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TOPICS: The Flame of Purity in the material realm - The essential quality of the Mother in matter - The fallen mindset punishing God’s representatives - What has this decree vigil done? -


Ascended Master Elohim Astrea, August 27, 2012. Received by Helen Michaels.



Elohim Astrea I AM, and I am the Goddess of Acceleration. I am coming to release my gratitude to all my sons and daughters who have faithfully given the decree to Elohim Astrea and Purity during this vigil of purity’s ray, which was designed to take place during the August in this year. I am coming to say that each one of you who has invoked the Flame of Purity in your being has come into much closer Oneness with me, with my Presence and with the Presence of Purity’s Flame in your beings during this August in the year 2012. 


The Flame of Purity in the material realm

My beloved children, what is the essential quality of the Flame of Purity when it comes from the spiritual realm, from the purity of the spiritual realm, and touches the crown on planet earth? Many of you have felt in your beings the acceleration to a level that you haven’t experienced before. And that is the essential quality of the Flame of Purity. Once it touches the crown in the material realm, it starts accelerating everything that is impure. It starts accelerating it so much that it shakes off the layers of impurities from all the essential presences in the material world.


The flame of purity starts an acceleration in the material realm once it is invoked, and layer after layer it takes off from you like the old coats that you don’t need to wear anymore. Therefore, the pure Presence of your Being can shine through to an extent that you have not seen before. This change in your being causes several outer effects in the realm of matter. Because once you start accelerating yourself and your being, all of the energy – the energy field around you – starts reacting to this upward acceleration of purity in you. Therefore, you meet the situation in matter whereby the Flame of Purity, once invoked, starts reacting to this realm where you have lived before.


The Flame of Purity is a flame that cannot be still in the material realm. Once it meets the energies of a lower manifestation, these energies start reacting to this upward spiral. Thereby you see many disturbances in your life; especially when you yourself are not willing to give up the impure intents, impure thoughts, impure identity, or impure emotions, also the impurities in your body. Once you make the decision that you actually want to be responsible for surrendering and transcending these manifestations from your being, then the Elohim Astrea that I AM and my decree – through the Light that you invoke through my decree – have the power and the authority to consume all these lower manifestations.


Of course, you notice that once you yourself have much more clarity in your being, after you have invoked the Flame of Purity, you start seeing the material realm and your whole life with slightly different eyes, with a slightly changed perspective, perhaps even a greatly changed perspective. All of a sudden, this old perception filter that you used to see your life through has changed. This old perception filter suddenly either falls off or changes its angle so that you start seeing your life through a different angle.


You start seeing that the situation (as you were thinking it was) is absolutely different when you look at this from a slightly different angle. Therefore, my beloved, you notice that the Flame of Purity, once it is invoked in the material realm, starts causing all kinds of weird things, almost disturbances in your life. All of a sudden these old matrixes, where you have been living your life so safely and comfortably, they don’t seem to work or they don’t seem to fit with the new self that has been born gradually day after day, once you have invoked the Light.


You see that this flame causes in your life this phenomena that all old things start coming to the surface. These old things – that you had thought that you had already dealt with and maybe buried under other layers of experiences and expressions – they all of a sudden pop up to the surface and they demand your attention. They demand that you deal with them.


This is, beloved, the effect that the Flame of Purity has in the material realm. It does not leave you in this comfortable zone where you can invoke the Flame of Purity, surrender and transcend your old sense of self; and still remain in this illusion that you don’t need to transcend your older experiences, or you don’t need to transcend these energies that you have misqualified and buried, thinking that once it has been done, you don’t need to deal with this anymore. All the older things that you have tried to deny in your life, they start popping up to the surface because the Flame of Purity has a most essential quality in it, and this is acceleration.


When the acceleration meets the energy that doesn’t want to be accelerated, then the Flame of Purity magnifies all the tendencies that are there. In other words, if you don’t want to transcend your energies, your old experiences, your old thought patterns, then the Flame of Purity magnifies the pattern so that it will start moving. And of course, my beloved, if the energy is propelled to move and it is not allowed to move upwards, it has to move downwards.


That is the essential thing that the Flame of Purity causes in the material realm. It takes all things that want to stand still, and it makes them move. It makes them to move through acceleration, through the impetus of acceleration that is in the Flame of Purity. This acceleration flame forces the reaction to come to the surface so that you have the opportunity to honestly look at these energies and question: Am I willing to transcend these energies? And if I am not willing to get rid of those old momentums in my life, I must accept that these old momentums start dragging me downwards.


The essential quality of the Mother in matter

This is the honesty that the Flame of Purity makes you deal with. It forces you to deal with those things that you have thought are dealt with, but in reality are still buried in deep layers in your life. My beloved children, you see that I am the Goddess of Acceleration. I am the Goddess of the Acceleration Flame. And I am holding the office of the Divine Mother together with other representatives of the Divine Mother. The essential quality of the Mother in matter is that Mother has to transcend all the lower manifestations so that the Spirit can be born in matter in its pure form.


This quality essentially forces the energies around you to move. When the lower manifestations meet the energies of purity, they are forced to move. Either they move upwards, where they transcend and surrender their presence into the unity and Oneness with God; or they move downwards and thereby make it more visible, the downward patterns and the intents of lower momentums.


