Ascended Master dictations given during 2015:

Title Created Date Author
Ask the Ascended Masters to Stop War 21.12.2015 Mother Mary
Opening to Divine Grace 07.12.2015 Mother Mary
You Cannot Force Democracy 23.11.2015 Mother Mary
Recognizing Ascended Masters 16.11.2015 Guru Ma
Love Matters More 09.11.2015 Guru Ma
The shadow and the Devil 11.10.2016 Kim Michaels
Spiritual Reason for the refugee crisis 26.10.2015 Mother Mary
Is America a Christian or a Buddhist nation? 19.07.2015 Gautama Buddha
The murder of the Divine Mother is judged 19.07.2015 Mother Mary
The judgment of Christ upon the false Jesus 19.07.2015 Jesus
A higher form of democracy in America 18.07.2015 Saint Germain
Why you took on limitations on earth 18.07.2015 Mother Mary
Spirituality beyond elitism 18.07.2015 Archangel Michael
A new era of love relationships on earth 17.07.2015 God and Goddess of Love
How to be free of the Soviet Union 20.06.2015 Mother Mary
Transforming the nations of the Soviet block 20.06.2015 Mother Mary
A curtain of light to protect nations from the former Soviet block 20.06.2015 Archangel Michael
Ego and the Divine Masculine/Feminine 19.10.2015 Mother Mary
The Only Conflict between Men and Women is in Our Minds 12.10.2015 Mother Mary
Roles of Men and Women 05.10.2015 Mother Mary
Stop Believing in Doomsday Prophecies 28.09.2015 Mother Mary
Do Not Follow False Teachers 21.09.2015 Mother Mary
Relationships Between Men and Women 14.09.2015 Mother Mary
Love and Life Cannot be Forced 31.08.2015 Mother Mary
Will You Co-create the Golden Age? 24.08.2015 Saint Germain
The ascended masters are not too good to be true 17.08.2015 Mother Mary
Love and Power 03.01.2015 Paul the Venetian
Love and Love 03.01.2015 Paul the Venetian
Love and Service 03.01.2015 Paul the Venetian
Love and Wisdom 03.01.2015 Paul the Venetian
Love and Purity 04.01.2015 Paul the Venetian
Love and Truth 04.01.2015 Paul the Venetian
Love and Freedom 04.01.2015 Paul the Venetian
Receiving the love of the Divine Mother 10.08.2015 Mother Mary
Freedom from Judgments 03.08.2015 Mother Mary
Do you want to be free? 27.07.2015 Saint Germain
Focus on the positive, long-term perspective 28.06.2015 Mother Mary
Let Go of Your Mental Images of the Masters 23.05.2015 Archangel Michael
Advanced teachings on the human self 22.05.2015 Mother Mary
The Long-term View of Changing the Earth 22.02.2015 Mother Mary
Surfing the wave or crashing into it 01.01.2015 Gautama Buddha

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There are now four new ebooks available in the Dutch language section of the bookstore.   You can find them here.       {crossposting}


Just a reminder that we have three ascended master conferences planned for this fall. We hope to see you in Kiev, Ukraine, Washington, D.C. or Tallinn, Estonia.You can find updated...


Three new books:   Spiritual Solutions to America's Problems - A book based on the conference in Albuquerque last year.   A Spiritual Clearance for America - A book based on a series of...


The program for Mother Mary's 500 vigil for June and July will again be focused on Korea. Appropriate since Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are meeting on the vigil day...

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