How to embody the First Ray

TOPICS: Why spiritual teachings change with cycles - The key to learning about the First Ray - Making your own decisions is a first ray quality - Finding your uniqueness - Daring to experiment with creativity -

Ascended Master MORE, June 23, 2013, through Helen Michaels. Given at a conference in Almaty, Kazakhstan.



Master More I AM, and I come to you with the Flame of MORE to give you the understanding and the peace of this Light that I AM. That is my intent today. My beloved hearts, it is a great joy for me, Master MORE, to speak in this area again, release the light and anchor my Presence with the flame that is always more, my flame that is ever-present, ever-transcending, ever-flowing and joyfully sharing the activity. 


What is the will of God other than sharing the Presence, expanding the creativity that is the essence of the Father? My beloved, why do I, Master MORE, desire to share my Presence with you? Because it is my free will. 


Why spiritual teachings change with cycles

Free will on planet earth is a concept that has been perverted to an unbelievable extent. Many people think merely about the words “free will” and they forget the aspect of where this freedom comes from to exercise their will. The freedom to exercise your will, my beloved, can only come from the freedom that you experience in your heart. That is what I, Master MORE, wish to share with you today. I AM the Flame of MORE and I can share my flame because this has been my decision. It is my desire, it is my determination, that this is the flame that I wish to carry for evolutions on planet earth.


Therefore, my beloved, to exercise free will to its full extent on planet earth requires desire, determination and the will to embody this flame. These are the very qualities that I see many of my students have misunderstood. Many come to my retreat and their eyes are wide open with an expectation on their faces. They come to encounter me, Master MORE, and they think that I am the one who will tell them how to exercise their free will. My beloved, then we sit, with the blue bird of kindness often singing in the background, we sit in the garden and we walk in the forest in my retreat. We tune in until the student is ready for the inner teaching that I, Master MORE, so gladly share.


Many have the vision of me as being a strict master who is very determined and gives orders for how to do this or how to do that on planet earth: what to eat or what to drink, how not to behave or how to behave. My beloved, there have been lifestreams in previous dispensations that needed this kind of image for me because they didn’t respect anything else or any other image beyond a strict authority. But everything else on planet earth changes, and nature has its cycles of winter and then comes spring, and new life within a new cycle unfolds. Have you seen, my beloved, any spring or summer after winter that are similar to each other? No, my beloved, everything is ever-transcending as nature outplays the eternal transcendence of the divine order. Everything on planet earth is ever-transcending.


The earth itself doesn’t even orbit quite the same way, even though people don’t often think about that. Even the galaxies as you know transcend and they spiral upwards as there is an upward propellant in the upward direction. My beloved, think about that and think about the cycles where we have given teachings. What was given during the Piscean Age is not quite valid the same way in the Aquarian Age. You may tune in to my words or the vibration given at that time, but you have to tune in and read my words and listen to my dictations always with your heart, not with your ears, my beloved. Your heart is your compass that you need to fine tune and get in sync with the flow of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father—if you wish to transcend your older sense that you have built so far.


Therefore, my beloved, the teaching that we are giving to you in the Aquarian Age is not about strict orders, but it is a teaching that requires you to tune in to the master’s heart. If you come to my retreat, my beloved, that is the requirement there too. How will you ever learn the qualities of the First Ray? How will you ever learn to exercise the creative drive that I, Master MORE, AM if you do exercise it only because I ordered this or I ordered that? That is not the way to learn to be, my beloved. 


The key to learning about the First Ray

The Flame of the First Divine Ray is one plume on your heart’s altar with other plumes being pink and golden-yellow. Therefore, it is a key that Divine Will, the creative drive, is exercised in the matter sphere in balance with love and wisdom. My beloved, it is not really possible to give you precise instructions, not even in my retreat, where many come with their earthly burdens and problems created in duality. They come with all these burdens and with the expectation that I, Master MORE, or some other master, will give you a ready-made solution of how to solve this problem that many times and in many cases is not really a problem but illusions.


