The White Cube of the Mother

TOPICS: How to realize the white cube - Another dispensation of the Mother Light - The circle and sword of Astrea -

Ascended Master Elohim Astrea, September 23, 2011. Given through Helen Michaels in Arkhangelsk, Russia


Astrea is the name of the feminine polarity of the same Elohim, and I come to give my aspect of the same release that you just heard. What does it matter, what you see or experience in matter, when the underlying reality is the flame of purity expressed in Mother? I, Astrea, have ready for you a release in the beginning of the last months of the Year of the Mother, where the energies of the Year of the Mother are turning into the physical. So, what does it really mean? 

My beloved, to bring purity into the physical—this can be done only through the light of the Mother, through the Flame of the Mother, that I also represent. My beloved people, I come to give you my perspective of how I, the Elohim Astrea, experience matter and how I experience and see the Mother Flame in this era and this age. I have the dispensation to bring forth an immense release of the Mother Flame in this hour, manifested as a huge white cube, which is so huge that it includes the whole planet earth with all of its four lower bodies. And what do I mean by that White Cube of the Mother?

How to realize the white cube
My beloved, how can you truly be the Mother? As the Flame of Purity was just expressed through the masculine polarity of the same Elohim, where it was said that only through pure awareness can you achieve the flow of purity realized in matter. The pure awareness, in other words, is the naked awareness—it is the awareness that is not covered with anything, any images, anything found in the matter plane or created by your carnal mind. That is the pure, naked awareness that stands in front of God, in front of the Flame of Purity, in front of the Father Temple and is willing – without taking on any garments – to take form in matter, in all four planes of matter. 

As you know, my beloved, the Spirit can be expressed in matter in the four planes that matter has: the fire element, the air element, the water element and the earth element. All corresponding to the four lower bodies of human beings and to the four lower bodies of the whole planet. Therefore, the Spirit can only be expressed in all those four bodies, in all those four aspects of matter, when the Spirit can flow into those four planes of matter freely; when nothing is hindering the Spirit or nothing is putting any nets in front of the Spirit, determining how the Spirit should flow. 

That is why, my beloved, that the symbol of the Mother Flame is indeed like the white cube, where the Spirit impregnates the Mother, so that the Mother can outpicture in all four planes – the four lower bodies – the perfect forms of the Spirit, the pure forms of the Spirit, the naked forms of the Spirit! All those forms of the Spirit that are not covered over by the serpentine logic, that has been presented so far by the fallen consciousness. The Mother and the pure Mother Flame can be born only when the Christed beings realize and really witness the Flame of the Spirit flowing into their Presence and from their Presence into this material world. You cannot be the expression of Christ in the Mother, when you do not really dare to express Christhood, or when you do not dare to express the Spirit that you are.

The only way for you to be expressed as Mother is where you actually open your mouth, or open whatever form of expression you have, and express who the Spirit wants to be through you, as the open door. That is why I, the Elohim Astrea, can have this frame of reference, because in me there is no division caused by the serpentine logic or by the serpentine mindset that wants to tell the Spirit, how the Spirit should be expressed in matter. Because, indeed, I can tell you, Spirit – being infinite and intelligent – does not need to be told how to take form. The Mother in its purity knows how to take on the form of the infinite omnipresent Spirit in all four planes.

And that is the reason why the symbol of the Mother Flame has been given as a white cube, that is multiplying the Light of the Spirit in all four planes, all directions and in all possible manners, using all these vehicles that you – as the expressions, as the individualizations of God – really are. Each corner of the white cube of the Mother will be expressing, then, the omnipresent and the omnidirectional Spirit of the Father. And that, my beloved, is the Flame of Purity, that is the accelerated Flame of Purity that is the constantly self–transcending Flame of Purity in matter.

Another dispensation of the Mother Light
Why is the second name of the flame of purity "acceleration?" It is because Spirit never stands still, and therefore how can then the Mother stand still, if it is outpicturing the perfect forms of the Spirit? Nay, my beloved, the Mother is outpicturing the same consciousness and acceleration rate that the open doors for the Spirit can outpicture in all four planes, through all aspects of your Self, through all those vehicles that you are, using all the openings in your consciousness as the open doors. 

My beloved, that is why I AM Elohim Astrea, that is why I AM the representative of the Flame of Purity, the flame of the Mother in its accelerated form. How can the Mother Flame accelerate itself into the ascension, when it is not outpicturing the perfect forms of the Father? No, it is not possible. Because when conscious beings start creating in matter the forms that are not based on the higher reality of God, but try to project out that matter is the only reality, this is then the form of impurity, as the Elohim Purity said. And then, can matter be pure? 

No, my beloved, you have to realize that the purest form of the Mother Flame really is constant openness—constant openness to the Spirit. The Mother really can outpicture the highest forms of purity and raise up the whole of life only when it sees itself as part of the whole, when it is reborn as the vehicle for the Spirit.

