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TOPICS: The demons behind the military-industrial complex - Why war is never justified - War seeks to destroy people’s spiritual potential - War never has a benign purpose - Dark forces behind the military - Forces against reunification - The potential for dramatic changes - The agenda of destroying human beings - The military is based on hatred of the Mother - A balanced way to look at the military - 


Ascended Master Maraytaii, May 6th, 2017, through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given at a conference in Seoul, Korea.


The Buddha I AM, Maraytaii is my name. As the path of the Buddha is open to both men and women in embodiment, naturally once you become an ascended master, you can continue to raise your consciousness until you reach the level of Buddhahood. I would, however, caution you that even though we present ourselves as male and female masters, what you transcend when you ascend is the concept of men and women that you have on earth.

Thus, you should not think that you can project those earthly concepts upon us, for we are not nearly as tied into the roles that are defined on earth for men and women. We have a much greater flexibility and can take on an appearance that is suited for a particular purpose.

We generally do not switch between male and female roles in order to avoid confusing you, but in the many tasks we perform in the ascended realm, we naturally do take on the appearance or the concentration of our Beings that is required for the task.


The demons behind the military-industrial complex

What I wish to discourse with you on today is an aspect of society in virtually every nation on earth that is very much a hindrance to the progress and transcendence of that society. My discourse is, naturally, very relevant to the situation between North and South Korea but it is truly applicable to any nation on earth. 

What I wish to make you aware of is the role of the military and the businesses that are making a profit off of supplying what the military needs. This is what has sometimes been called, the military-industrial complex. 

If you take a look at world history, you will see that in many cases the military has decided to stage a coup where they have taken over the government. This has even happened in a number of democratic nations, such as you have seen here in South Korea as well. In most cases where this has been done, the military has played a very conservative role, in other words being against major changes to society that would spread the power. Thus, what has in most cases happened is that the military instead of defending the people has defended the power elite. This, of course, you can make calls on so that this will not happen in your nation. There is especially a need to make calls for this here in Korea.

Envision, my beloved, that you have a situation where the regime in North Korea has collapsed. You now face the question of how to deal with the re-unification of the two Koreas. Do you realize, my beloved, that one of the biggest difficulties in such a scenario would be that both the North and the South has a very large military?  They also both have businesses or at least institutions that are producing and supplying what the military needs, such as weapons, uniforms, food, shelter and housing and any other things. What you will see is that if there was a re-unification of Korea, suddenly the North Korean military and military-industrial complex could easily be seen as obsolete. Also, in South Korea, is there really a need to have as large of a military if you do not have to deal with the threat north of the border?  

As Mother Mary explained so eloquently in her book on stopping war, anything human beings do, any endeavour where they focus the attention of many people, will create a collective entity. As more and more energy is fed into it, it eventually can reach the stage that we call a demon, which is a being that very aggressively seeks to perpetuate its own existence.

How was the demon created? By people pouring their energy into a particular fear-based matrix. How will the demon sustain its existence? Only by getting people to continue to pour their energies into this fear-based matrix that created the demon in the first place. The military as an institution goes very far back into history, but I wish especially to focus on the fact that ever since you have had nation states (nations with a clear sense of identity), those nations have in most cases had a military.

There are nations where the existence of a military force goes back many centuries and therefore you can see how much energy has been poured into this by the people over this long time span. Therefore, you need to recognize that any country that has had a military for a long time has created some very powerful demons that are owing their existence to the military and to the energies that have been fed into it by the people. Now, my beloved, there are many, many people on earth who have grown up to take it for granted that you need a military, you need an army; you need to be able to defend yourself against attack. 


Why war is never justified

Well, my beloved, there has, of course, been certain time periods in the history of the earth where there have been certain peoples or certain nations that have been very aggressive in expanding their power over other nations by conquering them with a military. Therefore, one can say that for a nation to survive, it has had to have a military that could deter such an attack or even turn it back if it occurred. I am not trying to say that we can take a completely idealistic view of the military and say that it has never been necessary at the practical level. However, I wish to go to a higher level and consider whether a military truly is necessary and this is where you simply cannot understand the dynamic around the military unless you understand the teachings we have been giving about fallen beings.

