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TOPICS: How venutian lifestreams were trained for earth - Do not expect gratitude on earth - Singing together to invoke the light - The gift from Sanat Kumara - The love capital of Russia - Let the inner flame do the work - How form manifests in matter - The wisdom of the Divine Mother -


Ascended Master Venus, June 12, 2013, through Helen Michaels. Given at a conference in Novosibirsk, Russia.


Lady Master Venus is my name, and many of you have recognized me as being the consort of Sanat Kumara who volunteered long ago to open a mission to save planet earth from the dark, downward spiral. Yet many of those 144,000 – who came to planet earth and who volunteered to embody here, to embody the Flame of Venus, the Flame of Love – many of those made the decision out of pure innocence and love. They did not know what was waiting for them here. They had no frame of reference, they had no experience with such hardness of the heart, such fears, attacks, and such strong projections from the serpentine mind because these things – this energy – is simply not present on planet Venus.


How venutian lifestreams were trained for earth

My beloved, when these lifestreams decided to voluntarily embody here, we gave them serious training in our retreats on Venus in what you might call a reality simulator, or rather in our case, unreality simulators. We have rooms in our retreats on planet Venus that enable a lifestream to embody and go through similar experiences that are waiting for them. The task that is given to those lifestreams is to maintain only one thing – despite what they see on the screen, despite what they feel in their four lower bodies, despite what they hear or despite what they feel projected upon them – that planet Venus is the holder, the keeper of the First Seed of God, and that is love of course.


Therefore you can imagine that these lifestreams who voluntarily came to embody on a lower planet, their one and only task is to maintain their flame, to keep the love in their hearts, no matter what they encounter. No matter how fierce is the experience, no matter how much anti-love energy they feel, and no matter what is projected at them, their only task is to maintain the flame of love in their hearts. We prepared these lifestreams before embodying here, we gave them the unreality simulator experience where they went into the room and had the experience of how it is to feel the world without God, to experience what that feeling is when you feel yourself behind the veil of duality. They were given this experience by showing them how hard it can be to be behind the veil of separation, how hard it can be to maintain their focus of the flame in their hearts when they don’t see any frame of reference with any of their senses. 


Their only sense, their only frame of reference was the light in their heart chakra, the light of the Ruby Fire that was planted there, that was put there by Sanat Kumara and myself. That was their only frame of reference. Despite that these lifestreams were not experienced lifestreams, they were the ones who had the main quality necessary for embodying on planet earth, and that was the sense of innocence. These lifestreams were all innocent because they had never experienced the fallen mindset or encountered it in any other way than in our unreality simulators where this fallen mindset and fallen consciousness was shown to them in all aspects and this was projected upon them as fears, as anger and all kinds of lower feelings.


They received projections of every kind that you can find on planet earth today. They were given the experiences of what it feels like to be killed unjustly. Or is there ever a just cause for killing somebody? My beloved, despite this preparation the lifestreams who came to planet earth with Sanat Kumara, despite these preparations, it still was and it still is hard for them to maintain the focus of love in their hearts. The attacks of the fallen ones are so fierce and the veil of duality can be so dense that it parts your vision, it divides your vision and it divides your sense of where your frame of reference is. 


Do not expect gratitude on earth

My beloved I Lady Master Venus and my consort Sanat Kumara, we are dedicated every day to keep you in our retreats if you are willing to come, to give you the same lessons and to remind you that this planet is a dense place and you cannot expect here any return of love. You cannot expect gratitude from the fallen mindset that you are finally here wanting to share your love because love is not expected here. 


My beloved, love is expected in ascended spheres and lifestreams who descended to planet earth came here with the same expectation. They couldn’t understand that the fallen mindset and fallen beings don’t understand love. That is one of the hardest tasks for those who have descended from planet Venus. They cannot understand why people reject their love, which is unconditional and doesn’t need anything in return. 


The fallen mindset cannot stand the vibration of love, they cannot stand even the Presence of Love, my beloved, because of what love really does. It is the First Seed of God that is written into my decrees and the Song of Life and it is the First Seed of God because based on love everything can grow. Love is the ingredient that makes plants grow, makes flowers bloom and makes your heart smile. Love is the first ingredient that is necessary for new life. You cannot conceive a baby without love. You cannot do many things without love that are related to creativity and bringing in new concepts, new ideas, even new inventions. Love for more, love for transcendence, and the love to find and experience that life is so much more than this present moment, that it is the first ingredient which is the Seed of God. 


Singing together to invoke the light

There was another lesson that was given to those lifestreams who descended to planet earth. We have explained in our previous dictations that planet Venus is a planet where we sing and dance together. We do this all the time. We do it because singing and dancing in God’s name invokes the light and keeps creating the flames in a completely unique manner.


Every time the singing is different. It is not possible to sing the same song, even if the lyrics are the same, it is not possible to sing the same song twice exactly in the same way. The second time is always different from the first and that shows you how important it is to keep your flame burning in completely unique ways all the time. That is why singing is one of the exercises we do in spiritual retreats on planet Venus.


