A positive vision of the golden age

TOPICS: Why we need to look at issues - We are also ignorant today - The need for a sense of purpose - Consciousness can be expanded - Freeing up people’s creativity - Multiplication of resources and wealth - Education in the golden age - Religion in the golden age - The science of psychology in the golden age - Crime in the golden age - Business in the golden age - The money system in the golden age - Unfathomable economic growth - Equality among nations - War and conflict in the golden age - Focusing on possibilities rather than problems - The golden age must come gradually - 


Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 3rd, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland.


I am the Ascended Master Saint Germain and I wish to give you a slightly different take on the golden age. Now, you may look at the discourses that I have given so far, that we gave last year, that other masters have given about the golden age and you could say that we are focussing a lot on all of the problems that need to be overcome for the golden age to be manifest.

Now, my beloved, there are some spiritual people on earth who would look at this and say that these cannot be the real ascended masters because we should not focus on anything negative because we magnify it with our consciousness and the real masters would never ask us to do this. They would give us a positive vision and have us focus on that. Well, my beloved, while these people are well-meaning, they are also not very well informed because they are not willing to recognize the existence of dark forces and fallen beings. You simply cannot, on a planet like earth, bring forth a new age, let alone a golden age, by only focusing on the positive and ignoring the not so positive.


Why we need to look at issues

It is necessary for you to be aware of certain issues. It is necessary to make precise calls on these issues because only when those in embodiment make these calls, can we of the ascended masters step in and deal with the issues and the dark forces behind them. If you do not do this, you simply will not manifest a better age. It cannot be done. 

Naturally we are not asking you to focus on these problems with fear, and that is why we give you such a large overall teaching that, when you understand it, you realize that we are not giving you a fear-based teaching where you feel completely overwhelmed and pacified and feel like you cannot do anything about all these problems or dark forces. We are giving you an empowering teaching whereby you realize that you can actually do something. You can make the calls and this authorizes us to step in. While you may not have the power to overcome the dark forces, we do. We simply need the authority.

If you are not willing to look at various issues, you cannot solve them and why is that, my beloved? It is very simple. The earth is an educational institution. How do people learn? Well, they learn by the push-pull of immersing yourself and identifying yourself in the material realm and then awakening yourself from that identification. The awakening process is a twofold process where you both come to see the issues that are limiting you, that have caused you to be identified with the material realm, and you also come to see that you are much more. You are a spiritual being and there is a positive vision of a higher society and a higher state on earth.

If you will not look at the issues that have limited you, my beloved, how can you then free yourself from them and consciously separate yourself from them? It is precisely in separating yourself from the limitations, that you expand your consciousness, that you raise your consciousness to a new level. 

There are many new-age people who have lulled themselves into, or have been lulled into by the fallen beings, a state where they think they are so peaceful, they are so harmonious, they are so focussed on the positive that surely they are helping to radiate good vibrations that will transform the earth. The reality is that many of these people are not growing whatsoever. They are not raising their consciousness beyond that level because they are not willing to look at the fact that they have an ego, they have internal spirits, they have ties to the fallen beings. They are not willing to look at the fact that the reason why they feel so peaceful and calm is that the fallen beings are leaving them alone for the simple reason that they are not a threat. As long as you are not a threat to the fallen beings, they will often leave you alone—unless you get sucked into one of their more overall schemes, like for example, a war or some of the other exploitations that we have talked to you about that affect many people.

We are not asking you to focus on these issues with fear but actually with a love-based approach where you realize that we are simply bringing this to your attention so you can make the calls that allow us to step in. Now, that being said, I do want to give you a sort of more positive, you might say, vision of the process of moving the earth into the golden age. 


We are also ignorant today

Now, I am not here going to go too far beyond the present time and the more immediate future because the long-term perspectives of what can happen in the golden age over the next 2000 years will indeed take us so far beyond what most people on earth can even imagine. What I would like to do is to begin with the fact that there was a time in history that you today look back at and call the Dark Ages. Why do you call them the Dark Ages? Because you see today that you know so much more than people knew back then, and therefore they were living in a state of ignorance that you then associate with darkness. 

Yet the time you are talking about was not necessarily completely dark. For example, all of the great cathedrals of Europe were built during that time. Buildings that you would find it rather difficult to duplicate today even with modern technology because you simply would not have the knowledge of geometry that these buildings are based on. There are other examples you could mention and, of course, many of the productions of that time – the art, the history, the culture – may seem primitive compared to today but it was not necessarily that people were so ignorant.

The reason I am bringing this up is that if you actually project into the future a hundred or two hundred years, they will look back at your time and consider that you were in the Dark Ages because they know so much more about the world than you know today, at least at the official level. What you need to recognize here is that even though you know much in the modern age, even though science has discovered much about the material universe, there is still a certain level of ignorance and it will, of course, be overcome as you move into the golden age. This overcoming of ignorance is a gradual process. 

I have already in my previous discourses, as has Astrea, given you some perspectives on the changes in consciousness that need to happen so that you can gradually move out of the mindset today that is so prevalent in western nations. This mindset is a peculiar form of ignorance where you know an awful lot about the external world but you, as a society and as most people, you know very little about the internal world of the psyche, of what consciousness is, how it works, what is the potential of consciousness. As a result of this ignorance, you are actually bringing up your children (as you yourselves were brought up) in a state of ignorance about who you are, what your real potential is. This means that most people today have been brought up without having one of their basic needs fulfilled. 


The need for a sense of purpose

We have talked before about the fact that one of the basic human needs is a sense of purpose. You need to have a sense of purpose in life or you are very likely to go into a state of depression, mental illness, substance abuse, any form of escapism that you can mention. This, of course, is not going to make you feel good about yourself and about life. It is not going to make you feel fulfilled in your life.

As we move further into the golden age, and here we are not necessarily talking a very long timespan, there will be a shift where suddenly a critical mass of people have come to accept that we must be more than material beings. We have a need for a sense of purpose, and in fact, society should bring up children to have some knowledge of who they are, how the psychology works, what the potential for human consciousness is. It actually should bring up children with a sense that there is a purpose in life, there is a direction in life. 

