Your spiritual Modus Operandi

TOPICS: Why so few Christians listen to Jesus today - Dealing with doubt on the path to Christhood - Teachings for different levels of consciousness - Your psychological modus operandi - The influence of dark forces - Your relationship to the masters - The Path of Oneness - Why you fear the masters  - Your positive expectations - How the Holy Spirit can flow through you - Christhood and miracles - Which master is closest to you? - What would you have to give up? - Accept being here before you can leave - How to use this dictation - Being neutral allows the Spirit to flow - Do you have to have opinions? - 


Ascended Master Jesus, June 4th, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland


I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ, and I would like to begin by making a confession. We of the ascended masters are in some ways like used car salesmen who use a particular selling technique, called bait and switch. The idea is you put a big sign on the car lot announcing some car model you are selling very cheap, and then when the people come in, you say: “Unfortunately, we just sold the last one, but we have this other model that we can get you a good deal on.” To some degree, that is what we have to do, and I want to explain to you why this is so. 


Why so few Christians listen to Jesus today

Now, you might ask a simple question. Here is a group of people who are not only believing that I am the ascended master Jesus Christ speaking through a human being, but you are experiencing in your hearts the living proof of this. Why is there not thousands or millions of those who call themselves Christians who are willing to listen to my Living Word? The reason for this is that they have created such images, such expectations, such conditions in their minds that for them to accept: 1) that I still exist in a higher realm; 2) that I am willing to speak to humankind; and 3) that I am speaking to humankind, they would have to overcome all of these conditions. However, they are not willing to let go of these conditions, and that means that their conditions form a filter. If I were to speak to them, I would have to live up to all of their conditions so that they could accept what I am saying or even that I am saying anything. 

Naturally, it would be completely impossible for me to live up to the conditions of Catholics, fundamentalist Christians or Lutherans and still be able to express anything new. They are so focused on the past, what they believe was said in the past, and what their churches for centuries have put on this of interpretations. There are so many layers of interpretations, or we might say distortions, on my original words and teachings that most Christians are so trapped in this that they will say that if I do not live up to the conditions defined by their church, then I cannot be the real Jesus Christ. If I were to live to all of these conditions, what could I say? Absolutely nothing, my beloved, for they do not need me or want me to say anything. They are satisfied with all the interpretations. You see, this is the basic dilemma we face on earth.
How are we, as ascended masters, going to help unascended human beings? If your present level of consciousness was sufficient for you to enter heaven, enter the spiritual realm, well, then we would have to do nothing. If your present level of consciousness was sufficient for you to enter heaven, then why are you not in heaven? 

The simple fact is that your present level of consciousness is not sufficient. If we are to help you, we have to give you something that is beyond your present mental box, your present filter. If you use your present filter to reject anything that is beyond that filter, we are stuck. We are bound by the Law of Free Will. We cannot force you. 

What this really means is that when we seek to help people − and of course we seek to help everyone in some way or another − we have to go in and we have to look at a specific group of people. We have to look at their level of consciousness. We have to look at their image of the world, their view of the world. We have to look at their expectations and then we are NOT trying to give them some highest or absolute truth. We are simply looking at what is the next step for them. What is the next step up in their evolution, and how can we help them make that leap, take that quantum leap, to the next level? 

Never mind that there may be 143 levels above their level. This has no value for them because they cannot leap from the 1st to the 144th level, they have to leap from the 1st to the 2nd, or from the 48th to the 49th. We have to look at this, and this is where the bait and switch analogy comes in. You understand that for anyone to do anything new, anything differently, for anyone to accept any kind of teaching − spiritual, mystical, what have you − they have to have a motivation. Their motivation will be based on their current level of consciousness, their current world view, their current expectations. What motivates these people? What is it they want that they don’t have now? Can we then use that to give them that idea, that teaching, that can help them take the next step? This is what we have to do with everyone, my beloved.
As Lord Krishna expressed yesterday, there are people who are only ready for devotion, for a devotional path and so he does not attempt to give them a teaching that they cannot grasp. He simply reflects back the devotion they sent at him and this will in the long run help them grow to the next level. Then, in some future lifetime, they may be able to grasp the higher teaching, but we are not attempting to give people more than we evaluate that they can handle. 


Dealing with doubt on the path to Christhood

Now the reason I am telling you this, as ascended master students, is that this can help you walk the path of Christhood. When you have walked the path for a while, you will have made progress, you will have raised yourself above the level of consciousness you were at when you found the teachings and started applying them. There comes a point where you can benefit from stepping back, looking at yourself, looking at your path, and saying: “What was it actually that motivated me to enter or to use the teachings of the ascended masters? What was it I wanted, what was my expectation, the expectation I had when I first entered the path?”

What you will find, if you do this, is that all of you will discover that you had some kind of motivation, something you wanted to get out of following the spiritual path. When you first found the teachings, it probably wasn’t to make your ascension or to manifest your Christhood. There was probably some other motivation that you had—perhaps seeking understanding, perhaps seeking healing, perhaps seeking special powers, perhaps seeking abundance, this or that. People have many different kinds of motivation and I am not in any way criticizing, putting down, or even evaluating it. You have to start where you are at and use the motivation you have at the time to then study and apply the teachings. 

When you have done this for a while, then you can step back and look at yourself and say: “What was my original motivation, what did I expect would happen?” Then, you can say: “Based on the greater understanding I have today, the greater understanding of the path, based on the fact that I have now risen to a higher level of consciousness − and of course you need to recognize that you have risen to a higher level of consciousness − what do I now think of my motivation? Is this really the motivation I have today, or have I developed a higher motivation where I now see that there is more to the path than I could see when I first started? There is a different goal, a higher goal that I see now that I could not even see back then.”

