Anchoring the Flame of Mercy in Tiananmen Square


TOPICS: Holding the balance for the Chinese people - Helping people transcend their past - The massacre in Tiananmen Square - Cycles of karma will be released -


The Ascended Master Kuan Yin,  June 22, 2012. Received by Helen Michaels




Kuan Yin I AM, and I come today through this physical focus of all of my four students who are standing in the middle of Tiananmen Square holding the mother flame that I am holding in the ascended realm, holding the flame of the merciful mother in the physical. Indeed, the Flame of Mercy is a flame that I, the mother of the East, am holding. 


As I am speaking these words, I have descended with my Being with the angles of mercy down to Tiananmen Square, clearing the records of the slaughtering of people that happened here 24 years ago. As the angels are clearing these records, they are delivering the Flame of Mercy – the true flame of compassion – into the physical square and the physical realm. 


Holding the balance for the Chinese people

As Saint Germain has been anchoring the Flame of Freedom and Liberty in this place, I have come with the Omega portion of my flame that is mercy and forgiveness. Indeed, Kuan Yin I AM, and I am holding the mercy and forgiveness for the Chinese people so that they have the time to outplay all of this consciousness that has been clouding them for so many centuries. Without the Flame of Mercy, without the space that the Flame of Mercy is creating, it wouldn’t be possible to hold back the karmic return for this immense crime against humanity by the Communist regime. 


My beloved, I Kuan Yin represent the Flame of Mercy that is the Omega part of the Flame of Freedom. As long as the Chinese people are not willing to look upon the historic events through the vision of mercy and compassion – as long as they are not willing to honestly see what happened in the past and give the Christ assessment in their hearts of these events – this nation is not capable of rising above this or to truly embody the Flame of Freedom in people’s hearts. 


The Flame of Freedom can only be manifested in the physical through compassion and mercy which is a deep forgiveness, as we have given teachings on before. Mercy is the flame that is held by the Creator for the entire planet earth so that people have the room to outplay in the mother realm all of the darkest shades of their consciousness, so that they will come to see what is hiding in those dark corners in their minds and hearts and notice that this is not a sustainable way for them to live in the future nor the life they would want for their children. 


Helping people transcend their past

Without seeing this consciousness outplayed, many people unfortunately will not learn, and Kuan Yin holds the Office of Mercy for all of these lifestreams that are committing the hardest crimes against humanity. Many of them are coming after their lifetime to my retreat and they are able to look back only when they encounter the Flame of Mercy. In the Flame of Mercy they are able to see that they are worthy of God’s love and worthy to receive God’s love because they are created out of the one Creator. 


Without the Flame of Mercy these beings are not even able to look back at the actions that they committed in their lives, and they are not able to see what has actually happened and how their actions and thoughts and deeds influenced other lifestreams in embodiment. The Flame of Mercy embodies this enormous grace for them so that they would be able to have the Christ discernment in this moment when they look back and are put in the middle of this strong, intense, infinite Flame of Mercy. Then, they are able to look back and see that there must be a better way to live during their next lifetime on planet earth. There must be a more graceful way for them to treat other lifestreams who are also embodied with them. There must be more to life than killing each other, especially those who do not agree either with the party ideology or any other serpentine scheme or form of manipulation. 


While I talk, and while I say these words, I radiate the infinite flame of compassion and mercy, not only to the people who are gathered in Tiananmen Square today, but to all people in the Chinese society and in other countries who are outplaying the same kind of consciousness as you see outplayed in China by the Communist party. This includes the merciless, ruthless killing of others without even seeing their counterparts as other human beings. 


The massacre in Tiananmen Square

This was a mercilessness that only the mechanized lifestreams are able to outplay. It was a merciless and ruthless killing that happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989 where the students who peacefully protested against the corruption and the serpentine manipulation in the country were killed because they took a stand. My beloved, this was a lesson in Chinese history that the whole country, up to today, wants to hide and keep hidden. 


But, my beloved, the truth and reality cannot be hidden because it was the rightful Flame of Mercy that many of these students embodied. They were some of my most advanced students in China, and they took this task upon themselves to show the Chinese society and the Communist elite the true Flame of Mercy, the true flame of compassion. They showed and demonstrated that people are not just mechanized dolls, as the Communist leaders so often like to think, but that they deserve voting rights in a corruption free society and a better life where they can have a say about their lives in matter. 


