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Ascended Master MORE through Helen Michaels, June 15, 2010, in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.


Helen: On the way to Vilnius, I felt that this time the masters want to say something especially for Lithuania. I happened to read about the Grand Duke Gediminas legend on the way to Vilnius, and while being there I knew that this legend is an important key, which will be addressed in the dictation. While being in Vilnius, I knew that Master MORE wanted to give his dictation in the middle of Vilnius' old city, on the Cathedral square, where the statue of Gediminas is located right next to the Catholic Cathedral. Vilnius is situated in southeastern Lithuania, at the confluence of the Vilnia and Neris Rivers. Lying close to Vilnius is a site some claim to be the Geographical Centre of Europe. Vilnius was once not only culturally but also geographically at the centre of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

A few words about the history of Vilnius and Lithuania for people who do not live close to this area. The capital of Lithuania has a remarkable history. The city was first mentioned in written sources in 1323, when the Letters of Grand Duke Gediminas were sent to German cities, inviting German members of the Jewish community to settle in the capital city, as well as to Pope John XXII. These letters contain the first unambiguous reference to Vilnius as the capital.

Through the centuries Vilnius has seen numerous wars, being part of the Polish-Lithuanian  kingdom, also part of the Russian empire (from 1795 until 1812). In 1812, the city was taken by Napoleon on his push towards Moscow.

During World War I, Vilnius and the rest of Lithuania was occupied by the German Army from 1915 until 1918. World War II began with the German invasion of Poland in September 1939. The secret protocols of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact had partitioned Lithuania and Poland into German and soviet spheres of interest. On September 19, 1939, Vilnius was seized by the Soviet Union.

On 11 March 1990, the Supreme Council of the Lithuanian SSR announced its secession from the Soviet Union and its intention to restore an independent Republic of Lithuania. As a result of these declarations, on January 9, 1991, the Soviet Union sent in troops. This culminated in the January 13 attack on the State Radio and Television Building and the Vilnius TV Tower, killing at least fourteen civilians and seriously injuring 700 more. The Soviet Union finally recognized Lithuanian independence in August 1991.

Master MORE:


It is indeed with great joy that I, Master MORE, greet the opportunity to speak out in different places. Especially in the light of the latest dictations, that have been released in the focal point of the previous Soviet Union. Thus, I greet the opportunity to speak out in the focal point of the previous kingdom of Lithuania.

For us – the ascended masters – it is a great joy to welcome everyone who is willing to be the open door for the Word of God and the opening to the higher consciousness that we are always extremely glad to pour out. It is the joy of God to be expressed in different geographical points that carry a different individual vibration and have, in one way or another, been important for the local inhabitants and the growth of their consciousness. The joy of God is also to use the local symbols for the people who are willing to be MORE and multiply, through the message, the knowledge of the higher vibrations that wants to be brought forth in the Golden Age.  

I, Master MORE, AM MORE every moment, and the message that I have come to bring is to inspire you to be MORE. I inspired this messenger to read on her way to Lithuania and to the capital of this country, read the story of Duke Gediminas, who founded the Vilnius city in the early 14th century, after having seen the dream of an iron wolf standing on the hill and howling there.  

Why is it so important to point out the story of Gediminas? It is important because the mindset that Grand Duke Gediminas represented is still deeply embedded in the consciousness of the Lithuanian people. The Lithuanian people have been used to seeing their kings and dukes as great heroes of the nation, whose memory should be adored, maintained and honored deeply. Gradually, this attitude has grown into a deep adoration of any authority figures who stand in front of the masses. I am not hereby saying that many of these figures were not outstanding personalities and do not deserve recognition in society. I am saying that the uncritical acceptance of any kind of outer authority is the mindset that will not be part of the Golden Age, which will be the age of unity and co-operation.

Kings and Dukes have represented here ultimate outer authority, and there has been an unwillingness in this nation to really critically evaluate their consciousness in the beginning of the Golden Age. Therefore, I, Master MORE, am ready and willing to release another portion of Light to the previous Soviet Union countries to help people here in Lithuania and also other countries to take the next steps into openness and the growth in consciousness.
And I am specifically releasing this dispensation to the Lithuanian national consciousness, which has been very much affected by the old memories of the Lithuanian Kingdom, by Soviet communism and by the Catholic Church—whose influence is still present.  

Let us look at what has actually taken place in the Lithuanian consciousness. When the Grand Duke Gediminas saw in his dream, in the early 1300s, about the huge iron wolf howling on the top of the hill, where two rivers, Neris and Vilna, meet each other, then the Grand Duke took this dream as a significant outer sign for his reign. After seeing the dream, the Grand Duke went out to find the place prophesied in the dream. Back then, the Lithuanian territory was occupied by pagan tribes, and of course the most sophisticated man to advice the Grand Duke was a Pagan priest. Even if the details of the true story are not quite the same as expressed in that well-known legend, my point of mentioning the Grand Duke Gediminas legend is still valid. 

