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TOPICS: The Mother Flame in Australia - A meditation on the Mother Flame in you - Changing your perspective on life 

Ascended Master Elohim Astrea, June 15, 2012. Received by Helen Michaels during a conference in Australia 



Indeed, I AM the same Astrea who spoke just a few minutes ago. And indeed, I have the ability to manifest my Presence in each one of you, as you see my Presence manifested in several messengers, as you have seen my Presence manifested throughout the ages through several messengers.


And hereby, I come to address another subtle aspect from the Purity ray, that is very much present in Australia. Remember, my beloved, the time when the convicts were sent to Australia; large portions of men and a small portion of women, convict women. Consider what these convict women must have felt in these very early days, when they were landed together with a bunch of hard, coarse and rough guys. What do you think they could have felt?


And indeed, my beloved, you can only imagine what society was like back then, where there was yet no law, where there was yet no state. Where there were no rights for women, to protect them from violence, many times physical but also emotional and mental violence, done by those who felt they were sent here for punishment, and they were resisting their coming here to this land.  


The Mother Flame in Australia

My beloved, you can only imagine what the Mother Flame was like in those women and men. The Mother Flame, indeed, represents – and can only be represented on planet earth – through the ray of Purity. Both men and women in embodiment can be the representatives of the Mother Flame; when they know, at least to some degree, the ray of Purity. How else would you be able to receive the light from the Father and live this light in matter? 


And when I say “live this light,” what I mean is that you truly let this light flow through you into all aspects of material life. Whatever you do, you can do everything through the ray of Purity, and that, of course, means that you already have a certain degree of Christhood, certain achievements on all of the three first flames, and also on the Flame of Purity.


It is the Purity Flame that is being and is meant to be firing in its pure form in your base chakras, and now imagine what happened during these early days in Australia. What kind of perversions took place, when the first people were landed here from England and from other countries? It is indeed a heavy cloud above Australia, and not only from the consciousness that does not want to transcend, but also the heavy perversions of the Mother Flame.


The Mother is the purer form that always wants to embody and live the Flame of Father. The Flame of Mother is meant to penetrate all the coarse conditions – whatever you find on planet earth – and transcend those conditions through its unity with the Father Flame. And when this does not happen, then the perversion that is already there can only go worse. That is truly how it was back then in those early days, and I Elohim Astrea come to shatter this consciousness, the perversions of the Mother that is still hanging in the mass consciousness. So that people who are tuned in to my flame, and sense somewhat the Presence of Purity, can see the perversions in the mass consciousness, hovering over almost every place in Australia, especially in the places that are densely populated.


A meditation on the Mother Flame in you

You see, my beloved, I come here with a sword, which is not really the sword in a traditional sense; it is my sword and this is a sword of light. It is a light that can penetrate these perversions. And indeed, my beloved, I, Astrea, can penetrate everything. Because I truly see, I truly recognize, these perversions. Do you recognize them my beloved? Do you dare to recognize them; do you dare to recognize the perversions of the Mother that have been holding you back from expressing your individuality, who you truly are? Have you truly recognized these perversions?


And can you send the impetus of Purity – ask my Presence or send the impetus of Purity from your own higher Presence – right into the middle of these perversions, and say: “You have no right to be in my life. I do not compromise with any of the fallen beings, any of the fallen consciousness, any of these impressions or appearances that the fallen consciousness has taken on or is presenting to me.” 


My beloved, this requires that you will recognize the Mother Flame in you, and in order to do that, I will take you into a meditation. Focus yourself in your base chakra, and focus yourself right there, as you see yourself as Mother in this world. How do you see yourself, my beloved? 


In many of you there is a pain in the mother aspect of life. There is a huge pain, because the Mother feels it cannot be expressed in this world. Because the Mother feels the pressure from all the perversions outside, that want to compromise the Mother, that want that the mother aspect of God will take on the fallen consciousness – the appearances, all the perversions – and through this conformism will not let the light of the Father truly flow into this world.