These lifestreams are so often looked upon with great sorrow for sacrificing their young lives. But, my beloved, in the longer term perspective that I am holding, this was one of the victories of the Flame of Freedom and Mercy here in China because these lifestreams indeed started a cycle that cannot be hidden in the false books of history that the Communist party so carefully tries to prepare. This is the history that is recorded in the identity, mental, and emotional realms. This is the reality that has been started and it was the Flame of Mercy and Compassion that these people were willing to carry.


When so many people are gathered together in the name of God, in the name of a better life, then indeed the ascended masters are with them, and the angels are keeping their records which cannot be hidden, and this history will start flowing again and will be exposed in its true light in coming years. This will show to the Chinese people who are currently in embodiment that there are things that cannot be forgotten and things that can be forgiven. The Flame of Reality – the flame of the true spirit and true freedom – is something that no one who has been born out of the great Creator’s heart can ever forget. This is the true presence of the lifestream that wants to be expressed and that wants to flow in matter as it is flowing in the spiritual realm. 


There is the identity that cannot be forgotten. This is the true identity for everybody on planet earth. The embodiment of the flame of true freedom, the embodiment of the true spirit, the embodiment of the true, Divine plan cannot be forever forgotten. 


Cycles of karma will be released

My beloved, I, Kuan Yin, come to say that the cycles of karma that I have been holding back from rolling over China as a country will not be held back anymore to such a large degree. It will start descending and exposing the things that Chinese society needs to deal with and that the Chinese people need to look at and speak out about. 


The karma will still be released with the Flame of Mercy, portion by portion, exactly in those portions that the lifestreams who are currently in embodiment can handle. But I will say that the events that people so often think they can hide from the history books, and from people who have been born after 1989, this true Flame of Freedom cannot be hidden. 


And with this release – which Saint Germain and the Goddess of Liberty and myself are releasing today in the middle of Tiananmen Square – this release is helping to flush out the true history from the hidden corners of Chinese society. And by saying that, I Kuan Yin anchor the Flame of Mercy and Compassion into the hearts of all Chinese people as well as in the middle of this square. 


I am placing my Presence over the mausoleum of Mao Zedong so that the people who visit this place will sooner or later come across the thought in their minds: “Is this truly the history that we want to be outplayed forever for China? Are these events in the past really the right ones that have to determine our future or is there more to life that we deserve and want to pursue?”


My beloved, the Flame of Mercy is a flame of honesty and a flame of forgiveness. Before you can put yourself through the Flame of Mercy, you really need to have an honest, non-dualistic view of history where you do not judge what could or should have happened but just look upon the historic event with the single eye of God. You see these events as a moving picture in theaters, and you can only say that this wasn’t the best that happened, but we have learned from this experience and we are creating different pictures on the movie screen of our lives for the future. 


The Flame of Mercy and Compassion is a flame that allows you to look back at history and all of the events that have happened in your own lives without this sense of regret because you can only have regret when you are still in the realm of duality. The dualistic mindset wants to measure and ask: “Was it good or bad? Should it or shouldn’t it have happened?” 


As you go beyond duality and see events from the perspective of your Divine flame, you begin to see that all of this was a necessary step in the school of earth where you needed to learn whatever the lesson was. Nevertheless, you are still able to look back on these lessons with great compassion and love in your heart, a love so full of mercy and forgiveness that it sets all life free from the yokes of the past. 


This is the true Flame of Freedom and Mercy. The Mercy Flame, when you anchor it into your heart from our heart, can set you free so that you simply cannot look back at history with any sense of regret. Instead, you will rise beyond all of the earthly senses and rejoice that you have learned your lesson and can now move on in a great freedom and sense of liberty. 


You have become so light that the weight of history is not able to put you down anymore. You are able to rise beyond history and have the single-eyed vision of Cyclopea, looking back, seeing all, judging not. You are moving on by creating a new life out of the flame that you are able now to carry in your hearts, the Flame of Compassion that sets all life free wherever it goes.


By saying that, I, Kuan Yin, set all life free all around this Tiananmen Square. I seal you, my faithful students, into the Flame of Mercy and Compassion. And I seal the Chinese society and Chinese people with the same flame, anchoring my Presence here in the middle of this square, together with Saint Germain, spreading the sense of compassion and mercy everywhere through all of these people who come here and receive a part of it, sometimes without even noticing it. 


I am Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.




Copyright © 2012 by Helen Michaels

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