Knowing the true purpose of democracy

TOPICS: When people think their government is good enough - The responsibility to protect the people - The right to freedom from exploitation - Democracy and power elites - A benevolent power elite - What is the purpose of democracy? - Exploitation by disinformation - Public debate about exploitation - Programmed to accept limitations - How can people accept the golden age? - The real goal of democracy - Why elites cannot rule - What kind of beings are we? - Universal spirituality that unites people - The most severe form of exploitation -


Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 2nd, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland


I AM the Ascended Master Saint Germain. It is my privilege and my choice to be the primary ascended master working with earth for these next 2,000 years. My beloved, in my ongoing unfoldment of the vision I hold for the golden age, and how the golden age can be brought about, I wish to bring to your attention a topic that is of quite large importance. 


When people think their government is good enough

Now, one of the primary shifts in consciousness that happened in most democratic nations when they became democracies was that people in general started having more faith in their governments. They started having the sense that their governments were not out to dominate them, to abuse them, to enslave them, to take advantage of them. They started having a sense that they were living in a more benevolent time, a more benevolent society, where there was not the obvious abuse and enslavement that they had known in the past. This of course is a positive and necessary development. There is, however, a downside of everything when it comes to the human consciousness, the consciousness of duality, and its uncanny ability to take everything into an unbalanced state.

What has happened in many, especially of the older democracies, is that there has developed this consciousness that has become very powerful and often takes over the minds of those people who are part of the democratic government, whether they are among the elected representatives, the bureaucracy, the media, the educational system, whatever. This consciousness is that these people, who are the leaders of democratic societies, basically believe that what they are doing now is good enough. They are fulfilling their responsibility towards the people by ensuring a somewhat peaceful and stable society and a stable economy, and so forth and so on. The perception is that as long as a democratic society is functioning reasonably well according to the standard, then the leaders are fulfilling their obligation and their responsibility towards the people. 

Now, what is the standard you are using to judge whether a democracy is functioning well? Well, it is often that you look at other democracies. You look at the history of democracy and, of course, you look at societies that do not have a democratic form of government, and they may not have the same freedoms that you supposedly have in a democratic society. Based on this comparison, then people say: “Well, our democracy is doing quite well, isn’t it?” And the other people say: “Yes, yes, we are doing quite well compared to how it was before we had democracy and compared to this other nation.” You build this sense that what you have done is good enough. 


The responsibility to protect the people

What I would like to point out to you is that, when I look at the state of democratic nations, I see very clearly that there is not a single democratic government that is anywhere near to fulfilling its responsibility towards its people. Why is this so, my beloved? It is because it is the responsibility of a government to protect the people. Well, we should say this is one of the responsibilities, but it certainly is a primary responsibility. 

You think that, if you have some kind of army, if there is not war and the threat of war, if you have a police force, if you have various services in terms of health, and so on, if you have an educational system, this is good enough. But is that truly protecting the people? Well it is, but is it sufficient protection? We need to step up here and recognize that there has always been two kinds of evil on earth. One is the obvious one that everyone sees and sees as evil. The other is a hidden one that most people do not see. We have the more obvious forms of evil, and most democratic nations think they are protecting their people against those, and many of them are to a large degree. How many democratic nations have honestly and openly acknowledged the hidden forces of evil, and have acknowledged that they are not protecting their people against them? How can you protect your people against something that you don’t even know exists, and you don’t understand the nature of it and therefore, what chance do you have? How could you protect your people against cholera before you knew that there is a bacteria that creates this disease? 


The right to freedom from exploitation

I am not at this point envisioning that most people in the democratic world are ready to step up and consciously acknowledge the teaching that we have on fallen beings and dark forces. Naturally, the gap between the understanding that people have been given, either from materialism or Christianity, is very large. But there are universal aspects of our teachings that certainly can be grasped. If you look at democracy, you see that a very important idea behind democracy is that all people have certain rights. You have a right to happiness, life, liberty. 

What has not so far been defined in any democratic constitution, but which needs to be defined, is that all human beings have the right to live in freedom from exploitation. You will see that democratic nations have, to some degree, freed their people from the more obvious forms of exploitation. You do not have a dictatorial leader who has a right to kill anyone he wants. There is a rule of law, there is a certain protection against the abuse of power. There is a certain protection against being exploited by other people for various purposes. But these are not the only forms of exploitation. They are only the forms that have been recognized by society or by people at large. 

