The dilemma for the modern man and modern nations

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Ascended Master Lord Lanto, February 9, 2011 through Kim Michaels. At the Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C. 


I AM Lanto, Chohan of the second ray. And I am here to anchor a special flame of the second ray in and around this memorial, called the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. Yet truly, from a spiritual perspective, it is not a memorial to one person. As, of course, one of the problems seen in this United States is indeed the tendency to glorify, to almost deify, one person who has stood out from the crowd.

Yet what is the true message, that Christ came to bring to this earth? It is the potential of the individual to transcend any outer individuality, and simply be an open door for the true God-given individuality of the Presence. So that the I AM Presence can have an open door, whereby it can flow through its Omega aspect, the I Will Be Presence, into the material universe. And thereby, it can manifest the higher vision, the higher wisdom, rather than the false wisdom of the fallen beings based on the dualistic consciousness.

What you do indeed see here is, that Thomas Jefferson represented precisely the dilemma of modern man. Will modern man deify the intellect, the reasoning mind, or will modern man be willing to recognize, that there are limits to the intellect? There are limits to analysis, there are even limits to reason. One cannot look at the conditions in the material world – in the matter realm as it is right now – one cannot look at these conditions and use the analytical faculties of the intellect, or even the higher faculties of the reasoning mind, to extrapolate what is the higher vision of the Spirit.

The human dilemma
For, the fact is simple: once conditions in the material realm have gone below the vision of the Spirit, you cannot go the other way through the intellect and the reasoning faculties, because they can only look at what is known. And then, they can seek to extrapolate from there, but that will not get you back up to the higher vision, once you have gone below it. This is the eternal human dilemma!

Once you have eaten the forbidden fruit – once you have started to define truth on your own, because you have set yourself, or rather the separate self, up as a god who can define, who can know, good and evil – well, then you are trapped in that dualistic reasoning. And you can never go beyond it through the reasoning, through the intellect, through the separate self. You cannot, my beloved. It simply is not possible!

And it is, indeed, the wise ones who realize, that it is not possible, and therefore accept the fact, that there is a need to do something different, that we cannot continue to intellectualize and analyze and reason forever. For indeed, it will only get us so far, and we cannot go beyond a certain level. And so, this is indeed the flame, that I am here to anchor, as my messenger walks the periphery of the Jefferson monument, as I flow through the open door that he has provided.

The limitations of the intellect
Listen well, for indeed Thomas Jefferson exemplifies perfectly the person, who had gone far with the intellect, gone far with the reasoning mind, who had a strong reasoning mind, a strong intellect and had developed it to a remarkable degree. Nevertheless, he also represents perfectly the limitations of this approach, that you can go to a certain point, and then you simply cannot go higher. And this is outpictured in the fact, that Thomas Jefferson was the open door for bringing forth the Declaration of Independence, which says that all men are created equal without specifying any exceptions to this. And yet, Jefferson himself – in his gentleman's farm in Virginia – had his entire financial existence based on owning slaves.

This, then, illustrates the perfect dilemma, that the intellect presents to man. It is so easy to see a higher principle; a higher truth at the level of the mind. But it is an entirely different matter to carry it into physical manifestation through the emotions. Jefferson knew very well, that slavery was not compatible with the Declaration of Independence. But when he came home to his beloved farm, high on that hill in Virginia, and when he sat there and looked out over this vast landscape; he knew also, through his reasoning mind, that there was no way for him to survive economically – given the times – without owning slaves. And thus, he was faced with a choice: Will you give up your convenient lifestyle in order to follow your higher vision, or will you cling to the familiar, cling to the convenient, in order to maintain that lifestyle?

Many have indeed faced this choice. All people on the spiritual path must and will face it; it is an initiation that no one can escape. For indeed, only those who have been willing to make the choice to forgo the convenient in order to follow a higher truth, only those can be the open door for this higher vision. Now this is not to say, that you all have to go out and do exactly what someone else has done with his life, for you each have a unique path to follow. You do not have to sell everything you have and stand there with nothing, for many of you are meant to serve in the positions you are in. And there is nothing wrong with maintaining a lifestyle, as long as you do not let it control you and hold you back from taking the stand that you need to take.

Balanced wisdom
Do you see, it is not a matter – again – of taking the black-and-white approach, that Master MORE talked about at the Lincoln Memorial? It is a matter of going toward the middle way, of knowing what is the higher truth, the higher vision for you, given your situation right now. It is not a matter of seeking for some outer standard of wisdom, and then applying that to yourself in your own life, or seeking to apply it to the world—or seeking to fit yourself or the entire universe into a mental box created based on the fallen consciousness. Well my beloved, that is not the wisdom of the second ray, is it? How could it possibly be, when indeed the reality is, that the second ray is accelerated beyond the reach of the serpentine logic of the fallen consciousness?

