The Year of the Mother has been a great victory

TOPICS: The lesson of the Year of the Mother - The Ruby ray is service - The gratitude of Mother Mary for our service -

Ascended Master Mother Mary, December 31, 2011 through Helen Michaels. This dictation was given in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


I, Mary, the representative of the Divine mother was one among those who gave you my greetings in the beginning of the Year of the Mother. Thus, I also have the honor to say my conclusion to the whole year, after you have done with such love in your hearts the invocations for Loving the Divine Mother. And indeed, my beloved, while I was watching, observing and multiplying the waves that you generated through your hearts while giving this rosary, the joy in my heart – the joy of the mother – was so great, for I, Mother Mary, can assure you that the joy of each mother is great when the mother sees how her children have grown.
And thus, my beloved, it was truly our purpose not to give you any instructions while those four invocations of the Divine Mother were released, because in the universal free will, we wanted to see you growing into the desire to build yourself, your reality. We wanted to let you experience taking the initiative of the heart, feeling the inspiration of the Spirit and experience this initiative from the Spirit through your heart.

It is indeed necessary for your growth that you will sense inside your heart the deep desire to give service—which is the essence of the Mother Flame. The pure mother never wants to create any artificial images, but always wants to create the reality in matter based on the blueprint given by the Spirit of the Father. As the Spirit is a true inspiration that gives birth to different forms through the Mother Flame in the material sphere.
And therefore, this lesson indeed was a great initiation for many people—whether they will find and tune in to this inspiration that comes from the Spirit? Are they able to notice this silent voice of the Spirit in their hearts? Do they have room in their lives, so that the Spirit can express through them what the Spirit wants to express?
And indeed, it is my joy to give this dictation, particularly in this house in this room, which has been the focal point built by all those sincere desires of all those people who have volunteered to come here every Saturday to give the service to the Mother. I, Mary, have been with them all the days all the year around, multiplying their efforts and with such a great joy in my heart to see them passing and sailing through the initiations that the Year of the Mother had planned for them.

The purity in these people's hearts enabled them to tune in to the true Spirit—to be inspired by this spark of the Spirit and express it through the selfless service, silently gathering here without any fanfares or without elevating themselves. This is the greatest joy of the Immaculate Heart of the Divine mother, to see such initiatives take place. Then the Divine Mother can come and give rebirth in those people's lives through multiplying the service that they have so selflessly giving.

The lesson of the Year of the Mother
And that, my beloved, was truly the essence and the great lesson that the Year of the Mother was meant to give you. Whether you find in yourself the willingness, the desire, the inspiration by the Spirit of the Father to come together and give selfless service—be it in whatever form.
There are many people who do not read the rosaries but help with other things. There are many, many ways to give service to the Mother, to demonstrate the union and to demonstrate the oneness of the Divine Father by becoming one with the Father in matter. There are many ways, my beloved, and each one of you feels it in your heart what is your way, what is your individuality. And indeed I, Mary, the representative of the Divine Mother, can assure you that the essence of the Mother Flame is to give service. The Mother Flame is designed to give service through oneness with the Father—that is the only way the Mother can be reborn, can transcend into being more and more each moment.
And that is truly the River of Life, when the Spirit of the Father can become the rushing flow of the Spirit into matter through all those individual lifestreams, which form together a great one mandala with different colors, with different aspects of the same divine diamond.

My beloved, what beauty is to see this, what beauty is in this wholeness, what beauty is in this oneness! My beloved, so great is the Divine Mother's love to see her children being reborn through this selfless service by transcending their old levels of consciousness, and being reborn into new levels of consciousness, which take them higher and higher, so that the Christ consciousness in them truly becomes the Blood of the Lamb!

The Ruby ray is service
The Ruby Ray, my beloved, is the Blood of the Lamb. It is such an intense expression of divine love, which can only be born in the hearts of those who are one with the Spirit in matter, so that this oneness – through giving service – has changed their lives. In fact their whole lives have transcended into giving service. They have transcended their personal ambitions, their personal desires, the person of earthly dreams, in order to give service to God.
Everything that people with this consciousness do, is already service in matter. And therefore, the threefold flame in their hearts – manifesting as three plumes of fire: blue, yellow and pink – has started to manifest the Ruby Ray. When service becomes such a domineering part of their lives, that they have transcended their sense of being an earthly human being with earthly ambitions, then truly the love of God in their hearts starts manifesting the Ruby Ray. Which is the ray of intense, fiery, divine love but also divine service. It can manifest only when the service is so intense that there is no room for anything in this person's life than giving service only to God, to the Spirit, to the Father. That is the true meaning, my beloved, for the word in the Scriptures about the concept the blood of the Lamb.