It is necessary for the golden age to be manifest that there is a rising awareness that there are many more subtle forms of exploitation that are being imposed upon the people. I will therefore attempt to express this without referring to fallen beings and dark forces, but simply referring to what most people in democratic nations can lock in to, namely that there has throughout history been various power elite groups who have attempted to exploit the people. 


Democracy and power elites

It is not so difficult for a critical mass of people to step up and realize that just because you enact a democratic form of government, this does not mean that you automatically get a society that is free from all power elites. This is not difficult to grasp for many, many people who have already started grasping this. What we need to envision, what we need to make calls for, is that they will be raised to a higher vision of this than what they get through the conspiracy theories and various websites that are always trying to be sensationalist. They are often portraying this in such a way that people don’t think they can do anything about these hidden elites that are seeking to manipulate and take over society. The reality of the matter is, of course, that people can indeed do something about any power elite group. But they can do it in only one way: through awareness. 

The people cannot free themselves from any power elite until they become aware that the power elite exists, that it has certain intentions, that it has certain methods, and that it has used certain ideas to hide from the people and hide its intentions and methods from the people. Naturally, you have seen in history how people in various nations have become aware of a certain power elite, and they have done what has happened so many times: used violence to defeat the power elite. This, of course, will in no way bring the golden age. Violence and force cannot bring Saint Germain’s Golden Age into manifestation, for it is a golden age based on an entirely higher vision. 

We need to step up and recognize that the key to overcoming the power elite, the key to freeing yourself and the people from exploitation by a power elite, is to raise awareness. Why is this so? Why is it not enough to just know that a power elite is there so you can put them all under the guillotine? Well, it is because if you put one power elite under the guillotine, my beloved, another power elite will immediately start forming. Was that not the lesson you can learn from the French Revolution? Was it not the lesson you can learn from many other situations in history? 

What will it take for the people to be free from the power elite? It is that you recognize the influence of consciousness. The power elite can never suppress the people only through violence and force. There must be some mental idea, as Mother Mary explained, that is fooling the people into thinking that they cannot do without the elite, or into simply not seeing what the elite is doing. There is always a limited awareness in the people that creates the opening for the power elite to step in and exploit the people. Therefore, raising awareness is the key, but the awareness needs to be raised beyond simply knowing about the power elite. 

My beloved, this is also the main reason why most conspiracy theories have no constructive role whatsoever. They attempt to raise people’s awareness as this or that secret conspiracy, but they never raise the awareness further, even if it’s true what they are saying, which it often is not. They never raise the awareness to the point where the people start seeing what is the element of their own consciousness that allows the formation and existence of that elite. This is the vision I am asking you to hold, and of course make the calls that we can enter a spiral where more and more become people become willing to reach for this increased awareness. 


A benevolent power elite

My beloved, in strictly universal terms, many people can understand that as a free person you need to be free of exploitation. As a citizen in a democratic nation, you have a right to be free of the exploitation of the power elite, or any other group of people that are taking advantage of you. It is not so big of a leap to have these people see that it is actually the responsibility of a democratic government to look at their society and look at whether there is a hidden power elite, and what is the agenda and the methods of that power elite. Until a governmental apparatus has done this, it has not fulfilled its obligation, and this is universally acceptable for a lot of people. 

It is also universally acceptable that you need to look at various aspects of society to see how, even in democratic nations, a power elite can form and in some cases as I have said before, they are not necessarily evil people. They don’t necessarily have a malevolent intention, but they have a limited vision. It is a self-centered vision where they tend to see the universe through their personal filter. They are thinking that there is some aspect of the universe that justifies their existence, their superiority, their control, and their power. 


What is the purpose of democracy?

Many of these power elites in democratic nations still believe that somehow, whether it is by nature or by the hand of God, they are better equipped to rule. They simply are more intelligent, and they know better, they have greater power, they know far better than the people how the country should be run. Now, as was said in this invocation you gave, and in the beautiful dictation by Master MORE last year, the foundational principle of democracy is that nobody knows better than the people how the country should be run. 

This is a surprising statement to many because they will point to examples from history where the people would have voted for something that later would have been disastrous, or where they did vote for something that turned out to be disastrous. Some will point to the election in the United States as an example of this. But I will let that one pass to another time because I want to show you something very, very simple.