This means that there can – relatively quickly – come a shift so that people in greater numbers begin to accept some of the ideas that we are teaching you today. Now, as we are teaching you these ideas, my beloved, they may seem to you to be far ahead. They may even seem to you to be spiritual, but as we have attempted to show you in this conference, it is, in fact, possible to express many of the ideas we have given you in a universal way so that they are not tied to any particular religion, spiritual philosophy and not even tied to ascended masters.

We do not need society at large to recognize the existence of ascended masters for the foreseeable future. Naturally, at some point in the golden age, societies will recognize this. Those who recognize it and openly and consciously cooperate with us, will prosper and those who do not will fall behind. For the foreseeable future, it is not necessary that society recognizes us, but it is necessary that people begin to recognize and accepts some of these universal ideas. 


Consciousness can be expanded

A very universal idea is that human consciousness is something that can be expanded, something that can have different levels. It is not difficult to even look at this today and look at people and see that they have different levels of consciousness. Look at historical persons, and you see that they have had different levels of consciousness. If you compare Hitler to Gandhi, anyone who is willing to take an objective look can see they were clearly at two different levels of consciousness. If you take a criminal, a serial killer or whatever, and compare it to a person who is working selflessly to help others (or even to the average person), you can see that there are clearly different levels of consciousness here.

It is not that far away that this will begin to be recognized. Of course, it has already been recognized by some psychologists and other thinkers that do not know about ascended masters but they recognize that this must simply be the only way to explain that there can be such a difference in human behaviour. These people have also begun to see that it is actually possible for a human being to spend an entire lifetime consciously seeking to raise its level of consciousness. It is therefore not a big leap to the point where people begin to realize that if all children were brought up with this awareness (and with some fairly universal, fairly basic, knowledge of how the psyche works and how consciousness works, and how it can be expanded), then this can give the vast majority of people a new sense of purpose and direction in their lives.

It is not necessary to give children at an early age a very sophisticated understanding of where they might be able to take their consciousness. You need not necessarily go into details about the higher levels of consciousness and what it means. By simply showing them that there is a way to raise their consciousness, giving them the tools, you put them on the path. Although they may not be able to see where this is going, as many of you could not see where it was going when you first started the spiritual path, it means that if they continue the process throughout their lives, they will reach higher levels of consciousness and then their vision will be expanded. 

Even though as children they may have a sense that the purpose of life is so and so, as they rise in the levels of consciousness, they will get a more sophisticated understanding of what the purpose of their personal lives really is. It will then mean that as they grow in age, they become more and more fulfilled. They have more and more of a sense of being at peace with themselves, at peace with life and feeling good about themselves, being who they are, being in embodiment on earth and are making a positive contribution to society. Can you see, my beloved, how this relatively simple change would have an incredible impact on society? 


Freeing up people’s creativity

Look at society today. Look how many people have grown up without a sense of purpose. What does it mean? Well, even in childhood it means that there are some children that simply do not know that there is any kind of purpose to life and therefore they are acting out all kinds of self-destructive behaviour. Often, they rebel against their parents so that there is a generation gap created in the early teenage years. As they grow up through the teenage years, they may get into drugs, alcohol, any kind of escapism. They may decide that what is the point in getting an education because it doesn’t seem like the goal of life can be to make money. You have all kinds of these behaviours that come up, that are really not constructive for the individual but also have a large-scale negative impact on society. Not only do resources have to be spent on dealing with the problems of these children and teenagers, but there is also the loss of creativity and productivity that these children could bring to society if they were able to live a more constructive life.

Then you see, of course, when you go to the later ages and people get into their twenties and beyond, you see that there are many people today who cannot feel fulfilled in their relationships. We end up having divorces that leave children without two parents and it creates all kinds of conflicts between the parents, creates conflicts in the minds of the children, and it also impacts society and ties up resources. You have those who become alcoholics or drug addicts and this ties up resources. You have those who go into crime and end up tying up resources in the police, the welfare system, the prison system and so on. You have those who become depressed and go into various forms of mental illness. 

Just imagine, my beloved, how big a portion of the economical resources in most modern democracies are tied up in these issues. Then begin to imagine that these resources were freed so that society could spend that money on other areas. Imagine how much more could be done if the billions and billions of dollars spent on these problems could be redirected into building something constructive. It could be anything you can imagine, but just imagine that this was freed up. Imagine also how much happier people would be, not only the people who are having the problems but also the people who have it as their daily job to deal with these people who are having all these problems, and therefore often are very burdened by this. 

You see that all of a sudden there could be such an increase in productivity, an increase in creativity, because, as we have said, many times those who get into various forms of mental illness and depression are precisely the children that came in to make a positive contribution to society. Because they were not taught this from an early age, because they found there was no outlet for how they could do this, they then go into the negative spiral. 

Imagine that they didn’t and now they are making a positive contribution to society. Suddenly, everyone has a purpose. A society might even develop a purpose for how we can help other nations. Imagine, just as a historical example, that at the fall of communism the nations in Western Europe had said: “We are each, or maybe 2 or 3 nations going together, going to pick a nation in Eastern Europe and we are going to focus all of our national resources and creativity on helping that nation come up to a higher level of material affluence”. 

What is to stop you from doing the same today? It may not be so needed in Eastern Europe but certainly there are other parts of the world where it is needed. Would it not be a tremendous shift in how nations relate to each other if you could make these decisions? 


Multiplication of resources and wealth

Now, imagine a little bit further and see how actually there is a collective consciousness and there is an awareness of the collective consciousness. Suddenly, you have all of these people who instead of dragging down the collective consciousness are now raising up the collective consciousness. This can lead to a shift in a nation so that the nation decides to actually engage in helping others. 

What these nations, who would do this, will find is that not only will they get a sense of purpose as a nation, but they would actually gain more affluence. The moment a nation begins to spend resources on selflessly helping others, then we of the ascended masters can, of course, multiply that effort and the nation will have more abundance. Something will be brought forth, some kind of way that the nation can manifest more abundance and prosper. 


