. 


Corruption and elitism

One of the important aspects of manifesting the golden age is, of course, to overcome corruption. Now, you may look at some of the corruption indexes that have been compiled by international organizations. It is not difficult to see, as a simple matter of fact, that the countries who have the lowest level of corruption have the highest material standard of living and, generally speaking, have a well-functioning, often growing economy. What is then the connection between the two? 

Well, it is that corruption allows a small elite to gather more and more privileges to themselves, and how do they do this? In practical terms, they do it by paying off certain people in the government apparatus so that they can get the special favors that other people are not able to get. What is truly behind this is that, in any nation where an elite forms (and that means pretty much any nation) the elite does not want to share their privileges. They want to keep the population down, they want to keep competition down. 

What is the effect of this? It is that it also keeps creativity down. More than that, it also keeps down the fact that we of the ascended masters are not allowed to multiply the efforts of people in the nation where there is too big of a disparity between rich and poor, between the privileged and the non-privileged. You see in general that countries that eradicate corruption, they have more of a multiplication factor, and therefore their economies are doing better. This is something that anybody can see by simply studying the facts.

Therefore, you will see that in the golden age, those countries that make the greatest effort to eradicate corruption, will indeed have a more well-functioning economy. They will have more equal opportunity for all people, and therefore they will have, generally speaking, a more happy and satisfied population. 


Bureaucracy in the golden age

Now, what is behind corruption? Well, corruption, of course, could not exist if there was not a bureaucracy, and so we need to talk about the role of bureaucracy in the golden age. In order to understand this topic, you need to understand that the fallen beings exist on this planet both in embodiment and in higher realms. They are seeking to use absolutely anything in order to achieve their ends, which may be to gain power and control or it may be to simply create destruction and chaos, or to stop growth. There are different groups of fallen beings; they have different aims. Sometimes they clash with each other. In some cases they actually magnify each other, and so it is a complicated situation we face on earth. 

Now, it may surprise some of you to hear me say this, given my history of talking about communism, that if there was a higher state of collective consciousness, then a communist system with state ownership of the means of production could actually function. The economy could survive in the long run, and it could even bring forth a fairly egalitarian society where the people could be reasonably happy. 

Karl Marx was not the first person in the world to think of such a society. You can go back even in known history, but certainly beyond known history, and find societies that had, basically, common ownership of the means of production and of land. These societies were well-functioning. There were such societies on Atlantis that were functioning on a much higher level than anything you see today. 

What it is that distorts the communist society so that the economy cannot function? Well, it is that there emerges this power elite. It is the influence of the fallen beings who are not seeking to make the society function, but who are seeking to use it for the purposes of control, or even on a greater agenda of creating conflict in the world that could lead to destruction. 

If you were to turn this around and look at what traditionally you would call a capitalist society, you would see that in unrestrained capitalism, a power elite will form. They will take to themselves special privileges, and therefore in the outermost consequence, there will be a small elite who owns all of the means to production. You have a situation that is not very different from the situation in a communist country. 

What prevents a capitalist economy from functioning in the long run is again the formation of an elite and the influence of the fallen beings. What you realize next is that the fallen beings will use absolutely anything for their ends. They will use capitalism, they will use communism, they will use any type of society. They will use any institution in society. So now let us look at bureaucracy. 

Why do you have a bureaucracy? Well, most people would say that it is in order to create a functioning state, to ensure that all people have equal rights before the law, equal opportunity, that things are functioning well, that people do not build houses that fall down upon themselves, and that they drive safely on the roads, and that there is an infrastructure that actually functions. 

Yes, this is, of course, the higher meaning of a bureaucracy but this is not the way bureaucracies function at the present moment because they have been heavily influenced by the fallen beings. What do the fallen beings do? Well, many things, but one of the things they do is that they always seek to complicate everything, to make things more and more complex, more and more complicated. They set up these systems, these mechanisms, where the complexity of the system creates certain inherent problems. Then, what is the solution to these problems that the fallen beings always recommend? It is more control, more bureaucracy, more laws, more rules, more regulations. 

You might say that the way bureaucracies are functioning right now, it is a typical example of the process that I described before: The fallen ones create a problem and then set themselves up as the only ones who have the solution to the problem. Their solution to the problem does not solve the problem. It just makes it more and more complicated. You see, in many nations in the world, how bureaucracies have become more and more complicated, more and more difficult to administer. There are more rules, more regulations. You can see the EU, which is practically drowning in rules and regulations. 

The effect of this in the long run will be to not only shut down the people’s creativity, but also dampen the economy. It will also have the effect of giving special privileges to the businesses who are already big and established because they can afford to hire the people, including lawyers, to comply with all of the government regulations, whereas smaller businesses cannot afford to do this. You can, through sufficient regulation, create virtual monopolies. This, of course, shuts down that flow of creativity − the flow that we can multiply − and therefore it puts a lid on economic growth. 