My beloved, as Mother Mary explains in her book and as we have explained before, war is not a naturally occurring phenomenon on any planet. War is an invention of the fallen beings and the real purpose of war is not actually to conquer other people, to extend ones territory or extend ones system. You may think that it was the purpose of communism to conquer the entire world and turn it into a communist world, but this was not the real cause behind the communist aggression. The real cause of war as designed by the fallen beings is one thing and one thing only: destruction. There is no positive, constructive purpose for war whatsoever, there never has been, there never will be. 

This means that when you look at the situation from a spiritual perspective, you see that war is never justified—never justified. You may go into the human perspective the more immediate, practical perspective and you may say that from such a perspective war is justified. I would like to make a distinction, a very clear distinction, between these temporary, situation-based justifications that human beings define based on the circumstances in this world. What I wish you who are spiritual students to be aware of, is that there is a higher perspective, the ascended-master perspective and according to this war is never justified. 

You may look at a human situation, a historical situation on earth, and you may ask: “Well, was it not justified that the so-called free world defeated Nazism in the Second World War? Was it not justified that the so-called free world resisted the spread of communism so that the entire world was not conquered by the Soviet Union or other communist states?” My beloved, the shocking truth from the Buddhic level is that it was not justified from the ascended perspective. 

You might say that given the state of the collective consciousness, it was unavoidable. It was perhaps even necessary for the outplaying of the dualistic state of consciousness so that people might come to see the futility of it. Nevertheless, it cannot be construed, my beloved, (and you need to listen very carefully here) it cannot be construed that the ascended masters did in any way feel that these wars were justified from our perspective. The reason for this is that we are not dualistic beings. 

I realize full well that many of our students, especially in previous decades have projected upon us that we share the same dualistic reasoning that they have allowed to enter their minds but we have never shared it, my beloved. Regardless of what you may feel and project upon us, we know very well the dualistic dynamic created by the fallen beings. 


War seeks to destroy people’s spiritual potential

We know very well that the real purpose of war is destruction. Not just the destruction of the physical environment or a nation or a planet but the destruction of human beings; the destruction of their potential to raise their consciousness towards the level of Christhood and Buddhahood. My beloved, has anything had a more destructive influence on people’s ability to follow the spiritual path than these huge wars you have seen over the past century? 

Look at how many people were killed prematurely. Look at how many people were displaced. Look at how many people had their entire energy and attention consumed by these wars. You recognize, my beloved, that the purpose of a war is never just what it is claimed to be at the surface level. The Second World War was not a fight between good on one side and evil on the other. It was the result of a manipulation by the fallen beings that have caused human beings to polarise towards two dualistic extremes whereby the fallen beings manipulated them into seeking to destroy each other. The fallen beings have done this over and over and over again on this planet. 


War never has a benign purpose

What I am telling you here is that there is never a benign or constructive purpose for war. This means that there is never a higher necessity to have an army. It is not a natural condition that a nation should have to have an army in order to survive, it is an artificial condition created by the fallen beings.

What does this mean my beloved? It means that the entire consciousness behind armed forces is based on fear. If you did not have fear, you would not have a military. There is no way to create a military that is not based on fear. You may say: “But what about those empires that have created an army not to defend themselves but to attack others?” Even there, there is fear. You cannot engage in aggression against other human beings, you cannot engage in killing other human beings, unless you are driven by fear. 

You may have some excuse of extending civilisation or spreading communism or spreading freedom and democracy by engaging in war, but behind that motivation is some fear-based motive. Your minds are taken over by fear—that is why you arm yourself. Whether you arm yourself for the purpose of conquest or for the purpose of defence, it is always based on fear. 