Education in the golden age

Now imagine, my beloved, what would happen if you could overcome this stranglehold of religion, especially Christianity and materialism, scientific materialism. Imagine what would happen to the educational systems. Now you have a situation where precisely because of the unresolved conflict between science and religion, most modern democracies feel that they cannot teach their children the kind of things I am talking about because they have too much of a religious connotation. Imagine you could transcend this and decide that in schools you would not only teach children about their psychology but you would teach children many other things about how life works, how the universe works, how the psyche works. Suddenly, you would have a form of education that is much more directly related to people’s personal lives.

Today, you are coming into a school day with a stack of books on your back, focused on different topics, and then going from one short class to another short class where you are taught history, you are taught math, you are taught this, you are taught that and they seem to have no connection to each other. Instead of this, you would come to school and you would be taught topics that are directly related to your personal life, how you see the world, how the world works. You would be taught this in a way that is not broken up in separate topics but it is tied together. You would be taught it in a way that is not passive but is interactive where you are participating. All of a sudden, all of these topics become alive because instead of learning something without knowing why or learning something for the sake of learning it, instead of being forced to learn something and therefore reacting against this by not really wanting to put your mind on this, you would now have a motivation for learning. 

You would see that the more you actually know, the more you can raise your own consciousness, the more you can find a sense of purpose, the more you can further your own creativity, your own creative expression throughout your life. Suddenly, there would be a totally different motivation for educating yourself. As this is carried into the higher levels of education, you can see that there are these people who will come out in their twenties with an education that is very, very different from the university degrees you get today. Instead of being so completely focused on one particular topic, you have a much more holistic awareness of how life works. You have a sense of connection between what you have been learning and how society works. 

You would also have a much more direct connection between what you are learning at school and what you are actually going to do after school. Whether it be in a work situation or in some other field. There will even be the possibility that children can be educated not to simply find a position in some kind of job, be it for a private company or the state. They can actually be educated into sustaining themselves with some creative endeavour; starting their own company, inventing something, going into music, going into art, going into philosophy, creativity, writing, this or that. 

If you then have the situation where all people have the right to have a basic income, you can see that there a people who from an early age can go through their educational process and educate themselves to go into some creative field. They may not be able to make money perhaps for many years, perhaps not ever, but they know from an early age that they have the economic basis for pursuing and expressing their creativity.

My beloved, I can assure you that those nations who will allow this to happen, they will find that they will attract some extremely advanced and creative souls to take embodiment there. These souls will bring forth new ideas, new inventions, that will have a very positive impact on those nations. 

What you will actually see is that in the beginning there will be somewhat of a contrast between the nations who can implement some of these ideas and those who cannot. Those who implement these new ideas, will have such a burst of creativity after some time that they will actually leap ahead of the nations who are not willing to shift into a new paradigm, a new way of approaching life.


Religion in the golden age

What will happen in the field of religion as we move further into the golden age? Well, actually religion (when you look at official religion, such as the Catholic church or Islam) will continue its decline as we move into the golden age. There is very little realistic possibility that the Catholic church or Islam or any other of these large religions will be willing and able to reform themselves. 

As people become more and more aware of the possibility of raising consciousness, they will see that these religions have very little to offer in this field and they will simply withdraw from them. These religions will go into an even greater decline than they have gone into and they will simply, as they say, fade away. They will fade into insignificance and the simple reason for this is that when you know that the purpose of your life is to raise your consciousness to a higher level, you do not need an external religion that tells you what to believe about life. 

You see, my beloved, the only way to raise your level of consciousness (not to raise your knowledge because this can be done intellectually) is to expand your intuitive faculties. Well, when you expand your intuitive faculties, what happens? You look at life, you look at some of the questions you have about life, and two things will happen. First, you will attract to yourself a mystical teaching that can give you some answers. Secondly, you will begin to get answers from inside yourself. When you can get answers from inside yourself, why do you need a traditional religion that instead of giving you answers gives you doctrines and dogmas and tells you to have blind faith or you will go to hell? This kind of approach to religion will simply have no meaning for people and they will not need to listen to some pope or potentate or Imam who will tell them what to believe; and so the religions will fade away. 

Now, what will begin to happen is that people on an individual basis will in much greater numbers than you see today seek a more mystical explanation and do this on an individual level. As we have said before, and which has surprised and even disappointed some ascended master students, we are not looking to create one main religion that will dominate the golden age. We are not even looking for the teachings of the ascended masters to form such a religion. We are looking at people finding this in a much more individual way and the advantage of this is very, very simple. You have seen in past societies, and you see it even today, how one of these big monolithic religions cannot simply help themselves from trying to have a direct influence on society and the political process. You have seen the very unfortunate effects of this throughout history.  

You have seen that in most democratic constitutions it is written in that there should be religious freedom in the country. Some countries in Europe have chosen to have a state-sponsored religion while America, for example, took the revolutionary leap at the time of having no one state-sponsored religion but allowing this to be up to the choices of the people. What you see here is that it is necessary for the functioning of a democracy, the full functioning of a democracy, that there is not one religion that dominates that society. It simply isn’t possible to have a truly free democracy if the thinking is dominated by one religion. You might say: “Am I not saying that these ideas that people will be accepting about the possibility to raise consciousness, am I not saying this is religious or at least spiritual?” Well is it really, my beloved? Is it really? 


The science of psychology in the golden age

What has been one of the major contributions of science? If you actually go back to the society you had before the advent of science, you will see something that you often do not think about in today’s day and age. You have grown up with the concept promoted by science that it is possible to explain certain things in a universal, objective manner that is not affected by human beliefs or superstitions or by a particular religious interpretation. Yes, it is ironic that this same science has been hijacked by materialism, which has the exact same approach as the religions have of defining how the universe should work, wanting to force people to accept this, wanting to force the universe to fit into their thought system. Nevertheless, science has still introduced the concept that it is possible to look at how does the universe actually work instead of having a theory and seeking to impose that theory upon the universe, therefore forcing the results of science to conform to the theory. 