What is still deeply rooted in the Lithuanian consciousness is the strong tendency to rely on outer authorities. Back in 1300s the Grand Duke asked from a pagan priest how the dream should be interpreted, and then of course the interpretation became a higher source of truth, which justified all of the following actions. And what did the pagan priests tell the Grand Duke? They told him that this particular dream is the definite sign that the city of Vilnius needs to be founded here and the city has to be the focal point of the Lithuanian kingdom. Back in 1300s Lithuania was having a lot of trouble with outer enemies. Founding the new capital and uniting Lithuanian tribes into a more state-like society was the task that Gediminas was told to begin after the interpretation of his dream. What the pagan priests were not able to tell Gediminas was that the iron wolf can never be a sign of anything higher than just the superficial unity of an earthly kingdom.  

The Duke Gediminas became the symbol of Vilnius, because when Vilnius city was ready, Gediminas invited the traders and merchants, officials and craftsmen to live here, promising a new union, a new society, a new form of coexistence for the Lithuanian people. To make completely sure that people would maintain at least a somewhat coherent unity among the different tribes, Gediminas realized that a unifying faith would be the necessary tool. He invited the Catholic religion to Lithuania in order to unify people under the one kingdom.  

Of course, everybody who knows about Lithuanian society and culture, knows that the Catholic religion obtained an immense power over the population here. As in Rome, the Catholic Church became a tool to maintain the Roman empire but not under an emperor but under the Pope's reign—and the same happened here. The Church doctrines and dogmas were so strong that even after the kingdoms fell, the Catholic Church was still present and defined in many ways how outer life in society had to be arranged or how the family lives should be lived, how this detail or another detail about their lives had to be arranged in order to meet the divine criteria and please God. And when Soviet Communism was on its way to Lithuania, there was not much to invade, because the submissive consciousness was already here. The consciousness that did not critically question their complete trust in everything that outer authority defined for them.  

What has happened over the centuries was just one false faith replaced by another false faith. Or directly spoken – the mind of anti-Christ, which was already accepted by a majority of the population, found different excuses to manipulate the Lithuanian consciousness into blindly and without questions following outer authority figures. 

The iron wolf is the same symbol that you have seen in Rome, where the she-wolf nursed twin boys, who were left in the forest by the Vestal Virgin. In Vilnius the twins are missing but the howling wolf has become the symbol of Vilnius city and the consciousness represented here. The iron wolf is a symbol of the materialistic world view, which is founded on the anti-Christ belief that matter can exist without being in unity with God's Spirit. And by creating their own reality in matter (the kingdom) there is no need to be united with God's kingdom within. It is the greatest deception that has ever been projected upon humankind and a very subtle disbelief to be shattered.
Therefore, I, Master MORE, came to release the dispensation and shatter this illusion that the kingdom of God's Daughters and sons is defined by an iron wolf image. A mental box of the Iron wolf that symbolizes the superficial material union—being and living together in a physical focal point, united by material circumstances instead of being united in spirit in the true kingdom.  

It can only be the mind of anti-christ that believes that by creating an outer kingdom or following outer rules defined by any authority figure – king, duke or catholic priest – the way to salvation is guaranteed. It is the consciousness of anti-Christ that seeks to manipulate people's free will, so that instead of trusting their inner guidance and direction, they will be the tools in the hands of the noble class, believing blindly in the outer authorities without inner discernment.  

You see, my beloved, that this whole area – which for centuries has been under the influence of kings and the Catholic Church and was highly affected by the Soviet consciousness for almost 50 years after the second world war – needs to be set free from the stalemate of these images that have trapped the people's consciousness. If the people in Lithuania want to break free and rise into the creativity of the Golden Age, they have to find a willingness to take responsibility for their choices, their decisions and their lives and establish the true kingdom within.  

Therefore, I, Master MORE, have come through this messenger to give this perspective, which I speak directly into the Lithuanian people's consciousness, which has a focal point here—with the statue of Gediminas on Cathedral Square.  

Another limiting symbol for the Lithuanian people and their natural creativity is the Catholic religion. It has created here, as anywhere else, another artificial structure to keep down the people's natural joy, and it has prevented them from really finding the God within and truly being united in spirit. As the biggest representative of the mind of anti-christ on earth, it has managed to manipulate people into the consciousness of non-will, an unwillingness to make their own decisions.

By creating the image of a judgmental and conditional God, the Catholic religion has managed to insert a constant fear into the mass consciousness, namely that by committing certain outer acts, you can make such wrong choices that it is better not to decide anything by yourself, but instead follow the outer rules defined by religion. Because then you can always be sure that you do not make wrong choices that can prevent your salvation. By denying that people have free will to make any choices on earth, the Catholic Church has managed to keep alive the structure of illusions that only their "kingdom" is the righteous one and that following the rules of a conditional God is the only way to heaven.

