Talking your way into the golden age

TOPICS: Free communication - Communication without expecting a certain return - Fallen beings limit communication - You can overcome the programming - Recognizing the flow of the Spirit - Changing people through the flow - Speaking from the heart is always safe - A shift in the media - Are ideas more important than individuals? - Ideas block genuine communication - The cause of Brexit - You cannot unite people through ideas - The most precious human commodity -


Ascended Master Mother Mary, June 1st, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Holland


I AM the Ascended Master Mother Mary, and it is with great joy that I come to you today. The joy that I feel is the joy of watching you as you have come together for this gathering. Not just the fact that you are physically together, but the fact that you are so spiritually together as well. You are so openly and freely talking to each other, sharing of your hearts, talking about your personal issues and you feel free and safe to talk about things that you normally would not feel free to talk about with many other people. Strangely, if you observe yourselves, you will see that in many cases you have talked to a person that you have never met before, but still felt free to share something deeply personal about yourself without fearing that it would be used against you or misunderstood. 


Free communication

Why I am bringing this to your attention is that I want to show you that what you have here at this gathering is in one sense, a glimpse of heaven on earth because, naturally, we communicate freely in the ascended realm. You also have a glimpse of the future for what the golden age will be like. My beloved, how can we bring a golden age if people cannot freely communicate; if they cannot communicate at the level of the heart rather than communicating, as is so often the case, at the level of the outer mind or the ego. 

Consider your conversations and the way you interact with each other here compared to the way, in many cases, you yourselves have to interact with people out in the world. See how many games are being played around people that prevents a free and open communication at the heart level. There was always some agenda, there was always some unresolved pattern of psychology that is being outplayed, and this prevents people from connecting at the heart level. 

It is obvious, is it not, that there needs to be better communication for there to be a golden age. This is obvious to you once you have experienced a more free level of communication that is actually a heart-based level of communication rather than being based on the ego or the outer mind. You see, my beloved, what I desire to see for you, as the one who holds the Mother Flame, is that all of you can feel free to share yourselves, to share who you are. This does not mean that you need to go out in the world and talk about deeply personal issues with every person you meet, but I wish you could be free to share more of yourself regardless of the reaction you get from other people.

You see, my beloved, here, in a community like this where you feel safe because you feel you will not be attacked for sharing of yourself, it is much easier to share. What I am seeking to point out to you is that the sharing from the heart is a flow that comes from the higher part of your being through your outer mind. Truly, it is a flow that, once you establish it, is independent of how the other person receives it. In other words, you can learn by a relatively simple switch of the mind, to disconnect the flow through the heart from the desire to have a certain reaction from the person with whom you are communicating. 


Communication without expecting a certain return

You can actually learn to come to the point where your real goal is not to change the other person, or to convince the other person of anything. Your real goal is to establish the flow from your higher being through your heart and having it be expressed in this world. You can learn to find the joy in feeling that flow. You can learn to find satisfaction, fulfillment and completeness in having the flow go forth from you without having any expectations of what the other person’s reaction should be, and what kind of a return you will get. 

Surely, as you have experienced yourselves, when the other person responds positively, then two or more people who are freely sharing, can very quickly build an upward spiral that uplifts all of them and pulls you higher and higher. Many of you have experienced this today, even in this brief time you have been together. Yet, still, there is a joy in feeling the flow go out regardless of whether anything positive comes back to multiply the flow. You can learn to be willing and daring to share from the heart no matter what other people’s reactions might be. You can come to the point where you are not expecting a particular reaction from other people. You are not wanting them to react a certain way. You are not needing them to validate or affirm you because you have come to that point, as the messenger described, where you realize that the best gift you can give on this planet is to be yourself, to share of yourself, and to have a flow from your higher being through your heart.

As was also said, it is very important for you to realize, my beloved, that you do not need to have any particular state of perfection. You do not need to reach a certain level on the spiritual path, although you generally need to be above the 48th level, which all of you are. You do not need to reach a certain level of Christhood in order to have the flow through the heart. It is truly a matter of being willing to have that flow by opening yourself to allow the flow to happen. In order to allow it to happen, most of you will have to find a way to neutralize this concern for other people’s reactions. 


