Forgiveness and Mercy are necessary ingredients for experiencing freedom in matter

TOPICS: The Word "forgive" means active giving - To justify the dualistic struggle, you have to first define the enemy - The main goal of the 1917 Revolution was to destroy - The cosmic mirror in the end of the Year of the Mother - Remember the cosmic wrecking ball - To embody the flame of Mercy is a great liberation -

Ascended Master Kuan Yin, given September 24, 2011 through Helen Michaels in Arkhangelsk, Russia.


Kuan Yin I AM, and out of the stillness, out of the pure awareness, I come. I come here to carry the Flame of Mercy into the matter plane, because Mercy and forgiveness are truly the necessary ingredients for matter to be completely free—free from all impurities; the images that the carnal mind could ever imagine or would want to put on matter.

The Word "forgive" means active giving

My beloved, think about the word "forgive." It has the word "GIVE" in it, which means that forgiveness is an active giving. It is an active giving through you as the open door—active giving and sharing of the Spirit through you. It is giving freely, and it is giving freedom to the Spirit to be expressed in matter and consume all that could ever hinder the free flow of the Spirit in matter. Why then, are Forgiveness and Mercy such necessary ingredients for experiencing freedom in matter?

My beloved, here in the center of Arkhangelsk – the city of Angels – you see the glorification of war times, the glorification of false heroes like Lenin and the soldiers, who have battled for the Soviet Union against Nazi Germany or somebody else and then come back all victorious, celebrating the blood that has been shed. Somebody had been killed, and they were the ones who came back from the battle alive. Or they are celebrating that they were the ones who didn't get bombarded on their convoys during WWII and managed to reach the final destination of Arkhangelsk.

Think about it, what truly is military force? Isn't it the ultimate outpicturing of the dualistic struggle, that humankind has been engaged in for such a long time, as the result of being seduced by the serpentine logic, by the serpentine philosophy that there is always some enemy out there?

In order to manifest Spirit in matter, you have to give up the dualistic struggle

My beloved that is why the military has achieved, in the country of Russia, such an immense power, because the Russians, through communism and soviet history, have always managed to portray to their people that there is always some enemy out there who is against them and ready to destroy them, be it Nazi Germany or the United States or whatever.

Even today, you can see, how Russia tries to create a dualistic struggle about the territory of the Arctic sea, where new natural gas and oil reserves have been found. Therefore, it seems perfectly justified for the Russians to increase their military presence in the area of the Arctic sea, as it would be for protecting their interest in the Arctic. 

To justify the dualistic struggle, you have to first define the enemy

Is it not so, that in order to even build the military, you have to first define that there is a force against you in the matter plane, a force that is defined as an enemy. Does this not mean your ultimate willingness to actually engage in the dualistic battle? Once you have defined that there is a real enemy, then you also have the justification to go into a real battle. And you could then come back – if you manage to be alive – from a seemingly victorious war and give glory to the separate self. Even after coming back from a supposedly victorious WWII, was Soviet society actually free?

My beloved, that is the reason why forgiveness is such a necessary ingredient for freedom. Forgiveness means that in order for you to master the manifestation of the Spirit in matter, you do not accept any dualistic battles. The Flame of Forgiveness means that you transcend the dualistic battles, and you do not see yourself or don't build any identity of yourself as being against somebody or something—and thereby giving rise to the ego and glorifying the ego, when the ego manages to survive the ultimate dualistic battle.

That is the reason why forgiveness is the ultimate ingredient for freedom, because you cannot give birth to the Spirit freely in the matter plane, if you don't let the Spirit flow freely. And have you ever seen that the Spirit really wants to be engaged in a dualistic battle in matter? Nay, my beloved, it is only the ego who wants to define good and evil. It can only be the separate self that wants to get some ultimate glorification out of the battle, portraying itself as being the hero while resisting somebody, being in a battle against somebody and then coming back as the victorious leader of the country or whoever. 

The main goal of the 1917 Revolution was to destroy

You have seen this battle outpictured in 1917, in the ultimate battle between the tzar and the proletariat. You have seen how the serpentine logic, when it was given power, managed to seduce the people of the Russian Empire into a dualistic battle against the tzar. It was a battle that eventually was destroying the whole country. Very few people back then asked, "Is it really reasonable what we are doing," because the majority of the mass consciousness had already been caught by the serpentine philosophy, according to which the main goal was to destroy the tzar's power.

I am not hereby saying that the tzar, and the leading elite back then, was outpicturing the highest possible plan for Russia. I am not glorifying the tzar, but I am saying that for a long time there has been in the Russian people' consciousness a strong momentum of being against somebody, and thereby portraying certain groups amongst themselves and or in other nations as the enemies of the Russian people. And therefore, the cosmic mirror has given the opportunity for Russia to see this consciousness through its very bloody history. 

Therefore I, Kuan Yin, who is above duality, who is beyond any struggle and battle and who is witnessing the free flow of the living Spirit constantly transcending itself, I come to release an extra portion of the Flame of forgiveness – the Flame of Mercy – for Russia and for the whole planet. The momentum of my flame is so strong, that all people around planet earth, who have been tuned in to my Flame – the Flame of Forgiveness, Compassion and Mercy – they can sense this release and make use of it through their own manifestations of Christhood in matter.