It is an illusion that you have a problem, and this illusion you have is precisely because you haven’t been willing to look beyond the veil of duality and to tune in to the Presence of God, to the Presence of the master in your heart. Therefore, my beloved, the key for teaching the First Ray qualities to ascended master students is indeed that the teaching cannot be conveyed in words. It is a teaching that is the Word, the Word that inspires the Presence and the vibration that raises you up from your current level of consciousness, raising you up and making you see your life, your problems and everything with new eyes. That is the essence of the teaching of the First Ray. Think about that, my beloved.


What is the quality of the First Ray? It is Divine Will. Divine Will, Divine Power and Creative Drive. Is it really possible to exercise Divine Will, Divine Power and Divine Creativity with the human mind? You know the answer, my beloved. It isn’t possible because through the veil of duality everything gets perverted. It is guaranteed that when you read my teachings from this dispensation or from previous dispensations and you approach my teachings through the veil of duality, it is always guaranteed that you come to the wrong conclusions. Many think that the First Ray is easy, yet it is easy but only when you are ready to expand your awareness and your consciousness beyond the dualistic mindset that wants to define good decisions and bad decisions and that wants to define good acts and bad acts; that wants to define everything and wants to define the standards also for Divine Will and Divine Power.


Human consciousness can never define anything beyond duality. Therefore, it cannot define the true qualities of the First Ray. The First Ray isn’t the ray where you exercise something in the framework which is defined by the human mind. The First Ray is the ray of the heart and in your heart you are able to tune in only when you have the horizon that extends beyond duality. 


That is my teaching that I give to you in my retreat and that is what confuses many of my most diligent students at first. They come with questions, and where is the right answer to this question? Where is the right solution, where in his retreat is the outer sign? Where is the sign or where is the angel who tells me what I should do in my outer world? How should I manifest this or execute that? Questions and expectations, my beloved, are the layers that you can only keep in duality as long as you think that you have understood free will. As long as the questions, standards, values and judgments stay in your mind and color your ability to make your own decisions, as long as this is present in your mind, you are not able to grasp the higher aspects; the Aquarian Age aspects of the First Ray.


Making your own decisions is a first ray quality

The First Ray needs to be balanced with other rays. Therefore, the first and foremost ingredient is that you tune in to the love of God, the love that I am, that I, Master More, AM, that other masters are and that the First Ray is. It is the Love of God that wants to express itself creatively. That, my beloved, is a quality that you can grasp when you come to see beyond duality. When you tune in to this, you come to see that the First Ray needs you to make your own decisions. The First Ray needs you to act from your own self, the inner self, from the inner sense that you are. It is a first ray quality that you do not act as a reaction to the outer world or to what other people do or don’t do to you. The will and the power of God means that you are true to your own self, you are centered and focused in the flame that is only in your heart. 


The First Ray helps you to expand and discover more of its uniqueness—that is already in you. You are a unique ray, each one of you is a unique expression of God. Therefore, what you can do with your uniqueness is not the same that I, Master MORE, have done or what the other ascended masters have done or what many of the people around you do; your friends your relatives. You have to get in touch with your uniqueness and with your talent, and the first ray quality is something that is meant to inspire you to discover your own way for how you exercise the will and the power and the creative drive of God. You can exercise it only in your own way; you cannot exercise it in some completely unique way that ascended masters or some other people tell you. 


The Aquarian Age is the age of creativity, it is the age of your own inner discernment, it is the age where you are meant to take responsibility for your own self and the age where you are meant to make your own decisions with your own determination that comes only from your heart because you know who you are. You have seen your own unique flame, you are in touch with your own unique flame, and therefore you see that through this unique flame you can exercise your own unique creativity. You can bring forth ideas and you can bring forth jokes, you can bring forth joy that is completely unique to you and still create the vibrations in society or wherever you are that helps to raise the vibration of all. Many students who come to my retreat have this thinking that if they are the students of the ascended masters, their flame must be something beyond the ordinary. It has to be something great or it has to be something that is clearly visible to society; or it has to be something that clearly gets recognition. That, my beloved, is not the case at all.


