Rethinking American democracy is the will of God

TOPICS: The need to make decisions - The will of God is self-transcendence - Emptying yourself so there is room for the will of God - The need to rethink American democracy  - Reflect on democracy -

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Ascended Master MORE, February 9, 2011 through Kim Michaels. Outside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.


MORE I AM. Master MORE I AM. And I am present at this Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. to anchor the Flame of the Will of God in and around this monument to a person, who had a considerable momentum on embodying and applying the will of God. This topic of the will of God is illustrated in many overt and subtle ways in the life of Abraham Lincoln, who understood that you cannot take a black-and-white view, but that you must be balanced, you must look at the nuances. For indeed, the will of God is not set in stone, cannot be defined by a certain scripture or even by a certain principle, that is always applied in the same way.

The will of God must be applied through Christ discernment, through a vision of a higher goal, a higher principle, a higher union. And indeed, what Abraham Lincoln did see – before and especially during his presidency – was the absolute need to preserve the United States as one nation under God. It was imperative for the future of democracy and freedom in the world, that the United States was not split up into two or more separate nations, that then could have been set at war with each other. Not only for the profit of the international bankers; but indeed also to divide and therefore allow the communist forces to conquer and take away freedom on a worldwide scale.

This, then, was the great credit of Abraham Lincoln: that he saw this need to preserve the union. Yet he also saw the need to balance this with the individual rights of each human being: the right to liberty, the right to life, and the right, of course, to be so free, that each person could pursue happiness as he or she saw fit, without violating the same rights for other people. This, then, is indeed the delicate balance that must be found, if America is to make a smooth transition into the Golden Age. There is no way that America can move from where it is now to the Golden Age without Christ discernment. And as we have attempted to explain many times, Christ discernment is a balanced view, the middle way that is beyond the dualistic extremes—that always want to take any issue into one extreme or the other or into a no-man's land in the middle, where no decisions can be made.

The need to make decisions
Lincoln, then, also understood the need to make certain decisions. Certainly I can, as an ascended master today – even though I was not an ascended master back then – I can look back at the time of Abraham Lincoln today and see, that some of the decisions he made were not necessarily the highest possible, seen from a timeless perspective. Nevertheless, they were the highest possible that he could make, given who he was, given his knowledge and psychology and given the conditions he faced.

This, of course, is exactly the situation I faced in my embodiment as Thomas More and in several other embodiments. You are in the physical octave, you are in the matter realm, the Mother realm. And there are certain decisions, that must be made based on the current conditions. If those conditions are not ideal, as they quite frankly rarely are, then you must make the best possible decision based on your knowledge, based on the conditions, based on who you are; meaning your personal psychology and your state of consciousness. No one can do any more; no one is asked to do any more. You are asked to make the best possible decision, then learn from it, and then transcend your level of consciousness.

Those who make decisions and then look back with regret or self-condemnation, or look back with denial and refuse to learn, simply will not grow. This, unfortunately, is also the reason why the lifestream, that was embodied as Abraham Lincoln, has not yet qualified for his ascension. He had the potential to have qualified for this by now. But again, there is an unwillingness to learn, an unwillingness to transcend that level of consciousness, a desire to justify certain decisions. And thus, a lifestream can then be stuck for several embodiments without being willing to simply look at the facts, admit what could have been done better, learn from it; forgive oneself, forgive others and then move on.

It is, truly, a model of what has happened to the entire nation of the United States. The United States has a relatively short history compared to many other nations. Nevertheless, the United States also has a tendency to look at its own history with denial, not being willing to acknowledge the lessons that need to be learned, and the state of consciousness that needs to be transcended. This is very obvious, if you walk from this Lincoln Memorial a short distance to one of the most visited war monuments in Washington, D.C., namely the Vietnam War Memorial.

The Vietnam War is still a stain on the national psyche, which the United States has not been willing to openly debate. They have not been willing to learn the lessons, to look at the lessons, to even consider that there are lessons to be learned. This, then, is a state of denial, that is out of touch, again, with the will of God. For the will of God is not to hold you in some hell forever, as has now been projected into the collective consciousness for 2,000 years, almost, by the Christian religion—and before that by other religions.

The will of God is self-transcendence
The will of God is that you transcend yourself constantly, that you are never stuck for very long. And thus, it is not the will of God to point out your mistakes in a condemnatory manner, where you are told that you are wrong and that you can never rectify yourself in the eyes of God. On the contrary, it is the will of God to point out, that what you did was the expression of a certain state of consciousness. And if the consequences are not the highest possible, then there is an obvious need to transcend that state of consciousness. And of course, you only transcend your state of consciousness by being willing to look at it and learn the lessons.

