The Crystal Scepter will judge the false gurus on all continents

TOPICS: The perversion of Jesus' teachings - The importance of the Crystal Scepter - The role of the Living Christ - Use my scepter - The righteous judgment - The Judgment of false gurus - Judging the Peter consciousness -

Ascended Master Jesus, February 10, 2011, through Helen Michaels.


I am Jesus Christ, and I have the right to be embodied on earth through those people who are ready and willing to embody the Living Christ. I have the right to be expressed through the open doors, through those mouths and hearts that want to be in oneness with the light and express the light—the light of God that can never fail.

My beloved, I, Jesus Christ, have brought forth many teachings lately about the structures, the judgment, and about the Peter Consciousness. In the beginning, in the very beginning of the Year of the Mother, I was the one who gave the dictation "Get the behind me Satan," where I shared the teaching on how to put Satan behind you.

My beloved children, this time, I, Jesus, bring forth the thoughtform of a Crystal Scepter that works like a diamond, by multiplying through its different facets the light of God. I will anchor this Crystal Scepter in the middle of the earth - to all continents in Europe, in America, in Asia, in Africa, in Australia and also in Russia.

My beloved, why have I chosen to bring forth the Crystal Scepter in this hour? I, Jesus Christ, was born on this planet 2,000 years ago. I came here with a special mission to start the Piscean age, I came here to share my light with this world and bring forth inspiration. My mission was to inspire those who can be inspired to rise higher, so that the planet can rise higher.


The perversion of Jesus' teachings
You, of course, are very well aware what happened to my mission and teachings. And you are very well aware that Peter was the disciple, to whom I said, "Get the behind me Satan." For I challenged the consciousness Peter was representing at that time.

Despite the Christ light that I was representing, there was a consciousness on the planet that did not want to be disturbed by the Christ light, that did not want to see the Living Christ multiplying the talents. As Peter thought that the light of Christ should conform to his standards. Later, he became the founder of the church that became the foremost focal point of the false teachings about the Living Christ.

My beloved, I am perfectly aware – and I was perfectly aware of the fact before I came to this embodiment as Jesus – that I could not expect any significant outer results. All I could do was to multiply the talents through the Living Christ. After I was crucified, I knew that I had fulfilled my mission. But of course, one could argue that I did not achieve much in that day and age, did I?

Yet, what I did was anchor the inspiration, the flame that I am, in this world. And the Presence of this flame became the inspiration to many after me, after that lifetime.

My beloved children, that is precisely the role of the Living Christ: to anchor your flame, so that the flame through you - expressed through the prism that you are - can become the inspiration for many in this day and age who come after you. Or who share their presence here with you.

My beloved hearts, I, Jesus Christ, why have I chosen for this dictation the thoughtform of a Crystal Scepter? I have chosen it because the Living Christ, the Christ mind, is like a scepter: transparent, still, radiating God's light which comes through it. It comes through this crystal clear mind of the Conscious You, which does not have any colorings but is pure awareness.

Through this Conscious You, shining the light of God, your individual Flame of the light of this same God can be expressed in this world as different facets of the same crystal. Why have I chosen the thoughtform of the crystal? My beloved, because the crystal symbolizes transparency that does not hide anything, but at the same time multiplies the light flowing through it.

The importance of the Crystal Scepter
My beloved children, we have entered – on this day and in the beginning of the Year of the Mother – a cycle, which we explained carefully in the beginning of this year. But the meaning, the true meaning, of our dictations has already started becoming outpictured. The Year of the Mother is the year of honesty and the year of transparency - as the Buddha said when he gave the overall thoughtform, the universal thoughtform of the Year of the Mother.

It is the Wheel of the Dharma that rolls away all the veils of Maya, so that you can actually see the reality and you are exposed to truth. And you understand that all of these preconceived opinions, predefined perceptions and your overall perception filter is what you must question during this year.

My beloved hearts, that is precisely the reason why I, Jesus, am bringing forth the Crystal Scepter in the Year of the Mother. Because where I have anchored this scepter, the scepter will do its work through the light of God in those places. The Crystal Scepter will radiate the Presence and the light of the Living Christ. It will radiate it through all of its facets. If you imagine the simplest way of how diamonds or jewels are polished, you know that polishing gives to the jewels different facets that reflect light. Whenever the light is shining onto them or through them, they will shine the light further through different facets into different directions.

