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Ascended Master Serapis Bey, February 12, 2011 through Kim Michaels. This teaching was given at the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. 


Serapis Bey I AM, and I AM here through the physical presence of this messenger to anchor the light of the fourth ray, but not the fourth ray of purity as many students think. I AM here to anchor the higher aspect of the fourth ray of purity, namely that of acceleration.

Light is the alchemical key. Light is the philosopher's stone. Light is the missing ingredient, that the alchemists have been seeking, mostly in vain, for centuries. Light is the ingredient, that can accelerate what is below, but it must be light that comes from Above. And thus, it is the Christ light that they seek; those who have an honest desire for self-transformation, as opposed to those who have a self-centered, the separate self centered, desire to attain power—and thus want to take heaven by force and use the light to advance some personal agenda, that seems important to the separate self but does nothing to raise the All.

Understanding Christ light
Surely, light is the key. This you can all see, but many of you who have been students of the ascended masters for a long time tend to think, that there is only one Christ light, that the Christ light might have a certain vibration or certain qualities, that can magically transform whatever is below. Yet this is, while not incorrect, not a complete understanding. There is not one form of Christ light; there is not one vibration of Christ light; for what is the purpose of the Christ light? It is to accelerate any condition in the material realm, not to some ultimate level, for that would in many cases burn and destroy what is below. It is to take any form that is below and accelerate it to the next level up, so that the people who are at a certain level of consciousness will transcend that level and be accelerated to the next level—if they are willing to take in the Christ light and let it perform the alchemy, that it has the potential to perform.

And thus, there are many forms of Christ light. For each manifestation that you have in the lower realm, there is a certain form of Christ light, that will help that manifestation transcend the level of consciousness from which it springs; out of which it is a manifestation. And thus, in the new book that this messenger has been the open door for bringing into the physical, we give the teaching that there are 144 distinct levels of consciousness possible in the material frequency spectrum on earth. And thus, there are 144 different levels, different vibrations, different aspects of the Christ light.

And thus, you might, if you want to have a visible representation of the Christ light, see it as a pyramid, a pyramid that ends up being multi-faceted, like a diamond that has 144 facets. Yet what is that pyramid – as you see on the top of this Washington Monument here in Washington, D.C. – what is the essential characteristic of a pyramid? Well, it is the Alpha and the Omega. It has four sides, representing the four levels of the material universe, the circle that has been squared into manifestation. And yet, at the top of the pyramid, you find what? You find the single point, you find the singularity that represents the fact, that you come into a state where your awareness, your sense of self, is not pulled into any of the four levels of matter and has, in fact, transcended identification with any of the 144 levels of consciousness possible in the matter realm.

And thus, you have become the singularity, the open door, the Conscious You experiencing itself as pure awareness instead of experiencing the world of form through one of the 144 levels of consciousness. This is the alchemical symbol, and it is only when you step away from a certain level of the 144 possible – transcend that at least momentarily – and experience the pure awareness of coming into the single-eyed vision; the single-eyed sense of self, that you become the open door for the Christ light to descend in a manifestation, that can transform you, that can help you accelerate to the next level of consciousness up. Or can help other people, even an entire society, accelerate to that next level up.

Being an alchemist
This is what it means to be an alchemist. It is not a matter of finding a secret formula; a secret word or some kind of hocus-pocus or black magic, or white magic, or grey magic, or pink magic or whatever you might imagine for magic.

It is a matter of coming into the singularity. For only when you are in pure awareness, can you see your current level of consciousness from the outside. And only when you realize, that you are more than that level of consciousness, can you transcend that level of consciousness. 

What does it take for YOU to come into the singularity? You must be willing to accelerate yourself beyond your current level of consciousness, and what does it take to do that? It takes that you make a decision! It is not a matter of giving Violet Flame for 20 years, and then one day you will magically be transformed into a higher level of consciousness. It is not a matter of chanting this or chanting that, eating this or not eating that; performing some kind of occult or obscure rituals. It is a matter of you coming to a point, where you decide that you have had enough of the old state of consciousness and thus you deliberately, willingly, and consciously accelerate your awareness.

Some of you will say, "Well, how do we do this, Serapis Bey? Just tell us how, give us the magical formula!" Have I not just said, there is no magical formula? It is a decision. YOU must make the decision. If you do not know how to make a decision, then I suggest you do not consider yourself a student of the fourth ray of acceleration. For indeed, all of you, if you are willing to acknowledge it, know how to make decisions, for you make decisions all the time. But it is, of course, not a matter of making a decision with the outer mind; it is a matter of knowing how to still the outer mind, so that the decision comes from your I Will Be Presence. And you tune in to what the Presence desires to express through you, that is higher than what you are expressing right now.