The reason this becomes important is that if you do not look at this, there will be somewhere in your four lower bodies an internal spirit, a matrix, a momentum that is still carrying that original motivation, that original expectation. After some time, what can happen to some students is that they are now actually beginning to realize that their original motivation was not the highest possible. In fact, it was unrealistic because it was a motivation that was not based on the reality of what the path is about. In some part of their being they recognize that their original motive and expectation was an impossible dream that cannot be fulfilled. Since they have not looked at that internal spirit (that is still holding on to that expectation, waiting for it to be fulfilled), they cannot resolve it and let it go. 

There will be that spirit that is beginning to feel discouraged, or disappointed or dissatisfied because it is also beginning to doubt that the original expectation will ever be fulfilled. It can come up with all kinds of thoughts and doubts, and of course the dark forces can use it to project doubt into your mind. “Does the path actually work? Is it really true? Does it work for me or does it only work for others? Or does it only work for a very few? Are there those who are so special but it doesn’t apply to me?” All of these things can come up.

You probably all have some version of these doubts projected into your minds. What you can do is that you can look at this: the original motive, the original expectation you had. Then, you can see: “Is it realistic based on what I now see, what I now understand, based on what I have experienced, based on the fact that I now see a new goal, and therefore really already have a new and higher expectation?” Then, you can look at that original spirit and you can recognize that it is still there. When you look at your particular personal motivation, you can see why it was either unrealistic or perhaps immature, perhaps incomplete. You can come to that point of resolution where you just realize: “But I am no longer looking at the path this way. Why should I expect a certain outcome of the path when I now know so much more about the path?” 

Then, you can allow yourself to actually go into that spirit and consciously dismiss it. You may say: “Get thee behind me Satan,” or simply: “I don’t need you anymore in my life.” You can, of course, make the calls for this, when you become aware of it, to whatever masters: Astrea, Archangel Michael, or myself, or any other master, to dissolve the entity behind it. You can call to us to help you see the spirit, to see the expectation you had, and to see what that actually says about how you looked at the path back then.


Teachings for different levels of consciousness

Why is this important? Well, it is important for yourself because, obviously, when you have that internal spirit that is holding on to a motivation that is no longer really relevant to you, you have a division in your psyche and it will pull you back. It is also important because most of you, before you came into this lifetime, had already reached a certain level of the path where you were not exclusively working on your personal issues, but you were willing and able to take on certain collective issues. Many of you chose to be born in a certain environment whereby you took on a certain expectation about God, religion, spirituality that is one of these patterns that are in the collective consciousness. There is, of course, a spirit or beast behind the pattern, but you chose to take this on so that, by raising yourself above it and resolving the consciousness, the belief, the expectation, you could help raise the collective consciousness. Of course, until you have raised yourself above it, you have not actually raised the collective consciousness.
You can now take this further and realize that this is why I say that ascended masters are like used car salesmen. When we give a certain teaching, we are looking at a certain group of people. We are looking at where they at in consciousness—what kind of teaching are they ready for, what are their expectations, what motivates them. We know that in order to attract these people to our teaching, we have to give something that appeals to the motivation they have right now at their present level of consciousness. We also know that this is not the ultimate understanding about the spiritual path and the path to the ascension. That is why we know that we have to bring people in and then gradually give them a higher teaching so that they can adapt and accelerate themselves, and switch their consciousness and gradually raise their motivation. Then, they realize that what brought them into the teachings was what they could handle at the time, but now they are actually ready for something that is much more, because they now have the greater understanding of what the path is about. When you resolve the original expectation, you do not feel disappointed, you do not feel cheated. You actually recognize the need to take this approach on a planet like earth and therefore you simply say: “What is it that the masters want to give me now? What is it that I am ready for now?”


Your psychological modus operandi

You can go even further with this, and you can recognize something else. In the criminal system of many nations, such as the United States, law enforcement officials attempt to categorize criminals based on what they call their MO, or their modus operandi. This is because they have discovered that criminals are often creatures of habit, and when a certain criminal has committed one crime, he or she will tend to commit later crimes in much the same way. When they hear that a certain crime has been committed where there is some particular MO, they can often know which criminal is likely to have committed it. They can go and find out where that person was at the time, and they can often apprehend the criminal just based on this. Now, you are, of course, not criminals, my beloved, but all people have what we might call a psychological MO.

We have, of course, talked about this before in terms of the ego, in terms of internal spirits, but I am simply giving you this from another angle. What I am asking you to do to here is (not necessarily right now, but as you come home and process the experience you have had at this conference), I am asking you to mentally step back and look at: “How do I relate to the material universe, to the matter realm? What is my MO in my interaction with the matter realm? What are my expectations? What do I think can happen or cannot happen? What do I think should happen or should not happen?” If you are willing to do this exercise, perhaps sometimes asking for our help if you like, then you can come to see that when it comes to relating to the physical world, you have a certain MO. In certain situations you encounter in the physical world, it is as if you are triggered into going into that MO, that reactionary pattern.

This messenger mentioned that he rarely gets irritated, but he did when he was dealing with the Russian visa or when he got a parking ticket. This says that he has certain expectations about what should not happen to him in the physical universe, and when something like that does happen, instead of looking at the situation the way he looks at most other situations, instead of remaining non-attached, without even realizing it, he goes into a particular emotional reaction that this shouldn’t have happened, this just isn’t right, and he should be able to park outside a store for ten minutes without getting a ticket. My beloved, the expectations may be reasonable enough but the reality is that this is actually limiting you in your relationship with the mother realm.