And that is precisely what the scepter of the Living Christ is meant to do; it is shining the light of God through different facets to this world. It is radiating light, it is living light and it is the light that can never be put into some kind of standardized format. The light of the Living God cannot be forced into the format or standard that humankind has been creating. People still think that if the light of the Living Christ could only fit to this standard, then we are fine because then we can find criteria for how to meet this standard and control the way the Christ light should unfold.

That is precisely what I, Jesus, expressed to Peter. Namely, that you cannot control the Christ or the light that shines through a Living Christ. No one can control or have ownership of God's light, that is shining through the open door.

The role of the Living Christ
My beloved, that was the meaning of the words "Get thee behind me Satan." The Living Christ is like a crystal—if the light shines through from one end, then the crystal clarity and crystalline substance of the Living Christ mind will direct the same light - the light of God – in different directions to this world, in order to show that this is the role of the Living Christ. The role of the Living Christ is to multiply the talents, not to seek to meet any structures. Especially the structures that are pre-made, temporary, empty boxes born from the human mind, the carnal mind.

The role of the Living Christ is to show the unreality of all of these structures. For how can one control the light that is shining through the open door? This light of God is not for ownership on earth. What do I mean by that, my beloved? I mean that the light that shines through and wants to be expressed, cannot be expressed when there is a pre-made form, which defines that this light has to be expressed only in this certain way and not in any other way. There cannot be any of these kind of forms, my beloved, because the light is like the flowing waters. How can any form really hold the living waters of the Living Christ? No matter which form you put in front of the waters of the Living Christ, after a few seconds any kind of form is full and the waters of the Living Christ will flow over, because it is not meant to be kept in any pre-made forms and standards.

My beloved, take a careful look - each one of you – at your lives. What are the standards around you? And I, Jesus, I am perfectly aware that when you start questioning this with your outer mind, it is difficult for you to see the standards that you have created with your own mind - the structures that you have built into your identity, emotional or mental bodies - for how you should behave, what you should achieve or how you as the Living Christ should live your life, or how you as the Living Christ should express your Christhood.

My beloved daughters and sons, I am perfectly aware that it is very difficult for you to question those structures, because when you are still inside the structure, you do not see it. Therefore, my beloved, as we have expressed in the beginning of the Year of the Mother, use my help, use the dispensation that was released at the end of the Year of Son, where you have my personal attention and help, to overcome the difficulties, the structures in you whereby you cannot see your own mental box, your own standards, that you have built in your own mind to determine how the Living Christ through you should be expressed. Still use this dispensation and I, Jesus, will show you according to your willingness to be open to my Crystal Scepter.

Use my scepter
I will show you the structures in your mind when you ask from me, when you turn to me and ask for help. My beloved children, let the Crystal Scepter be expressed in all continents of this world. Let it be expressed and let it work as an upward spiral, so that wherever in the middle of the continent you - who are the representatives of the Living Christ - are and will direct this scepter, then this scepter and my Presence will be expressed. And my Presence will be placed upon the situation—be it a world situation or be it a situation in your own personal life. Ask the presence of the Crystal Scepter that the scepter will bring forth the clarity of the situation—how the situation looks from the Christ perspective.

The role of the Crystal Scepter, which I am bringing to you today, is to focus the clarity of Christ light into the heart of the situation, so that the true causes for certain unbalanced situations or unbalanced actions will be exposed. And whenever you direct this scepter into your personal life, I guarantee you – when you have the willingness and openness to look at your own unbalanced approach to life through the Crystalline Christ mind – I am here to help you with my beloved Mary Magdalene.

We will give the clarity of the Christ mind, so that you can see through the crystalline mind of the Living Christ, which does not distort anything but directs the light from your I AM Presence into this world through its individuality, through its different facets. It shines the light of God through the Conscious You into this world, so that the light that God releases through your I AM Presence, through you being the open door, will be multiplied by the different facets of your individuality.

My beloved students, do you see what is the true role of the Conscious You? It is, as we have been saying, to act like a pure pane of glass by shining the light of your I AM Presence into this world. But at the same time, your individuality gives different facets, so that you will act like a crystal in the middle of the open door. And your divine individuality will shine the light of God to this world through the different facets of the crystal.