Again, you can say: “Isn’t that what science is doing today where many scientists are wanting their results to conform to materialism?” Yes it is, my beloved, but still you have the concept that it is possible to make observations and experiments and look at the results and look at what that says about how things actually work and therefore we can discard the theories that we cannot support through these observations. Well, it is possible to take this exact approach to the human psyche, to the concept of consciousness, and it is possible to investigate consciousness. You can look at how does the psyche actually work, what works, what doesn’t work. You can conduct observations, conduct experiments and then you can come up with something that we are giving you today as a mystical philosophy. You can actually come up with it as something that is completely based on experience and experiment. Therefore, you can come up with an entirely new view of the psyche that when it is developed will not be seen as religious or even spiritual. 

It will be seen as simply a natural, objective, neutral realization, a higher awareness and a natural element in the evolution of humanity, a higher awareness of how the human psyche works, what a human being is, what our potential really is. When you come to this point, you are so to speak de-mystifying the topic and therefore it is not a religious approach because you are not actually asked to believe this, you are asked to test it out yourself. 

Can you raise your consciousness? Can you feel a difference? Well, then it obviously works for you, doesn’t it? Does following this path make you feel better about yourself? Well, then it must work. As more and more people begin to actually demonstrate that it works, there will be that shift where now it is not a matter of calling it religious, it is not a matter of belief or not belief. It has simply become the new norm, the newly accepted truth. 

Do you realize, my beloved, that if you go back just a hundred or two hundred years and look at the average person, they had virtually no concept of the psyche; what the psyche is, how it functions. Modern science (and in part credited to Sigmund Freud who although he took this in a slightly unfortunate direction, still broke new ground and made psychology a more accepted science) has produced an increase in the awareness of the psyche. Most people in the more developed part of the world have an awareness that there is something called the human psyche and it has a great impact on their lives.

There can be psychological problems, psychological illness, and if you go back just a few decades you would see how there was an incredible social trauma associated with seeking help with psychological problems. Psychological illness was a taboo that most people did not even dare to acknowledge for themselves. They certainly did not dare to seek help because it was considered as socially unacceptable in many circles. 

Of course, it still is today in some, but you can clearly see that in many nations that trauma has gone away. The stigma has gone away and more and more people are seeking help with depression or other mental illness. They are going to psychologists, other forms of therapy and this is a development that you could scarcely have foreseen just a few decades ago. 

What has shifted here is that the awareness of the psyche (that it has a great impact on your life and that it is necessary for human beings sometimes to do something about their psyche) has now become accepted. It has now become normal and it is not a big leap to go to the point that instead of waiting for a mental illness to occur, it is better to have an ounce of prevention. You then teach the children from an early age how to avoid mental illness by actually looking at how society can help children function better and help their citizens function better and come to feel good about themselves. This is not religious, it is not spiritual, it is not mystical. It is only a matter of time before it comes to be seen that this is absolutely natural and absolutely self-evident. People will look back and can scarcely understand that there was a time where individuals and societies resisted this, which now seems so self-evident. 

As a result of this, these religions that give you answers from without and demand that you will believe in these answers even if they don’t make sense, will clearly fade away. This does not mean that people will not have questions about the spiritual aspects of life and naturally these questions will not be answered by some state-defined religion. They will not be answered as people go to school and get an education because this will be focused on the universal aspects of the psyche. People will naturally pursue this on an individual basis. Again, I do not actually look at the emergence of one dominant religious, spiritual or mystical teaching or philosophy even though I, of course, look to the fact that ascended masters will become more known, will become more accepted and that more and more people will study our teachings on an individual basis. 

There always will be room for other spiritual teachings, other directions. There will be room for many different kind of spiritual communities. Maybe they will not even be called spiritual communities because they will be seen as a form of community where people can come together and support each other in the raising of consciousness, in the answering of their questions about life and fulfilling that basic human need that most people have and that more people will become aware of, namely that you need to have some understanding of who you are, how the world works and how you fit into the world. 

Of course, there are many different levels. I do not look to this process as coming to a point where, when you have gone through the educational system, everybody is at the same level of consciousness. Naturally, people will come into embodiment at many different levels and so there will still be many different levels of consciousness in society. In fact, there will always be 144 possible levels of consciousness on earth even if the scale shifts upwards. Therefore, these people will need different things, different explanations, different practices because there will be a greater awareness of the need to practice some form of technique in order to raise your awareness. Again, there will not be one that will be sponsored or acknowledged officially by society. It will be up to people to choose this individually. 


Crime in the golden age

My beloved, there will still be much diversity in the golden age. In fact, there will be more diversity in the golden age than you have right now in the field of spirituality—and, of course, in many other fields as well. Now, is this all idyllic, is this all wonderful, does it mean that all problems will fade away? Well, of course it doesn’t because there will come a point where (or rather there will always be a point, there will always be a process) there are people who are lagging behind. Naturally, there will come a point (as we move much further into the golden age) where crime will simply disappear. If you have a basic income that allows you to sustain yourself materially and if you have a sense of purpose and direction and you have freedom to express yourself creatively (or for that matter have the freedom to sit under a tree and do nothing), then why would you need to steal from anyone else?

If you have a healthy knowledge about psychology, then why would you need the escapism of drugs? Just imagine, my beloved, how drugs and the drug trade tie up incredible amounts of resources in the justice systems of the world: How many people are in prison because of this, how much this costs society, how much it costs to treat the people who are addicted and so on. Imagine that this all fades away. This will, of course, happen. In the beginning stages, certainly in the coming decades there will be some crime. How will then society deal with this? 

Well why will there be crime? Actually it will be because it will take some time to implement a new educational system that will teach children about the psyche. There will be many adults who have not received this education and you cannot expect that they will all want to educate themselves in this. There will still be some that are in a lower state of consciousness where they see crime as the only way to get what they want. This, of course, will mean that there will have to be a police force. These people will be captured by the police and they will be put into the justice system. 

