The judgment of Christ upon the false Jesus

TOPICS: Binding of the false Christ - The creation of false gods - America worshiping a false Christ - The scribes and Pharisees in America - The need to make a choice for Christ - The abuse of power in Christian churches - Satanic forces in Christian churches - False teachers of the New Age movement - Enlightenment is an empty concept - Transcend the false gurus - 


Ascended Master Jesus Christ, July 19, 2015 through Kim Michaels. This dictation was given during a conference in Los Angeles.


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I AM the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I am the hierarch of the Piscean Age. I am the brother in Spirit of Saint Germain, the hierarch of the Aquarian Age.


How do you think it feels for me to have started the Piscean dispensation on earth – walking in a physical body, taking on everything I took on in order to give that initial impetus for the founding of the Christian movement – and then, here I am today, and there are over a billion people who claim to be my followers, yet so few of them are open to my Living Word, to the living Presence, to the living Spirit that I AM? They worship a dead spirit, a dead idol. They worship a spirit that is not a Spirit of God but a man-made spirit that has been created by the Christian movement, especially since the formation of the Roman Catholic Church.



Binding of the false Christ

I have, through this messenger, withdrawn my light from that church. I shall today withdraw my light from all Christian churches in America that are trapped in worshipping the false Jesus that has been created by man. I AM the Living Jesus Christ. I AM the real Jesus. The spirit that has been created by the Christian churches for these many centuries is hereby judged. It is judged by the Living Word and the living Presence of the real Christ, the real Jesus. I therefore, by speaking these words in the physical, command Archangel Michael to send his angels to bind that spirit of the false Jesus. I command you to take it from the earth. I command you to bind and consume all of the demons, all of the fallen beings who have been instrumental in creating, sustaining and reinforcing it. Thus, there is an opportunity for Christianity worldwide and Christianity in America to start on a clean white page.



The creation of false gods

I know well that most Christians are not likely to make use of this opportunity, for they are so attached to this false image of Christ that they will not let go of it, and they will begin to create a new spirit for them to worship. Do you not understand that when it was said to “have no other gods before me,” before the one God, it is precisely because people have for a very long time created false gods that they have worshipped before the one formless God? How did it come to be on planet earth that people would create these false gods? 


It was introduced here by the fallen beings. They were the ones who wanted to be those false gods, worshipped by as many people as possible. This is not to say that people had not created some gods before, for there is a tendency for people to see divinity in everything, and this tendency can quickly become the worshipping of a particular god, such as a god of nature or certain aspects of nature. This then can cause people to stop worshipping the formless God, to stop always striving to transcend themselves until they touch the hem of the formless God through the Christ consciousness.


False gods can be touched without the Christ consciousness, but the formless God can be touched only through the Christ consciousness. Those who are not willing to transcend themselves, to transcend their egos in order to take on part of the Christ consciousness (to let that living Christ consciousness dwell within them), they will be left to worship these false gods. When enough people have worshipped the false gods for some time, you create a spirit that has enough awareness, consciousness, and momentum that people will feel like they have had a supernatural or even spiritual experience. 



America worshiping a false Christ

When you look at America today (and for that matter beyond the borders of America, but I will focus on America for this particular purpose), you see that there are many Christians who go to church, or they do other religious activities, and they feel they have had a genuine spiritual experience of going beyond their normal level of consciousness. There are indeed a few people who have genuine spiritual experiences by going to a Christian church, for they are able to transcend the outer circumstances and reach my heart. I tell you that the vast majority of the people who claim to have such experiences are not having an experience of touching the formless God through the Christ consciousness. They are having the experience of interacting with a man-made god, the false god created by Christianity, or even the false gods, the false spirits, created by specific churches.


This is not who I AM. This is not worshipping me, following me, being loyal to me, acknowledging me. You do not do me any service by indulging in these experiences where you simply go into an ecstatic or trancelike state and your mind can be taken over by lower spirits. This is NOT the Holy Spirit, for it is undivided, indivisible, and it always points to the formless God, not a man-made image of God or Christ. What is the difference, you might say? The formless God is beyond any image and so is Christ. This is what people either cannot or will not realize. Why will they not realize this? Because their minds have been trapped by the snares created by the fallen beings. The fallen beings cannot (because they will not) experience the formless God or the Christ consciousness. If they could or would experience the Christ consciousness, they would not be fallen beings.


