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TOPICS: Creating a world of appearances - Appearances and superiority - The cycle of appearances is ending - Your potential to rise above appearances - Understanding sympathy for the devil -


Ascended Master Lord Maitreya, June 17, 2012, through Helen Michaels




Maitreya is my name and, indeed, the world teacher I AM. This has been my role for ages. It is a great joy for me to see so many devoted hearts tuning in to the beauty of the OM MANI PADME HUM. Feeling the flow through your hearts makes me even more joyful because I, the world teacher, can multiply what is coming from the sincerity of your hearts.


Creating a world of appearances

My beloved, I would like to remind you of the situation that happened in the Garden of Eden where the serpent became – together with me – one of the world’s teachers when Eve submitted to the serpentine logic. It is a wonderful symbol for all of us to be reminded that it was, indeed, a turning point in world history for the serpentine logic to be more widespread. It was introduced to the children of God who wanted to experience their free will on their own and in the realm of relativity, in the realm of duality. 


My beloved, I, as the world teacher, can only say that free will reigns supreme and when people want to learn from the serpent, then I bow to their free will. But the day and age has come that marks the end of this cycle, and the light of God, the light from the Great Central Sun, is flowing to this world to such an extent that more and more people are being awakened to reality. They sense reality, either through their intuition or because some experience it in their hearts, some experience a few glimpses of reality in their busy everyday life.


The reality is there, the light is the reality, the light that brings the Christ flame into manifestation. This is reality, my beloved, and this has been the reality for earth for a long time. What has happened, of course, is that the serpent was so wise that he saw that by creating these worldly appearances – the images, the concepts, the labels, the names, as Master MORE explained yesterday – it is so easy to seduce lifestreams into thinking that the labels and the concepts they are introduced to in the realm of duality represent reality.


You see how the serpent has been very busy during this time. It has been busy creating more and more seductive images. It has been busy creating a world of appearances where one appearance reinforces the others and so forth and so on, until we in the ascended realm sometimes wonder how many lifetimes it takes before people get tired of focusing only on the appearances of this world. 


Appearances and superiority

Indeed, my beloved, it is a “wonderful” world for the duality consciousness, being developed so far. And you see, of course, that the world of appearances is just an excellent stage for the inferiority-superiority dynamic to be outplayed. Inferiority and superiority needs appearances, it really needs labels, it really needs concepts—for how could it exist without concepts and labels? 


It is so comfortable for people to enter this world, which is boxed in, which is labeled, which has been staged as different steps. If you climb up from one step to another, you get a new label, you get a new title, and then you feel: “Oh I am somebody,” I am this, or I am that according to the label. When you get tired of this one label, you take the next step and the next step and then you feel: “Oh, now I have really progressed because now I have this wonderful label or title that is so much admired in the realm of duality.”


The titles start living their own life, and these titles can become a beast. The names and the labels and the concepts become the beasts that absorb the energies of the lifestreams. They become the tools to absorb and steal the light from the children of God, instead of them focusing on what is behind the appearances until they are in tune with reality. They focus on what this one or other title brings, and they become seduced by worldly admiration.


My beloved, there are so many people who climb high in corporations, in the business world, in governments, in banks and in other places that have manifested in order to create enormous ladders of titles. People feel that the more complicated one or another concept or title is, the more advanced you must be that you can even grasp it with your outer mind. This gives such a sense of superiority that now I am finally somebody. 


We from the ascended realm see people running after these appearances, sometimes with really great admiration. And we think: “What a devotion, what a love and devotion it is to this serpentine, fallen mindset that has managed to seduce itself so deeply into societies.” Oh my beloved, the time has been busy for the serpent because when technology advances, information becomes more available. The serpent is more and more busy creating new appearances that are more extreme than the previous ones. The serpent is very well aware that people get tired of one appearance and then the other. The serpent has to be prepared with new extremes in a row, so that you can grasp these new extreme titles and concepts and labels that you can use to cover and mask your real being.


The cycle of appearances is ending

My beloved, what a stillness is found behind these appearances. What a stillness and love in the hearts of the Ascended Host who quietly stay focused, with great love and devotion, to keep the flame, to keep the flame and keep the space for the world to run its marathons after the titles, concepts and labels. 


My beloved, it is my great joy to give this release and welcome you in this retreat that is so focused on the inferiority-superiority dynamic. Truly, I say, from the position of the world teacher and the Cosmic Christ, that as long as you still love running after the titles that make you feel either superior or inferior – depending on which side of the duality you decide to be on – then the serpent indeed is your greatest teacher. Certainly, he is better than me in this job.