Naturally, as we move further and further into the golden age, the collective consciousness will be raised. This will have two effects. One is that the fallen beings will lose their power. Many of them will be taken either out of embodiment or removed from the emotional, mental and identity realms. You do not anymore have that downward pull, or that chaotic influence of the fallen beings that seeks to use any system to create complexity and chaos, even destruction. The other thing that will happen is that people’s consciousness will be raised. 

Now, you may say, “What is one of the legitimate functions of bureaucracy?” Well, it is to prevent people from exploiting each other, taking advantage of each other, by creating certain rules and enforcing them. That is why, in the purest form, you have a police force. A police force was never meant to suppress the general population, but of course only correct those who violated or exploited others. When a police force becomes the source of exploitation in itself, well that is, of course, not sustainable in a golden age. 


Shifting to a positive outlook on life

When you have that raising of the collective consciousness, it becomes a very subtle shift where people begin to realize that they do not need to steal from others, they do not need to manipulate others, they do not need to exploit others, because there are plenty of business opportunities, or work opportunities. You can earn a living, and a good living, in a perfectly legitimate way that does not exploit other people. 

My beloved, you have this shift into a positive outlook on life, and that means that people are now no longer seeking to exploit each other, they are no longer seeking to avoid work. Everybody is focused on expressing their creativity or their industriousness in the best possible way so they can make money in a legitimate way. This means that everybody is contributing to the growth of the economy, which means we have even more to multiply, and then the economy grows even further. When this positive shift happens, and people are not so focused on exploiting each other, the need for a bureaucracy gradually decreases to the point where you end up having a bureaucracy that is far, far smaller than what you have today in most countries.

This means that the bureaucracy becomes less complex. It also means that the people in a bureaucracy start shifting their mindset. They are not so focused on preventing a negative as on promoting a positive. Instead of thinking they have to correct the people and rein them in and control them, they are focused on how they can actually promote growth. This also means that there will come a point where the laws of the nations – at least the forerunners of the golden age – will shift. 

Instead of being focused on preventing this exploitation and making things illegal (and making it more difficult to cheat others, or cheat the state), you create new kinds of laws that are actually meant to ensure that people have the best possible opportunity to express their creativity in the ways that benefit the whole. Suddenly, the law becomes less complex. There are less hindrances put in the way. Certainly, there are laws that do not favor big businesses, but allow all businesses a legitimate opportunity. Suddenly, you have this very positive shift where, again, everybody is focused on growth rather than being focused on preventing some kind of calamity or disorder or the overthrow of the status quo, the overthrow of society, or this or that.

There is no need for violent revolutions in the golden age because societies are in the process of progressive growth, progressive expansion, progressive evolution. Suddenly, those who are in charge of societies begin to realize that they can relax, they can take it easy, because the danger of these violent revolutions that was there is dissipated because there is no longer the tension among the people. People are focused on what they all want in the end: They want a good life for themselves. 


No need for violent revolutions

There will come later stages in the golden age where the majority of the population in many nations will have moved to the point where they are seeking to selflessly serve the whole or serve other people. But in the beginning stages of the golden age, people will be focused on creating a good life for themselves. When they do this in the way I have described, creating a good life for yourself actually helps to create a better life for the whole, therefore a better life for other people. Suddenly, there is no need for these kind of repressive, controlling societies that you see today. It is not that people will go to violent revolutions to overthrow such repressive societies, they will simply gradually fade away because there will be no need for them. People will not accept them. They will simply stand up and make it known that they want to live in a different society, and there is no question that the leaders will eventually have to comply.

Those who do not comply, will simply disappear. They will go out of embodiment, they will lose their power, whatever you have. If the majority of the people in a nation decide that they want a different society, then the leaders who will not go along with this will disappear. There is no question about it. There is no reason, or no need, for a violent revolution to overthrow such leaders. It is simply a matter of a critical number of the people deciding: “We will not accept this anymore in our nation. We want to live in a different kind of nation, and this is the kind of nation we want to live in.” 


How governments will change

My beloved, this will bring so many shifts around the world, and suddenly you will see that the governments will begin to change. I have talked about the need to experiment with direct democracy where the people begin to vote on various issues. Of course, it is not practical that the people vote on all issues. There will still be a need for governmental apparatus with representatives, with bureaucrats that can carry out the will of the people. 

These will shift to the point where what you see now in so many countries is an awareness or a consciousness that there is a certain distance between the politicians and the bureaucrats and the people. This often breeds this certain sense of superiority among the politicians and the bureaucrats, even among business leaders or the media, or institutions of society, such as educational institutions. These people feel superior to the general population. They feel it is their role to govern society and tell the people what they should want for their own good. In the golden age, this will simply fade away.

