The true purpose of democracy is not affluence for all

TOPICS: Do democracies secure the rights of the people? - Is any truth self-evident to all people? - Defining rights based on a limited state of consciousness - The key to a true democracy -

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Ascended Master Hilarion, February 12, 2011 through Kim Michaels. At the National Archives Building, Washington, D.C.


Hilarion I AM. The Chohan of the fifth ray of higher vision. Thus, I am here to anchor the Flame of Higher Vision over this building of the National Archives, which houses some of the foundational documents of this nation, and thereby of the principles of modern democracy in its present form.

First and foremost, of course, the Declaration of Independence, signed by fifty courageous people, who were willing to risk their lives and their earthly fortunes for the sake of manifesting a higher vision, a vision of a higher society, a higher form of government. Nevertheless, what could be brought forth at the time – in that fateful year, 1776 – was indeed only what could be brought forth given the level of humankind's collective awareness at that time. And thus, there is indeed relevance, as we have already said, in questioning the very foundations of modern democracy. As well as the Omega aspect of how well modern democracy is actually functioning, in terms of doing what is said in the Declaration of Independence: securing the rights of the people.

Do democracies secure the rights of the people?
Are modern democratic governments truly securing the rights of the people? Or have they allowed themselves to become undermined or partially controlled by special interests, the interests of the few, the interests of the elite? And so, there is a need for a debate. Is a democracy supposed to take care of the interests of the majority of the people, given their level of consciousness, so that a democracy at any time out-pictures the collective consciousness of a majority of the people? Or is a democracy supposed to challenge the majority to continually come up higher in consciousness, so that both the people and the nation itself can manifest a higher state than what is currently manifest?

And thus, of course, you see, that when you are willing to fulfill the Alpha requirement, you can see that there is no ultimate vision that is possible on earth. For as the collective consciousness is raised, and the level – the range of consciousness that is possible on earth – is therefore also raised, there is a need to reach for a still higher vision. And you need to continue to do so on an indefinite basis, until the earth reaches the ascension point. And even then, of course, after the ascension point, there is continued growth.

Is any truth self-evident to all people?
Take a look a this Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident." Indeed, a bold statement, when you consider the fact, that there are 144 different levels of consciousness possible on earth. Is it realistic to say, that a truth that seems self-evident at a certain level of consciousness will seem equally self-evident several levels of consciousness below?

Can those who are currently at, say, the 77th level of consciousness, can they really allow themselves to believe, that those who are at the 5th level of consciousness will see as self-evident the truth, that these people think is obvious? As we explain in the new book, a new co-creator first comes into embodiment on earth at the 48th level of consciousness. This is the level where you have some sense, that there is something beyond yourself, the self that you use to express yourself in the material realm.

At this point, you have not yet created a separate self. So the choice is: will you accelerate from where you start, and keep going up from the 48th level towards the 144th level, or will you choose to decelerate by going into the duality consciousness and the illusions of creating a separate self, that can act without seeking attunement with your own higher self—or any higher vision or principles to guide you, but only letting yourself be guided by the fact, that you define your own truth?

For do you not see, that when you go into duality, you fulfill the prophecy given in the Book of Genesis? You have taken the forbidden fruit, so to speak, and you have now become as a "god" who knows good and evil, in the sense that you define what you think is good and evil based on your present level of consciousness. And so, can you not see, that anyone who is below the 48th level of consciousness has defined his or her personal truth, possibly by accepting a truth defined by the false leaders, namely the fallen beings in embodiment?

Yet nevertheless, each person has his or her personal vision of what is real and unreal. And therefore, when you speak a truth that seems self-evident from above the 48th level, well, that truth will not seem self-evident to those who are below the 48th level. And thus, indeed, the truth that is expressed in the Declaration of Independence was given from the 77th level of consciousness, quite a bit higher than the 48th level where new co-creators start.

And thus, is it not obvious that for anyone below the 48th level of consciousness, it will not be self-evident, that all men are created equal? It will not be self-evident, that all human beings are endowed by their creator with unalienable rights; it will not be self-evident what those rights are. For indeed, those who are below the 48th level of consciousness may claim to believe in a God, but it is not a God that is transcendent; it is a god that is defined based on their own level of consciousness.

Defining rights based on a limited state of consciousness
And thus, it becomes obvious, that even if you have the concept that people have rights, those rights must be defined by the "god" that you see from your level of consciousness. And therefore, the rights are surely an expression of your level of consciousness and what seems convenient to that level of consciousness. And therefore, it justifies why you do not have to transcend it, you do not have to challenge yourself by reaching for a higher vision, than the closed mental box created by your current level of consciousness.