My beloved, in my Presence, please focus right now on your heart. Do not see me outside of yourself. Look directly into your heart and into your base chakra, and see how the light of Astrea ignites the true flame of the Mother in your base chakras, so that you do not compromise with any of these perversions, the light of Purity does not compromise with the fallen consciousness, or any of the appearances that are shown to you. 


It is the Mother Light of Purity that comes directly from my Presence, and you see yourself as part of my Being. See yourself as you are, at one with me, see how your traditional view of looking at yourself will just melt away in this fire of purity, that I AM. And you truly see yourself as a Presence of light, of the Mother. So that you do not see yourself as a body, as something that has a beginning and an ending. You are the Presence of Light, you are the awareness, you are the consciousness that can project itself into oneness with any of the masters. And you can also project yourself into oneness with me. 


And as I am representing the purity of the Mother right now, I am asking you to come into oneness with me. Feel the fire of the Mother Flame that I am, and ignite with this fire your own base chakras, so that you would feel the true fire of the Mother that is so crystal pure, that no impurity can truly be tolerated. Feel this Presence, this pulsating Presence that I AM. And feel this light that is raining down upon you, in the form of small particles of pure white light, filling all your being and changing your being, so that you start rising up, being filled with this Mother Light. 


Now rise up so much, that you can see clearly the earth and your own personal situations from the perspective of your I AM Presence, still being one with me, still being in oneness with me, so that there is no difference between me and you. I AM not anywhere outside of you, I AM right there, you are in the middle of my heart and I AM one with your heart, and that is the unity of the Mother that I have come to demonstrate in you.


And also during this conference here, because you  have been willing to be the chalices of the Purity Flame and the one who is willing to always receive. That is the law, and my beloved, now when you are hovering there, soaring above, looking from this height down upon earth, do you see from the perspective of the Divine Mother what is reality? Do you see that there is no need for you to compromise yourself, your being, with anything lower than purity in this world? 


Changing your perspective on life

Surely you cannot change the consequences that other people’s free-will choices have produced, but surely you can change your own perspective on how you look at yourself, your actions, your thoughts, your emotions and also your identity. As is the law, the Mother has to shine in all four corners of the material universe. So your purity has to really shine in the four layers of your being, in your identity, mental, emotional and physical levels. And in all those levels, I promise you that when you do a meditation with me, I AM showing you where you are compromising yourself with a lower perspective than the purity of the Divine Mother.


That is my gift to you. And my beloved, please learn to see how you can obtain a higher perspective above all life on planet earth. And learn through this purity to see your own life and your own role in it. Perhaps you start to understand that it is your role, sometimes, to just be purity in action. It doesn’t mean, as was said before, that you have to do certain things, or you have to start changing other people. It is enough for changing the world, when you start changing yourself—and the rest will happen anyway. When one is rising, all have to follow—that is cosmic law.


And my beloved, it is my gift that my Presence is in each one of you. Please apply to my retreat whenever you feel that the outer circumstances are more than you can bear, that the outer circumstances look hopeless. They look so harsh that you feel, you cannot stand them or sometimes you cannot change them. Apply to me, and seek in your heart to sense this oneness with me. So that you feel you are not a human being, but you are the awareness, the consciousness, that lets the light of Astrea shine right through your being and is directing the light of the Elohim of Purity directly into the material world.


This is my role, my beloved, and this is each one of yours. You are the co-creators of reality. I AM the builder of the universe, and this is the only way we can change reality. There is no other way, my beloved. It is your consciousness and it is the way you see yourself that changes your reality. 


My beloved, your cups are full of my light, and I greet each one of you lovingly in my retreat. And do not compromise the ray of purity. Do not compromise the light of the Mother in matter. Do not agree to outplay or to embody anything less than the purity of the Divine Mother. Thank you!




Copyright © 2012 by Helen Michaels

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