You are taking certain conditions in society, certain conditions that are either man-made or are created by the fallen beings, and then you are projecting − you are creating  an expectation based on these conditions. You are projecting upon the mother realm that this is how the mother realm is, and this always happens. What does it do? It prevents you from following the teachings that Saint Germain gave because you cannot accept that something higher is possible. You are actually becoming what we have said before, a self-fulfilling prophecy, because your expectation of the mother realm is what you send into the cosmic mirror and as we have said so many times, what can the mirror do but reflect back what you are putting into it?  You see that if you want to avoid these kind of situations, you have to look at your MO. How do I relate to the matter realm? Then you have to discover your expectations about what should or shouldn’t happen. Then you have to ask yourself whether you want to carry these along with you, knowing that they can become self-fulfilled prophecies. 

It boils down to, again, my beloved: Are you living in a friendly universe or hostile universe? Are you living in a world that is out to get you or are you living in a world where there is at least some force that is eager to support you, to support your growth, to support your happiness, and to help you feel good about yourself? If you take the messenger’s talk about him feeling that life is wonderful and having a positive expectation about the future, you may see that in most cases he does believe he lives in a friendly universe. But when it comes to applying for a Russian visa, he does not believe that the Russian visa authorities are friendly or there to support him, and that is why he manifested the trouble he had. Grant you, I am not saying the process is reasonable. It is, quite frankly, so complicated that it only hurts the Russian nation itself, but that is not the issue. The issue is that the reason the messenger had a reaction to it was that he does not believe, at some level of his being, that Russia is a friendly nation. 

This partly relates to some dramatic experiences he had in a past life, but nevertheless it shows you how you can have these MOs of what you expect. Now, when it comes to a parking ticket, well, he does not expect that certain authorities or bureaucracies are friendly and are there to support him. He has a certain expectation that bureaucracy is a difficult thing to deal with and often gives people unnecessary trouble. In a way you could say this is correct, my beloved. But the question for the messenger is: “Does he want to carry this with him for the rest of his life or does he want to leave it behind?” The question for you is: “What MO do I have? What expectation of the physical universe do I have? Is it friendly? Is it supporting me, or is there something that’s out to get me?”


The influence of dark forces

Now, I understand, of course, that this can always be confusing to people when I say something like this because we have taught you about dark forces, and they ARE out to get you, my beloved. But that is not what I am talking about; I am talking about making a distinction. You realize there are dark forces, you realize there are people who do not have good intentions, but what I am talking about is your view of the mother realm, the material universe in general. What I am saying is: Do not take the fact that there are fallen beings on the planet, do not take all of the troubles they have created, do not take that and project it onto the mother realm and say: “This is how the mother realm is.” Do not say that the mother realm treats me like the fallen beings treat me. We have said before: Do not look at us as you look at the fallen beings. Do not think that we look at you like the fallen beings do. Do not think that we think like the fallen beings. Do the same with the mother realm. Do not put your expectations based on what the fallen beings have done onto the mother realm.

Of course, the fallen beings are still here, of course there are many things going on in the world that are not right, and that we are having you make calls on. I am only talking here about your personal relationship to the mother realm, to the physical universe. Are you living in a friendly universe or do you think that this planet is so dark that the universe here, that the matter realm here, is hostile to you? I can assure you that regardless of how dark the planet is, the mother realm is still more than willing to support you and support your growth. It can only reflect back to you what you are projecting out. If you want something different to come back, you must change what you are projecting out. It can be no other way.


Your relationship to the masters

Now, we can take this to an even higher level and have you look at what is your MO when you are relating to ascended masters? You may go back to when you first heard about ascended master teachings, and you may look at what was it that motivated you to enter these teachings. What does that motivation say about how you saw us, how you saw your potential to relate to us or not relate to us? Then, you may discover that you have certain expectations, you have a certain view of us and many of you will actually discover that you have a view of us that is based on how a particular religion has portrayed God. Many of you have a view of ascended masters based on how Christianity has idolized me and put me way up there on the pedestal, way beyond your reach as the only son of God. Of course, for most of you this is not your own expectation. It is something you volunteered to take on in order to help raise the collective consciousness, but in order to raise the collective, you have to free your own mind from this. You may still have some expectations, some internal spirit, that you have not looked at and dismissed.
This, again, relates to the bait and switch. We know what expectations people have; we know how they are capable of looking at us. When we give an ascended master teaching, we must adapt the teaching to people’s motivations and expectations, and we therefore present ourselves in a certain way. Those of you who are aware that over the last century we have sponsored several organizations and given several teachings, you will, if you care to go back and look at them, see that in the beginning we presented ourselves a certain way. There has been a progression up through the different movements and teachings. What we are giving you now is a higher level, a higher level of understanding of us based on showing you that there is much less distance between you and us than most people tend to think.
In some of the past organizations the students had the ascended masters up there on a pedestal way above themselves. We, of course, understand people’s needs, we understand their expectations. We understand that many people want to get closer to the spiritual realm, but not too close. Why is it that 1.3 billion Catholics do not want to hear my Living Word but only want to listen to the Pope? Well, it is because they do not actually want to get close to the living spiritual being that I am. They do not want to encounter my Being because then they would have to change. We know also that many ascended master students are at a certain level of consciousness where they are open to the existence of ascended masters, they do want to study our teachings, they want to experience a dictation, but they do not want us to get too close.