There is a room in our retreat where in the middle of this big room is a fire, the Ruby Ray Fire burning on a white sculpture, a completely white altar. Lifestreams who are gathering in this retreat gather around this fire, around this flame, and they do not receive teachings or lectures about the Ruby Fire or about how to keep the Ruby Fire burning within their hearts. They learn to tune in to that flame by humming, by singing, by keeping the flame burning in their hearts by singing – bringing it forth via vibrations. They learn the flame through its vibration and they learn to bring this vibration wherever they go. That is the task and initiation that is necessary to go through for everyone who made the decision to descend to planet earth with Sanat Kumara because these people, these lifestreams, knew very well that it is not possible in many cases for them to say anything about love to other lifestreams here because the environment is so dense and the vibration so dense. 


There is only one vibration that can penetrate and that is the Flame of Love in their hearts. Therefore, it was essential for them, before they came here, that they learned to express the unconditional love through their heart flame and not by words, and not intellectually by studying the flame and talking about love, but by expressing the flame through vibrations. In many cases you are in a situation on planet earth where you cannot talk, you cannot even hum because you have to be silent but nevertheless this vibration of love also penetrates silence, it penetrates everything my beloved. 


That is the beauty of the Ruby Ray love, the Ruby Fire love that is completely unconditional. Due to the fact that it is completely unconditional, it can penetrate all conditions no matter how many walls or barriers are put in front of you while you live here or you work here. 


The gift from Sanat Kumara

You must know that there is a flame in your heart that no one can take away from you and the vibration cannot be shut off. This was the lesson that was given to these lifestreams and they knew that there is only one thing, one teacher, one parent one frame of reference when they came here and that is the flame in their heart, the gift from Sanat Kumara that was planted in their hearts as a seed that was meant to grow once they descended to planet earth.


You see my beloved, when we gave you the gift we did not expect that you would express this gift in only one way. That is not God’s law. God’s law is that love is always transcending and therefore whatever the seed or the flame is that is put in your heart you are the one who has to water it, you are the one who has to feed this seed so that the seed could grow and grow stronger in this dense environment where you are right now. You have the lessons and many on planet earth are ready to regain those lessons. Many are ready to be reminded of those lessons and there are new lifestreams who are ready to be given the same teaching, the same original teaching that was given to those lifestreams who were the first 144,000 with Sanat Kumara. Many are ready and that has been the opening for me, for Lady Maser Venus, that I have been able to come here among you and give you the frame of reference of the Mother Flame that I represent.


The love capital of Russia

We of course had the opportunity, a few days ago, to anchor our flame in Moscow. Yet we didn’t do that because I and the other masters saw that the opportunity is much bigger here. Here is the opportunity for the flame that we anchor to grow as a seed. The people who have gathered here, putting on this beautiful conference, they actually have the potential to keep this seed growing. Therefore, I Lady Master Venus, I propose that Novosibirsk will be the Love Capital for Russia so that this will be the capital which is mainly dedicated to keeping the flame of love for Russia. I anchor my Presence here as the Divine Mother in the middle of the city, in the middle of the river that parts the city. I anchor my Presence here and it is not merely a flame but it is a Presence that enables those people who are willing to tune in to my heart to receive the teachings that I have ready and waiting for them. 


Everybody who is here has the potential to manifest being the open door for the Divine Mother energies. Therefore, my beloved, do not underestimate yourself no matter how fierce are the conditions that you see around you, no matter how hopeless the political situation might feel. No matter how hopeless it feels to live in the state of Russia due to corruption problems and due to many problems, you know that it is not your task to solve, with your outer mind, the questions of politics. It is your task, as it was given on planet Venus, it is your task to keep your flame, to keep your flame in the middle of the conditions that seem hopeless. 


Let the inner flame do the work

When you start thinking with your outer mind, you see many situations and many outer appearances that do not look nice and where beauty is very far from that image, yet you know in your heart what Mother Mary expressed. You see that the form is only temporary and you see in your heart that you are the Formless Presence, you carry the Formless Flame. Therefore, you have the opportunity, you have the ability, with the flame in your heart to penetrate the density of the Matter sphere and bring forward the manifestation of a much higher vibration.


You see that no matter what area you are involved with or no matter what job you do, you don’t have to do certain outer things to actually fulfil your mission. You are fulfilling your mission when you tune in to the flame that you have. When you feel that this love flame is your only frame of reference and you are true to this flame, then that flame has the ability to penetrate all the ugliness, all the outer appearances. This flame has the ability to penetrate everything at this level of density because that flame is not material. It is a spiritual flame, it is a gift from the Morning Star, it is a gift from Sanat Kumara whose name is so Holy that you all feel it. Every time even when you meditate on this name you feel a certain vibration invoked in your heart. 


Therefore, my beloved, remember these lessons from the retreats on planet Venus, and be aware that all of these initiations are right now taking place at the retreat of the Divine Mother. Those lifestreams that are coming in this day and age to the retreats of myself and to the Divine Mother receive exactly the same teaching, the same preparation to fulfil your mission. Be aware that only you can be the one who decides what kind of frame of reference you want to have on planet earth. Do you want your frame of reference to be other people? Do you want your frame of reference to be your family who might not even in many cases be spiritual? Or do you want your frame of reference to actually be the Love Flame in your heart?