The cosmic mirror in the end of the Year of the Mother

Why do I, Kuan Yin, say this on this particular day, after the autumn equinox and in the beginning of the months that symbolize the end of the Year of the Mother? I say this because, as you know, the matter plane mirrors back all that you have to face. All of the consciousness that you want to project out for others, the matter plane – as a great teacher – mirrors back to you. A few moments ago, Vladimir Putin made a statement that if he becomes the president, there will be a bitter pill of economic medicine that the Russian people have to swallow before receiving the honey cup. Is it not saying to the universe that he himself has to be the first one swallowing the bitter pill?

My beloved, the Flame of Freedom, the Flame of Mercy and Forgiveness, are so interrelated with each other, that the Flame of Mercy truly is just another aspect or an angle of freedom. How then, can people be free in the matter plane? How can they be free from the glorification of their warring history? 

They can be free only when they forgive themselves and they forgive their enemies unconditionally, without glorifying the bloody past, without glorifying the images about the dualistic battle, without glorifying the battles where somebody loses their lives, be it a bloody battle or be it a prison camp, such as the ones that here, near Arkhangelsk, were really outpicturing the conditions of hell. 

Remember the cosmic wrecking ball

As some of you remember, I, Kuan Yin, have given the thoughtform of the cosmic wrecking ball in last year's event in St Petersburg. Hereby, I give a reminder to all spiritual people in Russia to use your imagination, use your wisdom, use your higher vision, your will and active faith with active unconditional forgiveness to let go of all the structures from the bloody history of Russia—so that Russia would not keep any negative images about itself and that the Russian people really could let go. So that they could truly believe in the free flow of the Spirit and believe that the Spirit can indeed outpicture freedom, ultimate freedom, for the Russian people in matter.

But in order to do that, first of all, as we have said a number of times, the consciousness needs to change and let go of all the willingness to be engaged in some kind of battle. To be engaged against something or even to define an outside enemy who needs to be destroyed—this entire desire needs to go in order to fully raise up the Spirit in Mother.

Therefore, the coming part of the Year of the Mother will give a great opportunity for people to see in physical events what they have sent into the cosmic mirror. It will mirror back the same consciousness that has given birth to all duality and to all dualistic battles on planet earth. Therefore, forgiveness and freedom are the words to ponder.

When you think about the word combination "pure awareness," whereby you are just like the open door, witnessing what the Spirit can do through you without telling the Spirit how to flow, what to do and what ultimate goal the Spirit should achieve. This, my beloved, would be a great freedom for all people to experience.

Those who have experienced this once cannot forget it, because so great is the liberation from all the earthly conditions, that your mind has been used to put upon the Spirit, for how the Spirit really should flow in matter. And do you see, that in order to really let the Spirit flow freely into matter, you cannot be bound by any conditions, where you say to the Spirit that the Spirit really shouldn't outpicture certain conditions, because you haven't been willing to let go of the dualistic struggle, you haven't been willing to forgive, you are not willing to outpicture and embody the Mercy Flame?

To embody the flame of Mercy is a great liberation
My beloved, how did I win my freedom and ascension? I only won it because I realized that everything you let go through the Flame of Mercy and Forgiveness – unconditional, active forgiveness – is the liberation of your true Self. The moment of active unconditional forgiveness is a moment, when you can actually start building the pyramid of your true Self. So that the outpicturing of the true mother becomes not only a constant in your mind, but it will be a reality, it will be embodied through you as an open door.

That is the reason for my release, that is the reason why I came to remind you that in order to truly outpicture the purest form of the White Cube of the Mother, you have to be able to forgive, not just a few things, you have to be able to forgive everything unconditionally—that means every thing in you, that you carry either against yourself or somebody else. Or you might even carry it against life or a certain regime such as communism. 

Therefore, it is indeed necessary that freedom will start with the Flame of Mercy and forgiveness, in order to be fully embodied in matter. How else will you achieve your freedom from planet earth? How else do you imagine you will ascend? You will ascend daily, you can only ascend daily, when you truly let go daily, when you truly forgive daily, when you truly forgive unconditionally everything that causes resentment, anger or negative feelings in you. 

By saying this I, Kuan Yin, will anchor my focal point and the Flame of Freedom, Forgiveness and Mercy above the city of Arkhangelsk, the city of Angels, so that this Flame of Mercy is planted here like a seed in the mother cube, so that everyone who is open to be the embodiment of God Mother on planet earth could tune in to my Presence, which I radiate, vibrate and embody every second. The Presence of Mercy and Forgiveness, which I constantly transcend, so that there is not even time in this Flame. So eternal is the Flame of Forgiveness and the Flame of Mercy as one of the seeds, the foundations, to truly pass the initiations of the Freedom Flame. 

This is also a warning to the whole Russian state: when there is no forgiveness, the country and the society cannot be free. This country cannot rise above and beyond its dualistic past unless it learns to forgive—openly, honestly studies history and forgives. Hereby, my beloved, this release is sealed. I AM Kuan Yin, I AM the Goddess of Mercy, I AM the Goddess of Forgiveness, the Keeper of the Flame of Forgiveness and Mercy as a key to eternal freedom.


Copyright © 2011 by Helen Michaels


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