When you are below the 48th level of consciousness, you think your mental box is closed, is complete, is infallible, has some higher authority. And thus, you do not need to question it. It is only when you go above the 48th level, that you begin to see as self-evident, that there will always be more to know, there will always be more to understand about life. And therefore, you can never really stop striving for that higher truth, that higher understanding, that higher vision, that is indeed the driving force behind all life.

The flame I am anchoring here is precisely that flame of accelerated vision, that will challenge all of those who come to view these so-called sacred documents, to indeed question, whether these documents reflect the highest possible vision and the highest possible foundation for a democracy? And therefore, they might be challenged to go within. And those who are beyond a certain level of consciousness, those who are beyond the 77th level at which the Declaration of Independence was given, they have the ability to begin to tune in to the higher vision. Which is indeed that all men were not created equal; they were created with equal rights to transcend their current state of consciousness. But the deeper reality is, that all self-aware beings were created unique, with a unique individuality. And their right is to expand that individuality, to transcend it, to accelerate it, to let it become MORE.

They, of course, also have a right to let it become less, by going below the 48th level and experience what it is like to be a separate self. And even this must, at least to some degree, be accepted by a free society. Yet it must, of course, also be accepted, that these people should not be allowed to outplay their selfish tendencies, especially when those selfish tendencies are expressed as some form of altruism or some form of necessity for why the power elite should be allowed to rule. For can you not see, if you look at history, that there has never been a member of the power elite, who had a level of consciousness above the 48th level? For indeed, then they could not act as an elite, that was seeking to control and suppress the people. This would not be possible.

The key to a true democracy
I trust you can see, that a true, functioning democracy must take into account that there are 144 levels. And it must therefore seek to educate the population, so that they can recognize what these levels are, and they can especially recognize people who are below the 48th level. And therefore, all can recognize the need to make sure, that society cannot be controlled by those who are below that level of consciousness. And therefore, they have a level of selfishness, that will make them seek to manipulate a free society, to take advantage of the freedoms of a free society, in order to pursue what they see as some higher cause, even though it is simply a camouflaged form of self-interest.

There is indeed a need to write a constitution in such a way, that there is a distinction made with reference to the levels of consciousness, and so that only those who are above a certain level of consciousness, will be able to attain leading positions. But this, of course, cannot be written into laws and constitutions unless it is recognized by the people. And if it is recognized by the people, then it does not need to be written in great detail, for it is something that the people will be aware of and use for voting in those who are their leaders.

And of, course, as Gautama said yesterday in the Rotunda of the Capitol building, there is a need to let the people vote. And indeed, this will require a higher vision, for you cannot expect, that the majority of the people would have a high level of consciousness, that makes them able to see the self-evident truth of what is best for society. And thus, those who do have the higher level must indeed be very tolerant and very patient, and allow, sometimes, the majority to make decisions, that will have undesirable consequences. And those who are above a certain level of consciousness can surely see what is coming, but they must step back sometimes and allow the people to act out their level of consciousness and reap the consequences. For this is how they learn and therefore become motivated to transcend.

It is only, truly, when you go beyond the 96th level – where the Christ begins to appear, and where the Christ Light and Christ Truth begins to become self-evident – well, it is only then, that you fully transcend the need to have the second law of thermodynamics serve as your substitute teacher, by seeking to break down the structures in your mind and the structures in the world around you, so that you are challenged to rethink your mental images. It is only when you reach that 96th level and beyond, that you become self-driven in wanting to continually challenge your self-images and being truly willing to lock in to the Christ vision that enables you to challenge them. For, of course, you cannot do this with reason, you cannot do this from the level of consciousness where you are at, as Lanto explained at the Jefferson Monument.

Indeed, this is the flame, that I have anchored during this dictation and will anchor as my messenger goes into the physical presence of these foundational documents. It is the flame that challenges all who come, all who come to Washington, D.C., to rethink their view of democracy and human rights and the purpose for human existence. For how can you have a functioning democracy, if you do not have a sense of what is the purpose of human existence, namely the growth in self-awareness?

It is not the purpose of a democracy to create a free society with affluence for all. The welfare state is not the ultimate purpose of democracy. It is ultimate self-growth, that is the purpose of democracy, and that requires self-government. And this, of course, will be the topic of Nada, as she gives her address later. And thus, I will seal this release in the Flame that I AM – the Flame of accelerating, ever-accelerating, vision. Hilarion I AM.


Copyright © 2011 by Kim Michaels


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