Welcome to Central Asia, students of the ruby ray!

TOPICS: The Silk Road was one way to share Presence - The inner call of the ruby ray inspires you to come together - Shamballa holds a ruby ray focus to intensify the completion of the mission of the 144,000 - The fall into the trap of duality brings initiations to encounter the fallen logic 144,000 times  - The fall into duality among the 144,000 happened due to the desire to "make things right" on planet earth - The way towards mastery and beyond duality is expressing divine virtues while encountering the fallen logic  - The reason some of you have not yet entered Shamballa is your sense of unworthiness -

Ascended Master Sanat Kumara, December 28, 2011. This dictation was given through Helen Michaels in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Out of Shamballa I, Sanat Kumara, come, to say my welcoming words to all of the children of God, that I feel a great connection to through my heart—through this flame that I, Sanat Kumara, carry in my heart. And my beloved children, you feel this flame, because there is not a single person in this room, who is not connected with the work that the ruby ray is supposed to do on planet earth.

There is not a single person in this room, who is not connected with the path of the ruby ray. And what does it mean, my beloved? The ruby ray path is a path of service; it is the path of holy oneness, that can only be born when the Mother is born in the matter realm.

Out of Shamballa, with great honor, I Sanat Kumara come to welcome your Presence here at this event in Central Asia, in Almaty, that was once – back before the time of Christ – already a focal point for local people, who felt the need to unite East and West, and gathered together through the Silk Roads in those focal points, where they could unite with each other through trade. Indeed, I tell you, what was happening between East and West was not only trade. 

The Silk Road was one way to share Presence
It was not only goods that merchants distributed and shared between East and West. It was first of all light through their Presences, that people shared! It was their Presences, through their hearts, that they felt they wanted to share with other parts of the world. It was their ability to sense that there must be something more in this world than just living in their villages and small towns back then. 

It was a sense and a pursuit towards transcendence that made people travel from the far East to the far West to exchange more than just goods. The trading routes became ways to share their energies, not only trading their goods. My beloved children, it was first of all the light that gave people the drive to travel far away from their homes to find something more, something beyond their world view.

The inner call of the ruby ray inspires you to come together
And I can assure you, my beloved children, this is very much the same reason that made you travel here. The light that is working through you, gave you the drive to travel from afar and come together in a focal point, where you can sense that there is something more to life. It is the sense that you can learn more in life, when you let the light carry you away from your comfortable homes. 

Thus, I, Sanat Kumara, come with the ruby ray angels to say my deepest and most heart-warming welcome to you, and as I give this release and this dictation, I am pouring from my heart the pure ruby ray essence directly into your hearts, to activate the ancient code that you carry in your souls. Since it was the ruby ray light that brought you together through the inner call to serve with me on planet earth, it is also the ruby ray light and its inner call that has given you the impulse to travel so far, to Almaty, to meet me and your spiritual brothers and sisters. 

I was very joyful to see how the local people in Almaty were dedicated to arranging this event, how they were inspired by the light to initiate this meeting, which it was truly my desire to see carried through in the physical plane, in this point that is very close to Shamballa, where those people who are working with the ruby ray are drawn together.

Therefore, I come and say my most heartwarming, my most sincere, welcome to all of you! My most sincere welcome to people who have come here with little children, because blessed are all those who carry this light. The light is indeed our greatest gift, that we want to share in this world through those who carry this light in their hearts—sometimes even without knowing what they are doing, and by being just pure, sincere open doors. 

Shamballa holds a ruby ray focus to intensify the completion of the mission of the 144,000
And I am assuring you, that there are bands of angels around those children who decided to be born in Central Asia, sometimes into very difficult circumstances, but with the great desire and dedication to carry my light—the intense, fiery, merciful, ruby light in the mother realm. Indeed, this light can only be born in the hearts of those who are most sincerely serving all life, who do not seek to raise themselves up but who do seek to raise up all life, who seek to help their friends and neighbors and brothers. And who love their friends and neighbors and brothers sometimes more than they love themselves. 

Thus, my beloved, it is the light of Sanat Kumara that is welcoming you to awaken and be fully reborn into reality, where you recognize what kind of light you carry in your hearts. I also announce that it is a great honor for Shamballa to hold now, finally after all these dark ages, the ruby ray focus. The reason why the ruby ray focus can be born and maintained in Shamballa as the focal point, is precisely because there are so many people already in embodiment who have tuned in to the Presence of the Divine Mother. And that enables them to carry the ruby light in their hearts through their selfless service on planet earth. 