My beloved, it is your right to do this, to express your God-given individuality in this world. And there is no one in this world who can say to that you should not do this—or you should do that. Or if you do certain things, then you are condemned forever because you did not meet certain criteria. My beloved, the role of the Living Christ is to be expressed in any moment as the light of God through the open door that is the Conscious You.

The righteous judgment
My beloved children, there is another aspect of the Crystal Scepter. As I just explained to you, the Crystal Scepter of the Living Christ acts like the multiplication of God's light, whenever it is directed into worldly conditions. It is meant to multiply God's light in the situations where there is turmoil, unbalance or some other calamity ongoing. It is meant to bring light in the middle of governmental institutions and big financial institutions. All these are the rightful places to direct the thoughtform of the scepter of the Living Christ, because these are the places, indeed, which will be challenged during the Year of the Mother. All those places will be challenged, and most want to hide their agendas, the facts, the truth, the motives and intentions of the people who are working there. Thus, the other aspect of the Crystal Scepter is that it acts like a judgement.

What is the righteous judgment of the Living Christ and what do I, Jesus Christ, mean by righteous judgment? The righteous judgment is very far from the earthly standards of accusing or condemning somebody according to earthly standards. I am perfectly aware that while I am giving this dictation right now, there are people who do not get my words in a rightful way. Because their perception wants to think that the Christ judgment means that there is somewhere available a Christ standard, which says that you always should behave according to this or that or some other role.

I am perfectly aware of that, but still I, Jesus, have to proceed and take the risk that some will interpret my words in a "wrong" way or in a way that was not my real meaning, because they have not been willing to question their perception. The true judgement of the Living Christ is to bring forth the light that makes it crystal clear what is the reality of a certain situation.

My beloved, the reality is that while being embodied on planet earth, you have a right to make choices because of your free will. And the second aspect of that reality is, that you do not grow whenever you are withholding or postponing making choices and therefore decisions. While being embodied, you need to express your Christhood, and that means making decisions and making choices that are based on the reality of the Living Christ. Of course while still living in the realm of time, then obviously you – by embodying a certain degree of Christhood - are able to learn from your decisions and the choices you have made earlier.

That is the transcending spiral of life. And the life of the Living Christ is to transcend, then become constantly reborn and transcend again your previous consciousness, be reborn into a new level of consciousness, make decisions and choices based on your new consciousness, then again transcend, be reborn, make choices and decisions based on your new consciousness, and so on and so on. As Gautama Buddha explained in the beginning of the Year of the Mother, there is no linear movement in the universe. Everything moves as a spiral, either up or down. And those people who are not willing to make decisions and choices based on the Living Christ flame – which requires you to be constantly reborn and move on, then learn from your previous state of consciousness – those people start instantly moving downwards through a downward spiral.

My beloved, what is then the true and righteous judgment of the Living Christ? The true and righteous judgment of the Living Christ is to see the situation as the Living Christ sees the situation. The Christ mind does not see the earthly situations according to your ego nor according to human standards, nor according to your wishful thinking. The Living Christ assess every situation based on the clarity and transparency of the Christ mind. This clarity and this transparency does not condemn.

This clarity and honesty to see and admit reality will give a true evaluation of the situation and will always see the growth potential. The true judgement of the Christ mind does not come to you and say you made the wrong choice yesterday, so you better watch out and make the right choice tomorrow! The Christ mind will say that it was not an act of the highest potential, but there is always a growth potential, and the Christ mind does not condemn based on earthly standards. The Christ mind judges the righteous judgment based on the rightful view and clarity of the situation.

The Judgment of false gurus
Do you see, my beloved, when I say the clarity of the situation, do you see – or do you begin to see – that nobody on planet earth can know so much about another lifestream as we - the ascended masters – know, because we see the entire evolution of the lifestream? We are not focused only on this limited amount of years that you are aware of through your carnal mind. Do you see, my beloved, how limited is the human mind compared to the ascended consciousness, in its ability to make a righteous judgment? The human mind can never make a righteous judgment about anything, because the human mind, that is in embodiment on planet earth, will never have the same information about the evolution of the lifestream that we have in the ascended realm.