It is as if these students want to maintain a certain distance where they say: “I would like to sit in the back and study you from a distance.” What they are really saying is: “I want you to keep a distance because don’t come and look at me. I don’t want you to see me as I am right now. Just let me sit here in the dark so that I can pretend that you can’t see me.” This is all they are ready for, and I am making fun of it, but I am not putting these students down in any way. I understand their needs; I respect their needs. I am also giving a teaching for those who have already stepped up and those who are willing to step up, if you will look at your MO of how you look at ascended masters, how you can relate to us, what you expect and don’t expect, what you expect can happen and what can’t happen.

If you will look at this and see that now you have actually risen to a higher understanding of the path to Christhood. Therefore, your original motivation, the original way you looked at ascended masters, is now really a dead weight that you are dragging along. It is not relevant for your present level of understanding. If you will see this, then you can dismiss that, and then you do not have that division in your being where something pulls you away from us and something pulls you towards us. Then, you take a step up and relate to us in a closer way.
This messenger has described how he followed an ascended master teaching and practiced it eagerly for over 15 years, and then one day suddenly came to the point where he looked at our pictures and spontaneously said: “I want more. I want a closer relationship to you. I want a more direct interaction with you.” You all have the potential to make a similar decision. I am not telling you to make it with the outer mind, but I am telling you to, in your outer mind, look where you are at on the path. What are you ready for? Are you ready to step up to a higher level? Are you ready to step a little bit closer and say: “Jesus, it’s okay that you look at me once in a while. Perhaps you can come and tell me a few things, but don’t tell me too much, no more than I can handle.” I assure you that we will respond to this because what are we actually really doing when we have students, and when you enter a student-master relationship with us? What is the spiritual path, the path to Christhood all about? It is all about coming into oneness.


The Path of Oneness

In the end it is about the conscious you coming into oneness with the I AM Presence. As an intermediary step, we offer you a path where we are the teachers that are perhaps easier for you to grasp when you have an outer teaching than your I AM Presence. The real path of the ascended masters is to come into oneness with us, or at least one of us that is closest to your heart. You see that when you first found the teachings, you may have carried with you this traditional Christian idolatry of putting the master up on the pedestal. Therefore, you might have thought that in order to interact with such an elevated master, you had to reach a certain level of perfection. You felt you had not reached that perfection, and that is why you just wanted to sit in the back so that the master could not see you and you could remain hidden because you would feel something − shame, guilt, embarrassment, whatever − if the master saw your imperfections. We, of course, allow you to do this, but many of you are at the point where you can make that switch in consciousness where you realize that it is not actually painful to have us look at you and point something out. We always do it for the purpose of helping you grow and helping you be more free. If you are more free, what happens? You feel better about yourself.

As long as you are sitting there in the distance, wanting to hide something from us, you are actually also hiding something from yourself. If you are hiding something from yourself, you cannot overcome it. What you are hiding will make you feel bad about yourself in some way. Only when you look at it and overcome it, will you feel better about yourself. This is simple, simple logic. I realize that 99.999999 percent of the people on earth do not think it is simple, but it really is, at least when you reach your level. You can come that point where you look at your MO and you see you still have that original desire to keep the masters at a distance. You can say: “I just don’t need you anymore. Why are you still hanging around? Get lost!” 

Then, you can make that shift and you can begin to ask yourself a simple question: “What kind of master am I following? Is it a friendly master or hostile master?” Then, you will realize that the image that has been projected into the collective consciousness by the fallen beings now for thousands and thousands of years is that God is a hostile God. Therefore, anyone who is up there in the spiritual realm and represents God must be a hostile being. You even have in some past ascended master organizations the concept that, for example, El Morya or Serapis Bey are strict disciplinarians. They are like the old-fashioned school teacher who is just looking for an excuse to spank the students. El Morya does not have a stick that he goes around hitting his students with. He never has had, and he never will have. 

You see that this collective image of the hostile teacher who is somehow out to discipline you (or expose you and make you feel bad about yourself for having some imperfection), this is not who we are. It is completely out of touch with the reality of who we are. When you recognize this in yourself, you can begin to separate yourself from it. You can step back and you can see it, and then you can truly just let it go.

There will come that point − you may have to do some invocations and invoke some transformation of the energy, you may have to ask for our help to see it − but there will come that point where you just let it go. You feel that spontaneous release and suddenly you realize that we are not hostile. We are not out to get you. We are not out to expose you. We are not out to humiliate you. 


Why you fear the masters

I recognize that some people will take the teachings I have given and they will feel that I am exposing something in your psychology that is not the way it should be. They will, again, project this image that I am actually out to expose something in you. In a sense, of course I am, but I am not out to expose something that makes you feel shameful or embarrassed. I am out to set you free. Here is where you can take another step up, and when you look at the image you have had of spiritual masters and what you expect they will do or not do, you can probably identify that there is a negative aspect of this. You might think, for example, that we will expose something in you and then you might look at what is your fear in relation to this.

If I pulled one of you up here and told you that you had this tendency in your psychology, what would you feel? Now, all of you go through this exercise just for a second. Imagine that each of you were taken up here in front of the entire group and I told you very directly that you have this or that tendency in your psychology. What do you fear? What would you feel? Do you feel shame? Do you feel embarrassment? What is your feeling? 

Well, my beloved, that feeling is part of what holds you back on the path. It is part of what prevents you from interacting with us. What I am saying here is this: You can step back and you can say: “Am I feeling this, or is this an internal spirit that defines my MO, my relationship to ascended masters, how I look at the masters, how I think I can relate to them? Is it the spirit that is feeling this, or is it me?” You can come to recognize: “But it’s not me; it’s the spirit!” Then, as you dismiss that spirit and make the calls on it, you can make that switch in the mind. You can say, for example, if you would feel embarrassed if an ascended master exposed an imperfection in your psychology, you can say: “Why should I feel embarrassed about this? Why should I? It was the spirit that felt this, so why should I continue to look at the master, hoping that he won’t come and embarrass me? I don’t need to feel embarrassed about this, or shameful, or fearful, or whatever. Why do I need to feel this?” Then, you can gradually shift where you recognize that we are not out to embarrass you, we are out to set you free so you feel better about yourself. Of course, you are not feeling good about yourself if you are constantly afraid of being embarrassed.

