It is time to end the cycle of willful ignorance


TOPICS: The end of the cycle of willful ignorance - The Great Wall symbolizes the sleeping dragon - No separation between God and creation - The coils of the serpent - Blindly following rules - Lack of wisdom in China -


Ascended Lord Maitreya, June 21, 2012. Received by Helen Michaels.




Maitreya is my name and Ruby Fire is my flame. Today, I come to announce a release that we have prepared, several masters gathered in my retreat, here 80 km Southeast of Beijing. I welcome here all these four anchors of light that I, Maitreya, can use as the torches of the Ruby Ray that can carry the light of the flower of life across the planet, having in their hearts the light that we have held in all those ages in our retreats. Finally, we can release the light, the Ruby Fire light, directly into the hearts of those who have purified themselves enough to be able to carry this portion of energies in their energy fields and in their chakras. 




The end of the cycle of willful ignorance


Maitreya is my name. I come to announce the beginning of a new era that marks the end of the old cycle of willful ignorance in which planet earth has been for so long. People have been taking showers in the comfortable waters, the sticky waters of planet earth that have polluted their chakras, their vision. The human beings who have inhabited planet earth have for too long stayed in this state of willful ignorance. 




My beloved, today is the day when I show a different shade of kindness, as I am the first one to release this Ruby Fire that marks the end of the cycle during which the serpent has been the main teacher for the world. These changes that I have come to announce do not happen quickly. Mankind has to be ready to grow into the new consciousness where people take responsibility to carry the light in their chakras instead of enjoying the comfortable, merciless, sometimes ruthless, stay in the material sphere. Here they remain willfully ignorant about the fact that life is not divided nor is energy veiled by the Great Wall or by anything else between Spirit and matter. 




All life is one. There are those who want to see a division between God and the God-extensions that the Creator has sent into this new sphere. This illusion can remain in the matter sphere only for a certain time. When this time is up, then it is time for this illusion to break down and show reality. Already, reality shines through and the veils, made of the coils of serpents, are becoming more and more transparent. 




The Great Wall symbolizes the sleeping dragon


My beloved, what is the symbol of the Great Wall? It is the symbol of willful ignorance, the calcified serpent that has been lying down, hidden in the mountains of China. I, Maitreya, come with the Ruby Fire scepter, ready to be placed right in the middle of the focal point of the consciousness represented by the Great Wall. This is the consciousness of the serpent that wants to divide everything according to its own terms, according to its own rules. 




Those who went to the Great Wall today see that it is lying there, being physically visible like the serpent that has been hiding the main part of itself in the mountains, like a dragon that is ready to be awakened if necessary, hiding the great darkness in its belly and its coils. It has for far too long polluted the consciousness of the people in China and also across the planet. 




The serpentine consciousness that is represented here is outplayed to such an extent in this society of China that you barely see this amount of people anywhere else around the world poisoned to such a large extent in their four lower bodies. This consciousness has been polluting people for centuries and millennia. It has given them false concepts of identity, false ideas into people’s mental bodies, false ideas into the emotional, and false images into the physical. 




This poison is so concentrated that it is hanging from the layers of the identity body of the whole planet, hanging like a heavy glue covering the auric fields of people who are embodied on the planet, covering the people with a sticky poison which is really grey, like a haze, like a smog in people’s energy fields. 




This smog is covering the clear vision – the Divine vision – that God’s sons and daughters would have if they would be tuned in to the clear light of God, having all of their chakras cleaned. They would see what Cyclopea was talking about, they would see that clear vision of God through the all-seeing eye, seeing that all life is one. 




No separation between God and creation


Indeed, they would see that the energy veil between God the Creator and its creation does not exist. It has been the great dream of this serpent, who is lying here as a symbol – being anchored in the ground as the Great Wall – giving a physical vision into people’s subconscious minds that everything is divided on planet earth. 




Yet, my beloved, by saying these words, I, Maitreya, have the authority to slay this serpent. And I do anchor my Ruby Red fire directly into the heart, the focal point, of this Great Wall. It is here by Beijing which also represents political power and a perverted form of government on planet earth. This serpentine consciousness that has been polluting humankind – all of this consciousness – receives, right now, a laser flash of the Ruby Ray fire that is blowing apart the illusion that people can remain in this willful ignorance forever. 




My beloved, the time is up for this consciousness on planet earth. And when the time is up, the energy veils must be parted and reality has to shine through. Also, for the Chinese people – as it has existed here right next to my retreat – is one of the greatest focal points of this consciousness. I, with several ascended masters, have come to announce that the era of this serpent has come to an end, my beloved. The true light of God will be anchored on planet earth through the hearts of those who want to carry the light, who are able to carry the light in their chakras. 




The coils of the serpent


My beloved, the serpent truly cannot stand the fiery light of the Ruby Ray. This emptiness, this darkness – which really is not even darkness but complete emptiness – cannot stand to be lit up by this intense fire of the Ruby Ray. The light shows the characteristics shared by all aspects of this consciousness. It is the coils of the serpent, which keeps people willfully ignorant as long as people do not want to take responsibility for their lives, as long as people do not want to rise up and say: “Enough is enough, we deserve a better life”. As long as this goes on, this poison will not vanish from the energy fields of all people as well as the entire field of planet earth. 




