Question all structures and perceptions that do not allow you to freely enjoy your relationship with God and other people

TOPICS: The River of Life is Joy! - Your relationship with your I Will Be Who I Will Be Presence - Outer standards stop the flow - The material life around you shows your consciousness - All relationships you have are relationships with God - Be willing to give up your perceptions in relationships - The lost meaning of outer symbols - Meditation to reconnect your true identity -

Ascended Master Mother Mary through Helen Michaels, June 15, 2010 in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. This was given after the following dictation from Master MORE.

Thus I, Mary, come to discourse here in the center and in the heart of Vilnius on top of the Gediminas Tower. I come to give the Omega aspect of the same release that Master MORE started. And it is, indeed, no coincidence that this messenger was sent here into the focal point of Vilnius, close to the focal point of Europe, to be the open door for the light we wish to anchor directly into the consciousness of the Lithuanian people.

The road from the Cathedral Square to the top of Gediminas Hill is a rocky road, paved with uneven stones, and thus climbing up is not necessarily an easy exercise. You see, my beloved, in many cases the Path to Oneness seems to be a rocky road, or at least not a pleasant experience, to the spiritual seekers who are in the beginning stages of their path. Taking up the spiritual path that leads to a higher level of consciousness might indeed seem to be not a pleasant experience, if you look at this experience purely from a materialistic perspective, from inside your current mental box.

The symbol of the rocky road applies for many spiritual people who have been embodied in previous Soviet Union republics. Through the unascended consciousness, taking the spiritual path means constantly making an effort to overcome the gravitational pull of the mass consciousness and the comfortability of material life. That, of course, requires determined will and desire—until one day the spiritual seeker is able to surrender the tension from his materialistic outlook on life – surrender the structures of the outer kingdom – and gradually reconnect to the identity as a spiritual being who is able to reconnect to the joy of being part of the River of Life. You can see, my beloved, as long as the flow of the River of Life is not yet acknowledged and integrated with life in the matter plane, then the effort of penetrating the ego's illusions – even with all the spiritual tools – is indeed hard work with seemingly no outer tangible reward.

The River of Life is Joy!
What does it take then to restore the Flow of the River of Life? When can the "rocky road" experience be transmuted into a more pleasant life experience? As Master MORE said, there has to be a decisive will and focus of wanting to create the Kingdom of God within. And of course, the kingdom of God can fully be born only when there is the flow, the surrender and the transcendence of everything that stands in your way.

The River of Life is the joy of expressing your TRUE self, the joy of transcending your daily life limitations and feeling reconnected with a higher consciousness—this is the reward for living a spiritual life. It may seem as a  difficult road in the beginning—from an outer perspective. But from an inner perspective, there comes a point were you indeed surrender and transcend the outer material conditions and they have become irrelevant—spiraling upward, transcending your consciousness, feeling the joy of transcending everything in the matter plane that is defined by any conditions that you find on planet earth.

This place in the heart of Vilnius is significant for several reasons. First of all, as Master MORE said, the Duke Gediminas, had seen a dream of a howling wolf, which he of course interpreted – according to the available oracle – to mean he was meant to establish a city that would unify and connect the Lithuanian nation, allowing the tribes to live in a higher form of communion. That vision the Duke fulfilled.

The second reason why this place is significant is that in the heart of the place where the City of Vilnius has been founded is the meeting point of two rivers, symbolizing the coming into oneness of spirit and matter—the divine union of Father-Mother in the River of Life.

That aspect, Duke Gediminas could not understand. He did not grasp that the true growth in a society can happen only when the community transcends all earthly standards and comes into oneness with God—and then through the oneness with God, also brings the male-female relationship to a different level. How can this higher level in relationships be achieved, my beloved?

Your relationship with your I Will Be Who I Will Be Presence
Each relationship starts with your relationship with your I AM – or rather I Will Be Who I Will Be – Presence. The I Will Be Who I Will Be Presence is the creative Father aspect that wants to expand and express its divinity in this world through the temple of the Conscious You—that is the open door on planet earth. The embodiment on planet earth is the mother aspect that is always in oneness with the Father aspect—the I Will Be Who I Will Be Presence that focuses its awareness as the Conscious You to attain oneness with matter.