And as these people are located in different areas on the planet, the ruby ray light can work through them, as the ruby ray focus in Shamballa shines, radiates and vibrates its presence from there into the sphere of the whole planet. Thus, all those who have the inner coding of being part of Sanat Kumara's 144,000, those people are all receiving now the inner call to respond to the invitation of Shamballa. My beloved children, there is not a single one of you in this room who is not part of this work, that the ruby ray is meant to do on planet earth.

The fall into the trap of duality brings initiations to encounter the fallen logic 144,000 times
Now, how, my beloved, can this intense fire of God be born in matter through those who carry this flame in their hearts? My beloved, it can be born only when you transcend yourself 144,000 times beyond duality, as you were given the instruction before descending into the dense sphere of planet earth to carry through this mission with me. Many of you, the 144,000, didn't fully acknowledge how dense of an environment you were going into, because you were innocent souls. You did not fully acknowledge the traps of the fallen consciousness, regardless of the fact that you were instructed about it. 

Thus, it is time to awaken to the reality that you still carry the spark of these 144,000 different virtues of God in your souls. Each one of you is carrying its individual divine spark of the ruby ray, which is your divine code and your talent. This is your divine opportunity and the reason why you were born in this realm, and this is what you are meant to bring forth, through sharing your Presence in this life. 

But of course, as it is a given in the realm of duality, those 144,000 met the fallen angels and encountered their serpentine logic. The serpentine logic sought to draw them into duality, because the fallen ones knew how the ruby ray fire can really be born and expressed in matter. The ruby light can only survive in matter, when it is kept beyond duality—beyond the sense of strife and conflict. 


The fall into duality among the 144,000 happened due to the desire to "make things right" on planet earth
And how did, then, many of the 144,000 fall below the level of duality? You fell below this level, because you felt such a great love in your hearts, that you felt you should start fixing this planet, you felt that it is your responsibility to fix things on this planet. You felt it is your responsibility to fix the fallen logic, the serpentine minds of the fallen angels, because in your great love you felt you wanted to help these people, you wanted to help them see that there is so much more to life. There is so much more than the level of duality – the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil – where many lifestreams were, and still are, stuck. 

And that is where, my beloved, you lost your touch with the true flame that you were carrying in your hearts. Blinded by the fallen logic, you felt that you had to come and raise planet earth beyond duality by engaging the fallen logic. And from this moment you had the thought in your mind, that you had to fix the veil of duality. From this moment the ruby light in your hearts could not be maintained, because the ruby ray fire cannot survive in duality. It cannot survive when your heart is in the realm of good and evil, where you meet the relative good and relative evil and you think you want to fix the serpentine logic. 

And that is why, my beloved, the true physical focus of Shamballa – the city of white marble, which was a replica of the cities of planet Venus – was withdrawn to the realm of ether. All those of you, who had touched the realm of relative good and evil, felt that you were left on planet earth alone. You felt abandoned by God and the time arrived, my beloved, when you had to face your most severe initiations, because you were left alone to meet the fallen logic, the serpentine logic. 

Since you had descended into the duality consciousness, you had to work through your initiations using this inner wisdom, the inner coding that was written into your hearts and souls by Sanat Kumara, by myself. Once in duality, you had to encounter this serpentine logic, according to Cosmic Law, 144,000 times. 


The way towards mastery and beyond duality is expressing divine virtues while encountering the fallen logic 
As you were once one of those who carried the consciousness of the 144,000 different kinds of divine virtues, then that was exactly the amount of times you had to encounter the serpentine logic through your embodiments. Once you touched the veil of duality, you had to be initiated to encounter this logic 144,000 times in order to be completely free from it. So that you could be restored to your original purity, to your original divine code, to your original task of carrying the light of the ruby ray. That is why I, Sanat Kumara, am here today, so that you could recall your inner wisdom and be awakened to who you truly are.

Thus, I am here to welcome you to this event and congratulate you, because many of you have passed the tests of the Year of the Mother. And you are ready to acknowledge your true inner potential, and recognize that you are ready to carry the light of the ruby ray in your hearts, as the true Mother of God, as the true representative of God consciousness in matter. 

Many of you are close to the borderline of breaking through the realm of duality. And therefore, as the Cosmic Law says, you are ready to not only acknowledge your inner coding but also carry the light of Sanat Kumara in your hearts; carry it in your heart chakras, so that the internal ever-burning ruby ray fire of the Mother of God can be awakened on planet earth once again through you. As planet earth is on its way towards the ascension, and that is the only way to go, because the ruby fire, that fiery intense unconditional love of the mother, this is the love that draws this planet higher and higher. This is the fuel that propels planet earth and all thereon higher. 

