Dictations given in 2017

Title Created Date Author
Accepting the golden age as normal 12.06.2017 Mother Mary
A message to all who have come to earth on a rescue mission 12.06.2017 Sanat Kumara
Transcending fear-based societies 11.06.2017 Saint Germain
Why Russia cannot free itself from the past 11.06.2017 Maitreya
The subtle discernment between Christ and anti-christ 11.06.2017 Jesus
Bureaucracy and government in the golden age 11.06.2017 Saint Germain
The exploitation of women in ancient and modern Russia 10.06.2017 Portia
Who ascended as Guru Ma? 10.06.2017 Guru Ma
The incomprehensible finality of the ascension 09.06.2017 Lanello
How to change anything on earth 09.06.2017 Master MORE
Banishing the consciousness of failure in Russia 08.06.2017 Archangel Michael
Being at peace on the spiritual path 04.06.2017 Gautama Buddha
Why a few people can change world events 04.06.2017 Mother Mary
Your spiritual Modus Operandi 04.06.2017 Jesus
A positive vision of the golden age 03.06.2017 Saint Germain
Accelerating democracy to a new level 03.06.2017 Astrea
Knowing the true purpose of democracy 02.06.2017 Saint Germain
Talking your way into the golden age 01.06.2016 Mother Mary
Solving the enigmas of the path to Buddhahood 06.05.2017 Gautama Buddha
You have earned our gratitude 06.05.2017 Astrea
A Buddhic perspective on the military 06.05.2017 Maraytaii
A more open debate about the roles of men and women 05.05.2017 Venus
Understanding why you cannot understand Christhood 05.05.2017 Jesus
The relationship between children and parents in Korea and Asia 04.05.2017 Liberty
The impeachment of the president was a great step forward for Korea 04.05.2017 Parvati
The legal system of the Golden Age 04.05.2017 Nada
Transcending the Asian mindset and communicating openly 04.05.2017 Portia
The reunification of Korea is of world-wide importance 03.06.2016 Kuan Yin
The direct way to direct democracy 03.05.2017 Saint Germain
Accepting the economy of the Golden Age 03.05.2017 Mother Mary

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  I am hoping more people will help me promote my latest book (My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus) by writing reviews and either posting them on Amazon or...


My warm gratitude to all of you who made the Estonian conference such an uplifting and enjoyable experience. It was great to meet so many old friends and to make...


There is now a new invocation that we will be using for the conference in Estonia.   If you are attending the conference, please print the invocation and bring it.   If you are...


This is the invocation that Astrea talked about in a dictation given in Korea.   Invocation to Astrea for purifying our nation A powerful invocations that calls upon Elohim Astrea to consume all...

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