My beloved, again anything human beings do from a fear-based state of consciousness will create these entities and demons and they will then eventually become so powerful that they can overpower individuals very easily, they can overpower groups of people and they can even overpower entire nations. What was it that caused the Soviet aggression against non-communist states? It was fear. When you recognize, at least sub-consciously, that your entire ideology is based on fear (as communism is indeed a fear-based ideology), then you naturally, unavoidably feel a need to extend your ideology to all nations because you are threatened by the existence of nations that do not recognize your ideology. You feel fear that maybe your ideology could be wrong and that is why these other people are resisting it. In order to overcome your fear, you want to force all others to accept your ideology.

Why did the communist forces in the North absolutely have to conquer all of Korea?  Because they could not live with the fact that some people in Korea did not embrace their ideology.  So you see there is always a fear-based dynamic. Whenever you have an armed force, my beloved, you must have an enemy to fight. Otherwise, what is the justification, and why would people then pay their taxes to support the armed forces?


Dark forces behind the military

You see, my beloved, in the vast majority of cases a nation has an army that is paid for by the taxes paid by all of the people. How do you then get the people to pay these taxes, especially in a democracy where you cannot force them? Well, you do so only by perpetuating the fear-based mindset so that the people are so afraid that they think it is necessary to maintain the armed force. Do you see that behind this are the demons who are not concerned about the people whatsoever but only about perpetuating their own existence? Even further behind it all is the fallen beings who are not concerned about the people either, but they are only concerned about either controlling the population on the earth or destroying those who will not be controlled. There are even some fallen beings who are not primarily concerned about control because they are focused on destruction and nothing else. Behind every military in the world there is a conglomerate of forces. There are these collective entities, there are the stronger demons and then there are the fallen beings. 

It does not necessarily mean that the people in the military are fallen beings. But their minds are so controlled by the consciousness and the doctrines, the military doctrines, created by the fallen beings that they have very little ability to think clearly, to think individually and to think in an independent manner. What I am telling you is that we have talked about the unnatural selection process where a certain system filters out those who do not agree with the basic philosophy of the system. The armed forces of any nation, is precisely a closed system and therefore it filters out all of those people who have the ability to question the system. 

You understand, my beloved, that when you look at some of the armed forces in the world, you can see that, for example, the armed forces in the United States are still to a large degree trapped in what has been called the cold war mindset. When the Soviet Union collapsed and when it (at least for a time) seemed like Russia would no longer be the military threat it had been during the cold war, there were many people in the United States’ military, in the industrial complex and in the political arena who had a kind of withdrawal symptom, almost like a drug addict who does not have access to his drug. They simply did not know what to do with themselves, now that it seemed like they did not have a clearly defined enemy to fight. You will see that many of these people drew a sigh of relief when Vladimir Putin stepped into the role of seeming like Russia could again become a threat against which the armies of the West needed to be ready to defend themselves. 


Forces against reunification

You will see the same dynamic here in Korea where there are many people in the armed forces who are so trapped in the mindset that was created by the war and has been perpetuated since the war that they cannot, they will not, even consider the potential for a re-unification. Their mindset is geared toward one thing only and that is fighting the North Korean army. 

Naturally, you see in North Korea, also many people in the military who would not even consider that they could give up and surrender and allow a re-unification. Their entire mindset is geared towards fighting South Korea. You will see the same with those who represent the American armed forces in South Korea. They are also geared towards fighting North Korea. You can go to the large industrial corporations that are producing and supplying the army’s needs and you can see again in their mindset they do not want to seriously consider a re-unification. 

There are forces in America who, as we said last time, are making profits out of selling military equipment to South Korea and there are those armed forces who are also basing their existence on having to be ready to fight North Korea and they likewise do not want a re-unification. There are politicians in America who do not want a re-unification because they want to perpetuate the dualistic mindset where America is the one who has to guarantee freedom and democracy by always being ready to fight any enemy, real or imagined—mostly imagined, my beloved. 