How will this system work? Well, you will (within a relatively short period of time when these changes I am talking about are implemented) see a shift where the justice system will shift away from punishment because what is actually the point of punishing? Well, is it not a rather desperate attempt to scare other people away from going into crime, and making society feel better so that the citizens who are not committing crime can feel that those who do are at least being punished. When you shift away from this, you realize that naturally people have their free will and if they are not interested in working on their psychology, then society cannot force them to do so as long as they live within the law. 

When a person breaks the law and therefore harms the whole with what is clearly anti-social behaviour, then society has a right to say that you cannot now escape looking at your own psychology and doing whatever is needed to overcome the state of consciousness that caused you to commit a crime. You will see that there will be a certain, in the beginning, a certain force of forcing criminals into going into a psychological treatment. Gradually, there will be less and less need to force because they will simply be given a choice. Will they have a traditional form of punishment where they sit in a prison cell with nothing to do or will they go into a more positive process that can actually help them get out more quickly and therefore lead a more constructive life? 

Naturally, it will be so that instead of saying that people have to spend ten years in jail, you will say that people have to enter this treatment process. When the people in charge of this process judge that a person is ready to re-enter society, then the person will naturally be let out and will actually be given help to re-integrate into society or to find a positive way to sustain itself. 

Perhaps even the enactment of the basic payment will prevent many people from going into crime, or at least making it easier for them to go out of crime because they can come out of prison or the treatment process and maybe actually decide to go into an education instead of being out on the street with no job and no ability to get a job because nobody will hire somebody who has been to prison. Now there can be this shift where society actually sees that people who have gone into crime and have gone through the treatment process deserve a second chance. Suddenly, many people might be willing to help these people get on a constructive track with their lives and so this can bring very, very profound changes in society. 


Business in the golden age

Now, what will happen in the business field? Well, suddenly there can be, or rather gradually there can be, a shift where you begin to realize that the old-fashioned capitalist model of businesses has become completely and utterly obsolete. When you recognize that we are not material beings and we are, in fact, all beings who have the potential to expand our awareness and grow, all of a sudden there will be this shift. Business will shift away from the current capitalistic model where it is the more aggressive businesses that survive and thrive, where businesses are seeking to out-compete each other, they are seeking to destroy the competition, they are seeking to gain a monopoly. 

Instead, there will be a shift and it will be demonstrated, as it is to some degree already, that those businesses who have the greatest creativity will prosper because they are the ones who will come up with the new ideas. They are the ones who will invent, or rather be the instrument for receiving from me, entire new industries that the old-fashioned capitalists could not even envision or could not take seriously.

My beloved, some of you have seen the program where there was a large American company, which is now not so large, called Xerox. They had a small research branch that were given some freedom of creativity, and in the infancy of the computer age they had invented the computer mouse. The executives of Xerox were presented this little gadget and they were saying: “Do you seriously expect Xerox to promote a device called a mouse?” They completely rejected the technology, which was then discovered by the founder of Apple computer who saw the potential and all of a sudden an entirely new industry was developed that the old-fashioned capitalists could not even fathom. Still, there are some of these die-hard capitalists who cannot fathom what happened with the computer industry. They are actually waiting for the point where the computer industry will decline and lose its importance and we will get back to the old ways of doing business. 

This is, of course, like the dinosaurs that refused to die but eventually became extinct. In the new age, in the not too distant future, there will be this shift where at first, of course, many business leaders will go into denial and attempt to continue business as usual. Yet more and more will see, and more and more new leaders will come up, who see that the real key to the future is creativity. Therefore, there will also be this shift where you see that well, what is creativity? 

How can we actually expand creativity? How can we promote creativity? Well, is it not logical that when people raise their awareness, their level of consciousness, they free their creative resources, they become more creative? These business leaders will start promoting this in their businesses, they will start demanding that society does this on a large scale. All of a sudden there can be this shift where you shift away from the more aggressive forms of doing business and you shift into a focus on creativity.

This can also cause a shift where people see that there has been a certain cycle in the evolution of many businesses. First, a business starts up in a new field. It is in an expansive phase. There may, in fact, be some room for creativity, but then a business grows to a certain size where now it dominates either the entire industry or it dominates a certain country. Suddenly, there is a shift where the business now becomes more concerned about maintaining its market share, its markets position, rather than expanding, rather than being creative, rather than finding new fields. This actually has caused many businesses to stagnate or go into a decline. Many businesses have even disappeared because they could not re-invent themselves. Instead, some other company came up that was more in tune with the times, more in tune with the new opportunities, more in tune with the needs of the people and suddenly they took over the market. 

Business leaders will become more aware of how to avoid this and that they do want to avoid this. Now there will also be a shift where business leaders begin to realize that in order to attract truly creative people, truly dedicated people, truly balanced people that have the psychological wholeness to actually carry out their tasks, they need to find a new ownership model. It is simply is not enough that one or a small group of shareholders own the business and most of the employees work for it for a salary without ever getting a sense of ownership or physical ownership of the business. 

As the consciousness is raised and as there comes to be more of an awareness, as we have said many times, of the power elite (which again is not beyond what people are ready to acknowledge), then it will be acknowledged that businesses – the businesses that are most creative – cannot allow themselves to be taken over by a financial power elite who are simply shareholders. They go out and when a company becomes big enough or seems to have a growth potential, they buy the shares so that they can make the profit when a company grows. Otherwise, they absolutely do not care about the business or the people working there and if it comes to it they are willing to sell their shares, sell the business, merge the business into others, have it be taken over by bigger companies or whatever. 

These new business leaders will see that what needs to be created is an ownership model where the people who are working in the company are the ones who own the business and are reaping the rewards of its success, instead of having some shareholders that have not contributed to the business but are simply extracting money from it. In the process, they are willing to kill the business if they can make a bigger profit on that in the short term. 

There will be various ways of implementing this new ownership model and this will, of course, give the people who work in the business a greater sense of purpose, a greater sense of personal involvement and ownership, a greater sense they are a part of something. They are allowed to be creative and allowed to make a contribution. Again, it will be seen that these businesses are the ones who will prosper and they will begin to take over the economy in many nations. 