This, then, is what needs to happen right here in this nation's capitol, if America is to navigate the stormy waters ahead. It is not a time to gather together a bunch of intellectuals, who can sit there and come up with theories and models and statistics. It is indeed a time to gather together some, who are willing to do what Abraham Lincoln did, go into their closet, into their hearts, and become completely empty of preconceived ideas, theories and models. For indeed, I can tell you, that what the world will face, especially in the financial market but also in other areas of society in the coming years, can indeed not be dealt with based on any standard model.

There never has been any condition, that compares to what the world will face, and therefore seeking to deal with these conditions based on previous models and previous experiences simply will not work. There will come a point, where the only way to transcend the problems is to be completely open to a new vision, a new form of wisdom, that is not based on reasoning from the past, reasoning from the existent; but is indeed based on imagining, being the open door to imagine entirely new solutions, that no one has thought of before.

This is to some degree what Thomas Jefferson was the open door for with the Declaration of Independence. But then, he could not continue it for the rest of his life. And thus, when he actually became President, and was faced with the practical realities of running a nation, he too often was not willing to do what Lincoln did and wrestle with the difficult decisions. Nor was he the decisive man of George Washington, and therefore he would tend to retreat from the problems, hoping that they would somehow solve themselves.

This indeed is another serious problem with the intellectual approach. If you are too intellectual, if you are too much in the mind, you tend to withdraw, you tend to avoid addressing problems openly. And thus, instead of dealing with the problems, you tend to deny and run away from them, hoping that they will somehow solve themselves. This, of course, is something you can indeed do at certain times. There are times, where you can step back, and where all you can do is to step back and wait for cycles to change. But there are also times, where it is time to step forward and to deal with conditions openly. So again, there is not a black-and-white approach that I am advocating. I am advocating wisdom, attunement, where you cannot sit down and analyze: When should I step forward, when should I step back?

You must flow with the Spirit. And therefore, the only way to flow with the Spirit is to stop making decisions with the outer, intellectual, reasoning mind. This is not to say, that you shut off the outer, reasoning mind. You do indeed need to use the reasoning faculties of your intellect and outer mind. But you do not use them in the sense, that you analyze a problem and an issue, and then based on that analysis, you make a decision with the outer mind. You analyze the issue, and then – when you have come as far as you can with the intellect and the reasoning mind – then you step back, then you give up, then you surrender your idea that you think you know it all, or the subtle sense imposed by the fallen beings that you should know it all.

You admit that you do not know. And then, you ask your higher self, your I Will Be Presence, to simply flow through you, as you are being the empty pane of glass, the open door. And therefore, you have no preconceived opinions of what should or should-not be. You allow the Spirit to flow. You allow the Spirit to blow where it listeth—and it will. Suddenly, things will open up. Suddenly, you will find that conditions will change and the right solution will manifest almost as if by magic. Why is this so?

Spiritual pride
It is so because men have the pride, the spiritual pride, of thinking they can accomplish something with the outer mind. But what truly accomplishes something in this world, is the Light of the Spirit flowing through you. You may direct that Light, but it is the Light that is the doer. And so, once you become that clear pane of glass, that open door – who has no preconceived opinions or desires or expectations – well, then the Light will flow through you, and the Light will accomplish its work.

This is the true meaning of "One Nation Under God." One nation does not simply mean one nation that is not divided physically. It also means one that is not divided spirituality. Because the people have not fractured themselves into different factions, who all believe in their own pet theory about how the universe works and how America should be working. Instead, they have been willing to recognize, that they do not know, that they do not see, and that they need a higher vision from beyond the intellect and beyond the conditions that are currently manifest in the matter realm. Matter will take on any form projected upon it by human beings. Matter has the potential to shake off that form, but it cannot do so by itself—except through the second law of thermodynamics, that breaks down everything. So, matter cannot accelerate itself beyond the present form. And this is why there is a need for those, who will be the open doors for the Light, that will flow and accelerate conditions beyond what is currently manifest.

There is no other way to change your individual life, there is no other way to change a nation, there is no other way to change a planet. It is only the Light that can do this. You, as human beings, can get yourselves into trouble, but if you think that you, yourselves as human beings, can also get yourselves out of trouble, then you are sorely mistaken. And you will keep treading water, until you acknowledge the fact, that you need something from beyond the consciousness that precipitated current conditions.

That something is the wisdom and the vision, but it is also the Light itself. For only the Light has the power to change matter. For what is matter? It is Light that has taken on a certain level of vibration. What can accelerate matter from that level, is only Light of a higher vibration. This is the laws of physics, that so many intellectual people – who believe science is the new religion – espouse. Yet, they are not willing to take it that one step further and recognize the reality, that if everything is Light, then that Light that is manifest in the matter realm must have come from a higher form of Light, a higher form of energy and vibration. And thus, the only solution is, once again, to open up that flow from Above to below.

But this can only happen, when there is a willingness to let go of one's preconceived images, so that one is willing to let that which is below become, be transformed into, a reflection of what is Above. As Above, so below. There is no other way. This is the deeper reality, that is indeed the one lesson that needs to be learned, not only by the United States of America but of all other nations.

