Learn to see the beauty of all life through the All-seeing Eye of God

TOPICS: People have the authority to invite the power of the Elohim to create in the material universe - After partaking of the fruit of good and evil, humankind lost touch with non-duality and God's vision - All life is one through the Light - Above duality you can become one with the All-seeing Eye of God - The oneness of the flying Eagle and the sun -  All creation starts with a vision - Only the pure heart can tune in to true vision - The Elohim hold the single-eyed God vision for earth and its people -

Ascended Master Elohim Cyclopea, December 29, 2011 through Helen Michaels. This dictation was given in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Indeed, the call compels the answer. The Elohim are the builders of the universe, building the universe by using sound, through using the sacred word—and that is what you just experienced. I wish I could give you the vision, from my level, of what I saw happening during this ritual that you just gave. [The participants gave an invocation before the dictation.]

The wholeheartedly given words create reality. They create a new reality through the new vision that you create through the sacred word, through using the sacred word as the building material to build the material universe. I wish to describe to you, from the level of the Elohim – Oh Holy, oh Holy, oh Holy, oh Holy Wholeness – how you would see the currents of the new creation coming out from your hearts, from all your chakras, including from your third eye chakra, which is the chakra of God's vision. 

  • NOTE From Helen: During most of my dictations I have many visions. While receiving the flow from the master, it comes, in many cases, with very clear and beautiful pictures or figures. Sometimes it is quite difficult to even describe them because I directly experience them at the same time as the dictation, but this time I decided to draw it as Elohim Cyclopea and Virgina represent God's Vision. And through a picture I can at least give part of my experience to you. During this vision, I experienced the oneness with all Light. It literally felt like I was completely dissolved, there was no separate person—like me, but I saw through the All Seeing Eye of God how the Light of God truly has created the whole material universe. I saw the light as an extremely powerful flow from the consciousness of the Elohim, and how great is the illusion of separation on planet earth. Nothing truly is separated from God.

    Very often the All-seeing Eye of God has been depicted as a human eye, but I felt it was more like a mandala, out of which the Elohim emanate the radiation and vibration of God's Vision and the Fifth ray energy. I also felt how the Elohim project the divine vision out of this Divine Eye, like different blueprints, that are then ready to take on form in matter. Yet, in their great Love, the Elohim do not project out for human beings how these blueprints need to be fulfilled, as in the world of free will everything is meant to serve like a schoolroom. Thus, people may use the platform for getting their learning experience. Yet the Elohim see that the greatest progress can be done in the earthly schoolroom only when people realize that they are co-creators.


Cyclopea: Oh holy, oh holy, oh holy wholeness, O holy oneness—what is the power of Elohim! Because we, from the level of the Elohim, we can multiply the talents because we have the power to multiply the seeds that have been brought forth. We have the power to multiply the seeds that humankind is giving through their dedicated prayers, through their dedicated invocations, through their dedicated beings in the material universe.

We are the eternal helpers of humankind, so you better – in this day and age, which signifies the age of transcendence, the age of the Holy Spirit – you better learn how to use us. Because you have the power to invoke the light that we are meant to bring to the material universe!

You have the power to call to us, so if you call us we have the authority to come into your realm and release this tremendous light, because we indeed have the power to release exactly the amount of light that you have earned. And I, from the level of the Elohim and from all the angelic hosts, can assure you: you have invoked an enormous amount of light, because the light will be squared with the amount of people that are giving this wholeheartedly. The children giving this through their higher beings without saying any words, but still giving this wholeheartedly. 

People have the authority to invite the power of the Elohim to create in the material universe
And thus, we have the power, we have the power to bring this into the material universe. We, of course, understand at the level of the Elohim, that the material universe calls to you all the time in this day and age. It calls to you relentlessly, and it wants you to focus your attention on those things that pull your attention away from God's Presence, from focusing on God's presence. 

We understand that, and that is the main point for this release: that you would get the frame of reference, which is the light of God. That you could tune in to this light of God, and you could visualize and focus the emerald green light of God, that the builders of the universe use for building and bringing forth the material universe.

How did the Elohim start, when building the universe as a process? My beloved, you were asked before this dictation to focus your attention on your third eye. And I, Elohim, give you from my all-seeing eye, the vision from the All-seeing Eye of God.

After partaking of the fruit of good and evil, humankind lost touch with non-duality and God's vision
What is the All-Seeing-Eye of God, my beloved? Why have we said to humankind that you have the ability to have and hold the purity of God's vision in your lives. You have lost this ability, because when mankind partook the fruit of good and evil, then they lost the ability to see beyond duality. Yet there are many who are already beyond the 96th level in consciousness, beyond this level which signifies the Christ consciousness. And many of you who are here and who are currently in embodiment, they are very close to this borderline that signifies your ability to raise your consciousness beyond the earthly strife and struggle. 