In that case, the Conscious You becomes the open door that releases into the matter plane all the light that the I Will Be Who I Will Be Presence wants to express here. The true oneness of the Father-Mother aspects of the Divine individual is the foundation upon which male-female relationships can be built. First of all, before a man and a woman on earth can unify into oneness between themselves, they have to establish this oneness with their real divine expressions and I Will Be Who I Will Be Presences.

My beloved, look at world history, or look around you in present society, and see how many people enter a relationship with the expectation that their partner should meet certain requirements or conditions—and only then do they think that the success of the relationship is guaranteed. That is precisely the main illusion that people use in order to excuse the fact that they actually have not acknowledged the need to become one, first of all, with themselves—with their own divine Father polarity. So they start seeking the missing "divine father" from this world, based on their egos. Then they project the ego expectation upon their partner without actually looking into the mirror and thinking, "Could there be anything that I need to do with myself, instead of blaming my partner for not meeting my expectations?"

The place that Duke Gediminas saw in his dream is located in the nexus of  the two rivers, Neris and Vilna. Neris is the symbol of the Father aspect - a wide, expanding, fast-flowing river – while Vilna is like the unifying mother aspect of divine love that merges into the Neris and becomes one with the Father—and thereby both rivers become more through this selfless union. The symbol that you see here in the heart of Lithuania – outplayed with physical rivers – signifies the higher Father-Mother union that is meant to take place in the golden age consciousness and actually was meant to take place already long ago. But it was perverted by many aspects of the fallen consciousness, as had already been addressed in Russia.

Now, meditate on the flow of water in the river, and think how the rivers are created. The waters naturally find their way towards the sea or the ocean and become one with it. What happens if you create some sort of dam or structure to stop the flow of the river? You can somewhat stop or diminish the flow, and in order to do that you have to use a lot of power or a very strong material. And no matter how strong of a material you use, the natural flow of water usually manages to create new openings in the dam, and you have to use more and more material to achieve the same effect of stopping the flow.

The River of life can flow freely only when there is no dam in front of the flow, no predefined structure for how the flow is supposed to go. Only then can the  figure-eight flow function fully between the I Will Be Who I Will Be and the four lower bodies. Then the individual becomes a representative of God's Light and its individual expression.

Outer standards stop the flow
Think what happens now, when you apply all the pre-defined structures, the shoulds and should-nots, in front of the divine flow? Think how many outer standards and criteria the monotheistic religions have inserted into the mass consciousness of humankind! Every time you accept for yourself some of those standards – that the Catholic Church or any other earthly authority has inserted into your mind since early childhood – you create the same standard also for your relationship with your I Will Be Who I Will Be Presence.

It is like saying to your higher Presence that, "You can flow freely, if you can fit yourself into this structure that I have created here for you." Then you have to take the same structure and apply it to all other relationships that you encounter on earth. Do you see, my beloved, that all those structures and standards are forced upon humankind by the fallen consciousness, that uses them to create the schism that blocks the Father-Mother union? How can the River of Life ever flow freely, when there are several strong structures, built by the ego-minds and fallen ones, that define how the Holy Spirit should flow?

Each prebuilt structure that exists in society on planet earth needs to be questioned, and when the illusion is identified it needs to be dispelled. All the preconceived structures have to be questioned in the beginning of the Golden Age, so that people can see and re-think the approach and the pre-built standards and conditions they apply to relationships.

In today's world, people's awareness is so much higher, and among the spiritual people, there is already an awareness that the male-female union is a sacred union. And what makes this union function is the willingness of both partners to question their structures, the structures that do not allow them to fully appreciate the flow of the River of Life in themselves and in their partner.