How form manifests in matter

My beloved hearts, remember that, whatever flame you are carrying, look at this flame not as a static flame but look at it as a Seed of God, the seed that is meant to grow, the seed that wants to grow bigger and bigger by expressing itself in different ways, in different life forms. It is your task to tune in to your own seed and see it grow as it wants to grow. You see, nothing in the Matter sphere is ready by itself. The Matter sphere and the Ma-ter light do not function as if God gives it some ultimate form and then this form will be manifested instantly because Matter is a flame that by its nature and by its very essence needs time to fully open the form in its true beauty. 


Look at how babies grow in their mothers’ wombs. Initially, there is a tiny foetus until both the mother and the baby grow together during this nine months of pregnancy on planet earth, until they both become ready at the end of the ninth month to be born. The mother becomes ready to be reborn as a mother and the baby becomes ready to be born into matter. Do you see how beautiful this process is of allowing something to grow, something that is charged with divine energy and wants to bring this divinity, this fullness of beauty into matter?


Why is there so much talk that Venus is the planet of beauty, the planet of love and beauty? It is because, my beloved, planet Venus has learned the lessons of how to express anything in the Matter sphere by being willing to constantly feed the concept with the flame and the light of God. Whatever it will be must be fed and nurtured with the flame and the light of God, God the Father as the Holy Spirit. Then this concept starts to grow but it takes time until it fully manifests. It takes time until it is fully manifested in its beauty and that is what we on planet Venus do. We are open doors for the Father, the Divine Father energy, and we let it inspire and we let it flow through us but we don’t rush, we give it time to grow so that the concepts, the forms, that want to be brought forth can be ready to be born in their fullest potential. 


That is why, my beloved, you have to see the spiritual practices the same way. Whatever you want to bring forth, whatever result or particular manifestation, you at some level in your being have to step back completely from the desire to see particular results and focus on the process, the process that only the wisdom of the Divine Mother knows how to guide because the Divine Mother has the built-in wisdom to know when it is the right time to feed this plant, to feed this seed of love in your heart. The Divine Mother knows when it is the right time to nurture, when it is the right time to eat. The Divine Mother has the ability to discern how to react or whether not to react at all. 


The wisdom of the Divine Mother

My beloved, I invite you to acknowledge consciously that this time and era symbolizes the Divine Mother in its fullest form. Today, we are not in the era where the Divine Mother is fully veiled like you can see on one of the famous pictures by Nicholas Roerich of the Divine Mother, where you cannot fully see her face because her face is veiled. My beloved, this symbol that Nicholas Roerich so eloquently painted in his painting was very adequate at that time because humankind was not ready for the direct teachings and the direct experience of working with the Divine Mother. So much of the consciousness was not even able to grasp the finer, delicate aspects of the Divine Mother’s wisdom. 


This is not the wisdom that you can learn from books. It is the wisdom that is built into you along with the flame that you are carrying. In order to actually access this wisdom of the Divine Mother you have to tune in to your flame, you have to see – honestly and in its full potential – what this flame can bring forth. You also have built into the same flame the ability to discern how your manifestation, how your particular unique creativity, can be brought forth. This is not the knowledge that ascended masters can lecture you on and then you can go home and apply it. This is the knowledge that has to be born inside you. 


You are the one who actually gives birth to your new self. You are the only one who can give birth to the Divine Mother in you. We in the ascended realm can give you the teaching, we can inspire you but we cannot actually bring forth your unique manifestation which is your particular task and divine plan. We cannot say what this is because in many cases there are lifestreams who have many talents and it up to them which talent they want to develop in this particular lifetime. 


It is not a straight-jacket that says that you have to do only one thing. There are people who are capable of doing many things or there are people who have to do certain things for a certain period of time. After that era has ended, then they continue and do something else that is living and embodying the Divine Mother, tuning in to your flame. You tune in to your heart and you look at your flame as a growing seed in you that is new every day, and different, and transcends itself with you constantly being reborn. 


My beloved this is the development that we in the Ascended realm are waiting to see also for Russia. You are the people who have the ability to discern and see and tune in to your own flame but also to the flames of other people. You are the ones who can inspire others, not even always when you are talking to them but sometimes by merely being present, sometimes by merely being there for these people. Remember that even the hardest density can be penetrated by the unconditional love flame, the Ruby Fire that you are carrying in your heart. This is your vibration that in many cases does the work for you. It is not your outer mind or your mental capabilities, though that is a benefit if you have them, but it is mainly your vibration that is your Presence.


I, Lady Master Venus, thank you for all these arrangements. I thank you in the name of all of the inhabitants and lifestreams on planet Venus because this conference gives us again the opportunity to bring in this unique flame that we are carrying. We are so grateful that these people in Novosibirsk tuned in to our Presence and felt that they wanted to do this conference here. 


I, Lady Venus, declare this town, Novosibirsk, as the Capital of Love for Mother Russia!



Copyright 2013 © by Helen Michaels


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