Again, there will be a change of the guard where the people who cannot move on with these changes as the consciousness is raised, will simply disappear from their positions. They will withdraw, they will retire, they will find some other thing to do. This will give rise to an entirely new generation of those politicians and bureaucrats who will catch on to the need to serve the whole, to serve the people. Suddenly, you will no longer have this sense of distance between the government and the population, and therefore the people in the government will not feel superior to the population. The people themselves will not feel afraid, they will not feel distanced, they will not feel suspicious of their governments. 

My beloved, as the fallen beings are removed from the planet, as the consciousness is raised, all of the conspiracy theories will fade away because whatever conspiracies have some reality to them will fade away. The people will be raised where they no longer believe in some of these fantasies that are put out there. You see, my beloved, the shift will be a shift in a positive direction. 


The gap between people and politicians

Now, if you look back in history, you may look at some of these dynamics that have been happening in many nations between the population and the government, and you may ask yourself: “Why has there been this animosity, this conflict, this suspicion? Why has this existed for so long?” It is truly very difficult to understand from a logical, rational standpoint. Many people who research conditions in society have actually looked at this and asked themselves: “What could explain this? Why hasn’t, even in the democratic nations, there been a shift so that the people feel closer to the politicians and vice versa so there isn’t a gap, there isn’t the room for suspicion.” 

From a rational, scientific viewpoint, you cannot explain this. There is no rational explanation. The explanation is, of course, what we have given you: The existence of fallen beings and their influence, and the level of the collective consciousness. Once this becomes clear to some of the people who are very knowledgeable about society and how society functions, it will create another shift where the more advanced people in societies will not necessarily come to recognize the existence of ascended masters or fallen beings, but they will come to recognize that there has always been a power elite that has not been a force for good. You cannot really build a constructive society without recognizing this and without taking the necessary steps to prevent such an elite from controlling a society and therefore holding back growth. 

It will also be acknowledged, as I talked about in Holland, from a purely universal perspective that there must be a collective consciousness. There will even come a time when there will be more clear scientific proof of this than you have today—where you actually have enough scientific proof to convince anyone who is in a neutral state of mind. There will come a point where this gains widespread acceptance, and where the leaders of society begin to recognize that it is necessary to look at, and to raise, the collective consciousness in order to improve society.

It is not a matter of going out and seeking to force the people, or control the people, or create more laws and regulations. It is actually a matter of helping the people resolve the wounds and the divisions in their own psyches, in their own psychologies, so that they become more whole human beings and therefore are able to live more constructive lives. There will also, of course, be an awareness that why this has not happened before is because the power elite did not want it to happen because to them, the more unwhole, the more divided, the more psychologically crippled that the population was, the easier it was to control them. 


Substance abuse pacifies people

You will see countries today where there is a high level of substance abuse, drugs and alcohol. You will see that this clearly pacifies people and therefore makes them easier to control. You will see that in certain societies that you have seen from the past (and the Soviet Union is one example of this) the level of alcoholism was so high that it was a major factor in upholding the system. People were simply so pacified that they could not come into any kind of coherent state where they could change status quo. 

You might actually ask yourself, if you are willing, why it is primarily men who become subject to alcoholism? I know it is not exclusively men, but it is, in many societies, clearly a larger percentage of the men who are alcoholics than women. If you look at, as an example, the Soviet Union, you will see that this ties in to what Portia talked about where men are more susceptible to declaring their allegiance to an idea, to an ideal, to a system. They declare this allegiance, and therefore they feel that it is necessary to make personal sacrifices because the whole, the system, the idea, is more important than the individual, more important than their material lives. Of course, once they have, so to speak, sold their soul to the system, they realize that this comes with a price. They may have some comfortable position in the system, but they have no room for creativity, and therefore they can never feel fulfilled. They can never actually feel good about themselves, and so what do they do in order to avoid being confronted with the fact that they feel bad about themselves every working day? Well, they drink so that they forget, so that they change their state of mind chemically, which they are not able to do in their minds on their own because they have no spiritual path. 

This is why you see this form of escapism in societies where it is actually the men who have the power to change status quo, but they somehow have this fixed point in their psychologies where they have sworn allegiance to something, feeling they have to be patriotic or loyal to the system. Or they are simply afraid of rocking the boat, and so they dare not speak out, they dare not bring change. That is why the status quo becomes their god, and that is why they feel bad about themselves because what they are experiencing is a missed opportunity.