What is the purpose of democracy? Well, this is a question that very few people have asked, and certainly no democratic government has asked this question. What is the purpose of democracy? This, you cannot understand without looking at consciousness. Again, in strictly universal terms, it is not so difficult to look at history, especially over the past couple of thousand years, and look at the fact that there has been incredible progress in society, especially in terms of technology, incredible progress compared to the time of Jesus. You know very well that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, but you know also today he would have had a choice of many more sophisticated means of transportation. I am not here going to talk about which one he would have chosen. I will leave that to him, but nevertheless, there has been tremendous progress and it is undeniable.

How has this progress come about? A simple question with a simple answer: raising of awareness. It is not just a matter of knowledge, my beloved. It is a matter of the raising of the awareness. If you would care to look at what the average person knew, thought, understood about life, 2,000 years ago and compare it to the average person today in a democratic nation, you would see that there has been a tremendous raising of the awareness of the people. Tremendous. You can barely imagine today how limited people’s consciousness was 2,000 years ago, how limited was their world view, their view of themselves, their ability to even ask questions about what kind of beings they are. There has been a tremendous raising of awareness. 

Why has democracy come about? For thousands of years, the dominant form of government has been a dictatorship. Why did democracy suddenly emerge? Well, it can only be because there was a raising of the awareness of the people. It is not so difficult to look at certain discoveries of science and recognize that there must be a collective consciousness. You have many examples of this, even acknowledged and supported by scientific instruments, evidence, and experiments. 

It is not impossible or difficult for people to step up and realize that there has been a raising of the collective consciousness, the collective awareness. Then, it is not so difficult to realize that the continuation of progress depends on the continuation of the raising of the collective awareness. How else will progress continue (when it has so far been driven by this raising of awareness) unless we also continue to raise people’s awareness? Then, it is not so difficult to look at history and see that in the past there have been various power elites who have been very aggressive in limiting what the people knew, but also limiting the people’s awareness.

You have seen in recent history how the communist nations were very strict in censoring what kind of information people were allowed to have because the leaders realized that the only way they could prevent a revolt was that the people in communist nations, in the Soviet Union, did not know how much better life was in the West. If people had known this, they would have rebelled against their station, but they thought they could not have anything better. You know, even today that the Chinese government is censoring the Internet, and what people in China can access on the Internet. You know, of course, the North Korean government, is strictly censoring what people are allowed to know about the outside world. You can go back and see how, for over a thousand years, the Catholic church was censoring what people were allowed to know, what books they were allowed to read. 

You can quickly step up and realize that the primary weapon of a power elite has always been to attempt to restrict the awareness of the people. You can then take the next step and say that if a democratic government is supposed to guarantee the freedom of its citizens, then this can be achieved in only one way, namely, by making sure that there is not a power elite that is hidden from the people, that is restricting what the people know, whether it be about the power elite or about other topics. 

Therefore, it is one of the primary responsibilities of a democratic government to make sure that the people have access to free and complete information about how society works. As a democratic citizen, you have a right to be informed because if you are not informed, how can you make free choices? It cannot be done. 

How far can you then take this, once you recognize that it is the responsibility of a democratic government to look at society, to look if there is a hidden power elite that the people do not know about, then to expose that power elite and to also look if there is some kind of mechanism in society that is restricting the knowledge and the awareness of the people. Once you recognize that this is a responsibility, you can begin to make demands about what a government should actually do, what the press should do, what the educational institutions should do. 


Exploitation by disinformation

My beloved, this is when you can begin to open up for consideration of how have people on earth been exploited throughout history by disinformation. Not only a lack of information, but direct disinformation—wrongful, intentionally and maliciously wrongful information. Then, again in strictly universal terms, you can begin to consider what areas of society are influenced by various forms of disinformation. As just one example of how this can be done, you have in most Western democracies a situation where this country was for many, many centuries dominated by the Catholic Church first, and some countries then by the Protestant churches for the last five hundred years. Is it unreasonable to consider what kind of disinformation was put upon the people through Catholic and Protestant Christianity? 

Then of course, you can see that many Western nations have, for the last two or three hundred years, been dominated by materialistic science, by a materialistic view of life. Again, you can ask the question (and this is a fairly universal, obvious question): “What kind of disinformation has been put upon the people through materialism?” Was there a power elite that took advantage of the Christian religion to program the people and limit the people with disinformation? 

