How can the Lithuanian people overcome the perversions of the Father Flame and be more in life?

TOPICS: Lithuanians carry the Flame of the Father in their hearts - The Father rejoices when being expressed - The true balance of expressing the Will of God - The old patterns in the Lithuanian mass consciousness - The willingness to embody the qualities of the blue ray in matter - The Lithuanian people need to overcome the perversion of the Father Flame in their collective psyche - Until there is equality between men and women, society cannot make its transition into the Golden Age - A sense of new creativity -

Ascended Master MORE, October 30, 2011, through Helen. This dictation was given as the messengers were driving in a car through central Lithuania.


What a joy of the Father, to see his children, and his creation, take manifestation in matter. Well, indeed, I Master MORE, rejoice for this opportunity, that I too have the opportunity to anchor my portion of light in the ring of fire around the Baltic Sea. Because I, Master MORE, always strive to be MORE, and therefore I AM MORE through all the openings that are in tune with me and give me the opportunity to express myself in matter through various forms.

Lithuanians carry the Flame of the Father in their hearts
And indeed, my beloved, it is the great joy of the Father to see creativity and the striving towards MORE being manifested in matter. Because these are the characteristics of the Flame of the Father, the Flame of God's Will, the Flame of God's Power.

This Flame is very much anchored in the hearts of the Lithuanian people. And therefore I, Master MORE – regardless of the fact that I spoke here in Lithuania, in Vilnius, a year ago – use again my opportunity to anchor Light. This second portion of Light is anchored near Kaunas, which is the true heart of Lithuania, due to its location. And as we are close to the heart of Lithuania, it is a good time to take a look at what is the central point in the consciousness of the Lithuanian people.

Lithuanians are very dear to my heart, as they carry the consciousness, which is very much in tune with the blue flame of Gods' Will and Gods Power. And truly, in the Age of Transcendence, I could say that God's Will is mostly expressed as creativity, the will to be MORE. God's Will truly is to transcend every day in matter, as the will to be MORE every day in each situation.

My beloved children, I Master MORE, have embodied this flame now for a long time, and therefore I can see what is the main quality of the Flame of the Father. What then is the main quality of the Will and Power of God? The Will and the Power of God become truly the WILL and the true POWER only when creatively expressed in matter through the Christ consciousness of devoted people.

The Father rejoices when being expressed
Well, my beloved, I have come here today to anchor my portion of this strong fiery blue flame in Lithuania and awaken the Lithuanian people to the true qualities of the blue Flame. And what are those true qualities of the Blue Flame?

One of those true qualities is rejoicing for the fact that there is an opening in matter for the Flame of the Father to be expressed. It is rejoicing for the fact that there are openings in matter for the Flame of God to be creatively expressed. It is rejoicing for the fact that through those openings in matter, God's Will and God's Power, as the qualities of the Father, can unify with the Mother Flame.

As we have already expressed in the beginning of the Year of the Mother, the true creativity, the true Power and the true Will of God can be expressed only through choices and through decisions that people make. Even the decision to be MORE is a choice! It is a decision to grow and be MORE than the decisions and choices in the past. Only through those thought models that are different from the past thought models, can people grow.  In the age of transcendence it is clear, that the thought models that worked well in the past, are not working as well any more. And in order to be MORE, these old models need to be reconsidered and transcended.

The true balance of expressing the Will of God
How, my beloved, can the Lithuanian people – who have so much striving towards being more and a natural, built-in desire to be more – find ways to be more in life? How can these my beloved sons and daughters, find the true balance of expressing Gods Will and other true qualities of God's creativity in matter?

Indeed, I see that many people in Lithuania, due to the history of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, still identify themselves through this medieval empire. The earthly empire, that once was an ambition of the Lithuanian and Polish kings, lasted for a few hundred years before it failed. As you see, all the earthly structures that are not transcended through the true oneness of the Flame of Father and the Flame of the Mother, fail.

There is no empire on earth that would last, if the head of the empire is an earthly king and his ego, instead of God. This perversion of the Father Flame immediately changes any earthly empire into its divine perversion, and then it is only a matter of time before it crumbles. The memory of an earthly empire has kept the Lithuanian people somewhat trapped in this pattern of the perversion of the Father Flame.

Because, indeed, the true Flame of the Father, the true Will of God, is to establish the kingdom within. The inner kingdom means that God is the head of this kingdom; not any earthly figure. All versions of the outer kingdoms have a tendency to pervert power. And that was the case also with the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The old patterns in the Lithuanian mass consciousness
Therefore, I, Master MORE, have come here to shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter those mental boxes that exist in the Lithuanian mass consciousness, in all four material spheres. These mental boxes are stored deep inside their collective subconscious mind, and they keep the Lithuanians trapped in old patterns.

Deep inside – at the identity, mental and emotional level – many of them feel pride that they have had the kingdom, the clearly distinct history that is not comparable with the histories of the neighboring countries. And therefore, I, Master MORE, have come to awaken the Lithuanian people to the far greater kingdom that they can establish in Lithuania, because they have the potential. The Lithuanian people, due to their natural drive, due to their natural pull towards being more, due to the natural pull towards God's Power and God's will, are tuned in to this Flame.

