The Mother Light judges those who abuse women

TOPICS: You are representatives of the Divine Mother - When the Mother element is put down  - Tuning in to the power of Mother - Love is creative - Judging the beast that abuses women - Find balance with the mother element - 

Ascended Master Lady Venus, June 16, 2012. Received by Helen Michaels


Lady Venus I AM, and it is my great joy to welcome you to this very rare event that has taken place in Australia. Indeed, it was a great joy to see the harmony what you created through your sound, through this sound that created unity and harmony in the matter plane. Indeed, where I come from, the planet Venus, we have learned that the main thing creating unity and harmony is truly the major art of the Divine Mother.


You are representatives of the Divine Mother

I come to you in this hour with the fullness of all seven Elohim who are the creators of the universe. I, as the representative of the Divine Mother, truly am stepping, in this day and age, into a unique role that has not been announced on planet earth before. The doors of the temple of the Divine Mother are fully open and through these doors, through this my retreat, flows into your realm of matter the white pure substance, the pure white light, that is meant to ignite the pure white fire on the altar in each one of you, the Mother altar within you. 


There were times in previous dispensations where we said that there were not many representatives of the Divine Mother embodied, and it was often announced that there is only one messenger or one or a few people who could carry the light of the Divine Mother. Yet my beloved, as you yourself just experienced through giving this invocation, the light of the Mother is not anything that can be carried by one or a few people alone, it is the light that is meant to be carried by many people. And not truly carried, but being embodied—and what do I mean by that, my beloved?


The light of the Divine Mother can be born only on the altars of those who have manifested the balance within their lower beings between masculine and feminine, who have manifested the divine masculine-divine feminine balance. I am not saying it has to be perfect by any earthly term. But what does balance truly mean? This will be my discourse to you today, because I come from Venus, my beloved, and I have no respect for any of the fallen images put upon the Divine Mother, put upon any of the lifestreams on earth, put upon the Mother element that is carried by men and women, on planet earth.


The Mother element is in each one of you a unique ability and quality, your own ability to transfer the talents from the spiritual realm into reality. The Mother is the element that creates harmony, that creates unity between the millions of different ideas that have come from the spirit of the Father. The Mother element in each one of you is able to draw this into a coherent whole, both in your own life but also as a society. It is the Mother element that creates the atmosphere for new life to be born. It is the Mother element that creates this space in the matter realm where new ideas, new life forms, but especially ideas can be born.


When the Mother element is put down

Do you see, my beloved, what has happened in society where the Mother element has been put down by the fallen consciousness for centuries? In these societies there is not a fertile ground for new ideas to be born because there is no unity between the masculine and the feminine element. When there is no unity, then there cannot be any balance, can there? 


Hereby, I, Lady Venus, come to tell you that, in each one of you, the main task for overcoming the superiority–inferiority dynamic on planet earth is to first balance the Mother element. When you do not see that you are one with God, that you are a unique being who has been given a unique talent – or who has been born out of a unique ray and has this ability to embody this ray in matter – how can you really embody this when you do not see yourself as such? 


Therefore, the main thing for you, my beloved, is to look into yourself, look deeply at what are these fallen beliefs in you that are holding you back from seeing yourself as my earthly counterpart, as the Divine Mother on planet earth. In each one of you, you have the Mother altar where the white light is burning. It is completely up to you how you keep this light, how you take care of this light and how you raise this light. 


Are you able to raise this light in your heart until it unites with the Father and can be born into unconditional divine love? Or do you keep this light trapped in earthly activities that have been put upon you by other people, possibly by the fallen consciousness that wants you to be busy with earthly strife, with earthly arguments, with earthly discussions, without actually giving you the time to be still in yourself and feel the tremendous power that is within you through this light? 


Do you believe, my beloved, that once you get in touch with this light in you, you are able to tune in, to lock in, to this tremendous power that is growing out of this oneness? When you are able to see yourself as the body or embodiment of the Divine Mother on planet earth, it is this power of the divine origin that is coming through you, that is flowing through you. By you being in embodiment, you have an extraordinary ability and power to change earthly conditions. 