Well, it does not take a very close look at history to see that of course there was. From the very beginning, there was a power elite around the emperor Constantine who wanted to use Christianity to control his people. This continued until the Catholic Church started losing influence over societies. It does not take a genius to see this. It just takes a willingness to ask the right questions and look for the obvious answers. The answers that, as in so many cases, become obvious once you ask the right question. 

Is it, then, such a big leap to ask if there is one or several power elite groups who have also taken advantage, not just of science but actually of scientific materialism to again put disinformation on the people? Of course, you can then expand this and look at the economy. Is there a power elite that does not want the people to understand how the money system works? Well, how many people in democratic nations understand how the money system works? Very few. Could this possibly be engineered by a power elite that does not want people to understand how the money system works? If so, why wouldn’t a power elite want the people to understand how the money system works? Perhaps it is because there is a power elite that is exploiting the people through the money system, and they know that if the people really understood how the money system works, they would not go along with this.  

Well, is it not the responsibility of a democratic government to take a look at how the economy actually works, and tell the people how it works, and then let the people decide whether they want to continue the current economy or whether they want to look for a better system? Would it really be beyond the responsibility of a democratic government to do this? I think not. 


Public debate about exploitation

I know that there are many, many people in embodiment right now who are coming into that awareness where they also realize that there is a need to take a critical look at society. What I am asking you to do is to make the calls, and also look yourselves so that you could be the forerunners for directing the attention of these people into focusing on the need to be free from exploitation by an elite. If this could be achieved, and it is a realistic goal, it could have a tremendous impact on the public debate in democratic nations. 

I am not necessarily looking here at any violent uprisings against the power elite, for this is not necessary and it is not my vision. You understand that at the moment a critical mass of people shift their consciousness, then a democratic nation will shift and changes will have to be made. Why do you think, my beloved, if you look at my efforts to give freedom to humankind, why do you think that I wanted to create a period where most people lived in democratic nations? It is because a democratic nation is far more responsive to the consciousness of the people than a totalitarian form of government. Even a totalitarian form of government is somewhat responsive to the consciousness of the people, but a democratic government is far more responsive. When the consciousness of the people shifts, the government must change its behavior, its laws, its procedures and goals. 

This is, of course, all tied in with the greater goal of the golden age, which is not, as I have said before, that I am going to drop this golden age down upon the people as if I was some almighty god sitting up here, which I am not and which has never been my intention. The golden age can only be created when there are people in embodiment who co-create it with me by tuning in to the ideas and by acting upon them. Again, how can you manifest the golden age if you do not have the vision, the awareness, of what is even possible?  

What is the primary exploitation foisted upon the people by the power elites that you have seen through history? It is precisely that there are so many things on earth that are seen as insurmountable obstacles, as limitations you cannot go beyond. “There is nothing you can do about that. You will run out of oil and there is nothing you can do about it.” Well, my beloved, this is one of the most severe forms of exploitation of the people. All of these limitations prevent the people from actually accepting that a better society is possible.


Programmed to accept limitations

Go back just a few hundred years. Look at the fact that in what are now most of the democratic nations, the majority of the population could not read and write. They could not read books that could give them a higher vision. Go back 200 years and take the average person back then. Explain to him what kind of society you have today and he would refuse to believe you. He would label this as complete utopia, complete daydreaming, complete fantasy. Yet, you are experiencing it as a daily reality. 

You always have enough food to eat. You don’t have to show up at the landowner’s land and work for free. You don’t have to be afraid of the police. You don’t have to work sixteen hours a day just to survive physically. You don’t have to walk if you want to get somewhere. You can get into a car and by pushing a button, you are moving forward. Who would believe this 200 years ago? If you are going far away, you get into some machine that takes off into the sky, my beloved. How would they have looked at this? Complete fantasy. 

What I am pointing out here is that if you go back 200 years, you can see that with their level of awareness, they could not accept that the society you have today was even possible. What am I seeking to point out with this? It is that most people today cannot accept that the golden age that I envision − and that I know is a realistic possibility – these people cannot in any way accept that this golden age is truly possible. Even though they have seen so much technological progress in the last hundred years, even though they have seen so many changes in society, they still would not be able to accept my vision of what is possible in the golden age. This is an engineered state put upon the people by the power elites of all time who want to restrict their vision and their ability to accept what is possible because if a majority of the people thinks something is impossible, then it will for all practical purposes be impossible. 