Your positive expectations

Then, you can take another step further and you can look at that you probably also had some positive expectation of what might happen when you became an ascended master student. Many, many students have an expectation of somehow being acknowledged or recognized or honored by the ascended masters. We have, ironically, had a previous ascended master organization where most students had the masters way up there on a pedestal and they had a fear-based relationship to us, but at the same time many, many students had this compulsive desire to get recognized publicly and acknowledged by us. 

It is a very complex psychology where you both have the fear and you both have the hope of being acknowledged. Really, is it logical that you fear someone but you still want to be acknowledged by them? What is the likelihood that they will acknowledge you versus the likelihood that they will actually do what you fear most and put you down? It becomes this very, very artificial relationship that such students have to us, and it makes them virtually unreachable to us because we cannot approach them directly. We cannot give them an experience, we cannot give them inner direction because they are trapped in this push-pull. Of course, if you go to many Christian churches, that is how they look at God, that is how they look at me. That is why there are many Catholics that find they can relate to Mother Mary more freely than they can relate to me because she does not seem so threatening. You have this in many other religions.

Again, if you are an ascended master student and you recognize this pattern in you, why do you have it? Is it yours? Most likely it is something you have taken on from the collective consciousness. Just take a look at it, work on it, get to the point where you are neither fearing a direct encounter with an ascended master nor are you hoping for it so that it could boost your pride and make your ego feel special. When you come to that point where you can relate to us without any expectation either way, without any expectation motivated by fear or any expectation based on pride, then you can be neutral. You can be open. There are no expectations that are standing in our way. When you are just open, you will experience our Presence much more directly than you have ever done before, and this is of course what we desire for you.

How the Holy Spirit can flow through you

Now, this is Pentecost time and you all know the story about how, after my departure from the physical realm my disciples were all distraught not knowing what to do, what was to come next. Then, they met and somehow there was a shift in their consciousness and they came into what is described as being “of one accord in one place.” They actually came to what I have just described, where instead of having these fear-based expectations (that this was the end of it and nothing would ever happen again), or instead of having the prideful expectations (that they would be elevated and they would be the ones who carried the movement forward), most of them (not all, but most) came to the point of just being neutral, just being open. It was that neutrality, that point of no expectation, that was the opening for what has been described as the descent of the Holy Spirit.

Now again, in a sense you could say: “What have we been doing with the teachings we have given through this messenger?” We have in a sense been deconstructing the images that people have of ascended masters based on previous dispensations. We have actually taken ourselves down from the pedestal. We have attempted to decrease the distance between you and us. Of course, we have not attempted to do this in real terms. We have been attempting to decrease the distance in your minds, the distance you think is there, that you project is there between you and us. We, of course, are beyond time and space and this means I am with you always if you want me, if you put your attention on me. It is not a matter of you crossing some distance. It is not a matter of me being way above you in distance or even in vibration, which of course I am but I am still here with you. It is not a matter of you crossing this chasm. It is simply a matter of you getting rid of all the images and expectations in your minds.
We have ascended master students who, symbolically speaking, are standing there with their eyes glued to this giant telescope because they think that we are way, way, way out there in space. So they need this giant telescope to see us, and the giant telescope is their elaborate intellectual understanding of the teaching. What we are doing is we are waiting for them to take their eye away from the telescope and then say: “Oh there you are!” I have been there for the last 2,000 years next to them, and they have not bothered to pay attention because they have been looking way, way out there for me. This is, of course, what we desire for all of you, those who have followed our path for a long time, those who have applied yourself to the path to Christhood.


Christhood and miracles

Again let us take the expectations down. You have the stories that when I was in embodiment, I performed all of these miracles. You have 2,000 years of humankind creating these very, very powerful, very, very elaborate collective spirits about how incredibly special it must have been if you had been there at the time of Jesus. If you go back there and look at the reality, you will see that most of my disciples were actually like the person with the eyes glued to the telescope. Even though they were following me and interacting with me physically every day, they hardly ever paid direct attention to me because they had so many expectations that they were looking at me through. You see this exemplified in the story of Peter where I said: “Get thee behind me, Satan,” because I was trying to shock him out of his expectations so that he could actually relate to me in a neutral way. 

Most of the people I encountered back then could not, and they did not even really notice what kind of a being was standing there next to them. They did not recognize that I had a higher state of consciousness. What I am saying is that this fantasy image that Christians have created later of how incredibly special it was, well this never happened in reality. There were many people who did not notice, there were even those who had seen me walk on water, for example, and who afterwards could not really believe what they had seen. As we have said before, the collective consciousness was so dense back then, that it took much more of a dramatic event to even get people’s attention.
Again, when you look at this situation of Pentecost, many Christians have created these elaborate images that the disciples were suddenly speaking in tongues. They were suddenly speaking in other languages so that other people could understand them, and even ascended master students tend to look at this as some dramatic event. They think, like the Pentecostals, that they were speaking in angelic tongues. Or they think, like some other Christians, that people fell over in the spirit and were shaking and had to be carried out of there and all of this. There is still this MO, this collective spirit that many ascended master students have, that they are longing for some dramatic event. 