This is, one might say, a black-and-white viewpoint. You understand, or at least I aim to help you understand, that there are certain things on earth that are either/or. Your television is either on or off. It is not in some in-between state. It is either day or night, although there is a brief in-between state. A color is either black or white. It is not black and white at the same time, although it can be a mixture of the two. This is not black-and-white thinking. This is simply distinguishing between various characteristics.


Black-and-white thinking is when you impose a mental image upon reality instead of being willing to experience reality. Black-and-white thinking begins when you create an idol and project that this is God, the only true God, and therefore you refuse to go beyond the idol and experience the formless God. When you experience the formless God or the formlessness of the Christ consciousness, you cannot be in black-and-white thinking. If you are in black-and-white thinking, you cannot experience the formless God.



The scribes and Pharisees in America

What, then, can get you out of black-and-white thinking once you have entered that state of mind? Nothing, nothing from heaven or earth, except your own willingness to question the way you look at life. Surely, you can give people an experience that there is an alternative to black-and-white thinking. This is what I did when I walked the earth in a physical body. This is what many of you can do because you have enough Christ consciousness that you can give people that experience. It still requires the exercise of free will where you are willing to step back, look at your thinking, and say: “Is this all there is to my ability to think? Is this all there is to my mind’s ability to grasp reality? Or can I potentially have an experience that is beyond these mental images?” 


The scribes and the Pharisees were not willing to question their images, even when I stood before them in the flesh. The leaders of the Jewish religion were not willing to question their images, for they would not let go of the form that they were seeking to maintain over time. Therefore, they would rather kill the Living Christ than change their thinking, transcend their thinking. The sad fact is that the vast majority of the leaders of Christian churches in America are in exactly the same frame of mind today as the scribes and Pharisees were in when I stood before them in the flesh. Now I again stand, almost in the flesh, and I speak to the mass consciousness of the Christian churches in America. Therefore I say: “Come forth out of the tomb of this false Christianity that worships a man-made spirit that is not the Living Christ!” 



The need to make a choice for Christ

Those who are the leaders of these churches will today be confronted with me, with my Spirit at inner levels. My Spirit is able to cover the entire continent and therefore manifest itself to all of the people upon it. I therefore manifest my Spirit at inner levels for all of the leaders of the Christian churches, and I serve them notice:


It is time for you to choose between light and darkness. If you will not choose, then the judgment of Christ will be upon you, and you will be confronted with the full descent of your karma. You may deny karma, you may deny the judgment, you may deny anything you like, but at inner levels you cannot deny that you have been visited by the Living Spirit of Christ.


This is an action that can, and hopefully will, be reinforced by those hearing, reading this dictation, being willing to give the invocation, and therefore calling forth a shift in the Christian churches of America. This does not mean I envision that these churches will begin to accept me as an ascended master or accept this messenger or other teachings. It does mean that the Christian churches in America need to begin to shift out of black-and-white thinking, and they need to do so quickly, or there will be a descent of judgment such as has not been seen before on this continent (or any other, for that matter) since the time of Atlantis. This is beyond playing games.


You have had your day. You have had your day, during the Piscean dispensation, to do whatever you wanted with the Christian movement. You pastors and leaders in America have had your day, since the founding of this nation, to play games and think you can define how a Christian church should be. 



The abuse of power in Christian churches

Look at the ministers who have abused their power in various ways: money, sex, power, what have you. Look at those who have claimed that certain wars were just wars approved by God or Christ. Look at this circus that has been created by Christian churches in America. Look at the major mega-churches, where people come and are exposed to all kind of pageantry that is nothing but cheap entertainment and has nothing to do with the self-transcendence that is the hallmark of Christ. I for one have had enough of it, and I call upon all those who are the spiritual people, who are open to my Living Word, to decide whether you have had enough of it also. If you have, then make the calls. Use the tools and invocations and make the calls for a shift in the Christian movement in America away from black-and-white thinking.


I tell you that there are many wonderful, loving, kind people in Christian movements. I may sound stern, but I am not unaware of these people. I am not insensitive to their great love for me and for humanity. I am not pushing aside all of the efforts they have made, whether in charity or in other ways. I know I sound uncompromising, and I am uncompromising. Despite all of your efforts, you are not fulfilling your highest potential as long as you allow yourself to be trapped in these mockeries of Christian churches created by those beings that are completely taken over by the consciousness of anti-Christ. Remember what I said to Peter when he told me how my mission should unfold, according to his idolatrous image? I said: “Get thee behind me, Satan!” For Satan is the consciousness that demands that Spirit conform to its own image or conform to the current conditions of matter.