And then, you make that decision to embrace the higher, to accept it, to let it transform you, and therefore give up whatever old habits you need to give up in order to flow with the energy impulse, the River of Life from your I Will Be Presence. This is the key; not some magical formula, not some secret ritual like they seek in whatever secret societies or not secret societies they have. Even the people who built this monument, who thought they encoded great wisdom in it; yet was it wisdom that helped them transcend? Or was it wisdom that helped them justify staying at a certain level of consciousness, where they felt wiser than others, where they felt that they were the wise ones, because they knew the secret wisdom, that the ordinary man did not know and which these people thought the ordinary man could not comprehend.

But is it a matter of comprehending some advanced wisdom? Or is it a matter of the purity of the heart, the acceleration of the heart, the willingness to go beyond that which is, and become more, and manifest the more, flow with the more, be the open door for the more?

This is the key to alchemy; not some secret formula, where you seek to attain some advanced state or wisdom in order to build up the separate self and its ever-moving, never-satisfiable quest for superiority compared to others on a relative, dualistic scale, that has no reality in the Christ light. For when the Christ light shines, you see the futility of these dualistic measurements and scales, that men have set up in order to feel they are more important than others.

The light that penetrates the thickest walls
This, then, is what I represent as the hierarch of the fourth ray, and this is the light, that I have anchored here during this dictation. I have anchored a light, that will spread from the very top of the pyramid on this monument, that will spread out through Washington, D.C. in all directions, that will go through every government building no matter how thick walls they have built, no matter the fortresses they have attempted to build to prevent themselves from being listened to by electronic equipment of any kind, that they think they have invented or that others have invented.

All of this means nothing to the Christ light, for it penetrates it all. And thus, it will go right in and challenge these institutions, that have become so entrapped in the dualistic consciousness, that they feel threatened by just about anything that they do not understand or feel they cannot control. And thus, they are, when you look at some of these buildings in or around this Mall, they are like the medieval fortresses with thick walls – or thick firewalls – that they have built in order to keep others out—supposedly. But really in order to keep themselves in, so that they feel they do not have to change, because they have to respond to these real or imagined threats.

And thus, they are trapped in the dualistic consciousness, which is where they want to be. For they do not want to change, they do not want to look at themselves, they do not want to transcend. And thus, you cannot be an alchemist. You may think that the medieval alchemists were pursuing the goal of transforming lead into gold so that they could be rich or powerful, you may think they were attempting to gain some outer power. And indeed, some of them were, but that was because they had not understood the purpose of alchemy.

You cannot transform anything outside of yourself, if you are not willing to transform yourself.

You do not find a secret formula. If you are a true alchemist, you become the formula. Because you become the open door for the light, and the light is what does the work and it cannot be forced by any matrix or structure on earth. Like you will hear the wind blowing, the Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth for it will always challenge the structure, whatever structure, and compel it to transcend and compel those who are trapped in the structure to transcend and realize, they are more than any structure. For they are God-free spiritual beings with unlimited free-will to define any self for themselves, that they are capable of and willing to imagine.

If you do not dare to imagine, then you cannot be an alchemist. And you cannot transcend that which is already manifest, if you dare not imagine anything beyond it, anything that is more. This is the reality of the fourth ray; this is the reality I teach at my Temple at Luxor, at least for those who have passed the kindergarten stage, where they are no longer seeking to convert or convince others or to out-compete them by somehow becoming better than others.

Becoming more does not mean becoming more than others or becoming more compared to any relative scale. It means transcending – going beyond – anything that already is. You may think you can define some perfection, and when you have that perfection you no longer need to transcend. Nay, it is not so.

Did not Christ have to die on the cross? Did he not have to give up the ghost before he could die and be reborn? Thus, do you not see, there is no ultimate state on earth, from which you do not have to transcend yourself? Give up this dream of the fallen consciousness of some ultimate state, where you do not need to transcend and become more. Let it go and then you will know the alchemy of the fourth ray. Thus, I have spoken, I have anchored my light and I have given you an essential teaching for those who are willing to understand it. But go beyond understanding it, and letting it infuse their consciousness and accelerate them to the point, where they can make that decision to accelerate to a higher level of consciousness. Thus, it is sealed. Serapis I AM!


Copyright © 2011 by Kim Michaels


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