Let Go of Your Mental Images of the Masters

TOPICS: The body is not sinful - Why we cannot see the masters - Form is not sinful - Eternity is a meaningless concept - Making temporary conditions permanent - Why God allows suffering - Taking back your power - Becoming an open door - How Archangels work - How to fight darkness - How the fallen beings manipulated everyone - Dealing with the daily grind - Let go of outdated concepts - 


This dictation was given by the Ascended Master Archangel Michael on May 23, 2015 at an event in Holland.



I am the ascended master Archangel Michael and I am here. Where is here? Is there a particular location on earth that can hold me, that can limit me, that can imprison me? Nay, I am everywhere in the mind of God. That is why I am here. That is also why you are here. You can only be here if you are everywhere. Of course, when you are in a dense physical body, it is difficult to be aware that you are everywhere in the mind of God.


The body is not sinful

You have chosen to enter the body to have that particular perspective. It is not wrong; it is not sinful. Your body is not sinful. You are not a sinner because you are in the body; you are not a sinner because you have an outer self. You are still everywhere in the mind of God. The barrier that seems to exist is not created by God; it is not created by the ascended masters. It is only an illusion, a veil of energy that separates you from me. It does not separate you from me in a real sense; it only seems to separate you from me.


This veil of separation has two aspects, a personal and a collective. In your own mind, there is a belief that causes you to see yourself as a distinct, separate being. This is partly necessary, as Mother Mary said, in order to keep you in the physical body. Again, this is not a sin, this is not evil, this is not wrong. It simply is the condition that needs to be fulfilled in order for you to take embodiment in an unascended sphere, on a planet as dense as earth. It can be no other way. Of course, what the false teachers and the fallen beings have tried to make you believe is that this is inherently sinful, that this is somehow wrong and that you need to run away from it. 


Why we cannot see the masters

Then there is the collective aspect, which is that humankind has collectively created so much energy of a certain vibration that it literally forms a veil so that you cannot, with the outer senses and the outer mind, sense that there is anything beyond the veil. You cannot see us directly with the physical senses. I am here, my beloved. I am here right now as you are hearing these words. Wherever you are when you hear a recording of this or read it in a book: “I am here with you.” You cannot see me physically because your eyes cannot see beyond the vibrations that make up the spectrum of light that your eyes are capable of detecting. 


You also cannot see me because your mind holds an image of a form and you are trying to see that form rather than trying to see the formless being that I am. Your physical eyes are actually capable of seeing me, seeing the light that I am, but your mind has for so long superimposed these images on what your eyes are supposed to see. If you have a strong image of what Archangel Michael or any ascended master is supposed to look like, if you have imprisoned us in a form in your own mind, then you are trying to see that form. 


If we were to take on that form so that you could see us as having the form you have in your mind, what would we do? Would we help your liberation from form or would we hinder your liberation from form? We would indeed hinder your liberation by conforming to the mental image you have. What is it that keeps you imprisoned in form? It is the mental image you have of yourself, of God, of the world. There is nothing else that keeps you imprisoned but the mental images that your mind is superimposing upon what we might call “reality.” 


Form is not sinful

What does it mean to be a fallen being? It means to be a being who is completely identified with an image and has lost touch, lost contact, with reality. Most people on earth have been affected by this state of consciousness. They see themselves as human, limited, sinful beings and this is truly one of the most subtle and most powerful manifestations of anti-love in Europe and elsewhere. 


It is the entire idea that you are trapped in the form you have right now. You see, my beloved, there is nothing sinful or wrong about form—when you realise that any form is temporary, is constantly in the process of moving with the River of Life, transcending itself. Do you understand that you have been programmed by the dualistic mind and those who are trapped in the dualistic mind? There are those who seek to trap you to believe that certain forms are evil and certain forms are good.  


The reality is that form is just form. No form is permanent; every form is in the process of transcending itself.  It will either be pulled up by the upward movement of the rest of the universe, the River of Life, or it will go into a self-destructive spiral where what we have called the second law of thermodynamics will ensure that the form breaks down. 