Some are longing for a dramatic event in their own life, for them to have some dramatic encounter with us that suddenly changes everything. Some are longing for a dramatic event that makes other people see them as special. Many ascended master students over the decades have longed for some dramatic event where we appear in the sky or where the students themselves have the Holy Spirit and they can make people fall over and they can heal people. They can do all of these things so there is physical proof of the reality of ascended masters and therefore millions of people will be converted. Of course, these students will be the ones who brought it about so they will be elevated and honored. There is this mindset that has been created where ascended master students have carried what has been created by Christians over these 2,000 years where many Christians have also dreamt of this, being special, being elevated. You take this and you transfer this to ascended masters and you are projecting all of this upon us. You think that if you get the Holy Spirit, something dramatic must happen. It is possible that you could have an event where suddenly all people started speaking in tongues and all started taking a dictation or whatever people imagine. 

On the one hand, I do not want to limit what can happen. The Holy Spirit can manifest in various ways, but I want you to have a realistic assessment here. In the modern age, we are not performing miracles because humankind has risen to a higher level of consciousness where it is possible to get their attention in other ways. We are not looking to convert everybody to recognize ascended masters. We are not looking to create some undeniable manifestation because the Law of Free Will is clear: There must be plausible deniability. It must be easy for people to deny our existence so we are not going to manifest some undeniable proof. 

Even when it comes to the descent of the Holy Spirit, we are not looking to create a spectacle, my beloved. We want you to recognize that each and every one of you have experienced that you have had the Holy Spirit. You most likely experience this when you are talking to others about something that you really care about, something that is dear to your heart. You can recognize that there are times where your voice might change a little bit, your vibration changes and you are just very, very sincere. My beloved, you are also in a neutral state of mind. You are not aggressively seeking to convert the other person, you do not have a desire to be acknowledged so you do not feel rejected. You are simply speaking from a higher level of your being, and this is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit.
Now, this whole idea that the disciples spoke in other languages, that they did not know, is not actually correct. It is all that people could project on the event based on the linear mindset. The deeper reality is that some of the disciples were infused with the Holy Spirit so that they could suddenly express the ideas of what Christianity was about in such a way that people from many different backgrounds could grasp the concepts and ideas. This is one of the primary manifestations of the Holy Spirit that I would like you to strive for. You would be able to go into that neutral state of mind and be able to speak to people from many different backgrounds. Instead of giving them some absolute truth, that with your outer mind you think they should have, you are giving them exactly what they need in order to take the next step on their path. You may not know this in the outer mind, you may not know why you are telling them this, but you just feel the flow and you go with the flow. 

This is a much more valuable manifestation of the Holy Spirit than some kind of spectacle. Now you may say: “Are you not putting on a spectacle now?” Well, yes, in a way. But is it as dramatic as many ascended master students expect, or as many Christians expect? Nay, it is not. We are attempting to give you something that still is beyond the normal level of consciousness but is not so far beyond that it reinforces your sense of distance. We realize that whatever we do will reinforce the sense of distance of some people, but you will notice how many teachings we have given over the years through this messenger that are actually specifically designed to help you decrease the distance that you project is there between you and us. 


Which master is closest to you?

I am with YOU always, you and you and you and you, each and every one of you. I am with you always, so is any ascended master that is close to your heart. Which master is closest to your heart? My beloved, I have no jealousy, I have no desire to be exclusive. It does not in any way affront me if there is another master that is closer to your heart. Why not? Because I am one with that master,

Find the master that is closest to your heart. Step back from your busy daily life. Step back from your busy-ness with the path, with your studies, with your giving invocations. Make some time where you can sit down and look at: “How am I relating to ascended masters? Here is the master that I feel closest to. How can I find a new way to relate to that master so that I decrease the distance, I come closer, I have a more direct experience?” Perhaps even ask yourself: “Am I ready for a more direct experience with an ascended master?” If you are not, again I do not criticize, I do not judge, I do not condemn. I fully understand that everyone needs to take a certain time before they are ready. You see my beloved, you are here because when you experience a dictation, you have a sense of reality that ascended masters exist. We can speak to you. I am just asking you to switch your mind so you recognize that as we exist and as we can speak through a messenger, we can also interact with you more directly, personally, in your mind, in your heart.

If you are ready for this, then perhaps this would be a time for you to step up, to be more direct, and to find a different way to interact with us. Perhaps you could look at your MO, as I have called it, of how you interact with us. You could ask yourself: “Based on my current expectations, what do I think would happen if an ascended master came closer to me?” You will often find that there is a part of your mind, a part of your ego, that is actually afraid of what kind of changes you would have to make if that happened, and this might be a field where it could take you some time to deal with this issue.


What would you have to give up?

This is not something that for most of you will happen in five minutes, but when you reach a certain level there is value in thinking about this, contemplating it: “What do I think would happen in my life?” There will be a part of your being that is afraid that certain outer changes would have to be made, certain things you would have to give up, and all of these things. If you will honestly look at this and examine it, you can gradually begin to see what is going on, see your unconscious expectations. You can begin to look at them. You could begin to maybe compare them to some of our teachings. You can begin to consider whether this is simply an expectation that you might have taken on from the collective consciousness, or whether it is a part of your ego. You can gradually come to the point where you become clear about where you stand right now. You may come to recognize that: Yes, there is a part of your ego that has a certain fear and that does not want to change because there is a particular thing in your life that you do not want to give up.
Now, just to give you a basic example, there was a student in Korea who asked whether you could be an ascended master student and still go to parties and drink in a social context. He was not willing to give up this because it was an important part of his family and culture to drink at these social events. This is just one example of an expectation you might have. If you are willing you can take a look at this, you could approach it in various ways. You can even come a point where you realize that it is not a loss for you to give this up because you are actually ready to step up to a different level. 