How can people accept the golden age?

I am one of the primary ascended masters who have sponsored the release of most of the technology you see in the modern world. Why have I done this? Because I knew that there was no way that the people of a few hundred years ago could step up in their minds to accept my vision for the golden age. Therefore, I needed to bring forth mechanical technology that had visible, undeniable effects that were beyond what people could envision just decades ago. When they saw this technology, and when they saw that here it was demonstrated that what their parents thought was impossible is now possible, well then, it could gradually open their minds to see greater possibilities. This has, to a large degree, happened, but it has not happened to the degree where people can accept the golden age as I fully envision it. This is what I look for you to make the calls on, to envision in your minds that people will go even higher.

It is, in fact, not unrealistic that many people will begin to understand that the most subtle and the most dangerous form of exploitation is when a small power elite limits the vision and the awareness of the population. The power elite limits what people believe is possible, what they can even dare to dream about. This, of course, has only one purpose, and it is easy enough for people to see this. It is that the members of the power elite want to stay in control, they want to stay in power, and in order to do this, they will always try to maintain status quo. How do they maintain status quo? By limiting the people’s awareness so the people think that it is not possible to manifest a much better society, a much higher state. “We have pretty much gone as far as we can go.” 

Have you not seen how even in the modern world this is being programmed into the collective consciousness: “We have gone as high as we can go. We have discovered all there is to discover. We have reached the limits for growth. We are running out of resources.” This and that limitation; and the purpose is simply to limit people’s ability to envision and accept that there is a much better state waiting in the future. There are also those who say that what we have is good enough and we don’t need to go any higher, we just need to maintain the current democracies. There is no need to step up to a higher level with direct democracy, and this and that. All of this has only one purpose:  to keep the power elite in power. Millions of people are ready to consciously acknowledge this. They already know it within and when presented to them, it will seem obvious to them. 


The real goal of democracy

Now, you will notice that so far I have spoken without talking about the more esoteric aspects of our teachings, such as ascended masters, fallen beings, this or that. These are just universal concepts that people are ready to grasp at some level or other. It is possible to go even a little further because it is possible to look at the fact that whatever progress has been made in society, there has always been an elite who tried to take advantage of it. I have given teachings before that it is obvious to see that there is an established power elite, and at certain times in history you have seen the emergence of an aspiring power elite that have then managed to abuse the people, to exploit the people. They did overthrow the established power elite, but only to the effect that the aspiring power elite now took over and now they became the established power elite. 

It is possible to help people see that this is a pattern that has repeated over and over again. “Maybe it is time in our democratic nations that we make an effort to realize that even though the creation of democracies overthrew the established elite of the king or the emperor or the noble class, there has been an aspiring power elite who has attempted to exploit democracy to set themselves up, having power and privileges beyond the population? It is the next logical step for democracy that we expose this, and that we free the people from this condition.” 

Let me reach back to my earlier statement that many people would be surprised by the statement that the people always know what is best for democracy. Well, why is that so? Can you not see that there is an elite who are more aware and better educated than the general population, and why would not this elite then know better than the people? Well, it is because, as I started saying before I digressed myself into other topics, the goal of democracy is not to manifest a certain outer state. 

What is the goal of democracy, really? It is that democracy finds its place in the ongoing raising of the collective awareness. Democracy is a more sophisticated schoolroom for the people than a dictatorship because the people have greater responsibility and greater influence. The primary goal of history is not to create some static society in some ultimate state, but it is the ongoing raising of the awareness of the people. 

This can be grasped even by people who do not believe in reincarnation, ascended masters or any spiritual purpose. You can just look at history that has been an ongoing raising of the awareness of the people, and why should this not continue? Democracy is a part of that process. Democracy is a form of government that places greater responsibility on the people because they vote, and they can only vote based on what they know. This requires them to raise their awareness so they can make better decisions for their country.

If you recognize that the goal of democracy is not to manifest some ultimate state, but it is actually to raise the awareness of the people, then you see that the people always know best what is right for their country. The purpose of a democracy is to give people the opportunity to have a direct influence on their government, and then to see the result of this. Whether the result is this or that, whether some would call it good or bad, or right or wrong, by the mere fact the people make a decision and see the consequences, there will be a raising of awareness. That is why, my beloved, the people always know best because they are voting based on their current level of consciousness. What is best for the nation? It is that the people express their current level of consciousness, see the consequences, and therefore are given an opportunity to raise their consciousness. 