And that is the moment when you attain the ability to see the Purity of God's vision, to see the purity of what God truly wants to envision for planet earth, for all humankind and for yourselves. Why is it so that the Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia are the representatives of the fifth ray of truth, healing, wholeness and abundance? Do you see, my beloved, when you look at the world through the eyes of duality, you always see two parts, one of which you usually define as good and the opposite which you define as false or bad. And you lack, while being in this consciousness, the ability to see that – regardless of which filter you look through – you are still stuck in duality—as beloved Kuan Yin yesterday so eloquently expressed.


All life is one through the Light
Do you see, my beloved, when you look at the world through the eye of the Elohim, do you see what we see? Do you see that all life is one, all life is one through the light of God? Without the light, nothing can exist. Without the light, there is no thing that can exist. There is not even a piece of dust that can exist in the material world without the light that gives it the space to exist.

Therefore, I, the Elohim Cyclopea, together with my female counterpart, Virginia, come to give you this vision of the single eye, the All-seeing-Eye of God that sees the oneness of all life. Do you see the spheres of Light in your eye, in your third eye chakra? Do you see the holy, the holy wholeness of God, which creates the spheres of light, the spheres of new light all the time? 

Why is the universe expanding? Because the vision of God is constantly expanding. God visualizes new lifeforms, new ways that transcend the previous ways, that give you the frame of reference for transcending your life. God radiates, God is a constant radiation of light: the one eye that symbolizes looking at life and envisioning life through the light of God, which is the only true way of looking at any kind of circumstances or any kind of situations on planet earth. 

  • From Helen: The vision is that human beings would regain the ability to see/co-create/hold the vision for life through the highest manifestation of the third eye chakra. The highest manifestation of the third eye chakra is that people would see themselves as the open doors for the energies of the Elohim, who can co-create through them in the lower material realms. But in order to be able to open your energies to the energies of the Elohim, the illusion of duality and the willingness to struggle has to be left behind.


Cyclopea: Obtain the ability, learn the ability, to raise your consciousness to that level, so that you can see the light through the All-Seeing eye of God, which God is, which we represent: the Elohim of the fifth ray. Have this ability, have this drive in you, so that you could rise beyond the earthly mold—so that you could raise your two dualistic eyes beyond the earthly mold and see the beauty of the light that God is.

See the beauty, see how the sacred word creates the whole universe, see how the light of God allows different life forms to exist. See through this holy Virgin consciousness how all life is one, because all life is created from the light! The light of God that is so beautiful, so intricate, that tingles, that shines in your hearts. Once you are able to connect to the Spirit, bring the Spirit into the matter through your heart, then you are able to raise the currents of the Alpha and Omega from the base chakra, from the mother chakra, through all the chakras. Until the currents of Alpha and Omega, the caduceus, rises to your third eye. And through this purification of your chakras, you obtain the vision through your third eye to see the world the way we see it.

Above duality you can become one with the All-seeing Eye of God
Do you see what beauty it is, when you are able to see the world, to perceive all life, without any perception filters, without defining anything as good or bad, but you see all life from the level of God, you see the oneness as the wholeness of all life. That is the moment, when your third eye opens to your true light.

Be not seduced by the earthly clairvoyants who offer you some sort of a dirty trick, that they can open your third eye chakra. When you do this or that or the third thing, when you pay them money or you do this or that ritual, and then your third eye chakra will be open. And then, when those earthly tricks have opened your third eye chakra, then you all of a sudden see something that you should see in order to raise your life further, to raise your consciousness further. 

Do not be used by those dirty things. This is not the level of God consciousness. This is not the level that we need, the Elohim of the Fifth Ray, who have a retreat very close to here, on the border where Russia, Kazakhstan and China meet. This is not what we teach in our retreat, because it is the perversion of the third eye. It is the misuses of God vision, God's true vision, which is a vision that sees beyond all earthly appearances. It is the vision that does not let itself be seduced by earthly appearances. It is the vision that sees beyond all of the images, it is the vision that transcends all of the images and starts to create a new image.

My beloved, take note of how the Elohim created the world. They started with the vision, they started with a vision of what it is they want to project upon the Ma-ter light. They started with a blueprint, they started with a new vision. They did not look on the outer appearances of already created spheres. They did not look at the sphere nor did they look at some moon and say that we create the earth similar to the moon, only we would add some water so that life would be more interesting. 

Nay, my beloved, the Elohim started with a divine vision, with a divine blueprint, that had never existed before, that was so new, so pure that it had never been projected before. And that is the beauty of creativity; that is the beauty of creation. You create something out of your own being without using any appearances that anybody wants to give to you. 

And it is no coincidence that the retreat of the Elohim Cyclopea and Virgina is here on the border line of Russia Kazakhstan and China. It is here in the focal point of Central Asia, where the new vision can be started for the whole planet but first of all for Central Asia. 