Eternity is a meaningless concept

Even a form that is being broken down is also transcending itself, whereby I mean that no form can be permanent. If you understand this, then you realize that you cannot be trapped in form for an indefinite period of time and certainly not forever, as the Catholic Church would have you believe that sinners will suffer in hell for eternity. Truly, a meaningless concept, for if something is eternal where is time? You cannot really talk about an eternal time period, an eternal time span. You cannot measure eternity by time so the idea that your suffering could last for all eternity is truly meaningless—when you make that switch in the mind and realize that nothing could be permanent. 


You are not a permanent being either, in the sense that you are in embodiment to go through the process of transcending yourself. When you realize this and realize that no form can trap you, you can start freeing yourself, liberating your mind, from the illusion created by the dualistic consciousness. The challenge of taking embodiment in an unascended sphere, especially on a very dense planet like earth, is that when you are in the dense body  – and you look at some of the limitations you face and that cause you to suffer – it is so easy to think that you do not have the power to change these conditions and therefore you are trapped in them indefinitely or at least for the rest of this lifetime. 


What the fallen beings really want you to believe is that some of the limitations you see on earth are permanent. They are either created by God or by some immovable laws of nature. You also know from science that there has been an evolutionary process and that things do not stay the same even in the very short time span of what you now call recorded history. You see how much change there has been so if all of these conditions can change, is it logical to believe that there are some conditions that cannot be changed?


Making temporary conditions permanent

You see the trick of the fallen beings? They are allowed to embody on a planet like earth because the original inhabitants have already gone into a certain state of blindness. Then, the fallen beings embody here or come in the other three octaves and they start creating even more limiting conditions. Then, they want you to believe that the conditions that have been co-created by the fallen beings and the inhabitants of earth are somehow permanent, that what you have co-created you cannot uncreate. They even want you to believe that either God has created these conditions or God does not have the power to change them. 


As one person was saying this morning, so many people look at the evil and the problems found on this planet, they look at the suffering of innocent children and they say: “Where is God in all of this? Why doesn’t God step in and change this?” The reason these manifestations can occur on earth is that in the past, in the distant past, the inhabitants of the earth decided that they wanted to experience what it was like if they did not feel the presence of God and the ascended masters with them on a daily basis. They wanted to experience what it was like to create something seemingly on their own. 


In reality, you cannot create anything on your own because you need energy from which to create it, and this energy comes from the ascended masters. Of course, you can lower the energy in vibration so it cannot flow up to us and be multiplied. You can take this lower energy, this fear-based energy, and you can use it to create horizontally. You can create conditions that are not what you would create from the higher light that you receive directly from us. This is what has made it possible to create all of these limitations that you face. When you create from the lower light, from the fear-based energy, there will be limitations. 


Why God allows suffering

There will be built-in limitations because fear springs from duality and duality always has two opposing polarities. There will always be a tension, there will always be a struggle. Where is God in all of this? Well, God respects your free will. The inhabitants of the earth have said: “We want to experience what it is like without having God or the ascended masters interfere.” They saw our actions as interference and said: “We want to be able to hide from God, we want to not have the ascended masters look over our shoulder.”  


It is not that we are micromanagers or that we are seeking to force you. We respect free will. We are there to guide you, to help you make better choices. We allow you to make any choice you need to make so that you can have the experience you need to have in order to grow in awareness. 


We know when to step back, and we allow you to withdraw so that you can feel you have a space on your own. This is part of the path; it is part of the initiation. We are not in any way condemning anyone for making that choice. It is not evil, it is not sinful. It is just a choice that gave the inhabitants of earth a certain experience. 


It is not logical, and it certainly is not helping anyone, to then come out and blame God for the conditions that you have co-created by saying you did not want God to interfere. You cannot expect God to let you create any problem you want and then, when you face consequences you do not like, God is supposed to step in and clean up your mess. This is not logical; it is not rational. 