The money system in the golden age

Naturally, you will also within the not so distant future see that there will be a breakthrough of awareness of the power elite and how the power elite have manipulated the economy and the money system. This his will lead many nations to come to that truly revolutionary shift in consciousness where they realize that it is, in fact, one of the primary responsibilities of a democratic government to make sure that the economy of their country and even the economy of the world cannot be dominated and controlled by a small power elite who do not have the interests of the people at heart or for that matter have the interests of the people anywhere else. They have no concern whatsoever for the people and only look at them as slaves that they can make work for them and they can reap the rewards of the peoples labour.

This, of course, is not democracy, this is not freedom and it is the responsibility of a democratic government to make sure that this does not happen. There will be this awareness that we need to rethink how the money system works, we need to get out of a debt-based economy. We cannot allow a small power elite to create money and reap the profit from lending it with interest. This is something that the state needs to take on, and the state needs to be in control of the money system so that only the state benefits and thereby the people benefit. If the state makes money off of money, people do not have to pay so much taxes. 

It needs to be seen that the only institution in the society that has a right to make money off of money is the state. The state, of course, cannot go into the many forms of schemes that the capitalists have come up with in order to manipulate the economy because the state has no interest in manipulating the economy. It simply has an interest in creating a money system that allows for the greatest amount of creativity, movability of the money, the greatest ability to finance new businesses. This will promote a growth in the economy, and the more the economy grows, the more it is in the interest of all of the people and also, of course, in the interest of the state. 

These are very, very dramatic shifts compared to what you have today but they are not so unrealistic that they are so far off. It can come to that point where there is such an awareness of the existence of power elites that they will very quickly be put out of commission by the democratic nations. There will be either a raised awareness of how the power elites work and how anti-democratic it is, or there would be an awareness that if we do not reform the money system, then our economies, our debt-based economies, are going to collapse. The debt has reached such proportions that no country can pay it back and it is, in fact, in no way democratic, in no way in accordance with the democratic ideals, that the population of an entire country are enslaved financially so that for the next many decades a majority of their resources will go to pay back the interest to a small power elite. How is this democracy? How is this freedom? How is this allowable in a democratic nation, in a democratic world? 

Naturally, again this ties in with exploitation where, as the people begin to realize how the economy is being exploited by a small elite, it will be seen that we cannot allow this to happen and therefore we will create a new money system. Now, the new money system can be implemented in a variety of ways but the main thing here is that when you do not concentrate or allow the concentration of wealth in the hands of a small percentage of the population, but instead spread it out over the entire population, then what you will see is that spending, consumer spending as it is often called, will increase. This means that there will be a need to produce all of these goods that people want to buy and this will create a tremendous growth in the economy. 

If you look at a very, very simple fact my beloved, if you have 2% of the population of the United States who controls 90% of the wealth, well those 2% have the money to buy all the luxury yachts they want but how many luxury yachts can you actually use? If you instead took some of that money and gave it out to the population, then many more people would want to buy, not a luxury yacht, but maybe a nice boat. All of a sudden, there would be such a much bigger demand for boats than there is today for luxury yachts that it would create a tremendous growth in the economy. 

This is just a very simple example but there are so many other shifts that will happen when you free up the money so that it is not tied up in these investment schemes that really have only the purpose of creating greater and greater numbers on certain peoples financial accounts so that they can feel that they are richer and richer. They have long ago gone beyond the point where they can actually spend the money but they have this insatiable need because they have been sucked into being controlled by the fallen beings. They have an insatiable need to accumulate more and more money. When this is not allowed to happen, the money will now no longer be tied up, it will become liquefied. Therefore, it will be freed up to be invested into new businesses, new ventures and all of a sudden again there will be a tremendous growth in the economy.


Unfathomable economic growth

The simple fact is, my beloved, that if you look at a country like the United States today, this country prides itself and loves to promote itself as the richest nation in the world. How is it the richest nation when 2% of the people control 90% of the wealth? The United States is the richest exclusive, elitist club in the world but it is not the richest nation because it cannot even afford to give basic health care to all of its citizens which most nations in Europe can afford. You will see that if these changes could happen so that the United States would see that it is their responsibility as a democratic government to prevent that 90% of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of 2% of the people, then you would see that there would be such a freeing up of resources that the economy in a matter of a couple of decades could grow. 

The national economy could grow to ten times its current size and if that money was spent to benefit all of the people, then you could say that the United States is the richest nation in the world. The United States have to be very careful that they are not overtaken by some of the other nations that also have a large population because I tell you, my beloved, that if a nation with as large a population as India could implement some of these ideas, then simply because they have so many more people and they currently have such a low standard of living materially and would like to come up to a higher standard, then the Indian economy could quickly become larger than the economy of the United States—unless the United States really allows tremendous new growth to happen.

You see my beloved, those countries who are willing to implement these principles, will be the ones who prosper the most. The question is: “Will it be the countries who today are affluent but are often controlled by a small power elite or will it be the countries who are not so affluent and who have perhaps a greater willingness to increase the economy in order to allow their people to reach a higher standard of living?” China, of course, could also become a very, very rich country if they could throw away the last remnants of the communist mindset and certain other aspects of the national psyche of always wanting to isolate itself, standing apart from the rest of the world in order to feel superior. 

You see here that the potential for economic growth is simply unfathomable to most people. Now, if you go back to the 1800’s and if you had taken people back then, for example people who knew something about the economy, and if you had transported them into the modern age and shown them how the economy has grown in 150 years, they would scarcely believe their eyes. They would scarcely believe that such an incredible increase in wealth was possible. I tell you that when some of these ideas begin to break through and are implemented, then the economy can grow much faster than it has done in the last 50 or 100 years. There can be a growth in the economy that even the most advanced economist today would scarcely be able or willing to accept because they would think, as they are programmed to think, that this would simply lead to such inflation that the economies would overheat and collapse. But my beloved, the inflationary cycle is a product of the power elite and the debt-based economy.

