Ascended Master dictations given during 2012:

Title Created Date Author
08. Ongoing Self-mastery 08.12.2012 Maha Chohan
09. Co-creating consciously 09.12.2012 Maha Chohan
07. Going beyond aggressive intent 07.11.2012 Maha Chohan
06. Affected by death 06.12.2012 Maha Chohan
05. The death consciousness 05.12.2012 Maha Chohan
04. The spiritual scenario on earth 04.12.2012 Maha Chohan
03. Letting old spirits die 03.12.2012 Maha Chohan
02. The two types of spirits 02.12.2012 Maha Chohan
01. You are more than your mind 01.12.2012 Maha Chohan
Oneness with Saint Germain’s heart 16.06.2012 Saint Germain
Earth is a means to the transcendence of consciousness 16.06.2012 Mother Mary
Closing the gap between yourself and Christ 08.04.2012 Jesus
Freedom beyond symbols 19.10.2012 Saint Germain
Becoming peace is the highest level of service 23.09.2012 Nada
How to overcome doubt 27.08.2012 Lord Maitreya
The Flame of Acceleration 16.07.2012 Serapis Bey
Guidance at the Temple of Truth 24.08.2012 Hilarion
Completing the teachings on the fallen beings 27.08.2012 Mother Mary
Expressing the immeasurable 03.07.2012 Paul the Venetian
Violet flame diplomacy for higher vision in Europe 23.06.2012 Saint Germain
Anchoring the flames of Freedom and Liberty in China 22.06.2012 Saint Germain
Shiva shatters the matrix of anti-individuality 22.06.2012 Shiva
The Ruby Fire consumes the seven dragons of China 21.06.2012 Archangel Chamuel
Removing the consciousness behind the Great Wall 21.06.2012 Archangel Michael
It is time for the Chinese people to rise out of ignorance 20.06.2012 Elohim Cyclopea
Question your role in the reality simulator 17.06.2012 Jesus
The illusion of a superior race 17.06.2012 Master MORE
The outward-inward journey of the lifestream 17.06.2012 Gautama Buddha
Why affluent nations go from crises to crises 16.06.2012 Lord Lanto
Touching the consciousness of an ascended master 15.06.2012 Elohim Astrea
Corruption is one of the greatest threats to democracy 08.06.2012 Elohim Hercules
Discerning reality from unreality 24.05.2012 Lord Lanto
The Flame of More 03.05.2012 Master MORE
A unique opportunity for transcending the consciousness behind the 2012 hysteria 14.03.2012 Maha Chohan
The key to passing the initiations of the Holy Spirit 01.01.2012 Maha Chohan

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