But to the people and lifestreams who have become tired of that and decide to step out of this marathon, I have much to offer. I see with great joy in my heart how many people have actually started to become tired because, indeed, the time has come that marks the end of the cycle. And 2012 is one of the turning points, which truly marks that the titles, labels and concepts start to crumble, start to be shaken apart. 


The light that is flowing through the realms of reality is so real, is so strong, that no earthly title or label or concept can remain hidden. It cannot prevent you from seeing the reality behind it—when you have willingness to see reality. My beloved, when you see the light of the golden age that is shining through, then you see that it is so liquid, so golden, so vibrating and pulsating that it is liquefying all these moldy, rusty structures that the world has built. 


You see that all these structures will be literally wiped away because the rushing stream of the Holy Spirit does not really see any obstacles. In particular, it does not have any respect for these titles, for these labels that have been created by the serpentine minds. The rushing stream of the Holy Spirit comes like a mighty river that washes away all these structures that are standing in its way. 


They will be literally blown apart, and people who still want to hold on to them, they will have great difficulties—already in this year but more in the coming years. Because these kinds of structures do not withstand the light, they cannot stand and be maintained on this liquid light that is flowing through the realms of reality into the realm of duality. 


My beloved, you see how those lifestreams – the serpentine lifestreams that have come to earth to seduce the people of God – they cannot put even a foot on this holy river of light. They can’t stand on this because they do not have the ability to become one with the light, they do not have the ability to become one with anything. You see how these lifestreams, and their creations, their serpentine creations, will literally be blown away from the planet. They will fall off this planet sooner or later, like dust that has never even existed. 


Your potential to rise above appearances

Nothing, I repeat nothing, can hold back the light that is coming from the realms of reality. Indeed, my beloved, I use the word “realm of reality” because the light is reality, the light is the only reality that has ever been. 


You who are the people who have great devotion in your heart, who have great love and devotion to this reality that I Maitreya represent, I welcome you to learn the lessons of the golden age. I welcome you into my heart and my retreat in China, to learn the lessons of how to expose the structures of the serpent, how to see through the structures, how to know and recognize the structures created by the fallen mind. 


Indeed, my beloved, the fallen mind, is the fallen mind. And when you see the images and appearances of this world, you can clearly feel in your hearts whether one or the other appearance makes your energies flow downward or upward. Do you feel the appearance is towards raising all life or is it actually something that wants to put you down, create apathy, create non-peace in you, or create an inferiority or superiority in you? 


My beloved, start recognizing these patterns and start recognizing how you feel in your heart about the appearances of this world. You will have Christ discernment in your hearts that helps you to see through the appearances. Indeed, you see lifeforms on planet earth that never had the ability to transcend the fallen mindset. I, Maitreya, feel great compassion towards them, but I also see that their time is short and I also see that they are not likely to change. Yet you have the potential to change. 


Understanding sympathy for the devil

Once you have become sensitive to the fallen mindset and have felt compassion or sympathy towards the fallen hearts and the fallen minds, then you really need to look honestly at the worldly situation around you and clearly see that you cannot submit to the fallen appearances. You cannot submit to the serpentine logic when you want to get beyond duality. You cannot accelerate yourself out of duality when you have sympathy towards the fallen appearances or towards people who have great devotion to creating them. 


You cannot have this sympathy towards the serpent because as long as you feel this sympathy towards the serpent, you are not free from the serpent. You are still caught in the coils of the serpent without seeing the reality behind duality.


My beloved, this is something that the world teacher, Maitreya, has to teach and this is a lesson that we all learn in my retreat. I am more than willing to give you this impetus of Christ discernment in your heart so that you would have the light, the strength and the courage to stand for truth and reality. You can recognize with absolute determination and Christ discernment in your hearts what is the serpentine logic and what is reality. 


Once you are able to make the distinction, once you are able to expose the lifestreams and the appearances that the serpent has created, it will become so much easier for you to become free from the serpentine manipulation. Once you see through what it is, you can just step back and laugh. You can obtain the same view as we in the ascended realm where we just laugh by seeing how busy the serpent is and how busy the serpent will be to keep up the appearances, the labels, the names during this period of its last days.


My beloved, learn from my Presence, learn from my light, to see reality with the eyes of Christ discernment. These will be great tools, and they will be a great help for you in recognizing the inferiority-superiority dynamic. Once you see through what it is, you can just let it go and you can just see how the River of Life is flowing on and does not have any respect for any fallen structures, labels or concepts. 


My beloved hearts, I seal you with the great light of my Being. My Presence is with you always. I mean always. Very often you do not see me being with you, yet I am. I am with you even when the serpent is your teacher. I am with you always because you always have a portion of my Presence anchored in your heart as a Christ light that helps you recognize reality.


My beloved remember me, I AM Maitreya. I am the world teacher and I am your teacher, if you wish.




Copyright © 2012 by Helen Michaels

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