The time to stand still is over
Secularism was a necessary step out of the quagmire of the false religion represented by the medieval Catholic church. But as with everything else, secularism can only take you so far. And thus, there is now the need for the emergence of a universal form, a non-secular form, of spiritually, to take the world higher from the present gridlock, the present treading water, if you will, that so many of the modern nations face.

What is indeed the purpose of having established a welfare state, if you do nothing with it? If people spend their time and energy on empty entertainment, and therefore end up feeling like there is no purpose to their lives and thus even get into alcohol and drugs and other forms of escapism? There is only one point in establishing a welfare state, and that is to give more and more people free time, so that they can spend their attention on the pursuit of a universal spiritual path, that transcends any outer religions, but can be expressed through any outer religion, or no religion at all, as many organizations have already proven.

And thus, unless the industrialized nations can make this leap, as Thomas Jefferson was not able to make it, then the world will not stand still anymore. For the time to stand still is past, and therefore, it will be, as Master MORE said, a breakdown of the current order. Which does not have the purpose, as some would think, to punish people for the sins of the past. It simply has one purpose only, and that is to break down the structures in the mind, that are preventing people from becoming the open doors for a higher vision, from that imagination that is the open door for new ideas. If people are not willing to voluntarily question their ideas, then they must be broken down, until they think there is nothing left. And then, finally, they are willing to be the open door and ask for some higher guidance.

For is it not so, my beloved, that many people have a tendency to ignore God when things are going well. And then, only when they are faced with a severe crisis, are they willing to look to the sky or look within and ask for help. As the old saying goes, there are no atheists in the foxholes. And so, does it not stand to reason, that if people will not look into their own hearts while they are doing their daily business, then the second law of thermodynamics must precipitate some kind of situation, that forces them into the foxholes. So that they become willing to look beyond their mental images, their structures of the mind, that are keeping them and their society and their nations and their planet trapped at a level that is long past, that should long ago have been transcended.

The dilemma of the United States
The United States in its current situation is very much like the older and retired Thomas Jefferson, who sat there on his gentleman's farm in Virginia, looking out over the fields and the vast vistas, while his slaves were toiling in the fields. There is an elite in the United States of people in the government, people in the finance world, people in the media, people in industry and business, who are sitting there, thinking they have it all made materially, just as Thomas Jefferson thought.

And they are not willing to acknowledge the simple fact, that their wealth is built by the people who are slaving in their jobs, striving to raise their children—and this simply is not a sustainable situation. It cannot last. And so, if the people will not stand up to the elite – and if the elite will not stand up for higher truth and transcend their privileged positions – well, then the system must collapse, until there is, in people's vision, nothing left. And therefore, they are willing to open their minds and say: "Help us; show us a better way."

Stilling the mind
And the moment that happens, the moment there is the openness, well the call compels the answer. Ask and ye shall receive. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. What does it mean that the student is ready? Ah, so many ascended master students have completely misunderstood this concept. They think it means they have reached some advanced level of initiation. But it does not. It means, simply, that they have now finally become as the little children that Jesus said are of the Kingdom of God. They have opened their minds, they have unlocked their imagination; they have been willing to be the clear pane of glass, the open door. And then, the answer is immediately forthcoming.

Let go of your preconceived conditions, let go of your expectations. Still the mind. Still the mind. For do you not also see, that there are many people who have been in crisis situations, and they have cried loudly for help from an external god in the sky without ever getting an answer? Yet those who have been able to find even a split second of complete silence, of complete openness, well, they always get an answer. This is proven over and over and over again by people who are spiritual and religious, by people who are not spiritual and religious. It is the openness of the mind, that is the key to any kind of progress. It will not happen in any other way; it never has, it never will.

Do you not see even outpictured in Jesus' life, how he was greatly distraught in the Garden of Gethsemane the day before his crucifixion? Do you not see, how he cried drops of blood in his agitation? Yet he found no rest, he found no peace; he found no answers. What, then, was the only way out? He was crucified, and hanging on the cross – feeling that everything was falling away from him, all of his structures in the mind were falling away – then, he finally found that moment of peace. He gave up the ghost, and then he was instantly delivered into a higher state of consciousness.

This is the potential, not only for an individual but for an entire nation and for an entire planet. When there is the openness, the answer will be forthcoming. It cannot fail; it never has failed and it never will. The answer will be given, when there is an open mind that can receive it. This is the law! Test it! Try it out! I dare you! Prove me herewith, sayeth the Lord, and I shall pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room to receive it!

Lanto I AM. And my Flame is anchored for an indefinite period of time in and around this monument, so that all who walk through it will feel it, and take with them a portion of the Light of the second ray. This will begin the alchemy, that will transform them, until they see the limitations and the fallacy of their intellectual, reasoning minds—and thus become open to the direct guidance of the Spirit. This is the Flame that I have become one with, and that is why I earned the right to be the Chohan of the second ray. That I AM. Lanto I AM.


Copyright © 2011 by Kim Michaels


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