Some of you have come to this point of just spontaneously deciding that you are going to give up alcohol, but this is just an example. Do not fixate your mind on this because there are many other things that you might think you have to give up. There is always the possibility, my beloved, that you can find a different way to look at the issue so that you do not have to give up the outer activity. 

To give you another example, in previous ascended master dispensations, there were many students who felt that when they entered the ascended master teachings, they could not relate to people who were not in the teachings. Many had difficulty relating to their spouses and many, many divorces have been created because of this. It has never been what we wanted to see happen, but this was how the culture was. The reason was that they had a much more black-and-white way of looking at the path: You are either in or you are out. You are either fully in, and then you have to follow the rules, or you are out. If you had a spouse that did not want to go in, then you could not relate to that spouse and so forth and there would be conflicts and all of this stuff. The reality is that if you shift your consciousness, if you change your black-and-white view of the path and of the judgmental masters, then you can easily, or at least you can over time, find a way to relate to a spouse who is not on the spiritual path or not in the ascended master teachings.

You see, it is not simply a matter of coming to a point where you think or recognize that there is a part to your ego that thinks: If you take a step closer to the masters, you will have to give up this or that. Many of you might fear you might have to give up sex, for example. This is probably the most common fear of students on the spiritual path, to be quite honest with you. The alternative is always to look at yourself, look at your MO relating to sex. Look at your MO relating to sex and how it interacts with your MO about the spiritual path, and see that you have two internal spirits that are clashing with each other. Then, recognize that there will be a spirit on the spiritual path that is projecting that if you step up higher on the path, you have to give up sex. There will be the other spirit that screams: “No, no you can’t do this!” Then you can come to the point where you realize that these are just spirits, these are not me—and you can transcend it, my beloved. You can transcend both of them and realize that by simply switching your mind, in your attitude to spirituality and your attitude to sex and your attitude to the interaction between the two, you can just still enjoy sexual activity and be on the spiritual path.


Accept being here before you can leave

It is like was said in the previous dictation. There can come a point where you have actually almost qualified for your ascension but you have followed an ascetic path of withdrawing from worldly activities. If you do not fully accept being in a physical body, and if you are not able to enjoy the activities you can do with the physical body, you cannot leave the earth behind, you cannot actually ascend. You could say that surely there are many dark forces, entities and demons that are attempting to use the sex drive to lure people into various downward spirals to drain their energy. Surely, there could be a time where you will have to discipline yourself so that you are not pulled into these negative spirals. This is why there has been, traditionally, all of this talk that spiritual people need to abstain from sex. Some of you have done this in past lifetimes and have needed to do so. It is always possible to step up to a higher view and say: “What kind of body am I living in? Is it a friendly body or a hostile body?”
You will find that many, many spiritual people actually think that their physical body is hostile to their spiritual growth. Then, you can work on this, process this, and you can come to accept that you live in a friendly universe, you live in a friendly body. While you are in this body, there are certain activities you can do with the body, and it really is not sinful or anti-spiritual to enjoy those activities. Be it sex, be it eating a good meal, be it interacting with people who are not in a spiritual teaching but who are nevertheless good people. They are your family and you enjoy being with them. What could possibly be unspiritual about this when you look at it from a neutral perspective that is not trapped in this black-and-white thinking?
You can even go on and look at your physical health and you can begin to ask yourself: “Am I living in a hostile body or a friendly body?” Then, even if you have some disease that is tormenting you, you can still, if you are willing, work on this, your attitude to the physical body. What is your MO? What are your expectations of what can and cannot happen? What do you really think of this body and especially in relation to your spiritual growth? You can come to a point where you can accept that you live in a friendly body that is capable of and willing to support your spiritual growth. Some of you will find that this can bring the healing of diseases that you have not been able to shake off. Others may not be healed of a physical condition but you will find a way to be at peace with it so that it does not hinder your spiritual growth.


How to use this dictation

Again, this is one of these dictations where we throw an awful lot of ideas at you, and we do this, of course, because it is not so often that you come together in a big group of people. We do this also because many of you in this particular group have reached a level on the path to Christhood where you are ready for this teaching or at least a certain element of it. Again, you do not need to go home afterwards and read this dictation and look at every element I have given you, and think that you have to study it and apply it all at once. You need to find something, one thing in there, that appeals to you at your present level. Then, you use it, you integrate it, and use it to step up to a higher level. Then you may re-read this dictation and find that there is something else for you.
Now, I encourage you to study the dictation I gave in Korea about Christhood and the discourse by Gautama Buddha from Korea and see that they actually form sort of the Alpha, whereas this dictation, and some of the answers you have received at this conference, form the Omega, a more practical down-to-earth approach.


Being neutral allows the Spirit to flow

What I want to leave you with is this:  The Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth, it has been said. This is actually a statement that is not the highest view of the situation. The Holy Spirit does not blow where it listeth, it just blows, and it blows constantly and it flows constantly. Now, the reason the statement was given was that many people at the time could not understand why sometimes some person would have the flow of the spirit, other times another, and sometimes none would have it. They could not understand why because they looked at this with the outer mind.

Even my disciples tended to do this and create some sort of a hierarchy among the disciples, some sort of rank of who was at the top, who was the most advanced? Unfortunately, Peter often thought that he was at the top whereas in reality he had the lowest consciousness of any of the disciples. These outer evaluations actually block the flow of the spirit because the key to having the flow of the spirit is to be neutral, to be in that state that you can have all experienced in glimpses, and that you can cultivate. It is almost like you are standing still and there is nothing that pulls you in any direction. You can also call it pure awareness, but you are neutral. You are interacting with another person, but you do not have a judgment about what that person should be told or what that person should accept. You do not have a desire to convert that person. You do not even have a desire to help that person. You do not have a particular expectation of what should be said or what should happen or how the other person should react. You are just neutral and that is when you are the open door. That is when the spirit can flow through you, my beloved.  