In Shamballa you get the inner teaching on how to complete your mission
Therefore, as you share your Presence through whatever is your task in this lifetime, through the fire of the ruby ray, I welcome you. And I extend my hand to you, because you are all coming to Shamballa, to my retreat, to receive internal lessons every night. Because this is the year and the age of transcendence, where you are meant to leave behind the ego consciousness, the consciousness of the separate self. And you are meant to come to Shamballa and get your true instructions for how to carry the ruby ray fire into those places where you are located.

My beloved, the ruby ray focus in Shamballa is so strong that I can assure you, it fills the whole planetary sphere, the whole sphere in which planet earth is currently located. Because the ruby ray fire awakens you, awakens planet earth to its original divine path, where the planet was meant to go. 

And that is why I am here: to give you this gift from my heart, to welcome you all to Shamballa, to get the final instructions, so that you would dare to acknowledge who you truly are. My beloved, take a moment to breathe, so that you could breathe in who you truly are. Many of you are among the 144,000 who have not yet managed to come through the door of Shamballa. 

The reason some of you have not yet entered Shamballa is your sense of unworthiness
They have not done that because they still have remnants of the perversion of love, which says: "Ah, you are not worthy to stand in the doorway of Shamballa." That is what the Serpent says to you: "Look at what kind of things you have done in your past lives; you cannot be the one who is worthy to stand in front of Sanat Kumara, to carry Sanat Kumara's light, that has been anchored in your heart."  

My beloved, listen within, listen to the internal call, coming through the internal coding in your hearts. Listen to the voice of the ruby fire, this intense fire that is constantly vibrating, emanating and radiating its essence in the air. Listen within, see and sense the ruby fire with the inner eye that is in each one of you. Look at your life with your inner eye, and you see that the ruby light is there. You can connect to this, and you can listen to the silent message that this light gives to you, my beloved, who have volunteered to embody here in the area of central Asia!

So what, then, does this light say to you, my beloved? It says only one thing, "I love you unconditionally." The intense divine love from Venus wants to embrace you, hold you and awaken you to recognize this path into which you were originally born. This unconditional light wants to give you the sense, the frame of reference, of who you truly are!  

Awaken to your true life and recognize that it is your true life! This light is your true life. It is the water of the Holy Spirit! Just as a jar of water is put here in the middle of the room, the water of the Holy Spirit is the symbol of the central element in each divinely guided life. How else can you be reborn into your true identity, if you do not recognize that the light of the Holy Spirit is the central element in your life, my beloved! 

In the midst of density, realize that the central element in life is the Holy Spirit
Thus, my heart is rejoicing so much right now, because while giving this release, I am pouring into your hearts – into your chalices – this intense ruby fire that you were once born out of, and that you have wowed to give birth to on planet earth, in the sphere of matter. In the dense sphere of duality where you, my beloved hearts, have embodied, some of you not even imagining how dense this environment can feel compared to the spheres of Venus. 

It is our great love, all the hierarchs of Venus, to welcome you on this path, that you have chosen. And the doorways of Shamballa are open to all of you, who are willing to recognize and acknowledge the invitation that was written long ago in your hearts. My beloved people, recognize the light in your hearts and get over the perversion of putting down the light in you. Get over this perversion of love, which does not allow you to fully recognize who you truly are! Get over this perversion of denying the Christ Light that you already embody to a large degree! 

It is Sanat Kumara's light in you that wants to be fully recognized in order to be fully expressed on planet earth. It is Sanat Kumara's light in you, in many of you who are currently in different places on planet earth and who carry the light of the ruby ray. The reason I talk with such an intense power right now is to penetrate the dense spheres of matter, so that all those who carry the ruby fire in their hearts could hear my call within and would tune in to the ruby fire that they truly are. 

Many of you have set the foundation for carrying the ruby fire, again, in your hearts during the Year of the Mother. And thus, you are able to fully embrace the role of carrying this light into the Year of the Holy Spirit and further. This release is my gift to you, my beloved! 

In unconditional love, I seal you in the sphere of the ruby ray, from my heart directly to your heart. The light from my heart will reach all of you who are open to it. But in order to accept it fully, you have to get over the perversion of love, of underestimating yourselves and who you truly are.


Copyright © 2011 by Helen Michaels


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