Beloved Elohim Astrea has released a wonderful decree, which says "accelerate into purity" so that all of life can become more. Indeed, accelerating into purity is the thoughtform that I ask you to contemplate, because what is the meaning and purpose of life in the matter plane? It is to raise up all life in the matter Plane—constantly raising life up! This is what you see with the rivers Neris and Vilna, where Vilna is flowing its waters directly into the Neris and the Neris is flowing even faster after this union, expanding the flow that never stands still. To establish the transcending flow that never stands still is the true meaning of the male-female union from a higher perspective.

The material life around you shows your consciousness
First of all, it seems that this is only a symbol – coming into oneness and unifying into a higher perspective – but what does it actually mean at inner levels? The entire material life is the result of consciousness, the result of conscious decisions and conscious actions that people are outplaying daily. And of course, the conscious outplay, the conscious flow of images into the matter plane, creates the circumstances you see around you. Thus, of course, the images outpictured in matter can be only as high as the consciousness of the people who are sending the pictures.

What is the purpose for living life on planet earth or living life with a partner? Is it not bringing the whole of material life to a higher potential? If two people are united with their I Will Be Who I Will Be Presences and united with each other – from the perspective that they do not expect their partner to fulfill their conditions but are fully appreciating the opportunity to co-create their life together – then the partnership and life they both create can spiral upwards. This is a form of higher unity, which is constantly transcending towards higher purity, because the union cannot really spiral upwards without purity.

What is purity? It is unconditional love that seeks to raise up all life, that seeks to constantly transform all life to higher levels, that finds creative solutions, that finds joyful expressions daily, hourly and all the time, without ever stopping. Purity, my beloved, is a ray that cannot be fully unlocked and expressed in the matter plane until you have established a somewhat free flow of the River of Life from your I Will Be Who I Will Be Presence. Purity cannot be expressed fully when the ego-based mind is still driving the major part of the individual's life, because the major quality of Purity is constant self-transcendence and seeking to raise up the all, instead of being all the time busy with oneself. It is the open door, which constantly allows the Divine Father to flow into oneness with the Divine Mother and by this union transcend all material structures and limitations.

All relationships you have are relationships with God
So you see, my beloved, when you look at relationships and oneness from a higher perspective, then all relationships you have are actually relationships with God. You simply cannot have a relationship with another person by separating from the relationship your divine Presence or the partner's divine Presence or spiritual growth. Even when you think that you are just having a relationship with this person because you feel attracted to this person, but for some reason you think he/she is not spiritual and you do not share your spiritual views within this relationship – and you do not particularly feel the spiral upwards – even then the relationship is actually a very valid learning experience.

You have magnetized exactly the right partner to you, with whom you work through your own psychology and your partner's psychology. In many cases you might feel that it is not a "spiritual" relationship, but when you look deeply into the mirror, you understand that each learning experience you receive through partnership is a spiritual experience, because it helps you see something and it helps you grow. True growth does not happen when you go to church every Sunday or when you are a polite and nice person towards your neighbors. True growth can take place only when you really live life and experience the results of your own decisions and consciousness.

The true church, the true heaven, is Gods kingdom in you. And how can you know if you are on your way towards this kingdom? Observe and notice the matter plane, the circumstances and relationships around you. And ask yourself what does this outer life around you actually out-picture? Does it out-picture the unity and purity in transcendence? Does it out-picture your pursuit to raise up all life?  Or does your life out-picture those situations that you do not want to look at?

Hereby I, the Divine Mother, say that it is my great joy to give this discourse in the heart of Vilnius and explain the symbolism of the Father-Mother oneness and unity through these rivers, where one of the rivers is uniting with the other river and thereby becoming more. Is it not a clear symbol for you, showing that the whole of life can be transcended into unity and the purity of oneness.

Let me remind you about Elohim Astrea's dictation about creativity.  Now, you know that creativity starts from the base chakra, from the mother chakra, which by unifying with the Father gives birth to new life—raising the energies from the base to the other chakras with the purified joy and the expression of God's Light and the Holy Spirit in the matter plane. Feel how this flow is becoming more when it is purified, raised up as an upward spiral.