The oneness of the flying Eagle and the sun
Look at the flag of Kazakhstan! Look at it: what does it show you? It shows you the Eagle who is flying under the sun. Yet you, all my beloved people so dear to my heart, you all have the ability to raise your consciousness even higher than the eagle flies, so that in your vision you would see the oneness, the wholeness of all life. So then, the eagle and the sun will no more be two separate images or appearances on your flag, but they will become the single eye the All-seeing Eye of God, which you use in order to see the oneness where you see the Eagle coming into oneness with the sun, becoming the sun. That is holding the vision for Central Asia and for planet earth, who is holding the pure vision born out of the holy, holy, holy, holy oneness and wholeness of Elohim.

Because, my dear children, it is my gift to you on this day. I am giving you the sphere of God' s vision. Look at this Christmas tree here, made out of green balloons and golden balloons, and envision that each one of you is like a separate green balloon of God's individualized vision. So that you – whenever you will leave this country, this conference – you are able to carry this light in your sphere, in your conscious sphere, and you are able to tune in to my Presence and manifests God vision, the new vision, to create new life in your societies, in your families, everywhere you go.  

All creation starts with a vision
Remember, my beloved, how the Universe was created. My beloved, how could the new universe be born. It could be born only through a new vision, seen through the All-Seeing Eye of God. This is the beauty of this world, this is the beauty of the material schoolroom: that you can do here whatever you want. The choice is yours. So use this choice wisely, so that you could be one of the forerunners for bringing the Golden age into manifestation, through using wisely your third eye's ability to project God's vision upon the Ma-ter light.

So that you would start seeing all life, not through your two physical eyes, but look at the whole life through this one eye, through this All-seeing Eye of God. I, Elohim, touch right now the third eyes of all of you, with my energy, with my light, so that everything that obscures your pure vision will fade away, if you yourself are willing to let it go. I cannot interfere with your growth, when you do not wish it, but I can – because I have the authority if you will give this to me – I can eliminate all of the impure appearances that have been put into your third eye throughout different embodiments. 

I eliminate this veil of Maya, so that you can see your life and the life around you through the purity of God's vision. Do not underestimate the role and importance of the fifth ray in your personal growth, because when you do not have the ability to visualize, you are not then creating. You cannot create without vision. You have to have some sort of vision. If you do not have God's vision, the pure spiritual vision, then you take on automatically the appearances from this world that you see, and you start creating based on those appearances. But my beloved, has not Saint Germain already discussed with you, that you obviously want to see new life, both in your personal life, but also in Central Asia. 

Only the pure heart can tune in to true vision
You do want to build a new society, where there is more freedom, more light, you do want to do that. So do not give your creative powers away to this world, to the prince of this world that comes to you, who calls to you all the time, who calls to you through your phones, through your family members, through your children, through your relatives—and constantly demands that you would create the world based on traditions, as it always has been through duality. 

My beloved, the beauty of God, the Beauty of the Elohim is the freedom to create through pure hearts. That is why you were meant to give the invocation (before this dictation) to clear your heart. Because only through a pure heart, when you have the pure heart, are you able to tune in to the pure vision—are you able to experience the freedom, are you able to experience the wholeness, are you able to experience the oneness of all life. And this oneness is the healing. The oneness becomes the healing, because the oneness – created through the All-seeing Eye of God through all people – this oneness becomes wholeness. It becomes the holy, holy, holy, holy wholeness, and this wholeness becomes healing in all levels on planet earth.

My beloved sons and daughters, so great is my love for you. So much do I desire you to be able to see the world, to see the universe, as I see it, that I seal you into this tremendous emerald green sphere of light, having the golden flames of God's Presence in it. It is my gift to you. Use this light to give birth to Alpha-Omega currents through all your chakras.

Give birth to divine vision through being born into the consciousness of the Divine Mother. Do you see how it all [our teachings] ties together, because the pure vision cannot be born, when you see yourself separated from Spirit. It can be born only when you have become God the Mother in the material sphere, when you have become the true co-creator who is able to activate all of your chakras – from the base chakra up to your third eye chakra – so that you are able to activate the spheres of light inside you and create through those spheres of light the beauty of the New World. 

The Elohim hold the single-eyed God vision for earth and its people
The beauty of the Golden Age, the beauty of God's kingdom on planet earth, that is the Elohim's vision. That is the single -eyed vision that I and my female counterpart, Virginia, are holding for you, and we are sealing you in this Alpha-Omega Oneness horizontally as well as vertically.

You are with us, you are one with us. Our All-seeing Eye of God sees you as one of us. You are co-creators; do not forget it! You are co-creating through your vision constantly, the question is: will you use, for co-creating, your All-seeing Eye of God or will you use the appearances of this world?

Please remind yourself that you are the co-creators together with me, with all the Elohim and with the other members of the ascended masters. Do not forget it any time, when you read the rosary, any time you give an invocation. All the time remember, we are the representatives of Light who multiply the currents that you generate. 

We have the ability to fulfill the calls that want to raise up all life. And we do it as you allow us. We are the builders of the universe, but you are the co-creators! Do you see this oneness of all life? My beloved, it is my honor to be with you on this day. Please accept my greatest love to all of you!


Copyright © 2011 by Helen Michaels


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