You see, again, in the political arena in South Korea, there are those people who will not consider re-unification. Of course in North Korea they likewise will not consider it. What you can do, what you have the opportunity to do, is make the calls for the binding and the consuming of these demons and collective entities that have taken over the minds of the people and make it impossible for people to even re-think the status quo, to ever question the status quo and say: “Do we actually need to continue this situation, to perpetuate this situation indefinitely? Is there an alternative?  Is there a different way to look at this?”


The potential for dramatic changes

As I started out saying, if there was a collapse of the regime in the North, if there was a real potential for a re-unification of the two Koreas, then the biggest obstacle would be the armed forces in both the North and the South along with the industrial complex supporting them. They would not want a re-unification for the simple reason that it would take away much of the justification for their existence and their profits. 

This of, course, is the demons that are working through people and the fallen beings who do not want to lose the potential they have engineered for destruction if there was a war. When you know this, you do not need to feel discouraged, you do not need to feel fearful. You need to recognize something very, very simple: It is true that there are people in embodiment who have a great resistance to change but this resistance for change comes primarily because the people’s minds have been taken over by the demons or the people have been fooled by the fallen beings. 

We of the ascended masters respect the Law of Free Will. There is a limit to what we can do in the physical octave but there is no limit to what we can do in the emotional, mental and identity octaves. The only limit is that we need the authorization from someone in embodiment who is aware and is willing to make the calls. When you make the calls, we can step in and bind and consume these demons. When we do this, some people will respond because their minds will suddenly be freed from this veil that has been put upon them. Suddenly, as we have said so many times, people will wake up and it will seem obvious to them that there is a new way to look at the old problems. Suddenly, some people will begin to question whether we need to continue to take the stand we have taken so far or whether there is a more constructive approach. 

We have talked about it before, how a first step could be a greater openness towards the North Korean government, a willingness to engage in dialogue and an interchange of energy through businesses. Beyond this it is entirely possible that, when people’s minds are freed from the veil of the dark forces, the people who have the potential and who are in positions in society will suddenly begin to question the status quo that has existed on the Korean peninsula now for so many decades. They will begin to question if there is a different way to deal with this, if there is a different way to look at it, and I can assure you, my beloved, that there is a potential for very swift and very dramatic changes. 

I am not thereby saying this potential will come about, for free will is always free will and free will can never be predicted except in probabilities. But there is a considerable probability that the situation could shift in a fundamental way so that enough people have their minds freed from the dualistic mode of thinking. Therefore, they can be open to the new ideas that we of the ascended masters are ready to release from our level. We know that your minds are open but you are not in positions in society to carry out such decisions and therefore we need you to make the calls so that those people who are in position can also have their minds open to a different, non-dualistic view of the situation. 


The agenda of destroying human beings

Now my beloved, even though this is a long discourse I have one more topic I wish to bring to your attention. I represent The Mother aspect of God, of the Divine. We have previously talked about a phenomenon called hatred of the mother. This is where self-aware beings, co-creators, experience such severe consequences in the physical realm that they become very resentful of the mother realm. This is because they forget that the mother realm can only reflect back to human beings what they are projecting upon the Ma-ter light. They forget that the consequences are self-created, or at least that they have been collectively created by humankind. They feel it is the mother that is unjustly forcing them to experience these very severe and long-lasting consequences.

My beloved, hatred of the mother takes many forms but the most extreme form of hatred of the mother is that you are willing to kill other human beings. Now, if you come from the Buddhic tradition, you may say is it only the killing of other human beings; is it not the killing of all sentient creatures? Well, my beloved, here we face a delicate issue. If you go to an overall level, an overall perspective, you see that, naturally, as this planet moves further into the Golden Age there will come a point where it is not necessary to kill any creature; human or animal. This, however, will require that a substantial portion of the animal species that exist today will simply vanish. 