The River of Life in the matter plane never stands still, as people tend to think. Projecting out the thoughtform that life is standing still and that by keeping your position in the matter plane – be it in your work, be it in having a nice house – is another illusion and structure that you have built in front of the Flow of the River of Life. Nothing in the matter plane is meant to stand still but only transcend and become more.

Be willing to give up your perceptions in relationships
Contemplate this idea of the two rivers, the flow of the mother and the flow of the Father and how they join each other. It is fully possible, when they both are willing, tho transcend their separate perceptions of life into complete purity and transparency. I can tell you with absolute certainty that there is no way around it! The divine union takes place only when both woman and man are willing to question their perception of life, of each other and of all material circumstances.  Otherwise all the filters they have built for their I Will Be Who I Will Be Presences become also filters and structures in their relationship. The material life is a mirror that out-pictures your consciousness and decisions, and therefore it is also out-picturing the decisions that you don't want to make or that you want to postpone in order to maintain the comfortability in your present life.

A higher form of society can be born only when the older forms are questioned and people begin, therefore, to break down all the structures that limit the birth of a new society and people's outlook towards higher forms of life. Therefore, I, Mary, anchor my Presence here in this focal point of the Gediminas tower, on top of this hill. And indeed, my love dispels the illusions and the spiritual structures that no longer carry any meaning or purpose. And I welcome warmly into my heart those people who are willing to climb up the hill of spiritual unity and oneness, which should be the new tower—the tower of spiritual oneness and unity, which is not any outer tower, but it is the Presence in my Immaculate Heart that all people can feel who come here with the willingness to connect with me.

The lost meaning of outer symbols
The unity of the I Will Be Who I Will Be Presences is true oneness, and through this oneness there will be a reconnection with all the rest. It is right now – in the beginning of the Golden Age – our desire and great wish in the ascended realm that all people could reconnect back to their true divine  polarities. There are many people, many sincere seekers in Lithuania, in previous Soviet Union republics, who search and wish to find something higher than the purely materialistic outlook on life. They sense that there has to be more to life than the ordinary approach. They desire and long for a better and more bright outlook on life, yet they lack the understanding that the life out-pictured around them carries exactly the same vibration and energy that they are sending into the cosmic mirror. Thus, you first have to question your current perceptions and structures, before the River of Life could flow through you freely.

My beloved, you realize, of course, that if you build the outer symbols or structures – like creating families, building houses or creating something in your life that you believe to be somewhat permanent - those things cannot fulfill your inner longings. Without establishing the connection with you divine self, you cannot find any peace or satisfaction, no matter how many symbols or structures your create. Many of you are realizing already how the outer symbols have long ago lost their meaning in your life. And your longing is actually to become free from your limited identity that you have built in the material realm.

In the beginning of the Golden Age, we in the ascended realm, are indeed grateful for the opportunity of having many messengers who are tuning in to their missions, walking around the earth in different geographical points and are willing to be the open doors and anchor the light in those physical focal points.

Meditation to reconnect your true identity
I, Mother Mary, give you a meditation for coming into oneness with my heart before you go to sleep or after your daily routine. Take a few minutes, where you can focus within your Heart with your I Will Be Who I Will Be Presence. Forget the identity you have built in this life, forget the identity as a woman or man, husband or wife or a representative of a certain profession in society. Forget all those outer identities and reconnect with the I Will Be Who I Will Be Presence.

By merging into the sphere of pure awareness, you are able to reconnect with your real potential and true identity and your divine plan. Sense how your I Will Be Who I Will Be Presence wants to express itself and flow into your material life without ever standing still and joyfully expressing your Divinity through the River of Life. After feeling this, I encourage you to lock in to my Heart, to come into oneness with me as I am in Oneness with you. Sense my Presence around you and try to unlock yourself from all the limiting conditions and structures that you might feel. Ask help from your I Will Be Who I Will Be Presence and the ascended masters, so we can show you the limits and structures you have built into your mind, the structures that do not allow the River of Life to flow freely. And then know that we are always there to help those who are willing to seek help.


Copyright © 2010 by Helen Michaels


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