This is how matter becomes a self-reinforcing downward spiral: When the people in embodiment begin to allow their Spirits to conform to current conditions and think they cannot be changed. That is why I performed miracles. I wanted to demonstrate that through the Christ consciousness anything on earth can be changed. If you do not accept this, you are caught in the satanic consciousness. Everything is fluid, everything is subject to the power of God, but the power of God can come only through those in embodiment who are willing to exercise their free will and be the open doors for that power.



Satanic forces in Christian churches

This is not a matter of doing good deeds. It is perfectly fine to feed the hungry and clothe the homeless, but unless you are doing it with the Spirit of Christ, you are not fulfilling your highest potential, and therefore it is not the worthy offering. The worthy offering is not measured by a man-made standard of what it means to do good deeds. It is measured by the standard of Christ: your willingness to transcend your consciousness and multiply the talents, instead of burying them in the ground of a man-made idol.


Although I love all people on earth, all those who are doing good deeds, who have pure intentions, I love you with the firmness of a Christic love that will not leave you alone in a lesser state when I know you are capable of manifesting a higher state. Therefore, I am here to shake awake those who are willing to be awakened. There is more to life than what you have been told by these Christian churches. If you could see what is going on behind the visible, physical, conscious level, you would instantly remove yourselves from these churches and withdraw your light. 


There are forces of darkness, forces of anti-Christ, satanic forces, that are using the Christian churches of America to steal the light of the good and the pure-intentioned people. By going to these churches every Sunday, pouring out your devotion to what you think is me, you are supporting this entire false hierarchy of Christianity that is running most of the Christian churches in America today. This is not working for the cause of Christ, regardless of what you are doing on the outer. I am not saying that all of the beneficial activities need to be stopped. I am saying they need to be transcended so that they can be done from a higher level of Christ consciousness. You need to recognize that the churches and their leaders are taken over by these forces of darkness, and if you will not come up higher, you will continue to give your light to them. 


This will mean that you will not be saved after this lifetime, as you believe will be the case. You will be confronted with the absolute reality that you have not qualified to enter heaven, you have not qualified for your ascension, and you will have to come back into embodiment. If you continue to listen to the false preachers who deny reincarnation, it will not change the law of God. No amount of preaching from the pulpit will change the law of God. 


There is an absolute reality: You cannot cheat the law of God. The fallen beings would have you believe that there are ways to get around it, ways to force God to accept you into the kingdom of heaven. It is all lies! I have exposed this in enough dictations through this messenger, in books, and on the websites that anyone who is willing can free him- or herself from the illusions promoted by the false pastors of Christianity, the wolves in sheep’s clothing, those who may appear beautiful outward but within they are like whitened sepulchers filled with dead men’s bones. Stop following them! Awaken and follow me, the Living Christ!



False teachers of the New Age movement

Truly it is time, it is past time, that the spiritual people of America step up. Now I speak not only to those in Christian movements but to those who have rejected Christianity because they saw the falsity of it.  It is commendable that you have the discernment to see the falsity of many Christian churches. It is commendable that you have opened your hearts and minds to a teaching that is beyond Christianity and beyond materialism. I tell you: the vast majority of the so-called spiritual, New Age or progressive people in America—instead of following the false idols of Christianity, you are following other false idols. You are following those who are the false teachers of the New Age movement. 


I am not saying that all who are in that movement are false teachers, but there are many. Many – too many – people who have the potential to manifest Christhood and qualify for their ascension in this lifetime have tied themselves to these lesser gurus, who are not interested in taking you to Christ consciousness. They are interested in having you follow them for whatever reason they have, but it all revolves around taking your light, for they need it. Why? Because they do not have the internal light, for they have not been willing to reach for the Christ consciousness. 


They may talk about enlightenment all day and all night, but there is no substitute for the Christ consciousness, even though you may call it other names. The Christ consciousness is self-transcendence. It is being willing to step back and reach for a higher experience, rather than being attached to a mental image and projecting it upon reality. The consciousness of Satan is that of projecting a mental image upon reality and denying or refusing the direct experience of the reality that is beyond images because it is the formless God and the formless Christ. 