Taking back your power

This is the lie that the fallen beings have made you believe, namely that God is somehow responsible for what they have misled you into creating and that God should then step in and clean up the mess. My beloved, you asked for space to experiment with your free will in a seemingly separate environment. You asked for this because you wanted that learning experience. How would it facilitate your learning if God or I would step in and clean up your mess because you no longer like the consequences? Of course, it would not in any way help your learning. 


You need to take responsibility, and when I say “you” I speak to the mass consciousness. You need to take responsibility and realise that you have co-created the current conditions. God has allowed you to do this because of free will. Therefore, you can pray until you are “blue in the face,” as they say, but you will not magnetize the blue-flame presence of Archangel Michael because I am not here to undo your choices. You have made the choices. I respect your free will. I will not undo your choices for you, nor will I clean up the consequences that you don’t like. If you don’t like the consequences, undo the choices in your own mind. 


This is truly taking back your power to choose. The most subtle manifestation of anti-love, the most subtle abuse of power on earth, is that the fallen ones have made you believe that you are a slave of your own co-creation, that you cannot uncreate what you have created. This is the lie, the basic lie. If you can create something, surely you can uncreate it. 


There is no condition manifest on earth right now that is not in some way affected by the collective consciousness. The Elohim did not create the earth as you see it today with all of the limitations and all of the density. It is all a manifestation of the collective consciousness. Therefore, it can be uncreated by the collective consciousness. I realize that the relatively few people on earth who are open to ascended master teachings do not yet have the numbers where you are allowed to uncreate the conditions on earth. There needs to be a greater number of people who realize the dynamic and take responsibility.


Becoming an open door

What you certainly can do is free your own minds from these illusions. When you do this, two things will happen. One is that you will feel free, you will feel lighter, you will realize you are not defined by conditions. The other is that, if you are willing, you can become an open door whereby I can manifest myself physically through you. 


There are many people on earth who have high dreams about Jesus appearing in the sky and proving their Christian beliefs in a way that is undeniable. There are many people who hope that I or another angel will appear in a physical manifestation that no one can deny. This will not happen for a very long time because of free will. There needs to be the ability to deny that God exists because that is what has collectively been desired by a majority of the inhabitants of the earth. Until that dynamic changes, no physical, outer proof can be given. I cannot manifest a physical appearance that all people can see with their physical eyes, but I can manifest an appearance that those who are open can either see or at least sense with such a reality that you know that what you are sensing in my Presence is more real than what you are seeing through your senses.


This I can do for those who are open, but for you to be open, you need to look beyond these mental images that you might be projecting upon me so that you do not demand that I should step into a certain form. You are open to experiencing the formless being that I am. When this occurs, then I can manifest myself through you in a manifestation that is as close to the physical, as close to being physical, as I am allowed to do given the current situation of the collective consciousness. This, of course, will have a much greater impact than when you are invoking my light but still seeing me as a separate or distant being. 


We have now for a long time released decrees and tens of thousands of students have given decrees to Archangel Michael invoking my Presence. Most of them have seen me as a remote being, existing in a higher realm who has to come down and do something for you. This decree that you have given before this dictation is a new level of decrees. It focuses much more on invoking my Presence and you experiencing me as being here with you.


You can give any decree with a sense that I am a distant being and you are invoking me to come closer to earth for a specific purpose and it will have an effect. You will magnify a certain amount of energy, you will invoke a certain amount of energy and it will have a positive effect. If you can give a decree with a greater sense of oneness with me, it will have a far greater effect. You can even come to a point where you can invoke and experience my Presence without having to do any outer ritual. You just feel that I am with you in the situation.  


How Archangels work

I want to give you some idea of how an Archangel works. You have received an image, going back for a long time, that Archangels or angels are doing something very active, almost physical. You have the images of the Book of Revelation that there was a war in heaven and that Archangel Michael fought the dragon and that I slew the dragon. Many people are imagining this as a physical battle, like you would see with physical armies, where I would fight the forces of darkness and slay them and kill them. What you do not realize is that this is not how I work at all.


