Ascended Master dictations given during 2011:

Title Created Date Author
Anchoring a Flame of Willpower in Moscow 27.12.2011 Archangel Michael
Knowing the will of God in the Year of the Mother 05.01.2011 Master MORE
It is time to accept the unconditional forgiveness of Christ 29.10.2011 Jesus
Let the Latvians be wise as serpents, without becoming indecisive 30.10.2011 Lord Lanto
If you hide from Maitreya, the Serpent becomes your teacher 08.01.2011 Lord Maitreya
It is time for the women of Poland to say: "Enough is enough!" 29.10.2011 Mother Mary
Beginning to understand Hatred of the Mother 01.01.2011 Mother Mary
I claim Denmark for the Age of Transcendence 29.10.2011 Saint Germain
The key to being the open door in the Year of the Mother 04.01.2011 Saint Germain
Let the Estonian people share their Presence 30.10.2011 Venus
Only the joy of the childlike mind will get you through 2012 31.12.2011 Jesus
Seek the Buddha in the stillness that makes movement possible 30.12.2011 Gautama Buddha
The one, underlying problem on earth 30.12.2011 Kuan Yin
2012 is the year of the rising up of women everywhere 29.12.2011 Mother Mary
Anchoring a mighty Pillar of Freedom in Central Asia 29.12.2011 Saint Germain
How to truly embody the Flame of Mercy 28.12.2011 Kuan Yin
Seeing the skull and the rose with naked awareness 27.11.2011 PadmaSambhava
A new frame of reference for freedom 26.11.2011 Saint Germain
To know truth, give up the quest for truth! 26.11.2011 Hilarion
The enigmatic decision: Letting go and accelerating at the same time 26.11.2011 Serapis Bey
Let the Swedes come out of their shell and grasp the vision of integration for the Baltic region 22.10.2011 Saint Germain
Shattering the serpentine lie of freeing the people through Communism 24.09.2011 Jesus
Make an effort to stop making an effort 23.09.2011 Elohim Purity
Make matter real–either by materializing your perception or by seeing that all life is ONE 09.09.2011 Divine Mother
Is there any injustice in the universe? 30.05.2011 Portia
A golden-age view of what it means to be President 13.02.2011 Gautama Buddha
What it takes to be a good president of the United States 13.02.2011 Godfre
The true alchemy of freedom 12.02.2011 Saint Germain
I challenge the people to stand up to the elitist tendencies in the United States' government 12.02.2011 Nada
The true purpose of democracy is not affluence for all 12.02.2011 Hilarion
The true alchemy of acceleration 12.02.2011 Serapis Bey
The need to transcend representative democracy 11.02.2011 Gautama Buddha
Let the era of fiat money come to an end 09.02.2011 Paul the Venetian
The dilemma for the modern man and modern nations 09.02.2011 Lord Lanto
Rethinking American democracy is the will of God 09.02.2011 Master MORE
Putting Satan behind you or putting Satan between you and God 03.01.2011 Jesus
The choice is yours: increased resistance or increased transcendence 01.01.2011 Gautama Buddha

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