Ascended Master dictations given during 2013:

Title Created Date Author
Why the Ego Is Always “Right” 01.08.2013 Jesus
The Importance of Ego Dramas 01.08.2013 Jesus
The Unreality of the Epic Struggle 03.08.2013 Jesus
How the Epic Struggle Is Justified 04.08.2013 Jesus
The Origin of Personal Dramas 05.08.2013 Jesus
The Origin of Epic Dramas 06.08.2013 Jesus
The Essential Flaw of Dramas 07.08.2013 Jesus
Why People Cling to Their Dramas 08.08.2013 Jesus
What the Ascended Masters Can and Cannot Do 09.08.2013 Jesus
Play Your Part—Indefinitely 10.08.2013 Jesus
Could God Make a Mistake? 11.08.2013 Jesus
A Specific Outcome MUST Be Achieved 12.08.2013 Jesus
You Know Better Than God 13.08.2013 Jesus
God Needs Your Help 14.08.2013 Jesus
The World Might End 15.08.2013 Jesus
Does the Christ Have Opinions? 16.08.2013 Jesus
Claiming Your Innocence 17.08.2013 Jesus
Give Up Changing the Fallen Beings 18.08.2013 Jesus
MM 09. The out-breath and the in-breath of God 09.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
MM 08. Power and freedom 08.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
MM 07. Power and peace 07.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
MM 06. Power and healing 06.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
MM 05. Power and acceleration 05.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
MM 04. Power and love 04.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
MM 03. Power and wisdom 03.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
MM 02. Power and will 02.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
MM 01. Introducing the First Ray 01.02.2013 El Morya - Master MORE
08. Knowing yourself as God knows you 18.03.2013 Omega
07. Living in the flow of love 17.03.2013 Venus
06. Uphold your torch of spiritual light 16.03.2013 Goddess of Liberty
05. Balance is the key to manifestation 15.03.2013 Portia
04. Healing at the physical level 14.03.2013 Mother Mary
03. Letting feelings flow 13.03.2013 Kuan Yin
02. Using the mind or letting the mind use you 12.03.2013 Nada
01. Recreating your sense of self 11.03.2013 Maraytaii
How to stop rejecting the abundance of the Divine Mother 23.06.2013 Mother Mary
The questions most people cannot even ask 22.06.2013 Saint Germain
Elitism is the key to understanding history 22.06.2013 Saint Germain
The Alpha and the Omega of the golden age 21.06.2013 Saint Germain
Diversity is the master key to the golden age 21.06.2013 Saint Germain
Free yourself from the difficult people in your life 30.03.2013 Jesus
Reach for the ineffable light 16.06.2013 Mother Mary
A momentous breakthrough for Russia 16.06.2013 Archangel Michael
Seeing with the eyes of a transcendent artist 16.06.2013 Nicholas Roerich
Dare to Live Your Own Life 16.06.2013 Guru Ma
Allow yourself to feel the Joy of Christ 16.06.2013 Jesus
The higher stages of Christhood and the path of Buddhahood 15.06.2013 Saint Germain
Who will embody the Freedom Flame in Russia? 15.06.2013 Saint Germain
Letting Go in Order to Ascend 14.06.2013 Guru Ma
How to free yourself from psychic implants 14.06.2013 Serapis Bey
Consuming the records of torture from Soviet times 14.06.2013 Elohim Astrea
What It Feels Like to Ascend 12.06.2013 Guru Ma
The ascended masters love the Russian people 13.06.2013 Master MORE
Only mercy can truly transform Russia 12.06.2013 Kuan Yin
Will the people of the light let the fallen beings lead the world? 12.06.2013 Mother Mary
Isn’t it time to stop following the false path of empty promises? 01.01.2013 Gautama Buddha

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