Fallen beings limit communication

Now, my beloved, we have given many, many teachings in these last few years about dark forces seeking to limit you, about fallen beings seeking to manipulate you. My beloved, there are many ways that the fallen beings have attempted to manipulate you in order to prevent you from expressing your Christhood, but if there was one overall simple mechanism that is very easy to understand, it is simply this: They have managed to get you into thinking that when you express yourself on this planet, you should be concerned about their reactions. Therefore, you should adapt your expression to other people’s reactions. You may think this is the people around you, but really when you step back, my beloved, you see that it is a mechanism created by the fallen beings where they want all people to think that they have to adapt the expression of their hearts to the expectations and standards of the fallen beings.

You do not know this consciously, of course. Most people do not know this consciously but this is what they have managed to create, my beloved, so that you do not feel free in expressing yourself. If you do not feel free in expressing yourself, well, then it is very difficult to have the flow because the flow needs an open door to flow through. It needs freedom to express, because many times when you are in the flow of the spirit, you find yourself saying things that you had not planned, that you had not thought out, that you had not even thought about before. Suddenly, they come out and you realize that this is not your little concerned, frustrated, angry, afraid mind that is saying this. This is your higher being that this is coming from. Sometimes you become surprised yourself at what wisdom and insight can come from you in these situations when you allow the free flow. 

Sometimes this is how you have the greatest learning experiences, not by hearing some external being speak through a dictation, or another person, or by reading a book, but actually when you have that flow from your higher being and it is your higher being speaking through you. It is speaking exactly in a way that goes right into your mind and resolves one of these enigmas you have had, resolves one of these limitations. Suddenly, it helps you see something you could never see before because nobody had expressed it in words that were exactly right for you and that clicked in your mind so that you were instantly seeing this mechanism, and instantly free from it. The greatest teacher you have, my beloved, is actually your own higher being, the teacher within yourself. The being that you already are but that you have been manipulated by the fallen beings into thinking that you are not allowed to express while you are in a physical body on a planet as limited and as dark as earth. 


You can overcome the programming

My beloved, do you think it was any easier for me when I was in physical embodiment to express my higher being and share who I am? It was just as difficult for me as it is for you because I also had certain mechanisms and beliefs I had taken on from the mass consciousness and other people. Therefore, it was as difficult for any ascended master to express themselves freely as it is for you. Therefore, I want you to understand that on the one hand I know it is difficult for you and I am not trying to give you an impossible, unreachable goal. I am not trying to make you feel guilty because you cannot always freely share from the heart. 

On the other side, I also have gone through the process myself of overcoming these limitations, learning to see through them and coming to the point where, in my last few embodiments on earth, I could express myself much more freely. I did so, in my last embodiment, many times, especially as we formed a community after Jesus had left, and we stood there alone and we had to find out what we would do now. This was a very difficult situation where there was a certain amount of power games and ego plays that came into the situation and someone had to dare to speak up and speak freely from the heart, and therefore realign all of these disciples. They had good intentions but could not necessarily see how to proceed, how to turn them into action, and how to avoid these conflicts with each other where several people thought that they had the only right way to do things. It was necessary for someone to be the kind of focal point who could speak out and bring them back into alignment with the Spirit that was ready to flow through most of them whenever they would open themselves up to it.

I was often the one who had to remind the disciples of the gift that Jesus had given us by the release of the Holy Spirit, the release of his Spirit as it happened on Pentecost, described in the scriptures, but as it happened numerous times when there was a gathering of the disciples. Someone would become the instrument for speaking something that came from the flow of the Spirit, and the others would then learn to recognize it. It was not a matter of competition; it was not a matter of someone who always had to do it, but it could be different people at different times. They all had to learn to recognize that the Spirit would choose who would be the one who would speak at that particular gathering. Then, the others had to allow this to happen, otherwise they would go into an ego reaction. In many cases, this was my role to be the one who would say: “Now let us come into unity with the Spirit because it is, after all, the Spirit that will build our community, not our outer beings.”