I am not here trying to say that you cannot swat a mosquito, for in the Golden Age, as we move further into it (which is a matter of a long time-span), there will be no mosquitos or other such animals on the planet. What I am pointing out to you is that in the current situation on earth, we are not primarily concerned here with the killing of animals. The topic I wish to bring to your attention is the killing of people. 

You understand, my beloved, that the fallen beings have an agenda of destroying human beings. The reason for this is very simple. A human being is the only being on earth that has the potential to attain Christhood and Buddhahood. It is when you exercise your potential to attain Christhood that you become a threat to the fallen beings, their control on this planet and their survival, even their very existence. This is what they want to prevent, my beloved, and that is why they have a desire to kill anyone that manifests Christhood. In order to achieve this. they are willing to kill large numbers of people. 

You have the story, even though it is a myth, that when Jesus was born, King Herod was willing to kill all male babies in order to kill the one Living Christ. This is the attitude of the fallen beings. This is one of the primary motivations behind war. They want to kill those who have a Christ potential by killing as many people as possible.

There are, of course, also those fallen beings whose only agenda is destruction and they want to kill as many people as possible, Christed beings or not, because the demons can always extract energy when people are killed violently. There is no more efficient way for these demons to extract people’s energies than to get two groups of people, two nations, to wage an all-out destructive war against each other. My beloved, what I wish you to understand here is that killing a human being is the extreme outpicturing of hatred of the mother.


The military is based on hatred of the Mother

Now my beloved, what is the entire purpose of a military? Is it not to kill human beings? Do you see, my beloved, that in the very mindset that generates an army, is the need, the desire, the willingness to kill human beings? You can go into the people in the military, the people in the political establishments who support the military, the people in the industrial establishment that support the military and you will see in the minds of these people a very characteristic dynamic.

If you look at these people as individuals when they act, for example, towards others or even in private settings like their families, you might say they are perfectly normal people. Some of them may be very nice people; some of them may be very well-meaning, very idealistic, very dedicated towards their task as they see it. Yet if you go deeper into the psychology, you see that they all have a mechanism in their psychology. We might call it an implant, a psychic implant, put there by the fallen beings. This mechanism means not that these people are psychopaths, not that they are indiscriminate killers. It does mean that when a situation arises that calls for their military to perform its defined task, then these people become willing to kill and to kill indiscriminately. Once they have a defined enemy, they will do whatever they can, whatever they think is necessary, to defeat that enemy. In order to achieve that objective, they are willing to kill any numbers of people among the enemy but they are also willing to sacrifice any number of their own soldiers.   

Again, my beloved, be careful to listen to what I am saying. I am not saying these people are evil or bad people. I am not saying they are fallen beings in embodiment, although, of course, some people in the military, in the political establishment, in the industrial establishment are fallen beings. What I am saying is that there are many, many people who have elected to be in the military and to rise to prominent positions in the military precisely because they have this mechanism where they believe that under certain circumstances killing is fully justified.

It is justified to the point where they do not even need to think about what they are doing. They do not need to recognize that they are actually killing living human beings, individuals just like themselves and their own children. They are willing to step into a mindset where they see the enemy as non-humans and where they also see their own soldiers as non-humans. They may even see the civilians among the enemy as non-humans. They may even see their own civilians as non-humans, accepting that there will be a certain collateral damage, as they call it, to waging a war and that you cannot always avoid the killing of civilians.

You see, my beloved, this is the extreme outcome of hatred of the mother where you think it is justified to kill human beings and that collateral damage is acceptable. You actually don not think you are killing human beings because you see them as non-humans. This is a consciousness that is so deeply ingrained in the military forces of the world and the industries and the politicians who support them that there is virtually none of them that are willing to question it.

There are, of course, people in societies, in many democratic nations, who have throughout the decades been willing to question the military even to demonstrate against war but what you often see is that these people go to an opposite extreme. They swing to an unbalanced extreme and they take these rather extremist pacifist positions that are simply the opposite dualistic polarity to the mindset of those in the military.