From a certain perspective, you can say that the people don’t know better. From a larger perspective, they actually know better in the sense that what they know or do not know will create consequences that will force them to raise their awareness. When you realize that this is the goal, then you also see why the power elites are not right and are not necessary. What have the power elites always been doing? They have been working against the raising of the awareness of the people because that is the only way they can control them. 


Why elites cannot rule

You see, therefore, that the people, in a certain sense, always know best because they are outplaying their current state of consciousness, and when they see the results, they get the maximum opportunity to raise their awareness. The people will not get the maximum opportunity to raise their awareness by a small power elite coming out and saying: “This is the right thing for you.” Now, this power elite may be right, my beloved, or an intellectual elite or a political elite. They may be benevolent people. They may have the right vision of which direction the country should go in, but do you see my point? Until the people see it from within themselves, we have not made progress towards the golden age because we have not raised awareness. It is not a small elite − even a small elite of educated people or spiritual people − that will bring the golden age into manifestation because the bottom line is always the awareness of the people. 

You can have certain individuals who, whether they follow the spiritual path in this lifetime or not, have raised their awareness to the point where they could receive an idea from me for a new kind of technology that could bring society forward. I cannot release that technology until the awareness of the people has been raised to a certain level. This is the simple equation. I know that now we are moving beyond what most people can accept from a universal perspective, but I want to give you this perspective. I also want you to hold the vision that many people will be able to again look at the universal perspective.


What kind of beings are we?

Once we recognize that consciousness is important, that there is a collective consciousness, that it has been raised throughout history (especially over the past 2,000 years), then we can start asking a question that has rarely been asked, and that is: “What kind of beings are we?” There are millions of people in embodiment right now who are already grappling with this question. That is why many of them are looking at all of these alternative news, alternative forms of spirituality, New Age forms of spirituality, whatever you have. Why is this? Why are they looking at these? It is simply because they know in some part of their beings that they have not been given an accurate view of who they are through traditional Christianity and scientific materialism. 

It is therefore, quite possible for you to make the calls and envision that these people will shift their awareness to realize that the next logical step in the raising of the collective awareness is that you come into a greater awareness of the role of consciousness. Human beings are conscious beings; you are conscious first, and human beings second. In other words, your consciousness is not a product of the brain. Your consciousness is beyond the physical body, expresses itself through the physical body, but is more than the body. 

Millions of people are already open to this. Millions more are ready to become open to it and embrace these ideas, and therefore say: “It is high time that we use our common sense to go beyond the view of ourselves that we have been given by Christianity that we are sinners, that we are limited beings. It is also high time that we go beyond the view given to us by science that we are evolved apes, that we are material beings, and that our consciousness basically has no capability beyond the physical body. It is high time that we use the tools developed by science to investigate consciousness to find out what kind of beings are we really.” 

I have said before that, in many of the older democracies, the major challenge that you are facing in the healthcare system is mental illness. What is mental illness? Well, it is again a lack of awareness, and it is a lack of awareness of what kind of beings you are, what consciousness is, what it means to be a conscious being, how you actually function like a conscious being. My beloved, look at medical science and how, over the last hundred years, you have increased your knowledge of how the physical body works, how there are these subtle processes in the physical body, how you need minerals, vitamins, hormones, this and that, in order for the body to function. Is it really so difficult to look at the human psyche and say: “Well it is relatively simple to map physical behavior, but much more complex to map the psychological behavior of human beings, and this must mean that the psyche is far more complex than the physical body. If there are all these processes in the physical body, is it not logical that there is much more to know about the psyche than we have discovered so far. Therefore, it is high time that we start investigating this, and we get rid of these biases of materialism that have held science hostage now for 200 years because there was an aspiring power elite that took over science and wanted to distance themselves from the old power elite that ruled religion.”

It is time that we, as a democratic society, as a democratic government, say: “We will have nothing to do with either of these power elites and we want to set the minds of the people free. We want to set the collective mind free so that we can sincerely investigate who we are, what kind of beings we are, what it takes for us to function psychologically.”