This is indeed the entire fallacy of the fallen consciousness: that you can follow an outer path that will qualify you for entry into heaven, without you having to look at your own consciousness. It is the path that has been promoted by the false teachers of East and West, and is still being promoted by those false teachers, be it the Indian gurus of today – who are promoting themselves as being God on earth and that you will be saved by just following them blindly – or be it the western false gurus, who in many cases are also promoting an outer path or even promoting that there is no path, for there is no God.

Neither of these two can, of course, be correct. How can you qualify for salvation by blindly following a guru, that you see as being outside yourself? You can follow a guru for a time, but the purpose of a true guru – a true external guru – is to put you into oneness with your internal guru, your higher self, your Presence, your I AM and your I Will Be Presence. So that you become the open door for that Presence, instead of sitting there with the mind, analyzing and thinking that you have to have a standard for what you will do or what the Presence can do through you. So that you first have to analyze whether the Presence lives up to this standard, before you are willing to let the Presence act through you.

This, my beloved, is not the will of God; it is not the power of God. The will of God is not definable by an external standard. You will never follow the will of God by having an external standard that you compare every situation to, and then you think you can mechanically determine what is the will of God for you to do in that situation. You become one with the will of God by being the open door for the Presence, so that it is the will of your I Will Be Presence, that is free to express itself spontaneously through your lower being, without having to go through any filter that comes from the separate self and the fallen consciousness.

Emptying yourself so there is room for the will of God
This is to some degree what you see in Abraham Lincoln, although you also see that he too had a standard, and he too was affected by this fallen consciousness. Nevertheless, at critical moments he was willing to go into his closet, so to speak, to go into his heart and sincerely pray. He was willing to come to that point, where he would say: "God, I do not know what to do in this situation, I do not know what is right—show me." And then, he was given an inner impulse, for which he often could give no outer justification and he dared to act upon it.

And this, then, was what, in a situation that was extremely difficult and far from ideal, enabled him to accomplish the overall goal that he had set for himself, namely the preservation of the union. And this, of course, was also why he was assassinated by those forces who had started the civil war, not because of slavery but precisely to split up and divide the union, that they might conquer it. And so, when they could not do this through the Civil War – because President Lincoln was the one man who stood against them – they, of course, as has happened so often, took their wrath out against the one individual that they knew was the very keystone in the arch, the very cornerstone that prevented them from toppling the entire building.

So, Lincoln was assassinated. And unfortunately, President Lincoln, the lifestream that was President Lincoln, then made the decision, that he had wasted his life by taking a stand that was not what he should have done. Even to this day, this lifestream looks back with some regret at this lifetime, almost regretting having taken the stand. Even though at the time, he saw from within, that this was the only viable solution, given the situation as it was.

Many of you that I am speaking to have in past lives faced equally difficult decisions and situations. Not that you have all been leaders of great nations or kings or emperors, but you have faced these moral and ethical dilemmas in your personal lives or even in certain positions in society. Many of you also look back with regret, even though you are not consciously aware of it. You will see, that if you examine your psyche, you will find these deep inner regrets, where you somehow think you have done something wrong, you are missing something, you have failed in some way. And therefore, you are not acceptable in the eyes of God.

This is precisely the kind of self-examination, that is the opposite dualistic polarity to denial. Denial is where you refuse to look at yourself and refuse to transcend. But the opposite is that you blame yourself, and therefore also put yourself in a situation, where you cannot transcend the past, you cannot move on. And as I have said: it is the will of God that you transcend, that you move on. There is nothing on earth that you cannot transcend. It is the will of God, it is the law of God, that there is nothing in the material universe that can serve as a prison for your free Spirit.

You have the capacity to transcend everything! How do you transcend? Well, as we have said many times, by the Conscious You realizing that it is pure awareness, that it is an open door. And therefore, there is no standard on this earth, that can hold the Conscious You and that can prevent the Conscious You from being in oneness with the Presence and being the open door for the Presence. And when you are the open door for the Presence, you have no need to lament about the past. For you are focused on the present and being that open door, being that clear pane of glass in the present moment, in the present situation. So that the Presence might act through you unhindered, so that the stream of light and creativity from the Presence might flow without being stopped, without being filtered or misdirected.

Being reborn
This is, indeed, what it means to be flowing with the will of God. And I can tell you, that the Law of God is very simple: if you are not willing to voluntarily flow and transcend yourself, you will become subject to the second law of thermodynamics. And this means, quite simply, that all the structures you have – be it the external structures in society or the internal structures in your own mind – will be broken down. They will burn, and everything will become as ashes. And when all of the outer things, that the Conscious You is so identified with, have been burned by the fire, then the Conscious You – realizing it is truly none of these outer things; it is truly pure awareness – well, then the Conscious You will rise as the Phoenix Bird from the ashes. And it will spread its wings and soar towards the sky. This is the Law. This is the will of God.