When you walk around on planet earth in the Flame of Purity, then all these forces in the material realm – that have been thinking that planet earth belongs to the fallen mind and that planet earth is governed by lower manifestations – all this darkness, all these fallen beings start reacting to this flame that you carry. You can see how many atrocities are happening on planet earth, even right now, and how many atrocities have happened on planet earth in past centuries and millennia. You can see that most atrocities are all initiated by the fallen beings, by the fallen mindset that does not want the flame of God on planet earth. It is the fallen mindset that hates the Light, that hates each representative of Light and wants the representatives of the Light to be gone from planet earth.


The fallen mindset punishing God’s representatives

It is coming, this old mindset, from the very fall of the fallen angels. Once they had fallen, they realized what John Milton describes in Paradise Lost, they realized how their life and the glory is all gone. But what was not gone, once they fell, was their pride and their desire to give revenge to God. One of the things that they could think of was how they could punish God. If they can’t reach to God up in the heaven, they still can reach to God’s representatives down here on planet earth.


They can still punish God through punishing God’s representatives, who have come into embodiment on planet earth. They can still trap these lifestreams in doubt, division and the serpentine mind. These lifestreams cannot stand any closeness of purity or any closeness of the representatives of God. You see that on planet earth there are so many atrocities where innocent people, innocent lifestreams, have been killed or tortured or all kind of other difficulties and disturbances in their lives. 


My beloved, this time is not over, these kind of energies and dynamics are still present on planet earth, until the representatives of God claim planet earth for the Light. Until enough of God’s children on planet earth claim that planet earth is meant to rise up from all of the impurities – from the impure intent, from impure thought patterns, impure identities – until then planet earth cannot really rise. When the representatives of the pure Light claim that planet earth belongs to God, then the planet can rise, not before.


What has this decree vigil done?

My beloved, you see that those of my faithful followers, who have given this decree, you have done much more for the planet than you realize. You may think that it is just you reading the decree and you read it or say it along with a recording and you purify yourself and you give your impetus of Light into the collective consciousness on the planet. You have to realize that all that you do is done from a completely pure intent when you ask the Light to manifest on planet earth. 


The more pure is your intent – the more pure is your desire to claim planet earth for God – the more I, the Goddess of Purity and Goddess of Acceleration, can come with other representatives of the ascended masters and multiply your efforts. As I, and all of us in the ascend realm, have already done during this month once you have faithfully given those decrees. You realize that this decree vigil has the potential to have a major impact on the whole planet. What you are literally saying through these decrees is that planet earth belongs to God and you want that there will be Light manifest here, not the darkness. Indeed, it is an essential change that you can bring forth by merely stating that.


Even if you come to me by making a prayer that the impurities and impure lifestreams and the fallen consciousness will be consumed from planet earth, even that has a major impact. This indicates to me and to other ascended masters that you are ready to take part in this divine work that we are doing in the ascended realm. That is for us the sign that you are ready to be a master in embodiment. You are seeing that planet earth doesn’t have to be the endless ground of dualistic strife and conflict. 


You see that by gradually raising your consciousness, by gradually increasing the presence of Light on planet earth; the planet will rise. Those lower lifestreams, lower manifestations, even if they have been given endless opportunities to turn around; they simply cannot remain in embodiment. Because the more you invoke the Light, the more you accelerate yourself and the energies around you, the more vigorously they attack you with their lower manifestations. The more you raise your energies, the more you accelerate yourself, the quicker will be their downward spiral.


This energy, that is the Flame of Purity, has the essential quality of accelerating everything. It accelerates the energy so that what does not rise upwards, this will go downwards. The more the acceleration is put into movement, the more the energies will be forced to react and the more you force the downward energies and downward momentums to react to the Flame of Purity. You actually quicken and accelerate the shortening of the lifespan of the fallen beings on planet earth. Because the more they outplay their consciousness on those representatives who have pure intent, the quicker will be their judgment spiral, the shorter will be the lifespan they are allowed to remain in embodiment.


By saying these words, I, Astrea, through this momentum that you all have invoked during this month of August, I have received the authority to take out from planet earth a certain amount of lifestreams whose time has come to an end. And these lifestreams, whom I am accelerating out of embodiment, they have proven in endless times that their fallen mind does not turn around. And the more energies are accelerated on planet earth, the more lifestreams are actually losing the opportunity to be here on this planet once they decide they don’t want to turn towards the Light.


My beloved, do you see how you all participate in this dispensation that has been given to me, to the Goddess of Acceleration? I give you my deepest gratitude for all the work that you have done, the work that enables me to consume the darkness on planet earth. I am not thereby saying that I can consume all of this darkness, but I have the authority and the opportunity to consume a certain portion, causing some lifestreams to go out of embodiment and lose their opportunity. Because the more you are doing your work, the more opportunities we have in the ascended realm.


My beloved, I am sending you my endless gratitude from my heart. I am so grateful for this vigil that you have done so faithfully during this month of August. During there last days of August, please receive this gratitude that we are releasing from our hearts. Open your hearts to notice our Presences in you. Accept that you all are open doors for the Light. The more you are able to surrender and transcend, the more we can shine the Light through you. Accept that you are all the representatives of this planetary good work, the planetary mission divine, this divine mission that helps to raise up the All.


I AM the representative of the Divine Mother and I am releasing to you this portion of my being that helps you transcend everything that you are ready to transcend. And I am blessing you, sealing you all into this endless gratitude, into this unconditional divine love that I am. I AM Astrea, the Goddess of Acceleration.



Copyright © 2012 by Helen Michaels

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