If you look at the phenomenon of giving dictations and the many channellers out there, you can see that the channellers who are not neutral always tune in to a lower level—the emotional, the mental, the lower identity realm. What may come through them may have some true ideas in it, but it also has some distorted ideas and there is not a vibration that sets people free. The more neutral the messenger or the channeller can be, the more pure will be the message coming through them. The more neutral you can be as you are listening to or reading a dictation, the more profound will be the insights you can get. Another aspect of the Holy Spirit is not that you necessarily speak but also that you receive some insight that clearly comes from a higher level of your mind or from us. This is sort of the internal flow of the spirit and when you speak it is the external flow of the spirit, but both are very much part of your path.

There comes a point, as we have said, where Christhood that is not expressed is not Christhood. You must step up from instead of always studying the teaching and taking it in, you start giving it out. That is when you experience that Alpha and Omega flow of the Holy Spirit where you gain insights and you use them to help others. Many times you find that when you are actually speaking to others, you suddenly get ideas that you had never thought of before. You suddenly have an insight that you have never had before. This is the flow of the Holy Spirit. It is not a spectacle. It is not some dramatic event. It is actually something you have all experienced and I am simply saying that by becoming more conscious of this, by following some of the hints I have given you here, you can increase the frequency where you have this, being in a neutral frame of mind.


Do you have to have opinions?

This may take some work for some because it involves freeing yourself from the pull of some of these external things that are seeking to drag you into a reactionary pattern. It may actually mean that some of you will have to go through a certain process where you consider something very simple: “Do I, as a human being, have to have opinions?” Most of you have been brought up to think that you should have opinions. You should have opinions about this political party or that political party or this issue or that issue. You can come to a point where you recognize that the vast majority of the opinions that human beings have actually come from their internal spirits, which are then under the influence of collective spirits.

So many times you have two people who have opposite opinions on an issue, but it is simply because these are two spirits that are having an argument through the two people. You can come to that point where you ask yourself: “Is this really how I want to interact with other people, by always expressing my opinion and always seeking to change their opinion? Would it not be possible to come to a point where, when I interact with others, I am neutral and therefore I am open to saying something with no preconceived intention, something that comes from a higher source and can enlighten me and may actually enlighten the other person, but not with any intent from my conscious mind. I just allow it to happen?”
There are many people throughout the ages who have attempted to go through various efforts, various rituals, in order to get the Holy Spirit. There are black magicians who have attempted to create some kind of method, some kind of device, that will give them, mechanically, a flow of the spirit. They have never had a flow of the Holy Spirit. They may have a flow of some collective spirits that can seem powerful, but it is not the Holy Spirit. You cannot force the Holy Spirit. That is also why it was said that the Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. You cannot force it, my beloved, but you can receive it.

The thing is: for you to receive it, there must be room. If your mind is so filled up with opinions, there may not be room for the Spirit to express itself. I would like to set you free. I would like to give you permission to be free of all of these human opinions. You might actually feel that when you let go of some of these opinions, it is as if you are set free from some kind of treadmill. Your mind suddenly no longer has to feel that this opinion is constantly threatened and you are looking for threats, and when you read something on the internet that might threaten this opinion, then you feel agitated. Or when you meet people who have a different opinion, you have to go into an argument and try to change their mind. All of a sudden, you will feel that this is not draining your energy and you will feel so much better about yourself for having given up this human opinion.

I can assure you that will probably encounter someone that you have known for a long time who will look at you and say: “What’s wrong with you, you don’t have any opinions anymore?” Look at how they feel about themselves and compare to how you feel about yourselves and then say: “Where would I rather be, in that person’s mind or in my mind?” Then, it is not so hard to give up all of these opinions that actually do not make you feel better about yourself, do not make you feel better about the world, they do not help you feel you are living in a friendly universe, they do not help you feel you are interacting with friendly masters, they do not help you feel you are in a friendly body. 

Think about this: If your goal is to feel better about yourself, about the ascended masters, about the material world and about the physical body, then look at everything that pulls on your attention and ask yourself whether it helps you feel better or does not help you feel better. If it does not help you feel better, then you have my permission to give it up. I can assure you that if something does not help you feel better about yourself and the world you are living in and the masters, it is not helping your spiritual growth. It is not helping you move towards Christhood.
My beloved, if you will notice how some of you are shifting a little bit in your chairs and find it difficult sitting still, it is simply because we have now reached a point where I have given you as much as you can handle. Although I wish I could go on for another hour or two, I recognize the simple fact that the physical universe sets certain limitations for our interaction in this way. The physical universe sets no limitations for how you and I, or another master, can interact directly within your minds. We do not desire to have ascended master students who forever think that the only way they can interact with the ascended masters is through a messenger or an outer teaching. We want all of you to come to the point where you have direct interaction with us within your heart, within your mind.

With this, I thank you, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming together for this Pentecost celebration. I can assure you that Mother Mary’s calls that these conferences were important was not given in vain as she might tell you about after you have paid attention to the needs of the physical body. 

Thus, my beloved I thank you once again. My gratitude, and I can assure you that it is a supreme joy for me to have a group of students who are willing to allow me to speak so freely and so openly. Had I only been able to do this constantly for these past 2,000 years, the world truly would have been a different place.



Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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