Recognizing the flow of the Spirit

The Spirit bloweth where it listeth. It expresses itself through whomever it desires, and chooses at that moment. Therefore, none have a monopoly, none are the exclusive ones, and none are excluded from being the instrument of the Spirit if they are willing. My beloved, you will see in yourselves, in your gathering today, how you could feel that certainly someone spoke with a deeper sense of love, of heartfeltness, of sincerity than they normally did. You may think that this was not the flow of the Spirit, but it was. It was the flow of the Spirit through you from your higher being. 

It does not always have to be in some dramatic fashion, like you hear a dictation spoken here. Many times in conversations you can have that flow of the Spirit. And most of you have had it, most of you have recognized it at times. But many times you do not recognize it, you do not quite acknowledge that you are able to be the open doors of the Spirit and you can be more and more conscious of allowing this flow of the Spirit, being the open door. It does not necessarily have to be some pompous thing, some long thing. It can be one sentence that is said with a greater feeling than normal, and that can be enough to shift another person’s consciousness as they need to be shifted at that moment. 

All of you, my beloved, have the capability of being the open door in this way. That is why, as the mother that I am, I do not want to put before you an impossible goal; but I am not putting before you an impossible goal. That is what I desire you to see, because I see the potential that you all have. 

There is not a single person, who has walked the path for some time, who does not have the potential to help others. If you have overcome one aspect of your ego, then you can help other people overcome that aspect. You might be the only one they will meet for a long time, and therefore you need to be more willing to be the open door, to allow these flows of the Spirit through you in many different situations. My beloved, we are not talking about converting people to a particular religion or the ascended masters’ teachings. We are not talking about getting them to do outer things. We are talking about giving them some idea, some insight, or maybe even just an infusion of love that somehow shifts their consciousness one step upwards. Maybe they had never experienced it before.


Changing people through the flow

Do you know, my beloved, how many people in the world who have never experienced someone speaking to them without an intent, without wanting to manipulate them or to put them down, or criticize or judge them? Do you realize how many people have never had the kind of interactions and communication that most of you had here today? Do you realize that many people have never, ever met a person who did not judge or criticize them, but who simply radiated love and acceptance to them? 

Perhaps by saying one kind remark, you can change a person’s life because you give them an experience they have never had before. The experience is real to them, and they experience the reality of the flow of the Spirit coming through you. They cannot deny it and suddenly they have a frame of reference that there is a different way that human beings can interact than what they have experienced so far, where it is all this “fight or flight” and manipulation and unkindness, and all of this human surface interactions. 

My beloved, last year I talked about the need to overcome petty problems; but part of this process is overcoming this superficial or derogatory or judgmental conversation that people have so many times. Many times, communication is so superficial because people are so insecure when they meet a stranger that they do not quite know how to talk to somebody, and so they revert back into some kind of pattern that is considered safe in their culture. Often it is to use some kind of humor that is slightly ironic or putting yourself down. While there is not necessarily anything hugely wrong with this, I point out to you that it does not facilitate communication from the heart. 

It can be sometimes okay to use humor to “break the ice,” as they say, but my beloved, what if you don’t have any ice in your own being that needs to be broken up? Have you looked at yourself and seen how many times, when you meet a stranger, it is your own insecurity that is talking rather than the security of your higher self? Well, my beloved, some of you have psychological issues. This I fully understand and recognize. Some of you have to resolve those issues before you can talk freely with people you do not know. But for many of you, you have resolved enough of these issues that it really is just a switch in the mind, a turning of the dial of the mind. You recognize that you have had this insecurity, this shyness in yourself, but you no longer need it. In fact, it limits you, and you can make a decision that you will reconnect to your higher being in your heart. You will allow yourself to speak from that level rather than speaking from the level of the outer mind and having to break the ice and feel the other person out before you dare to open up from the heart.