I do not see the forces of darkness as my enemy, as an opponent. I am not fighting them. I do not need to fight them because what they have created, which has a temporary existence, is created out of fear-based energy. I am not a fear-based being. I have no fear in my being, I have no fear-based energy. I am an entirely love-based being and love recognizes no opposition. 


The fallen beings in their pride want to believe that they have misqualified so much energy that they have created all these physical manifestations on earth and all these manifestations in the astral plane. They want to believe that this can oppose me, but it cannot. One form of fear can oppose another form of fear, but no form of fear can oppose love, for love is formless. I do not feel threatened by the devil. I can look at the astral plane without feeling threatened at all. I cannot manifest myself in the astral plane because of free will. I work in a very simple way: I manifest my Presence, and the light of love simply makes it impossible for fear to exist where my Presence is manifest to a certain degree.


Fear cannot co-exist with love. The devil cannot co-exist in the same space with my Presence. When my Presence is there, fear must go. It can be consumed by me and my angels, by our energy, or it must withdraw if it will not surrender to transcendence. I have no need to fight anything. You have no need to fight any manifestation of anti-love. You have no need to look at earth and think that you have to go out and fight some physical battle to change the current limitations.


How to fight darkness

We have seen in previous decades how ascended master students got very “fired up,” as the saying was, about fighting the forces of darkness. They felt they were the “avant garde” on earth. They were giving their decrees but they were also many times feeling they had to do certain physical things to fight the darkness. What we are calling you to do is to come up higher and realize that it is time to transcend that level, that consciousness, and realize that you are not here to fight the darkness. You are not here to ignore the darkness and deny that it exists and say that everything is good. You are here to realize that there is no need to fight the darkness. You bring the light. You bring the Light.


If you have a dark room, can you take the darkness and remove it? Nay, for it has no substance, no reality. You can bring the light and the darkness fades away. The real way to “fight” the forces of darkness is to become an open door for the light of love. The real way to vanquish the manifestations of anti-love is to become an open door for love, the love that is not fear-based.


Much of what humans call love is based on fear. It is based on the desire to own, which comes from the fear of loss. True love is beyond that, and that is why, as Mother Mary said, true love can only be unconditional. There is no condition that can hold it. When you become an open door for that love, then you are giving maximum service. I know you may say: “We are so few in numbers. So few people are following the teachings given through this messenger, so few people on a planetary basis are following the teachings of the ascended masters given through any messenger in any organization. How can what we do make a difference?” But it can make a difference.


Anything you do makes a difference. Even when you give decrees from a state of separation and seeing us as separate beings, it still makes a difference. The more you can overcome the separation and step into oneness and experience our presence, the more of an effect it will have. There are certain things you cannot immediately change on earth. This is what we explained in the latest book about how you can help change the world. Free will does not allow these conditions to be changed until a certain number of people have seen the illusion and transcended the consciousness. What you can do is pull up on the collective consciousness because you are part of it when you are in embodiment.


How the fallen beings manipulated everyone

Do you realize how the fallen beings took this planet to a lower level? They did so by becoming the leaders and making the majority of the people follow them. Well, if a few fallen beings can take the planet down, does it not stand to reason that a few spiritual beings, a few beings who recognize who they are, can also take the planet up? It is perfectly scientific that the few can lead the many, you do not even have to do what the fallen beings do and lead through force and power and make yourself some kind of dictator.


You do not need to have physical power over people because by raising your consciousness you raise the collective. This is another manifestation of anti-love where the fallen beings as individuals, or as a small group, have had enormous power over the people. They are doing everything they can to deny the power of the individual because they are really denying the power of the individual to manifest Christhood.


What is Christhood? It is that you know you are one with the One Mind. When you know that you are one with the One Mind, then you also know that everything is out of the One Mind and all of the people come from that One Mind. Therefore, you have the authority to raise up the whole. 


Dealing with the daily grind

It does make a difference! I know that you are all facing conditions in your daily lives that make it difficult to span the seemingly two worlds of the spiritual life and your daily life. I know very well that it is one thing to come to a conference and you are raised in consciousness by feeling our presence, and then you go back to your daily life and the “daily grind” as they say.