The human mind cannot see the complexity and all of the nuances that we see. Thus, the human mind has to be very careful, when it wants to judge anything or anybody based on human standards. My beloved, I, Jesus Christ – being expressed through many people who have already been willing and are embodying a certain degree of Christhood – have this full view to certain lifestreams. I, Jesus, can judge righteous judgment, and that is why I have brought forth today the scepter - the Crystal Scepter that will shine my light, the light of the Living Christ - on each continent on planet earth.

By bringing forth the righteous judgment, I have come to bring forth today, the judgment of all false gurus on planet earth. Especially, I bring forth the judgment of the false guru who is embodied in India, Sai Baba. I, Jesus Christ, will anchor my scepter of the crystalline Christ light - the Living Christ light – in the middle of the Puttaparti village, in the middle of this place which has grown to be one of the focal points of false teachings.

The hallmark of false teachings and false gurus is that they promote the adoration and worship of themselves and earthly standards, instead of promoting that you find the living God within. I, Jesus Christ, am here to bring forth a judgment – a righteous judgment of the Christ mind – and I descend into the place of one of the false gurus, into this focal point in India, to anchor the light of the Living Christ in the middle of this place. So that all people who have been part of the Sai Baba movement will have an opportunity, through the up-coming events, to assess the true nature of this movement. All these people will have an opportunity to make a rightful choice. They will have much greater clarity to make a better choice this year about their participation in this movement, than they have had during previous years.

And I, Jesus Christ, the representative of the Living Christ, the representative of oneness with the true God, I say that those who are willing to see the changes in the Sai Baba community and in the communities of all other false gurus, they have an opportunity to see those changes. My scepter of the Living Christ will act like a light beam in a dark room, which all of a sudden fills this room with the light of Christ, by showing all the corners which were previously hidden in this room. This effect will take place in the Sai Baba community in the Puttaparti village. All followers of Sai Baba will have a much better awareness and transparency to make a different choice. Whether they do it or not, is of course their choice.

While bringing the judgement to the ashrams of the false gurus in India, I, Jesus Christ, multiply my scepter of the Living Christ all over the world in the midst of the communities of all false gurus, so that the scepter of the Living Christ will act as a light beam. By multiplying the light of the Living Christ into all hidden corners in the communities of the false gurus, so that all the followers who have the willingness to be honest and open, have an opportunity to make a better choice. That, my beloved, is the judgment of the true Christ.

Judging the Peter consciousness
That is the judgment of the Peter consciousness, that comes to you – by using many different outer standards and teachings of false gurus – and says that only if you meet certain outer criteria, then you mechanically fit into the box labeled "Christhood." Be aware – all of you who are already expressing some degree of Christhood – the consciousness of Peter comes to you and asks you to meet a standard for the Living Christ, and then allows you to express yourself in this world only through this standard.

That is the consciousness that is being judged by the Living Word of Jesus Christ. This consciousness – that comes to you through different situations on planet earth, through your family, through your work, through society or your engagement in society – and says to you that you can do certain things only in a certain way. This is the Peter consciousness that I have come to challenge in this hour and on this day.

My beloved, make use of my Christ scepter. I, Jesus Christ, have spoken, and I have brought forth in the beginning of the Year of the Mother the righteous judgment in a way that only Christ can judge. And you know that Christ judgment is not an earthly judgment or the judgment according to earthly standards, based on limited knowledge of a lifestream.

Christ's judgment is a righteous judgment! Take note of that, my beloved. And do not become judgmental towards other people or towards situations without asking your I AM Presence to reveal the true approach to the situation, whenever you encounter a situation which you do not like according to your outer mind.

Take note, my beloved, and turn to your I AM presence and let the flame of the Living Christ work through you, to help you to discern the situation and see the truth and the reality in this situation. My beloved, you are not in embodiment for making judgments or to judge each other on planet earth! If you would have this role and this assignment, you would not be in embodiment anymore—that is reality, my beloved.

So before you start measuring each other according to these standards that exist in your mind, step back and take a look at what are actually the standards in your mind, that drive you to measure other people? My beloved, I seal you and I seal the planet earth in the thoughtform of the Crystal Scepter and the flame of the Living Christ, that multiplies the talents—multiplies the Christ light in all directions through its different facets.


Copyright © 2011 by Helen Michaels


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