You can actually come to a point where you are always speaking from the heart, or at least very often speaking from the heart when the situation is there for it. Sometimes, I recognize that you have a practical conversation where there is not necessarily any openness for speaking from the heart. You can learn to recognize when that openness is there, and you can speak from the heart from the very beginning without having to go through this little song-and-dance that people outplay where they feel each other out. They try to figure out what it is safe to say to this other person so they don’t offend them and get a negative reaction back. 


Speaking from the heart is always safe

Well, my beloved, if you speak from the heart, it is always safe. Even if the other person takes offense, as long as you stay in the heart, you will not be offended by their reaction. You will not be put off by it. You will be able to continue speaking from the heart, and as long as you can continue speaking from the heart, there is a possibility that you will help the other person shift out of their focus on the outer mind. They can then reconnect to the heart and then there is a much greater opportunity that you will have a heart-based conversation. 

This, my beloved, is not such a far-flung goal for most of you here. It is something that I want you to recognize that you have experienced here and you can and will experience much more in the coming days. When you have experienced it, when you can do it in a safe environment like this, then you can begin to carry that out with you and also experience it in other situations. 

My beloved, how many of you who have come to some of these conferences, have experienced that when you travel home from a conference, you suddenly meet a person or you sit next to them in the plane or in the airport or in the train, and suddenly a conversation starts going and you have a deeper, more heart-felt communication with that person than you have ever before had with a stranger? This is because you have been to a conference, and you have had your chakras opened. You have received a lot of light, but you are still in this sense of being in a safe environment, and so you are much more free to share of yourself, and that is why the other person can sometimes sense this and then they open up and suddenly there is that flow.

What I seek to make you aware of is that you can switch the mind so that, in many situations, you can have that openness, that willingness to share something from the heart. Then, you will find that you will attract to you more people who are open to that level of communication, who are actually longing for that level of communication, because many, many people are. 

Not everybody is ready for it, surely. People below the 48th level are not open to a heart-felt communication because they have such patterns in their minds that they are always feeling insecure and threatened. They need to have every human interaction follow the pattern that gives them some sense of being in control. If you speak from the heart to them, they will not have experienced this before, they will not know what to do with it in their minds, and therefore often they will close off or give you a negative reaction. Well, in that case, you just move on, but my beloved, many people, and more and more people, are longing for a genuine communication. 


A shift in the media

My beloved, look at what has happened to television and radio over the last decade or more. What have you seen happen? You have seen more of what you call reality shows, but you have also seen that interviews on television have, at least in some cases, taken a different turn where there are some interviewers that are able to have a more sincere communication with the guests they invite into their studio. Obviously, not all, for many are still driven by these ego games. But you will see that there are more and more who have discovered that people want something different. Instead of this slick, traditional communication from the media, they want people who are genuine, who dare to be themselves.

This is because there has been a shift in the collective consciousness, especially over the past ten years, where more and more people are looking for something. They may call it “reality.” They may say: “I want something real.” Or they want something genuine, or they may not know how to put words on it, but they want something that is at the heart level, and they want something that is not controlled by all of these ego mechanisms. 

Many people do not see the ego mechanisms. They do not know about the ego, they do not see them clearly. But they are tired of something. They have had enough of something. They are longing for something else and this is the time where you who are the ascended master students can render a great service by shifting into this more sincere form of communication. You can then help raise the collective consciousness, and more and more people will follow. It will filter down so that you will begin to see how this shift will happen and more and more people will be able to have more real, more genuine, interactions.

This is obviously something you can make calls on, but you first of all need to embody it and live it and dare to express it—and each and every one of you has that potential, my beloved. You all have that potential. What I am going to do here is that I am going to take this conversation that is, you might say, at a very personal level, but I am going to connect it to a planetary, even a cosmic perspective. 


Are ideas more important than individuals?