Tuning in to the power of Mother

In many cases your mind is so geared to see life through the senses. The noise around you, the images that your eyes are catching, cause you to miss tuning in to this inner ability that each one of you have because you have the Divine Mother element in you, both men and women. Through this element you are able to tune in to this wholeness that I, Lady Venus, am. This wholeness is forming the entire consciousness of the divinity, the entire consciousness of the Divine Mother. It is infinite, it is infinite power that you can keep in yourself through this oneness and by feeling this wholeness. 


My beloved, the light that is embodied by the Divine Mother is infinite. Do you see that each one of you is not the limited being that you think you are? You are infinite beings, you are shining like suns, you are unique rays of this consciousness that has created you. You are so unique each one of you, and so is your talent that you can express in this world. 


Yet I am very well aware that the fallen consciousness has projected upon you thousands of images for how the Mother element should be on planet earth. You are dealing in your minds with thousands of images that are projected through the darkness that is still so much present. And you, of course, have to have enormous strength and centeredness in your being to fully see through these images, and see this complete unconditionality of the Divine Mother that has no tolerance of anything that is fallen whatsoever. 


This, my beloved, is your challenge. I can see this very well and that is why the ascended masters are coming here and assisting you with this frame of reference that is our light. So that you can tune in to our light and regain the power within you to look straight into the eyes of the fallen appearances projected upon you and say from the heart, from deep within you: “You have no power over me.” And while saying this, you let the fire of the Divine Mother burn in your altar so that you stay focused on this fire. 


Do you see, my beloved, what I say, when I say that you stay focused on this fire? I mean that your eyes truly have to be focused only on God, that is your only frame of reference. Your frame of reference, beloved Children of God, is not and never will be the images from the fallen minds. You have all embodied here out of great love. And this love that you have felt towards planet earth and its lifestreams, of course, is not the earthly love. It is a divine love, it is a creative love. 



Love is creative

What do I mean by saying creative? Creative love is the love that is always focused on oneness with God. It expresses itself in matter in a differently way every time by transcending earlier expressions. This, of course, is a challenge for the linear mind to grasp because the Divine Mother is meant to embody divine love. Divine love is not something that you can put into boxes or can write into laws or in prescribed rules, saying that all lifestreams on planet earth have to be equal according to earthly standards.


Yes, my beloved, they have to be equal and they are equal vertically because all lifestreams come from God, are born out of the great light and love. They are equal, but they are not ever the same according to an earthly standard. And that is why there is a story that I want to share with you about a mother who was a mother for three children, the youngest of them just introduced to kindergarten.


While this mother was working, she held her balance and presence above the youngest child who was just introduced to kindergarten, and she knew through divine wisdom that her only task with this child during this period is to comfort the child and to offer the child the frame of reference of unconditional love. When the mother picked up her children after a long workday and came home, then before she started to do anything else, she took the youngest – who had just come back from kindergarten and was still disturbed by the noise and the new experiences that she got there – then the mother just held this youngest child on her lap. The child got back the peace and the frame of reference that no matter what outer images are out there in this big, wild world, her mother always loves her unconditionally.


The mother’s love is the frame of reference for you, my beloved. What you can learn from this story is how you can overcome the inferiority-superiority dynamic on planet earth. There is truly only one way. Instead of being focused on this frame of reference that is out there around you, turn your eyes inside and focus on the altar of the Divine Mother within you, where you see burning the unconditional love that is God’s unconditional presence, raining down upon you constantly. 


Learn to accept this love and see how this love creates – every day – new ideas, new shades of joy in you. Learn to be focused and centered in this joy and love so that your hearts can carry the same calm and infinitely burning unconditionally loving divine Mother energy that is sharing its presence everywhere you go and that is forming reality through sharing the presence. 


Judging the beast that abuses women

Do you see, my beloved, that it is extremely hard for me to speak about the equality of the sexes in a horizontal way that is so much the focus on planet earth right now? I, from the ascended realm, see you all as equal—yet you are all unique. And when men and woman come together in a relationship on planet earth, this relationship forms a unique wholeness. 


It is unique no matter whether it is karmic or not, but even if it’s karmic you still have the opportunity to transcend the karma and be centered in this divinity in each other and grow from this relationship more than you have ever expected. My beloved children, this is a challenge that is very hard for most people on planet earth right now because what I see is that there is still present this consciousness that wants to put women down, that doesn’t even acknowledge that women are equal to men.