This is right under the surface, ready to break through where millions of people suddenly see that this is obvious, that this is a logical next step, and that we need to do this. Again, this has nothing to do with ascended masters or particular spiritual direction or teaching. It is universal. Of course, once you have people starting to objectively look at consciousness, all kinds of avenues can open up. When you discover what kind of beings you truly are, you will realize that you are spiritual beings, that you came from a different realm, a different vibrational spectrum. Then, you can take some of the discoveries of science that have already pointed to the existence of this, and all of a sudden there are many more things that can be opened up. 


Universal spirituality that unites people

Therefore, it is not unrealistic that within decades, people will begin more and more to acknowledge the existence of spiritual beings and the spiritual realm. There can be a great shift, not that people suddenly start following one religion or one spiritual teaching, but that there is a universal body of spiritual knowledge that suddenly starts emerging in people’s consciousness. Even though they may express it by being members of a particular organization or following a particular teaching, they see that there is so much commonality that it gives them that greater sense of togetherness and oneness and unity. Suddenly, there can be a shift where spirituality no longer divides people but actually brings them together, not in one teaching and one movement, but in the universal awareness that has been talked about in the previous dispensations where they connect in the heart. They realize that even though they may have different outer beliefs and practices and rituals, there is some common knowledge that they are spiritual beings and therefore, we have something in common regardless of how we decide to express it. 

This is again fairly universal, but of course it can also lead to a greater recognition of the existence of ascended masters, of the validity of our teachings, and it can bring many more people into looking at those teachings and thereby shifting their consciousness even more. It can even open up for a more widespread recognition of the existence of fallen beings and the need to transcend a certain level of consciousness so they can be removed from the planet. Many things can start happening once you get over that critical hump of recognizing that a democratic nation’s primary responsibility is to be dedicated to raising the awareness of the people so that they can make more and more free choices. For only the person who is aware of all options, and the consequences of the options, can make a truly free choice.

The power elites of all time, including the ones in democratic societies, have always wanted the people to sign the contract without reading the fine print. It is time that the people are allowed to read the fine print so they can decide whether they want to sign the contract with the power elite. If they do not, then, of course, it is a responsibility of a democratic government to take the power away from the elite and give it back to the people. What else would be the responsibility? How can it be the responsibility of a democratic government to maintain status quo where the people are dominated and exploited by a power elite? 


The most severe form of exploitation

If we return to the topic of exploitation, then the most subtle and severe form of exploitation is that the people have been programmed with disinformation about what kind of beings they are, and what are the true possibilities for their own consciousness, for the collective consciousness, and for creating a better age. This is a very severe, very insidious form of exploitation. Exploitation by disinformation about who you are.

I ask you to be aware of this, to raise your own consciousness, to make the calls, and you will, my beloved, see that there will be breakthroughs in the raising of the collective awareness. Therefore, you will see changes in democratic nations„ much of it can start here in Europe. That is why this dictation is given here. Of course, Europe is not the only place in the world where these breakthroughs can happen, but it is certainly the place where many people are prepared, where many people have embodied, because what is the primary requirement for these changes to happen? It is the willingness to openly debate and talk about issues, the state where society no longer has so many taboos that cannot be talked about. 

This is another weapon of the power elite, to create a taboo: “We cannot talk about this.” You need to see that in a democracy, there is, or there cannot be, there must not be, any topic that you cannot talk about. It is precisely behind the topics that you cannot talk about that the power elite can hide, and that is what limits the people. It starts by talking, and that is the opening for the raising of awareness, and the raising of awareness is the direct cause of changes in the physical world. That has always been so. It will always be so. It is, in fact, within the grasp of a large part of the population to recognize this: the role of consciousness in creating and manifesting physical conditions. It is a shift that many people are close to. Many have made it, but many more are close to making that shift.

As we have said, consciousness always comes before the physical manifestation. When you know this, and when you recognize this, and when you take responsibility for your consciousness, that is when you can free yourself from all forms of exploitation. If you will not acknowledge that consciousness precedes physical manifestation, then you cannot free yourself from the exploitation by one power elite or another, even one after another. 

I thank you with the sincerity of my heart for being here, for being willing to open your minds and your chakras to be the loudspeakers, so to speak, to radiate my ideas, my vibration, my Being, my Presence, into the collective consciousness. Truly, it has been a powerful release and I am grateful for your willingness to participate. Naturally, I have more to say on the topic of the golden age, but it shall be manifest at the right time. So for now, my gratitude and my love.



Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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