But their true potential can only be awakened, when they get rid of the perversions of the Father. This Flame can drive all life in Lithuanian society towards much MORE than you see today, towards much bigger steps than what is currently seen or than what has ever been seen in Lithuania.

The Golden Age in the territory of Lithuania is meant to outpicture the purest form of the Flame of the Father. The Lithuanian people have great devotion in their hearts towards God the Father. Still, this devotion is to a large degree projected out as an earthly image of God. But no earthly image is able to capture the fullness and wholeness of the true God. Any image projected upon God can only be a false sense of God.

Lithuanians need to awaken to the fact that this false sense must just be dropped, like an old picture that has gathered too much dust on its frame, so that it starts stinking and smelling while kept on the wall. Those old images of God must be thrown away, so that the true nature of the Lithuanian people can find the true connection with the Father Flame that I, Master MORE, represent, through the Will of God.
The true Flame of God's Will is the Flame of true creativity when expressed in matter. That is why, you see my beloved, the old mental images of the judgmental catholic God are the images that I, Master MORE, have come to shatter with this immense power that I represent.

And am I, as the representative of the Father, judgmental? Nay, I am the rejoicing master, as this messenger before getting the dictation had a sense of me approaching her with even a little joke to catch her attention. Rejoicing creativity is truly the true nature of God the Father, who is respecting the free will of any of his children. The true God is open for all opportunities to be expressed in matter in its purest form, through the flow and the radiation of the Flame of the Father.

The willingness to embody the qualities of the blue ray in matter
The will of God, the Power of God, the creativity of the Spirit constantly flows from the higher selves of the sons and daughters, who are open to me expressing this Flame in matter. Therefore I, Master MORE, represent the true radiation of the Father and this radiation of the Sprit of the Father. And this radiation, I anchor here in the heart of Lithuania. So that it will radiate like a light beam of the brightest blue, towards all directions on planet earth, awakening those hearts who are open to my Flame and most of all the Lithuanians themselves.

They are the people who need to really awaken to the fact, that they carry the Flame of God's Will in their collective consciousness, and they have the opportunity to outpicture the true blue-flame potential. The starting point, of course, has to be that there is a willingness in themselves to embody the qualities of the blue ray in matter. It is precisely the balanced expression of the blue flame that has helped them build up their society after regaining independence from Communism. And it is also the Lithuanian people's gift, that they can share through expressing their creativity in the matter sphere.

Oh, what beauty it is to see the full radiation of the blue Flame, when it shines through all the layers of matter! Oh, what beauty there is in the rings of fire, when the highest unified vibration of the blue ray shines through the spiritual spheres to earth, until it reaches the physical layer! Oh, what beauty it is to see my children, my sons and daughters of God, be awakened MORE and MORE in the Golden age to creativity and a true expression of the Blue ray.

How I welcome into my arms all the students who embody the true will and power of God. Because I, Master MORE, am flowing with the Spirit, the ever-transcending Spirit, that does not stop when people want to project upon me the graven images coming from their separate selves or from their egoistic minds.

I, Master MORE, welcome the students who are willing to move with me, who are willing to transcend together with me because that is the way to truly establish the union and oneness between the Flame of the Father and the Flame of the Mother in matter. That is the way that the Father together with the Mother, can give birth to new divine life!

That is, my beloved children, the portion of Light that I want you to embrace, to tune in to, so you know that I, Master MORE, welcome both Lithuanians and other people, who are willing to transcend, together with me, their old sense of self. Come with me and let go of your old images projected upon God, but be willing to be the open doors, so that the Spirit of God can work through you and bring new life into the matter sphere. My invitation is my gift to you, my beloved children, beloved Sons and daughters of Lithuania. That is my gift around the Baltic Sea, to all of the countries that are very dear to my heart.

And, my beloved, how then can the Flame of God express the greatest Golden Age potential in Lithuania? As we have said already, the mental images of the judgmental God need to be transcended before moving into the Golden Age, because the true Flame of the Spirit does not conform to  any man-made images. The true Flame of God's Power is meant to reach beyond any man-made structures, that are very much outpictured here in Lithuania. Thus, before Lithuanians can manifest their true golden-age potential, they have to get over the perversions of the Father Flame in their society.

I, Master MORE, come to tell you, that one of the perversions of the Flame of God's power is when people seek to submit to outer signs of earthly power, such as outer names, titles and positions in organized structures. There is nothing wrong with being part of society through those earthly positions and structures, but when a position or a title becomes a goal in itself, then it is manifesting as one perversion of the Father Flame.

Submission to any kind of earthly power, in order to justify choices and decisions that one does not want to make as an individual, is also a perversion of the Father Flame. Submitting to an earthly power structure enables one to hide the inner lack of true connection with inner Power—the Power of God that shines through the kingdom within.

Another perversion of the Father's Flame is any attempt to justify individual choices and decisions, that the outer power enables you to camouflage without you taking responsibility for them. By taking on some form of an earthly power, many power-abusers feel that they now have a justification for doing what they would not do without this camouflage. And that attitude in Lithuanian society is precisely the attitude that I have come to shatter!