I know this; I understand this. I still want to give you the vision of what is possible when you find your own personal balance between the spiritual and the daily life. You eventually come to the point where you no longer see any difference, no longer see any conflict, between the two. It all blends together and you realize that you do not always have to be sitting there decreeing in order to invoke my Presence. You can actually invite my Presence to be with you and then you are performing a spiritual service in your work, when you interact with your children. Whatever you do, it can be done with a higher awareness whereby you endow it with love instead of force yourself out of fear to deal with these conditions. 


We want you to come to the point where you are not feeling that: “Oh, I have to do something for the ascended masters so I have to do all these decrees and this is my only service. But my normal life is just something I am forced to do in order to survive.” We want you to come to the point where that separation fades away. You realize that everything you do can be endowed with the light and the love, and it all becomes service.   


This messenger himself went through a period yesterday of feeling two pulls on him. One was to talk to the people, another was to focus on being a messenger and taking dictations and leading decrees. He had to make a switch in his consciousness to realize that it is all service. Interacting with other people is also service. It is not just doing something that is seemingly spiritual that is your service to life. It all blends together, my beloved.

Wherever your personal balance is at the moment, we are asking you to step up beyond these outer images of what you are supposed to do as a spiritual person. Instead, see that when you are endowing any activity with love, it is a spiritual service, whatever it may be. There are, of course, certain things you cannot endow with love, I realize that. When you are centered in love, the things that you can do, that you choose to do, they will be a spiritual service.


Let go of outdated concepts

With this, I hope I have given you a slightly different perspective. I hope you can stop imposing the image upon me that really comes from the fallen beings, namely that I am this remote being in the sky and that I am a dualistic being who has been forced to fight the forces of darkness. They have never forced me to do anything. I have never conformed to their images. It is just that what was given in, for example, the Book of Revelation was what people could grasp, given the state of the collective consciousness at the time. 


Even the concepts you have of the Knights of the Round Table were concepts that appealed to people at the time. They had value. We are not denouncing these ideas, but we are saying that as the consciousness is raised, you will see how certain images fade away and no longer appeal to the people. Then something new needs to come in. New ideas need to be brought forward and who can bring them forward other than those who are open to them because they are willing to look beyond the old? 


We have given teachings through previous messengers that were perfectly valid. They are still valid for people at a certain level of consciousness. We are not asking you to in any way look down upon this, we are not asking you to label or judge it. We are just asking you to realize that there has to be some people who are willing to look beyond the old so they can receive the next level. They are open to the next level of teaching so they are willing to use it, to embody it, because otherwise we cannot give more.


There is a higher level of teaching we can give than anything we have given previously. It is ready in the etheric octave to be released. We cannot release it right now because not enough people are open to receiving these ideas. Yes, we are giving you hints here and there, but there is still more that could be given. There are not enough minds that are open to it, and we ask you to consider this, to consider opening your mind by questioning your images, the images of yourself, the images of us, the images of God, the images of how this planet works. That is why we are giving you teachings that can help you do this. As you do it, you will perform perhaps the highest service that can be performed on a planet like earth and that is to be the forerunners for bringing forth a new level of spiritual teaching.


This is an incredible opportunity, an incredible opportunity. It will not happen by one person being a messenger. There needs to be a critical mass of people who are open, who are willing to look beyond the old images so that they can receive what is given forth.


With these ideas, seeing that your cups are running over and you cannot really contain any more light, then I thank you for your attention, for your love in being willing to come here physically, for your love in wherever you are around the planet of being willing to participate in Mother Mary’s vigil and in other ways use the teachings, use the decrees and invocations. 


I thank all ascended master students who have used any of the teachings we have given, any of the tools we have given. You are all contributing to the forward movement of the planet, and I thank you in the physical. Even though many will not acknowledge it, it is still important that it is said: “We are grateful for the service of all ascended master students. We are grateful, my beloved.” With that, I thank you.




Copyright ©2015 Kim Michaels

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