Thereby, I, Lady Venus, when I said that the doors of the Temple of the Divine Mother are wide open and the light of the Divine Mother’s heart is flowing to planet earth, what I mean is that the light indeed becomes the judgment. The light becomes the judgment for those lifestreams who still think that they are justified to kill babies, they are justified to take women as slaves, or even sex slaves, that it is justified to treat women as if they don’t deserve an education or a good life. 


My beloved, the light of the Divine Mother that is flowing from my altar is indeed meant to judge this consciousness on planet earth. And I can assure you that in the coming decades this consciousness truly will be shaken. It is flushed out from its caves where it is hiding. The light of the Divine Mother is flowing, right now on the planet to the extent that it has not flowed during this last century. And it is flushing out all these structures, all these beasts and monsters that want to keep women as inferior to men, and that want to put women down using all kinds of means.


Why am I giving this dictation right now on the soil of Australia? It is because the focal point of this beast is mainly in South East Asia, in China, also in the Middle East and in Africa. Yet it is possible that this unique flame that Australia has the potential to carry can enable the people in South East Asia to see these perversions and get rid of these perversions. So my beloved, that is why I am anchoring here my Presence that is meant to shake apart these molded structures of this beast that doesn’t want to change and wants to keep women in inferior positions.



Find balance with the mother element

Mother Mary said in the beginning of this year that the year of the Holy Spirit will be the year which is meant to give a lot of freedom to women all around the world. Many of you have discussed after this release how can you be helpers in this task. And truly, the unique thing you can always do – even if you don’t do anything outer, join any specific organization, or run any organization on your own – what you can always do and what contributes to changing the mass consciousness is finding the balance with the Mother element within you. That is the minimum that you can do, and yet it is also the most powerful thing you can do because you all are part of the same whole.


You all are interconnected with each other, and even when you do not see this with your outer mind, each of the prayers that you do, each of the words that you speak in the name of God, will be multiplied and it will be your treasure, not only in heaven, but it will be the treasure that you help to accumulate for the entire planet earth.


You, my beloved, are meant to be the representatives of the Divine Mother, not in the sense that you have to be raised up separately, but you collectively are the representatives and you are my helpers, you are my students. And yet, you are the creators of your own reality and the planetary reality. Do you see, my beloved, what immense power you are carrying within your mother altar? Turn your eyes inside and focus on this immense power inside of you, and you will see every day what you can do. You begin to see what you can do differently than you have done before. 


If we talk about balancing the masculine and feminine, I am not only talking about women and the requirement and the need for women to be more in touch with the divine femininity. I am also addressing the men because the men have their mother element, and when they are not in touch with this element, they cannot be truly balanced people to support their families, their wives or partners. 


My beloved, it is my great joy to give you this release on this day. Indeed, there is in each one of you the uniqueness that helps you to transcend the superiority–inferiority complex in society but also within yourself. When I say that love is creative, then it truly is creative. Because love, especially divine love, never stays the same. Whatever you think divine love is, the next moment you have to transcend the thought and experience and embody this love. 


My beloved, this love transcends all limitations on planet earth and whatever you see in yourself as a limitation, once you focus on your feminine side, once you focus to truly come into contact with the Mother element in you, you begin to see that there are enormous opportunities for you to transcend the way you used to look at the world, and yourself in this world. 


Of course, my beloved, once you have recognized the divinity in yourself, it is inevitable that you begin to see the divinity in each other. And once you see the divinity in each other, is it even possible for planet earth to carry out these perversions that you currently see in various forms of crimes, in various forms of abusing each other? 


Do you see, my beloved, how great is the love of the ascended masters for helping you? We are all here to help you, and sometimes when you do not hear us, once you have closed your minds and senses to our signals to our presence, we are still here. The least we can do is that we just love you. We just hold you on our laps, like the Mother did in the story I shared, with the little kid after the messy day in kindergarten. We hold you and share our unconditional love with you, hoping that one day you will realize you carry the same love and are able to transcend all that is holding you back, seeing yourself as one among us. I thank you for listening to this release so quietly, and I give the word now to the next master.




Copyright © 2012 by Helen Michaels

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