You can look at Soviet society and you can see that, although there was a certain progression, it was much slower progression than there was in other nations and that there could have been. The reason is − pay attention to this − that even in the Soviet system, there could have been much more growth, and if there had been that growth, then perhaps even the Soviet Union would have survived longer. Because there was not the willingness to change with the times, then there came that point where the only realistic outcome was a collapse of the system. 

The reason why there was not this growth was that there were too many people that were not willing to bring that change. It is not here a matter of questioning the system itself. It is a matter of coming to this point where you say: “We have been doing things a certain way now for a very long time. Why are we doing it the same way? Why aren’t we trying to find a different way that will produce better results?” You will see that if more people had been willing to ask this question, there would have been change in many levels. This is not a matter of overthrowing the system, it is simply a matter of realizing that any society must change or die.

This is what history proves. If there is any validity to the concept of a historical necessity, well it is certainly that any society that becomes a closed system will be overturned by history. History will run away from it and the Soviet Union is one of the many proofs of this. You see here that there were many men in the Soviet Union who were in position where they could have brought some improvement somewhere, and if many men had brought small improvements, it would have had an impact on the entire system.

When you are in a position where you have the opportunity to bring improvement, and you do not take it, you subconsciously sense this. You subconsciously feel that missed opportunity. That is why you saw so many men in the Soviet Union who were dissatisfied with their lives, dissatisfied with themselves. They felt that life really was not worth living because they could not stand living with that sense that there was something they had missed, some opportunity they had missed. Some blamed the system. Others did not even know who to blame and so they just wanted to get away from it all and the only escape they could see was a clear bottle with a clear liquid.


All people want to improve their lives

My beloved, what will happen in the golden age is, of course, that substance abuse will simply fade away because, as people are given an opportunity to improve their lives and see that when they make an effort, it makes a difference in their personal lives (it even makes a difference in society), then there is no need to escape. Of course, when more and more people are made aware of the possibility to heal their psychological wounds – even heal the wounds they come into embodiment with − well then, the other reason for escapism will disappear. They are not trying to run away from themselves, they are not trying to run away from their outer situation, and suddenly you have people who start feeling better and better about themselves. 

Truly, can there be any nation on earth where the people do not want a better material life and where they do not want a better inner life where they feel better about themselves? I am not aware of such a nation. When you look at this logically, can there really be any government on earth who will not want its own people to have a better and better material life and who will not want its own people to feel better and better about themselves? Well, there can be, if a government is controlled by the fallen beings or the fallen mindset, but as we move into the golden age, this will also fade away. 

Suddenly, you will have the emergence of governments who might even look at their past and say: “Why were we trapped in these patterns for so long? Why were we trapped in these power plays, this completely unnecessary conflict with other nations or even with our own people? Why weren’t we just simply focused on improving material life and improving how people feel about themselves and about their society? Why were we trapped in this for so long?” Well, actually, they might say: “It doesn’t even matter why we were trapped in it for so long because now we see it and now we are not trapped in it, and we are going to shift our focus into manifesting a better society.”


Unfathomable growth

My beloved, when the collective consciousness is raised to the point where this is what people focus on, when more and more of the fallen beings are removed from the planet, then there will be a period of growth such as has never been seen before in recorded history that has very rarely been seen in previous civilizations. You already see the technological possibilities, and I can assure you, my beloved, that once there is that shift where people focus on the positive, I will pour out so many new ideas and so much new technology that the planet will shift into this almost unfathomable growth, unfathomable for the people of today who have never known such growth.

There will come a point where nobody really needs to look back at history and say who was to blame and what was the problem. They actually have a certain understanding of the forces of history, and they are aware that they cannot allow this to repeat itself. Given that the fallen beings are not on the planet, it is not really a risk that it will repeat itself, and therefore there will come a point where societies will actually shift. They won’t ignore history, but they will not seek to analyze and place blame. They will look forward and focus on the task of creating a better society, a golden age society. 

That, my beloved, is my - I hope you find - positive vision for today. I thank you for being here, for being the anchors in the physical octave whereby I could use your chakras to radiate this into the collective consciousness. I truly begin the shift both in this nation and in many other nations who are ready for it so that we can approach that point of no return where we move into the phase of physically manifesting my golden age.

You have − all of you who are the students of the ascended masters, all of you who are serious spiritual students, seeking to transcend your consciousness − you have all been a part of bringing us closer to this point. I, of course, look to you to continue your efforts so that you will bring the planet over that critical turning point where, we might say, that the manifestation of the golden age has become irreversible. 

I would actually say that the manifestation of the golden age has already become irreversible, but nevertheless, the fallen beings might be able to delay it. I trust that with your willingness to make the calls and raise your consciousness, we shall instead surprise them by accelerating the growth and moving to that point of no return far faster than the fallen beings can even predict. Therefore, they simply will not have time to adjust to the changes. They will be among those people who stand back wondering what happened.



Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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