Finding your uniqueness

As I said before, the true will, power and creativity can only be born out of your ability to be in touch with your uniqueness. It is often the case that what you are doing in your outer world is something that seemingly is unimportant and doesn’t make any sense and even in your own outer mind doesn’t provide any big results or doesn’t make any difference toward the vibration of the mass consciousness. Still, my beloved, your senses are always deceiving you and it is not your task, it is not YOUR task to evaluate with your outer mind what the result is of your life or what the result is of your service or how many outer changes you are meant to bring forth. This is not your task since the outer results always are dependent on not only your acts in the material world but also it is dependent upon other people and their free will desires, acts and decisions.


Therefore, my beloved, do not focus on outer results, do not focus with your outer senses. Your focus is your heart, my beloved, your heart provides you the frame of reference. You go and act in society or in your family, and you do this not because your outer senses tell you to do something or say something in a particular situation. You act because you feel in your heart that your I AM Presence, your heart flame, wants to act here. That is a completely different vibration than what you are able to bring into the material world. 


This vibration is your true self. This is the vibration you are meant to bring forth, this is your unique gift and this is the true exercise, this is the true execution of your free will. When you are so free from the outer standards and the outer expectations that you are able to truly bring your innermost will, your Divine Will, your Divine Power into the material octave without it being colored by the outer senses and the outer fears, doubts or many other illusions. That is when you actually exercise your free will. Therefore, my beloved, the key here is to learn how you can truly free your will so that your free will would be so free that it could bring forth Divine Will, Divine Power and unique creativity.


Daring to experiment with creativity

What is creativity, my beloved? What beauty it is to feel the River of Life flowing through you, inspiring and giving you ideas, giving you new visions and new horizons that you can reach. What joy it is to be one with this river that always wants to flow through you. What joy it is to free yourself so that your true will, that is also the Divine Will, can flow through. When you can grasp this concept, you see, my beloved, that there are in many cases no right or wrong decisions, right or wrong acts, because whatever you decided yesterday was based on your consciousness and what you need to do is exercise your will. It truly becomes free from human nonsense only by exercising it and by doing it, by deciding and by making your own acts—going out and trying this or that or the third thing, engaging yourself in activities with other people and with society because the more you exercise the more you get in touch with what your true will and desires are, and what the true creativity is that you are meant to bring forth. 


People try various things during their lifetimes. Many have different jobs and then after a cycle turns they feel that this or that activity or this or that job is not fulfilling anymore and they need to move on. This need to move on doesn’t come from the outer senses or the human mind, but it comes from within, it comes from within as inner knowledge, from inner wisdom, the inner sense that the cycle has turned. It is knowing that I have grown from this cycle and I am moving on to do something else with my will until it becomes truly free and until there is a day where I, Master MORE, can greet you in my retreat with a big smile. We both know without saying anything that the student has finally freed him- or herself so much that the true quality of the First Ray can be blended into his or her heart flame and bring into the material world its unique gift that only this student can bring forth.


Do you see, my beloved, that the First Ray is not a ray that you are meant to study or learn, somehow separately from this teaching and from your own path to get to know your own unique self? The First Ray qualities are the qualities that are meant to blend into your own unique flame so that your own unique flame becomes more. More means that your flame, the blue flame focused in your heart, is not the same as it is in my heart because I have in my heart my unique flame. You have your unique flame, therefore the teachings that we in the ascended realm are giving is not something that you teach or learn as a separate object. When you internalize our teaching, then that means only that you become more, that your sense of self becomes more and then your ability to exercise your free will, your Divine Will, becomes more and your ability to create becomes more. Everything in your life becomes more.


Then you have internalized the true qualities of the First Ray. I, Master MORE, greet you in my retreat to give to you the further teachings that will help you to be more open to my energies until one day you see that Master MORE is not out there. Master MORE is everywhere, including in your heart. Master MORE is the Flame of MORE and Master MORE wants to also flow through you and anchor his Presence in your heart flame so that the Flame of MORE and your uniqueness bring forth a quality that has never been seen before, as a unique quality of MORE.




Copyright © 2013 Helen Michaels

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