Self-transcendence is the mandate. It will happen either through the breakdown of your structures, or it will happen through you voluntarily giving up and letting go of those structures. They either die as the result of the second law of thermodynamics – because they are split apart by their own internal contradictions – or they die because you let them die and no longer feed them your Light, your energy, your attention. This, my beloved, is the will of God. This is the dilemma that America as a nation faces right now. And this is why I have decided to anchor this Flame of the will of God and the discernment between what is truly the will of God and the will of man, as defined by the fallen consciousness and the separate self, the ego. 


The need to rethink American democracy 
Will America be willing to transcend itself, to transcend, in fact, the very ideals upon which it is founded, and to take them to a higher level, where they are not so bound by a certain interpretation or by certain laws, that they are not able to adapt it to the changing conditions? Is it really that difficult to see, that when the Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, or many of the initial laws and charters, they also acted based on the situation as it was back then, the level of consciousness that they had individually and the level of the collective consciousness? 

This was a very long time ago. Much brown water has flowed through the Potomac River since this capital was founded. And it is high time to part the waters of the muddy river and walk across to a new vision of America and its true potential in the modern age. This is the vision that you can have, but you cannot have it until you are willing to let go of the old. For you cannot see the new vision, as long as you are looking through the filter of the old. You must take off the colored glasses, you must be willing to question your old images, your own mental images, your graven images of what this nation is, what democracy is and what it means to be a free democratic nation.

What is the most famous, the most quoted statement made by Abraham Lincoln? It is that of a government that is "of the people, by the people and for the people." This was the original vision. However, what has become of that vision is simple. You now have a nation today, that has a government that is of the elite, by the elite and for the elite.

And the reason why this has happened is, that the people have been lulled to sleep, they have allowed themselves to be lulled to sleep by the thought, that in a free nation, their liberties cannot be taken away. Yet they have been systematically eroded to the point, where the elite is now so in control of every aspect of American society, especially the economy, that the people are enslaved through the almighty dollar and the taxes and the financial instruments that nobody understands, not even the people who are using them to enrich themselves and control the nation.

Thus, it is high time, that the people wake up, that they take a stand, much like President Lincoln had to wake himself up and realize, that his Presidency was not going to be a walk in the park, as they say. It was going to be a most excruciating and difficult period, more difficult than that faced of any other American president so far. But I can tell you, that the current American president and the one that will be elected – whoever that might be in the next election – is likely to also face very difficult decisions.


Reflect on democracy
So indeed, there is a need to step back, to rethink, to look once again. And I might suggest, that the only way to proceed to get this higher vision is to take a cue from this Lincoln Memorial, which during the bigger time of the year has on its East side the long reflection pond filled with water. What is a reflection pond? Well, it reflects, my beloved. It is a mirror, is it not? So this reflection pond is a symbol. First of all, it is a symbol for the fact, that the universe is the cosmic mirror and that what you send out will be reflected back to you. This applies equally to a nation as it applies to an individual.

The United States has sent out certain signals by allowing the power elite to rule this nation and involve it in a number of wars. And those things will come back, they will be reflected in the coming years. When you realize this, you realize, that before the things you have sent out come back to you, it is very, very constructive to have transcended the state of consciousness, that caused you to send out the signals in the first place. For when you do, you will indeed mitigate what is coming back. You will open up for the mitigation of what is coming back, and you will, of course, also be able to respond to what is coming back in a higher way than you can, when you are in the same state of consciousness that caused you to send the impulse into the cosmic mirror.

Nevertheless, the other lesson that can be learned from this reflection pond is that it reflects; the water reflects the sky above. This is the ancient, universal, alchemical action "As Above, so below". What is the will of God? It is that things in the material universe reflect the vision of the Spirit, the vision of the Elohim, the vision of the ascended masters, the vision of your own higher selves. It is that everything is as Above so below. And so, the only way for America to transcend itself and navigate the coming years, is to be willing to reach for that higher vision and realize that something is out of sync here, that this nation is not living up to its own founding principles. Nor is it living up to the even higher vision, that could be brought forth today, if the people and those in leadership positions were willing to reach for it.

America has become too much of a closed circle. One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Well, it is debatable whether the United States is currently one nation under God, for the United States in deeply divided between those who are promoting an agnostic or atheist worldview and those who are promoting a traditional Christian fundamentalist worldview, a worldview that has no reality, no connection, to the true teachings of Christ. And thus, this is one division that must be overcome.

Is there liberty for all people in the United States? Is there justice for all people in the United States? Again, there is not. And therefore, these are things that must be openly acknowledged and debated, so that things can be rectified. And then, of course, the higher vision of American democracy, that needs to also be brought forth and debated. And this, I will, before I get too eager here, allow the other Chohans to expound upon, as they will give other addresses throughout this nations' capital. And thus, I will seal this release and seal this capital and this monument in the Flame of the Will of God. It is done!


Copyright © 2011 by Kim Michaels


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