That is the only way that the Mother Flame can be accelerated into purity. And that is, my beloved, the reason why you see in the area of Arkhangelsk so many impurities outpictured in matter. It is so, because the people have lost their hope for accelerating beyond their present conditions, and they don't see themselves as the representatives of the Spirit. Even further, many of them don't even believe that the Spirit as such could exist. And therefore I, the Elohim Astrea, the feminine polarity of the Flame of Purity, have come in this moment to release my portion of the release that we have wanted to release on the doorstep of those months, when the Year of the Mother turns physical.

I am releasing this portion of this immense white purified light, that can create the instant momentum of the Mother Light in all those beings who are tuned in to purity. It is a very big dispensation, that has been given because the earth as such has not passed the initiations of the Year of the Mother. As Mother Mary said earlier, the spiritual beings are holding the balance for planet earth, so that the earth would not self-destruct—and that, of course, is the role of the Mother.

The Mother can hold the balance for any forms for a certain time. But when that time is up, the Mother is meant to take back its original purity, because as we explained, the Mother cannot stand still, the Mother, being accelerated by the acceleration rate of the Father, is accelerating back into purity, and that is the meaning of my release and the dispensation that has been given.

Accelerating into purity is the release; what people start feeling during those last months of this year. Those people who have accelerated themselves accordingly, they feel a tremendous relief from the conditions of matter. Even if their conditions have not changed, but their mindset has changed, they feel very differently at inner levels, while still being in the same material conditions. Either the conditions don't bother them anymore, or they are actually able to outpicture the purer forms of the Spirit and they can instantly sense a new hope for their lives and a new sense of self, like the new breath of the Spirit in their lives. 

Otherwise, the people who don't accelerate themselves according to the acceleration rate of the Spirit in matter, those people absolutely feel how everything in matter will fall apart and they feel like they are losing control over matter. Because matter does not behave anymore in the way that they have always expected. Matter does not conform to the serpentine logic, because matter in its original purity is expressing and outpicturing the Spirit.

Therefore, I, Elohim Astrea, am releasing the white cube of the Mother for the whole planet and its sons and daughters of God. And I am eternally grateful for those who have tuned in to the Mother Flame during this Year of the Mother and have given the Elohim decrees, so that through them being the open doors, I have had more openings to multiply the light of purity already before this release.

What does it mean, multiplying purity in matter? Purity is a white transparent light. Purity is the light that can outpicture any form of other lights. Purity can outpicture all colors and all flames of God's light, which means that in order to really master purity, you have to have mastered at least to some degree the first seven rays, so that you would be able to actually keep your own white cubes – your own Mother Flame – in the acceleration rate based on the acceleration rate of the Spirit.

You who are the living representatives of the Mother, you are the living vehicles for the Spirit, you are actually those white cubes in matter. By keeping yourself constantly reborn and transcended, you will be able to outpicture all the different angles of the Spirit that the Spirit wants to express in matter, in all its four planes.  

The circle and sword of Astrea
Why have I, the Elohim Astrea, often been portrayed in the past as coming with the ring of the white and blue fire and with the sword? It has been so, because the pure form of the Mother Flame has no conditions. The Mother Light has to be as unconditional as is the Father's purity flowing into matter. How can the Mother Light outpicture the perfection of purity in matter, if the mother light would take on any conditions? 

My beloved, that is my momentum in this hour to planet earth, that is my unconditional love, which is really, as said before with one word, the "Unconditionality" on planet earth. This unconditionality is my sword, because when the serpentine logic, which can hide in matter, meets my unconditional flame – the unconditional flame that I represent – it is not possible for a poisoned serpentine mind to withstand this light.

The demons of Mara can only escape, because my momentum, my being which is the radiation of unconditional love, is so strong. And the way my unconditionality is poured into the four lower planes on planet earth is undivided; it is real. That is the reason, why beings who can hide behind the veils of duality cannot stand my light, and they experience this as a sword. Because I, as the Elohim of the 4th Ray, as the feminine polarity of the fourth ray, carry the vibration of the pure unconditional love of the Creator. I radiate the vibration of the unconditionality of the Spirit into matter.

And that is my gift to you, my beloved, on this day, in this age. Be the unconditional Mother Flame. Be the self–accelerating, constantly reborn, constantly transcending white cube of the Mother in all matter planes. That is the key to how you can transform the impurities in your societies, that you currently see outpictured all over the world to such a large degree.

But am I, Elohim Astrea, sad about those impurities? No, I am not, because my mind is not divided. For me, those impurities are not real. For me, the only reality is the purity of the Father, it is the unconditional love, unconditional will, unconditional wisdom, unconditional truth, unconditional peace and unconditional freedom being born in matter. 

I thank all those who have heard my internal call to come to my retreat and are the open doors in this day and age for the pure Mother light. It is a gratitude that many of us in the ascending realms want to share, and that is my gift to all of those who are open to my flame. I have the ability to multiply the Spirit in matter and I am with you – unconditionally – always in matter, wherever you want to see purity outpictured in matter. 

I, Elohim Astrea, I am with you unconditionally.
It is sealed, it is finished, it is done!


Copyright © 2011 by Helen Michaels


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