A balanced way to look at the military

What we are asking you to make the calls on, is first of all the binding and the consuming of the demons behind this mindset but also the awakening of the people who are able to find a middle way. Again, as we have said before, there are young people who have been brought into embodiment because they have the potential to question this dynamic, to stand up and say there is a balanced way to look at this. They have the potential to create a debate in society that is not dominated by the extreme viewpoints of wanting to blindly defend the military, wanting to blindly attack the military. 

There is a middle way where you can have a more aware discussion about the role of the military, the necessity to perpetuate the current situation. You can begin then to create an openness where you can see solutions that have simply not been seen before. Do you see, my beloved, that whenever a debate gets polarized between the extremes, it seems to people as if they either have to choose to support the military completely or they have to choose to abandon the military completely. But there is always a higher perspective where you can find a new way to look at the entire dynamic and suddenly you begin to see perspectives, solutions that were not seen by anyone before.  

You see that the trick of the fallen beings in polarizing a debate is to make people group themselves into two extremes. One is focused on the one dualistic polarity, the other is focussed on the other. There is nobody in between who can see anything besides these two polarities. You can sometimes, or rather often, have a situation where there is a debate in society and where hardly anyone can see beyond the dualistic polarities, hardly anyone can see different perspectives, different solutions. We ask you to make the calls for this so that more and more people will begin to see that there are actually alternatives. 

Naturally it is not practical, right now, for South Korea to abandon its military. Naturally, it is not practical but it would be possible for South Korea to begin to debate whether there is a different way to deal with the entire situation of the division between North and South. Could we perhaps find a way to trick the North Koreans into feeling less threatened by our military? Could we perhaps find a way to free our own society from the mindset upheld by the military and by the industry behind them that the only possible solution is confrontation? 

Could we perhaps find a way to see that what the military says is that they cannot step down until North Korea steps down?  Of course, the military in North Korea says that they cannot step down until the military in the South steps down. Who should blink first? Well, none of them will blink, but perhaps you could find a way to recognise that this is not the only way to look at the situation and that it may actually be possible for South Korea to take an initiative that North Korea would not be capable of taking because they are much more trapped in dualistic thinking?

You see, my beloved, we have given a concept of the wisdom of the mother. The core of the wisdom of the mother is that it does not require an idealistic solution to a problem. It is often so that the wisdom of the father looks at the overall perspective, looks at it from an ideal perspective of what is ultimately the best and what is not constructive. Then it works towards promoting that ideal solution. The wisdom of the mother recognises tha, right here and right now, we have a specific situation. It is very far from the ideal solution. Therefore, we cannot jump from the present conditions to the ideal solution. We need to look at the conditions and then find a way to break up the stalemate so that instead of being locked in a stale, stationary situation, we can begin to move. The first and primary concern of the wisdom of the mother is to take a situation that is locked and shift something so that the situation begins to move. 

It is the image of a river that has been frozen in the winter and then, as the weather warms up in the spring, there comes a point where the ice begins to break. As the ice breaks, it can very slowly begin to move. As it moves faster and faster, suddenly an area of clear, open water appears, then another one, then another one. Then, they begin to blend together until suddenly, instead of a river covered with ice with a few open holes, you now have an open river with a few areas of ice. Then, eventually, all of the ice moves downstream and melts and the river is again flowing.

This is a very realistic potential to achieve in the Korean situation, when you make the calls to free the minds of the people who have taken embodiment specifically to break up the stalemate and to create a new approach to the situation. 

My beloved, it has been a long discourse. I thank you for being the open doors, for I have sent a very powerful impulse into the collective consciousness of South Korea as I have been speaking and as you have been listening and we have had this figure-eight flow between us that has been extended through your chakras to create a figure-eight flow between the ascended realm and the collective consciousness in your beautiful nation. 

Thus, my deep gratitude for you coming together at this conference and inviting the messenger here. My beloved, I bid you go in the peace of the Buddha Maraytaii.



Copyright © 2017 Kim Michaels

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