When you transcend this you can create an economy that can grow much faster without producing inflation. When you have a better money system, there will be no inflationary factor built into the money system. Therefore, there is no limit to how the economy can grow without creating an inflationary spiral. A free economy cannot overheat because in a free economy you do not create money artificially. You create money only to pay for goods and services. If the money is backed by something that has real value, how can there be inflation, how can the economy overheat?


Equality among nations

When you envision this tremendous economic growth, you can begin to think about what ramifications this will have on societies. For example, you can see that right now there is such an unequal distribution of wealth in the world that it is scarcely fathomable to us that people can actually live with this. We understand, of course, as we have said, that you cannot be concerned about every issue going on on the planet. I am not talking about you individually but I am talking about the more developed nations of how they can accept this. As the economy begins to grow, you come to a point where you simply have no excuse for not raising the standard of living in other nations. In fact, you can come to a situation where new ideas will be released in the nations that need it the most rather than the ones who no longer need it.

You can come to a situation here where very quickly the rest of the world will be brought up to a material standard of living that is closer to what the most affluent nations have today. This, of course, does not mean that the affluent nations will stagnate. They will also grow but there will still come that point where there is less of a distance between the rich and the not so rich nations. This will change so many things that you see in the world, my beloved. There will be less disease. There will be no starvation. How could you even accept, in a matter of a few decades, that there are children dying of starvation every year? There will come a point where the world will simply wake up and say: “How could we ever accept this? We certainly cannot accept this anymore.” And many other things like this.

What you will see is that there will be such a shift in the focus, in the sense of purpose. Why are we here on earth? Why are we actually here on this planet? Is it just to fight with each other and destroy ourselves in either a war or some environmental collapse or do we have a higher purpose? Well, when you begin to see that you have a higher purpose individually, you can, of course, see that you have a higher purpose as a whole, as the human race. Suddenly, you begin to see that at least in the short term one of these purposes is to give all people equal opportunity to raise their awareness and live a fulfilled life where they feel good about themselves. 

Think about how many people in the world live in such poor material conditions that the concept of feeling good about yourself just seems like a complete pipe dream, as a luxury they could not even imagine. When you are hungry, what does it matter whether you feel good about yourself or not? There will come that point where it is seen that it is our collective responsibility to create a planet where people have this opportunity.


War and conflict in the golden age

Now, of course, my beloved you may say: “Well what happens to war and conflict and terrorism and all of these things?” Well, when you actually have this shift in consciousness where people begin to see that you are not material beings, they begin to understand the basic dynamic of the power elite, then you will see that within a matter of a few decades. the world will move to a point where it is not that warfare will be forcefully eradicated, it is simply that the world will transcend the consciousness where warfare is seen as a solution to any kind of problem. 

This will mean that there will be some nations who will dare to take the step to abandon the military, as I talked about before. There will actually come a point where all nations will have either no military or a very small military that has many other tasks than actually killing other human beings. You can have a situation where some nations will say that the money we are now spending on the military we will spend on creating a force that can go into other countries and in the short term help with natural disasters or starvation but in the long term help build that country, build the infrastructure, build a better economy, give the people a better standard of living. What you today see as the help to third world countries as a form of charity is now seen as a major task for the country, and instead of spending money on the military you are spending it on building other countries. 

All of a sudden, there can be this shift where you recognize that if you are not a material being and you have the opportunity to raise your consciousness, as you raise consciousness you will begin to feel that you have a basic humanity within you. You have a certain worth as a human being. You will begin to connect to the basic humanity in other people and you will begin to see that these national divisions and other kinds of divisions will begin to fade away. Suddenly, there can be this greater cooperation, this greater sense of community. 

There could be nations who decide to merge because what is the point of having national boundaries? There can be the emergence of these greater regions where armed conflicts simply becomes obsolete, unthinkable. This will take a little bit of time because some nations will lag behind. The question will always be when can the more evolved, the more peaceful nations abandon the military as a deterrent to those nations who are still at a lower state of collective consciousness and therefore could potentially commit aggressive actions? 

Still, within a matter of a few decades it is possible to reach this state where war becomes more and more of a remote possibility; it becomes a more and more of a remote occurrence. Suddenly, there comes this shift where people in many nations will stop feeling threatened. In fact, we were already close to this in many European nations before the situation with Russia invading Crimea and the turmoil in Ukraine made the countries of Europe go backwards and think now they need to increase military spending. Of course, the United States is also lagging behind on this, thinking that it needs to maintain the biggest military in the world. 

How can it be, my beloved, that the country that in many ways considers itself to be the most developed and sophisticated country in the world is still so afraid that it needs to maintain the biggest military in the world? Does this make any sense to anyone—certainly, not to me. You will come to that point where it is not that terrorism will be eradicated or that rogue nations will be eradicated forcefully. It is simply that the consciousness will be raised. Certain fallen beings will be taken out of the four levels of matter by the ascended masters, and all of a sudden warfare will fade away as a realistic risk. More and more nations will begin to see the need to step into an entirely different approach to life. It will also be seen that those who can do this, will again prosper financially. They will prosper in terms of the peoples’ wellbeing and the increase in creativity. 


Focusing on possibilities rather than problems

There are so many things here that can and will happen as the consciousness goes through this series of shifts that I envision that it can be difficult for most people to even fathom that such changes can happen. This is actually one reason why we have so far focused on giving you an awareness of the problem because many people are still so focused on the problems that they are able to grasp that yes, if there is to be a better age, we need to overcome this and that and the next problem. 

There will be a shift, that is perhaps more subtle than any of the others, and it is that people will begin to shift their focus away from the problems and shift onto the possibilities, the potential. Suddenly, it will be seen that right now many people think that the problems are real and the potential is a fantasy or at least very unlikely. There can be a shift where people begin to realize that, in a sense, from a certain perspective it is the problems that are unreal and it is the potential that has reality to it. It is the possibilities that are real and this can lead to a shift, which has already happened in many nations. There have been these gradual shifts up throughout the last century where the material affluence has been increased. People have without realising this shifted into a more positive view of life, into a more trusting view of life. They have felt that perhaps they live in a more friendly universe than their grandparents did, and certainly a more friendly world. 