My beloved, we are the Ascended Host. We carry the light of the Ruby Ray fire in our chakras and we keep the flame in our retreats. We will not show any mercy to the consciousness that has kept people trapped for so long. By saying this I mean that we will expose this consciousness, and we will name it for what it is, and we will not allow it to exist. 




We have taught our students to see through this consciousness. Indeed, when it is time for humankind to learn its lesson, then we will allow a certain consciousness to exist on planet earth so that people can learn from it, so that people can learn lesson which they could not learn otherwise. 




When the time is up and enough lifestreams can carry the light in the chakras, then this time marks an era where this fallen mindset has started to diminish. We will say: “Enough is enough.” The serpent that has been hidden will have to start moving. It has to come to the surface after hiding in those dark corners. By it coming to the surface, people will see this consciousness and make their decision: Do they want to continue in this consciousness or do they want something more?




Blindly following rules


Beloved, we in the ascended realm can see the serpentine consciousness that has been poisoning humankind and that has been saying to people for far too long that when you follow the outer rules, the rules of the government or earthly authorities, you don’t even need to question these rules. You don’t need to question whether they are right or wrong because it is the serpentine logic, the very rule, that says what is right or wrong. Isn’t this, my beloved, the ultimate lapse of the love flame? 




Indeed, here in China the lack of the love flame is so immense that in some lifestreams instead of the threefold flame that the lifestreams should normally carry in their heart chakra, there is a black hole that is so empty that you can see through it. There is nothing in it. And everything that is so empty is an easy place for the serpentine consciousness to slowly crawl into and fill with this dark matter, which is truly the sticky, grey consciousness that wants to be in the state of willful ignorance and wants to be undisturbed. It doesn’t want to be questioned or think or make a position on its own. 




This dark matter, which exists in many people’s chakras here in China and also across the world, is a matter that truly cannot exist in humankind’s chakras in the Golden Age. My beloved, the Ruby Fire is now falling from all of our retreats, like a rushing river of the Holy Spirit, filling all of the chakras on planet earth with the Ruby Fire that liquifies all of the calcified mindset of the serpent. It liquifies the calcified empty spaces in humankind’s chakras, which is not really empty since it is so filled with this serpentine, calcified mindset that is represented by the Great Wall of China. 




This same mindset has taken over many people on planet earth. And this mindset truly cannot exist here in this age that marks the Freedom Flame and the coming Golden Age of Saint Germain and Maitreya. I am truly not the coming Buddha, but I am the already present Buddha, representing the flow of the true light and the fire of the Ruby Love directly into the hearts of people on planet earth. This light melts away the hardness of heart that is so present in China and is outplayed in Chinese society and consciousness to a larger extent than anywhere in the world. 




Lack of wisdom in China


My beloved, the Golden Age cannot exist without true love in people’s hearts. It is the love that signifies illumined wisdom, Divine wisdom. Many people think that China is the country of wisdom, and it truly is the country of wisdom. But what wisdom, my beloved? Right now what you see outplayed in this society is the serpentine wisdom that has nothing to do with true wisdom, Divine wisdom. 




The true wisdom of God goes through both the heart and the mind so that the Illumination Flame is just a shade of the Divine love which is the underlying reality. All of the matter that the Creator has created is made of love. The Divine Illumination Flame is another form of divine love. You cannot carry even a single bit of this flame in your heart when you do not have the Love Flame already present, the love flame which enables you to discern between serpentine wisdom and Divine wisdom. 




There is a great lesson for China and the Chinese people to learn. I, of course, say this in the territory of China, but I mean that it will be a lesson for everyone on planet earth who is dealing with the hardness of heart, the energy of the calcified serpent that has been so prevalent on earth. From the ascended realm we have allowed this to exist to such a large degree because what is the consciousness behind the great atrocities, great wars, etc., which allows people to kill each other while seeing each other as separate lifestreams, without seeing that they all come from the same source, namely, from the great central sun as the lifestreams born out of oneness?




This is the era when Oneness will start reigning supreme. The Golden Age is the era of Oneness, the era of love and prosperity. This is the true love, the true prosperity and the true honor of life in each other as divine lifestreams. This is the perspective that I anchor with my Ruby Ray scepter right now in the middle of China, right here, near Beijing, in the heart of this serpentine mindset, so that the Ruby Fire and the angels of the ruby red fire start working and do their work that will be announced in the next release. 




My beloved, so great is the love of the divine realm towards the lifestreams on planet earth – so much assistance will we give – that planet earth could truly be free from the fallen ones and the fallen mindset that the people of God, the children of God, have taken on. So great is our love that we are using all of the opportunities that we have. We are using all of the lifestreams that carry our light in their hearts and attune to our flames. We take each and every opportunity, blessing any opening that we have for pouring down the light that can liquify planet earth, that can melt the hardness of heart and symbolize the beginning of a new era of the golden age where there is no place for any serpentine wisdom. There is only room for the purity of the Divine love and Divine wisdom where oneness and free will reign supreme. 




My release, hereby, is complete. I have announced this coming dispensation and I will gladly and joyfully give the word to the next master. And I, from deep within my heart, thank all of you who have been so willing to carry the light of the Ruby Fire in your hearts, who have been my faithful students and recognized me in your silent works on planet earth, and who have used each opportunity to anchor the light where you are. I am joyfully grateful, and I am indeed blessing you with my loving kindness that is a symbol for you to carry whenever you meet the calcified form of the serpentine mindset. This is the love flame that melts away the hardness of heart.






Copyright © 2012 by Helen Michaels

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