I have come to shatter this sense that you require some kind of outer justification for your decisions and choices, in order to remain unchallenged by other people. It is a perversion of the Flame of the Father expressed in matter, and I, Master MORE, have come to shatter the illusion that any individual or society can make a transition to the Golden Age without actually confronting these perversions.

The Lithuanian people need to overcome the perversion of the Father Flame in their collective psyche
In the Golden Age, the Flame of the Father is meant to outpicture the free flow of the Spirit, finding its way into society through the homes of creative people. Only pure hearts can outpicture the oneness with the Christ consciousness that enables Spirit to be born in matter. Individuals who have a large degree of Christ consciousness, do not require any pompous or elaborate outer position to justify their decisions and choices. That is the tendency that the Lithuanian people need to overcome in their collective psyche, because the perversion of the Father Flame through the perversion of power is so much present here in this country.

In order for Lithuanians to really make it into the Golden Age – and truly anchor the Father Flame in their country and society – they have to honestly examine themselves and note that these kind of old patterns of power perversions do not work in modern society. The Age of Aquarius is the age of cooperation and integration. It is the Age where all artificial borders between people need to be dissolved, because there are no people who are above others. There are no people who are superior to others, and the more people recognize this simple fact, the more they will recognize the true Oneness of all life.

Oneness in a society needs oneness among the members of that society. The more this country wants to progress towards the Golden Age and manifest its true potential, the quicker all perversions of the Father Flame need to be eliminated from this country. As the old pictures that have lost their purpose of hanging on the wall, the same applies to all subconscious patterns in Lithuanian society. For the Flame of the Father to truly be expressed in the Mother realm, then all people need to see each other as equals and as equal members both in the family and in society.

Until there is equality between men and women, society cannot make its transition into the Golden Age
Therefore, what Mother Mary has addressed in Poland is also valid here, namely that there has to be more equality between men and women. Until this equality is established, Lithuanian society cannot make its transition to the Golden Age. All those age-old models of the catholic families and catholic societies, where women are kept out of certain positions, even kept from certain discussions, are simply not valid in the Age of Transcendence. And the Age of Transcendence truly means that women find their way into those positions in society and in the family, where their voices are heard.

The age-old false translation of the Bible, where the man is interpreted as the head of family is simply a false translation. It can only be God who is the head of any kingdom within, and it can only be the connection with your higher self that is the head of family and society. Thus, you see, that the translation of the Bible is as old as the dust that is flowing around and evaporating away when the new matrixes are about to be born in matter.

Therefore, all those old translations of the Gospels and scriptures need to simply be transcended, and people need to ask honestly from themselves and each other, what we truly need in this Age of Aquarius in order to make the transition towards a better society? This is especially important here in Lithuania, a country that has had only 20+ years to restore its true freedom and independence.

For Lithuanians it is valid to ask: "What changes in our society do we actually need in order to let the Flame of the Father, that we truly represent and embody, be expressed in its fullest potential?" Therefore, I, Master MORE, anchor here a portion of light that intensifies the sense that the Lithuanians naturally have—the drive to be MORE.

Many people indeed will start realizing in coming years, that they need to ask the questions from each other and from their family members concerning what changes they need to make. How can they as individuals and as a society be more in this age?  How can they, as a collective, embody the Flame of the ever-transcending Father?

Does the Father Flame give birth to its expansion and then stop in order to admire the full growth cycle in matter? Nay, my beloved, the Father is creative, the Father represents the Flame of expansion and creativity to empower a new creation.

A sense of new creativity
Oh, what beauty it is to see those flames of the Spirit be expressed through those who are open! There are many of my devotees who, especially during the Year of the Mother, have sensed the presence of a new creativity, the experience of coming into oneness with the Spirit of God. This is the sense of finding the God within.

Oh, what beauty it is for us in the ascended realm to admire those lifestreams who really look like flowers. They have had the buds for a long time, and then finally when the Father Spirit shines through the Conscious You from their Divine Presence, then they start blossoming. Like the flowers that finally sense the presence of the warm spring sun.Once the sun shines through, a flower can truly have the experience of blossoming to its full extent and leave behind the old matrixes and thoughtforms of being buds.

Everything expressed in form is growing, transcending, when unified with the Father Flame. The forms that do not have this unification, eventually crumble to give room for new forms, that want to be born from the Father Spirit and express the Father Flame's creativity in matter.

The expanding creativity of the Father is what drives life further, it is the drive to be MORE. Thus, my beloved, this is my gift to the Lithuanians and this is my gift to all nations that border the Baltic Sea.

I, Master MORE, have anchored here my light, and I truly want to be MORE through you. I AM MORE every day, every second, and you who want to keep up with me, you realize of course that I, Master MORE, will not look back and come and say to you: "Hey, why are you standing there, why are you not transcending with me?" I AM the one who transcends constantly, therefore if you want to keep up with me, YOU have to transcend yourself constantly.

Ever-transcending Spirit, that is the Flame of God's Will. It is finished. Amen.


Copyright © 2011 by Helen Michaels


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