I, Mother Mary, can assure you that there are many among my disciples who have manifested this level of consciousness already during the Year of the Mother, and there are many more who are about to manifest this consciousness in the beginning of the Year of the Holy Spirit. And that is the true joy of the Mother; to see her children grow into such height that the Child already becomes the Mother – a God in matter - manifesting Christ consciousness to such a level that it has transcended the life of this whole lifestream. It has transcended the identity of this lifestream, so that this lifestream is so one with its willingness and its desire to give service to the Spirit, that there is no room for anything else in this person's life.  
My beloved, the immaculate heart of Mary is radiating the love of the Divine Mother into the matter plane of planet earth, so that all lifestreams who have the potential to grow into this level of consciousness will get a portion of this momentum of light, which I am currently radiating through all my Being around the globe. I am holding this planet earth so lovingly in my hands and radiating from my immaculate heart the unconditional Divine Mother love through the Ruby Ray, which is already manifesting in so many of you.
My beloved, what a joy, what a beauty it is to see the growth of the flame in you, while I am multiplying your efforts through your selfless service that you have been giving throughout this year. My beloved, what beauty and joy it is to see how the earth is changing the colors of its four lower planes, because the earth has started to be healed from all those perversions that humankind in its ignorance has put upon on it. As all those heavy thoughtforms, my beloved, all those can be transcended through the service given in the matter plane, through the pure hearts of those who selflessly seek to raise up the all, who do not seek to elevate their egos, who do not seek to elevate some part of their lives to show to others how spiritual they are.
The service is great of those who are sitting in the back rows, absorbing the flame of Mother Mary and letting it multiplying through the purity of their hearts, holding high the immaculate thoughforms that enable the whole planet to start healing.

The gratitude of Mother Mary for our service
My beloved, I am the Archeia of the Fifth Ray, thus I and my beloved Archangel Rafael have the authority to demonstrate the multiplication of all your calls, and we are giving our momentum to heal planet earth.
We have the ability to multiply the prayers, and we unify those around the whole planet, which we are holding so gently in our hands, and letting those calls that have been done for loving the Divine mother, letting these calls take their full manifestation in the end of the Year of the Mother and manifesting as the healing thoughtform for planet earth. Thus, I Mary, with my beloved Rafael seal the whole planet into the new healing thoughtform, so that the whole planet is sealed in the tremendous light of the Emerald green, filled with the Immaculate concept of the Christ consciousness, which enables everybody on this planet to tune in to this Christ flame and the immaculate heart of the Mother and start giving their service towards healing the whole planet.
My beloved children, so great is the joy of the Mother to see that the Year of the Mother has been such a victory for sincere, serving lifestreams, especially here in the area of Central Asia. Not only in Kazakhstan but in Russia, in China and surrounding areas, where there are many sincere disciples who have purity in their hearts. Which enables them to tune in to my flame, which enables me to pour my light into their lives and help them raise their consciousness through my presence around them.

My beloved, I want to thank you from the deepest levels of my heart for the service that you have given so selflessly for healing the whole planet, for raising up the all, that I want to seal you in the end of this year to the thoughtform of the Mother, which is that the more service you give, the more authority and powers you get, you get to give even more service. Thus, your talents will be multiplied on several levels.

First of all through the figure–eight flow between the ascended masters and you in the matter plane, whereby the ascended masters multiply whatever efforts you are ready to give to heal the whole planet. But on the other hand, your own powers will be increasing. Thus, the more service you are giving, the more ability you will have to give service. Do you see, how your flame will be multiplied in matter, so that you have even more power to give the service that you are ready to give.
My beloved, take this gift from all of the ascended masters, which you have earned through your selfless service for the whole planet. There are many among my disciples who are not currently here in this room. Yet, they are receiving the same gift, exactly at the same level through my immaculate heart. And they experience through their lives that the more they serve, the more the surroundings seems to change towards healing. My beloved, I seal you in the greatest joy of the Mother. As Jesus sealed you in the joy of Christ, then I seal you in the joy of the Mother, which truly is the joy to give service to the Spirit.


Copyright © 2011 by Helen Michaels


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