Enlightenment is an empty concept

Truly, because of Christianity, it is easy to believe that Christ takes on the form promoted by the Christian churches, but it is time for you to know better and realize that Christ is much more. Christ is a universal state of consciousness that can never be trapped in any form or in any name, nor can it be captured by any guru, no matter how outrageous a claim he makes to be enlightened. 


Enlightenment is an empty concept. Anyone who claims to be enlightened demonstrates that he or she does not know what enlightenment is. Enlightenment is nothing but a label. For that matter, Christ consciousness is nothing but a label. Any word, any image, that can be grasped by the human mind is nothing but a label. The Christ consciousness – for I have to name it some word that you can grasp and hear – is beyond all words, all images. It is that transcendent experience. You may say: “But is that not enlightenment?” Yes and no, for enlightenment is that which does not and will not conform to any image on earth. You may say: “But can we not then use the word enlightenment as you use the words Christ consciousness?” Sure, you can. Just make sure that, as I know that the Christ consciousness is more than the word, you also know that enlightenment is more than the word and the mental image that certain teachers have built around it.


The more you seek to explain it, the more you create an idol that can trap the minds of those who are unaware or unwilling to transcend. There are enough people in the spiritual and New Age movement in America that, if they manifested their Christhood, they could make the decisive difference that many of you dream about making. Because you are running after the false gurus, you are not manifesting your Christ potential, and therefore you cannot make the difference. I have called for 10,000 Christed beings [See the book The Mystical Teachings of Jesus] to step forward and consciously accept and manifest their Christhood. That is what it will take to shift the earth to a higher level. Not to the fifth dimension, or any other dimension, or any other fancy label that you run after, thinking: “This is it.” 



Transcend the false gurus

My beloved, the shift in consciousness is beyond what any guru in the New Age movement has so far been able to envision. It is beyond what we have given in these teachings or any previous ascended master teaching. It is something that is not set in stone. It is something that is co-created as you go along. There is no one in heaven or on earth who can predict exactly how this will be manifest. We who are in the spiritual realm have no need to predict it, for we enjoy seeing it unfold. It cannot unfold as long as those who have the potential to be the forerunners allow themselves to be trapped in these blind alleys, these false images and organizations and movements created specifically to keep you from your Christhood.


Am I saying all movements and all gurus are false? Nay, of course not. I am only calling those who are trapped by false gurus to come out from the tomb and be willing to meet the Living Christ that I AM, rather than the false Christ that you are now following. This is not a matter of following this messenger. It is a matter of following the Living Christ that I AM. 


You may say: “We are looking towards the Aquarian Age.” Yes, you are, but there is no Aquarian Age on earth without Jesus Christ. I hold the Office of the Hierarch of Pisces, and no one can enter the Aquarian Age or the Aquarian consciousness without going through the office that I hold. It is not in any way associated with Christian churches, but it is a spiritual office, and if you allow the Christian churches and their falsity to cause you to refuse to approach the Living Spirit that I AM, then you cannot enter the Aquarian Age of Saint Germain. 


What will you then enter? Only another state of idolatry where you think you are creating the Golden Age, but it is only by degrees different from what has been created by false Christianity over these past centuries. This is not the vision of Saint Germain. Then I, the Living Spirit of Jesus Christ, hereby manifest my presence in front of all false gurus in America:


It is time for you to make the choice between light and darkness. If you will not, then the judgment of Christ will descend with all of the ramifications this might have. It may not be visible, but it surely will be undeniable. 


My beloved, those of you who are here have held a tremendous balance that has allowed me to bring forth this judgment. For that you have my formless gratitude. Although it is formless, it is only formless in a human sense, for it is also timeless. Those who are willing to be part of this movement of manifesting Christhood, those who are willing to use the tools and the invocations to call forth and reinforce the judgment I have pronounced today, I will not forget you. When you most need it, whether it be while you are still in physical embodiment or whether it be after you leave embodiment and need that extra impetus of light to get you to a higher level, you will find that I will be there for you in whatever manifestation you need in order to transcend your current sense of self. As always, you must be willing, but I will be there, for I AM with you always. Truly, my love is the ultimate cure for anti-love. 


You may not see this release as loving, but I also have a softer side. If that appeals more to you, then I have given other releases and other tools that will help you tune in to the softness of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Whatever you need to open your heart to me, you can find it. If you do open your hearts, you will know that I AM with you always.




Copyright © 2015 Kim Michaels

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