This can cause this shift where people begin to actually accept that the material realm, the mother realm, wants to nurture them and give them everything they need in the material so that they can pursue the raising of consciousness. This is again a very subtle shift that can have incredibly widespread impact on how people feel about themselves, how they feel about the world, how they feel about each other, how they relate to each other. Suddenly, if you do not distrust the universe, why do you need to distrust your neighbour, especially when you experience that basic humanity in both yourself and your neighbour. 

Suddenly, you will see that neighbouring nations who have had conflicts in previous centuries, maybe even previous decades, nations who have had distrust of each other, suddenly this will dissolve and they can scarcely understand how they used to look at each other with this distrust. They realize that really why shouldn’t we trust each other, after all we are so alike? 

One of the areas where this potentially could happen is among the three Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden and Denmark. They are so alike in language, in culture and in mindset. Once you see beyond certain national differences, you see that they are so alike in mindset. So why is it that nations such as Denmark and Sweden have had so many wars between them over the centuries that the only two nations that have had more wars is England and France? This is a fact that many people in Scandinavia are not aware of. So why is this my beloved?

Therefore, there is a potential, a very real potential, that the Scandinavian countries can suddenly step up to a higher level of consciousness and say: “Why are we distrusting each other? Why are we not cooperating more?” This, of course, can happen in other parts of the world as well where there are nations that are very close to each other. They have simply been trapped in a spiral where they do not know why they do not trust each other they just don’t. Nobody is willing to stand back and say: “Does it actually make sense that we carry on with this distrust that might have been reasonable decades or centuries ago but is it relevant, is it even relevant today?”

My beloved, you can see how what I am attempting to give you here is an overall vision. We have made you aware of many problems. We need you to make the calls on them so that we can step in and do our part. Of course, I do not want you to think that the main process of manifesting the golden age is overcoming all of these problems. Even if we overcame all of these problems tomorrow, this would not automatically manifest the golden age. The golden age is something that needs to be co-created between people in embodiment and myself. It needs to be brought forth gradually so that people feel that it has not been dropped upon them but that they have played a part in manifesting it. They have a sense of involvement and ownership, and the greater part of bringing this golden age is to shift the consciousness. When you shift the consciousness the problems fade away. They are transcended.

Now, why do we need you to make the calls on these problems? Well, partly because we are having you make calls on raising the consciousness, but we also are having to make the calls that allow us to step in and bind and consume the demons and the entities and remove the fallen beings who are aggressively perpetuating the problems and have created them in the first place. You see that it is a two-pronged process. If you do not remove the dark forces, people will not be able to shift their consciousness into a positive approach. When you remove the dark forces, this shift becomes so much easier and when the shift happens it is not that all of the problems will be solved in a linear way. It is not that the cause of the problem will be destroyed, as we have said before, but people will simply transcend the consciousness. Suddenly, the problem either fades away or people no longer focus on it because they are focused on the solution, on the possibility of manifesting a better society. This is what will truly manifest the golden age, but it cannot be done as long as peoples’ attention is pulled into all of these negative spirals perpetuated by the fallen beings and the dark forces. It simply cannot be done.

Well, you could say that it can be done as it has been done over the past 2,000 years but it will be a much more slow process. Therefore, what we envision is to speed up the process so that by removing these dark forces, people will suddenly wake up and feel free from this weight that used to pull them into all of these reactionary patterns and spirals. When they no longer have this pull, they will be free to step back and say: “Why are we having this distrust? Why are we doing things this way? Why aren’t we looking for better solutions? Surely, there must be better solutions out there.” Suddenly, there is a raising of the awareness that yes here is a better solution and suddenly people who will see that it is not a matter of forcing this upon society or forcing it upon other people. It is simply self-evident that this is the next step in the evolution of society.


The golden age must come gradually

You see, my beloved, there are sometimes ascended master students who get so eager to bring the golden age that they would like to see it manifest in an instant, in some dramatic shift. They want to see these dramatic shifts, so suddenly some miraculous event, such as raising the earth into the fifth dimension or what have you, occurs and everybody now is astounded because of this seemingly miraculous event. 

My vision is entirely different. My vision is a gradual process where instead of seeing this as some miraculous event, people see it as self-evident, as the obvious next step for society and therefore they implement it with that level of awareness, with that approach. Not that it is dropped upon them from heaven but that it is simply the natural self-evident step to take in order to continue the process of manifesting a better and better society where people feel good about themselves. 

This is the vision I want to give you for now. I know I have painted with broad strokes, given you relatively few specifics of how this will be implemented. Do you see why? It is not a matter of defining that we need to change the economy and therefore we need to implement this, that and the next thing so that we can map out a plan. No, it is a matter of raising the consciousness so that step-by-step many different people in many different places suddenly see it as self-evident that we need to do this. 

That is my vision. In fact, in some way I am perfectly happy to remain unknown to the majority of the people. I am perfectly happy to see the manifestation of the golden age without most people recognizing Saint Germain or thinking that all of these ideas are coming from me. I am perfectly happy to have the majority of the people feel that: “Oh, this idea just appeared at the right time and everybody could see that it was self-evident and that is why we implemented it.” 

This is what many people think about democracy, for example, but it didn’t appear out of nowhere. It was brought from the ascended realm and it was, in fact, a long process going way back into history to bring forth the current modern democracies. Many, many ideas had to be brought into the world before this could happen. Nevertheless, we are perfectly happy to have the people think that they came up with this because it gives them a sense of being involved, of being engaged. My beloved, I am not looking for people to be mindless followers of this almighty Saint Germain who is the ruler, the hierarch, of the Aquarian age. I am looking for people to feel the creative flow through them and know that they are bringing forth something from within themselves wherever they see it coming from. This is my vision for now. 

Will there come a point where people will be more aware of the source? Yes, certainly. But I am in no rush to be recognized as the engineer of the Aquarian age, of the golden age. I am just happy to see the growth on this planet so that people can live more and more fulfilled positive lives. This is my joy. This is my reward. Why would I need recognition or worship or adulation? My joy is to see people grow. There is no greater joy for an ascended master working with a planet like earth.



Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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