Now you see, my beloved, what we have taught you about the fallen beings is that one of the primary ways they manipulate people is by putting out the idea that ideas are more important than the individual. The most extreme expression of this mindset is that it is justified to kill other human beings because of an idea. In other words, an idea can justify the killing of other human beings. We have talked about it before. I have talked about it in the book on war, but one of the primary shifts that needs to happen before the golden age can be manifest, is that the people begin to recognize that this is a lie, this is a manipulation. It is simply out of touch with the higher reality of the spiritual realm, because an idea exists only in the mind. There is no idea in the mind that can justify killing the physical body that a spiritual being is using as its expression on earth.

Physical life on earth is precious, because life on earth is an opportunity for growth. The people who embody on earth, being in physical embodiment is their highest opportunity for growth. When you take away the physical body, you take away that opportunity for the soul’s growth, and it is therefore the greatest violation of the free will of that being. This is why, when you look at the Old Testament and the command: “Thou shalt not kill,” there are no conditions defined under which circumstances it becomes acceptable to kill. Of course, from the very beginning, the priesthood of the Jews defined that there were indeed such conditions. That is why you see in the Old Testament that the Jews could supposedly believe in the ten commandments, and think they honored the ten commandments while they massacred men, women, and children of the tribes who inhabited what the Jews believed was their holy land. This is the fallen beings manipulating the reality of God that physical life is precious into creating conditions where it becomes not only justifiable, but even desirable, that people kill others.

This was done, my beloved, all for the sake of an idea. Now you may say: “But didn’t the Jews just simply want the land that these people lived on?” No, because the Jews were motivated by an entire set of ideas that they were God’s chosen people, that there was a holy land defined for them, and that therefore it was justified that they went in and took it by force. These were ideas, my beloved, that justified this killing. If you will look at world history, even the recent world wars, you will see that in all wars, ideas played a role. It has always been that way because. As I say in my book on war, you have an instinctive drive not to kill your fellow human beings. You cannot kill another human being without knowing within yourself that this was not right according to some higher standard. You can kill so many people that you have covered over this instinctive knowing, and so you do not notice it anymore, but you still have it, my beloved. 

In order to get people to kill each other, the fallen beings have to do one of two things, primarily. They either have to set people in conflicts with each other where two individuals or two groups of people feel that ”If I don’t kill them, they will kill me.” This, then, is a lower way of getting people to kill each other. It can work sometimes without there being that much of an idea involved but in most cases, there is an aggressor that somehow feels justified in attacking the other group of people. Sometimes the other group of people, who were being attacked, may also have an idea of why the others are wrong and why this justifies that they defend themselves so you can still have ideas

The other way, the primary way, that the fallen beings get people to kill each other is to define some system of ideas that justifies the killing of particular human beings. In many cases, it is exactly the pattern that you have seen so many times and that you saw in the process that led to the second world war. A group of people somehow feel superior, and they define a scapegoat that is inferior, perhaps even subhuman. Suddenly, for the betterment of some greater good, it is not only justified, but necessary and desirable to kill the scapegoat. 


Ideas block genuine communication

My beloved, how does this tie in with the first part of my dictation where I talked about genuine communication from the heart? Well, my beloved, what is it that blocks genuine communication? It is that people are trapped in a matrix of ideas, a set of ideas and beliefs where you are not expressing yourself freely. You have certain ideas in your mind where you think you have to adapt your expression to these ideas. You cannot just be yourself, you have to fulfill some kind of role, and therefore you have to evaluate everything that is being said through you with the outer mind. 

When your higher being senses that you are evaluating everything that is being said with the outer mind, it naturally steps back and respects your free will, which you have now centered in the outer mind. You are letting your outer mind run your free will instead of making truly conscious choices and so there will be no free flow. You also, many times, have a set of ideas that says that other people or society expects you to live up to certain criteria, and again this causes you to evaluate everything you do or say: “Is it correct according to the standard?” And then you have no free flow of communication, my beloved. 

