Ascended Master dictations given during 2014:

Title Created Date Author
Transcending the Daily Grind 25.12.2014 Mother Mary
Freeing yourself and democratic nations from opposing spirits 19.08.2014 Mother Mary
M09. The Dilemma Facing Spiritual Movements 20.04.2014 Guru Ma
M08. Why Did This Happen to Me? 19.04.2014 Guru Ma
M07. Turning a True Guru into a False Guru 18.04.2014 Guru Ma
M06. Wanting a Guru to Tell You What to Do 17.04.2014 Guru Ma
M05. The Imperfect Myth of the Perfect Guru 16.04.2014 Kim Michaels
M04. Knowing What Kind of Planet You Are on 12.04.2014 Guru Ma
M03. Why You Decided to Hide from the Guru 11.04.2014 Guru Ma
M02. How to Get Started on the Spiritual Path 09.04.2014 Guru Ma
M01. Why Would You Want to Ascend? 08.04.2014 Guru Ma
J09. A Movement Guided by the Spirit 29.03.2014 Jesus
J08. How Grace and Works Work Together 28.03.2014 Jesus
J07. How to Free Christianity from Anti-Christ 27.03.2014 Jesus
J06. Exposing the Consciousness of Anti-christ 26.03.2014 Jesus
J05. Christianity Perverted the Concept of a Savior 25.03.2014 Jesus
J04. The Inner Meaning of the Fall of Man 24.03.2014 Jesus
J03. Peter Represented the Satanic Consciousness 23.03.2014 Jesus
J02. Has Christianity Turned Jesus into Anti-christ? 22.03.2014 Jesus
J01. The Problem with Words 21.03.2014 Jesus
L07. Wisdom and Freedom 17.03.2014 Lord Lanto
L06. Wisdom and Peace 16.03.2014 Lord Lanto
L05. Wisdom and Vision 15.03.2014 Lord Lanto
L04. Wisdom and Purity 13.03.2014 Lord Lanto
L03. Wisdom and Love 12.03.2014 Lord Lanto
L02. Wisdom and Illumination 11.03.2014 Lord Lanto
L01. Wisdom and Power 10.03.2014 Lord Lanto
Why totalitarian societies eventually fail 10.05.2014 Mother Mary
Fulfill your highest potential by going beyond feel-good spirituality 13.02.2014 Mother Mary
Is religion a disguised form of satanism? 01.01.2014 Gautama Buddha

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Just a reminder that our important Holland conference is coming up. The masters gave some tremendous dictations in Korea about the topic of dictatorships, and the topic of the Holland conference...


The sound files from our Korea conference have now been uploaded to the subscriber website. Folder name: KOREA 2019       {crossposting}  


There is a new program for the Mother Mary's 500 vigil. We will focus on Korea for several months in order to support our conference there.   See the program.     {crossposting}


I have published three new books in both print and ebook format:   Fulfilling Your Divine Plan   Fulfilling Your Highest Spiritual Potential   Making Peace with Being on Earth   The books are based on the dictations...

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