How does this tie in with bringing the golden age? How does it tie in with the situation here in Europe? Well, as I said, how can there be a golden age unless people from different nations, from different groups, different races, different ethnic groups, even the two sexes, men and women, can communicate at the level of the heart. How can there be a golden age because what is the golden age based on? The golden age is based on an inner sense of oneness that transcends all the outer divisions that people have in their outer minds where they identify with their nationality, for example, or their race or their ethnic group or their sex or whatever. 

Let us look at Europe right now. When people come to identify themselves with their nationality and define their nationality being distinctly different from other nationalities, and often in opposition to them or competition with them, well, then their interaction, their communication, will be at that level of the outer mind. Then, how can they come to the point where they have a heart-to-heart talk? What does it mean to have a heart-to-heart talk? It means that you connect to a higher part of your being and you sense that the other person is also connected to the higher part of its being. Then, you sense that it is the same reality you are both connected to. And when you know that you are both connected to a higher reality, how can you be fully identified with the outer mind? 


The cause of Brexit

My beloved, what caused Brexit? Well, very simply, that the British people did not have a heart-to-heart communication with the other nations in Europe. Is that the fault of the British people? Certainly not exclusively. What caused the situation in France where a candidate arose that wanted to take France out of the European community and wanted to go back to a nationalistic state? What has caused the situation in America where you see this nationalism of putting America first? Is it not because people do not have communication at the heart level? What if certain leaders were able to sit down and have a talk where suddenly you are not president this or chancellor that, you are one human talking to another human being and you suddenly connect and realize you are both human beings, and that your peoples are both groups of human beings. All of a sudden, the dynamic shifts completely, and then you are able to have this genuine communication.

Now my beloved, why have you seen this wave of what people call populism where the people are dissatisfied with the political establishment and with politics as usual? What are people tired of? What are they dissatisfied with? Precisely that politics is one big game where everybody has an idea of how things should be, or how they should behave, or how they should talk, and how the other people should talk. They are all just playing this game at the surface level, never connecting at a deeper level. More and more people among the population, as I said, are longing for something genuine. They don’t see anything genuine in the arena of politics. If a candidate arises that is not a typical politician, that speaks with a certain conviction, it may be that what he is convinced of is not realistic, but he is convinced and he has conviction, and he is talking about it in a genuine way, and then people think: “Maybe this is what we are looking for.” It may not be what they are truly longing for, but it shows you that what people are ready for is a more genuine level of political interaction between nations.


You cannot unite people through ideas

Now my beloved, which part of the world, when you look at the entire planet, is most likely to be able to become the forerunner for this more sincere communication? Well, it is the European continent. I said continent. It is precisely the European nations who have now for decades attempted to create a greater union in Europe. What you need to recognize, my beloved, is that this union must be based on this sense of oneness that only comes when you connect at the heart level. So far, what have the European nations attempted to do with the EU? They have attempted to create a set of ideas saying: “Look at how many wars we have had on the European continent over the centuries. Look how we have fought two world wars. Look how we had the extreme outcome of the Holocaust on our soil. We can never allow this to happen again and therefore we must find a way to cooperate, and therefore we must create a set of ideas that forces us to cooperate.”

But, my beloved, what created the division on the European continent? It was ideas! There was war between the Catholics and the Protestants. There was war between East and West. There was war between Nazis and those who were not Nazis. You have seen so many times that ideas – sets of ideas – were elevated to the status of being more important than the individual human being! You have seen how these ideas have created division, war, conflict. Why does it make sense, how does it make sense that creating another set of ideas will resolve the conflict? It makes no sense, my beloved.

This is the very idea that I ask you to have in the back of your minds for the rest of this conference. I ask you to make the calls for this, to make the calls that there will be a more genuine communication, and that there will be an awakening and a stepping forward of the many people who are ready for this level of communication. I tell you that in every country, there is a growing number of the population who are ready and longing for this genuine connection with other people. 

They may not know this consciously, but with a relatively simple and realistic shift in the collective consciousness, many of them will wake up and there will be a new openness and a new willingness to say to your own politicians: “Listen, find a way to talk to other nations, or get out of the way for there are others who are willing to talk at the heart level, to have a genuine conversation, where you are not seeking to dominate the others, you are seeking to reach some understanding that you have not reached before.”  

This would be a tremendous progress, and this could open the way for so many things where the European nations could get out of this impasse that they are in right now where they all fear for the future. They all fear that suddenly the EU that they have built so carefully over so many decades, is starting to fracture and come apart from within. Well, it is coming apart from within because they have approached it from the same mindset that created the division, and the second law of thermodynamics is doing its work and showing them that it is time to step up to a higher level. B 

Those, of course, who have been trapped in the bureaucratic mindset, in the political mindset, for decades, they are not the ones who can step up, but the people can. The people can elect new representatives, and there can be a new kind of people that come to the forefront in the media who will start talking and communicating in a different way. They simply refuse to play all of the silly games that have so far created nothing but division and misunderstanding.

My beloved, no conflict has ever truly been resolved through the kind of negotiations you have seen so far. It has always been caused by somebody realizing that by continuing the conflict, the consequences would be so severe that they do not want this so they choose the lesser of two evils. In order to avoid a greater evil, they agree to something, but this is not unity. This is not true union. 

There have of course been cases where there has been a greater understanding among people and genuine progress has been made. In too many cases it has been this superficial level of communication, and it has been this mindset that in order to avoid the greater calamity of war and conflict, we have to force ourselves into this outer, political, forced union. I tell you, my beloved, that when you have communication at the heart level, you do not need to force yourself or each other into a political or economic union. You will willingly go into it because you experience that this greater union is not a loss, but it is a gain, not politically, economically, or militarily. It is a gain in how you feel about yourself.


The most precious human commodity

Truly, what is the most precious human commodity? Is it gold? Is it diamonds? It is, my beloved, how you feel about yourself. Nothing is more precious than that. Therefore, as Jesus said, when you know the pearl of great price, you willingly sell everything else in order to have it. This means that you willingly give up all aspects of the ego, the outer personality, the wounded personality, in order to come into union with your higher self, come into union with other people, so that you will feel better about who you are. 

You will dare to acknowledge who you are: A spiritual being who has nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to feel embarrassed about, nothing to be afraid of, nothing to hide. You have no reason whatsoever to hide who you really are, my beloved. When you recognize that you can be free to share, then you feel the flow from your higher being through your mind and then you feel good about yourself. 

Truly, I hold the Mother Flame for each one of you. What higher desire could I have than to have each and every one of you feel good about yourselves? I have no higher desire. I am willing to help each and every one of you, if you will ask me, not only during this conference, but if you will ask me wherever and whenever, I will help you. It will require some of you to look at some things you have not looked at before, because they are blocking you feeling good about yourself. Even though it may cause some discomfort and pain to look at this, what you get out of it in the long run is worth so much more. 

Right now, my beloved, for many of you the main focus of your life has been to make other people feel good or to make your ego feel good. I am asking you to make a shift where you are willing to say to yourself: “I don’t want to do this anymore. I want to feel good about myself. What will that take?” Then, you are open to the answer that we will find some way to give to you, maybe through a book, a teaching, another person. Maybe from within yourself, from some insight that suddenly comes to you. This, my beloved, is my highest desire. If you will give me some of your attention during these next days, which I know will be a challenge because other masters will give you other things to think about, but if you will give me some of your attention, you may find that I will be able to assist you tremendously in this short time. You may find that I will be able to use other people to give you a thought and insight that you need. 

With this, I give you my love. I thank you for coming this long way for many of you, and I thank you, many of you, for coming a very long way in consciousness since you first encountered the teachings of the ascended masters in whatever form you encountered them. I thank you for being willing to move on and listen to the Living Word that is flowing from us today. My heartfelt gratitude and my total acceptance of each and every one of you.




Copyright 2017, Kim Michaels

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