You see that the strong structures in the mass consciousness and the strong belief in an infallible leader or strong belief in an judgmental God might be extremely hard to break down. Especially when you look at the situation from the inside and do not see many options to consider.  

Yet I, Master MORE, have come to make use of my opportunity that I can speak directly to this nation's heart and to this consciousness and shatter this deeply rooted image that the people of Lithuania need an outer leader or authority to rely on in order to make decisions. Instead, I encourage you to rise up and trust your inner discernment that in the beginning of the Golden Age, the only kingdom that can exist is God's kingdom within. And this will start, of course, with the WILL to make your own decisions, the decision and will to be the creator of your own life and situations.

You – beloved sons and daughters of God – do not need an outer image or an outer kingdom. In order to become more individualistic and become more as a nation—as a unifying nation between east and west, bordering Russia, Latvia, Poland and Belorussia. Indeed I say, this country has the potential to rise much higher and demonstrate new ways of creativity – in society, in families and all other areas of life – and therefore be among the forerunners to also help their neighboring areas rise up and find ways to exchange new ideas with western people and bring them into Russia through the Lithuanian consciousness and through Lithuania.

This country has a great potential to rise above its current level of consciousness, and therefore I say directly to people's hearts: I, Master MORE, have come here to anchor my light of God's Will and shatter the old focal points of Duke Gediminas and the Catholic Church as symbols of the outer kingdom. I invite you directly into my heart to partake of God's Will that I AM – the undivided decisiveness that is God's Will – and rise up to the willingness to create your own life and your own kingdom. Tear down the old structure and the habit to rely on an outer authority. Indeed, this is not necessary in the Golden Age and it has become a great limitation to the Lithuanian people's natural creativity and willingness to work towards a better society. 

They keys for the Lithuanian people – that I want to anchor in the consciousness of the Lithuanian people – is to find the willingness and make the decision to accelerate into your original purity. Because by accelerating into purity you can see through the deception of anti-christ that wants to manipulate free will to conform to the artificial outer kingdoms instead of becoming more. Working through your inner ways to restore the inner connection with God within, you accelerate yourself and help your entire nation rise higher into the golden age consciousness. I, Master MORE, am always willing to work with all of you, who have the desire and will to be more. I see may individuals at inner level who have the readiness and willingness to work with me, and hereby I want to share my deep love, my love of being one with God's will.

I am welcoming all individuals, embodying in the Lithuanian nation – and other countries that have been part of the Lithuanian kingdom in the past, and are now part of other countries surrounding Lithuania – into this great love that is God's WILL. And I welcome you to work with me and other masters, to take the next step in the mass consciousness, transcending the old and welcoming the new ways to create your spiritual identity and your lives in matter.  

Hereby, of course, the Lithuanian nation and all previous Soviet Union countries have to understand that in order to become more, you have to be willing to become less in the sense of the outer life and the outer meaning. By saying that, I mean giving up the need of having outer symbols and structures (appearances) and being willing to transcend the significance of outer structures like religion or outer kingdoms. In order to become more, people have to become willing to give up the need to have symbols and structures in matter, including the materialistic world view that wants to keep up the illusion that matter can exist without spirit.  

Becoming MORE is an inner process that starts within your heart, by giving up the need to identify yourself through outer standards, or outer symbols, and by making your choice to take the responsibility for your life and salvation into your own hands, without relying on any outer authority. Your connection with your true kingdom starts by making the decision to restore your connection with the God within you, your I AM Presence. Whichever master is closest to your heart, ask help from this master, be it me, Mother Mary or somebody else, representing the quality that you resonate easily with.  

Be willing to ask openly the questions from yourself, what do those outer power symbols and religious symbols actually represent to you? Have you been blinded by the illusion, that you cannot restore the lost connection with your inner God, and therefore you seek to compensate for the sense of separation with outer symbols? Or do you think that unity with the material life or outer kingdom would take attention away from the inner wound that the ego has created after the Conscious You made the decision to experience the sense of separation? 

In that case, I warmly recommend that you reconsider the idea that having outer superficial unity with a religion or being part of an outer kingdom or maintaining the sense of a separate self gives you permanent satisfaction. In reality, it is impossible to create such a level of separation from God that you cannot restore your connection, if you are willing to do so. This is the illusion that I, Master MORE, have come to shatter here in Lithuania. And indeed, at inner levels, the change has started, as this messenger has made the calls for this country and the surrounding countries—and by the Law of God, the call compels the answer.  

As we in the Ascended realm can multiply the talents, and therefore of course, we can multiply the calls. The change that was necessary in the Lithuanian consciousness, as well as the change in other surrounding countries, has indeed happened at inner levels. This of course, is not visible in the near future through outer events, but it is clearly visible in those people's hearts who are open and ready to make the changes in their consciousness—and thereby affect the whole country and its mass consciousness.  

We, the ascended masters, have great love for all humankind, and we can work indeed with all people who are somewhat open to the creative ideas that we want to bring into society. Even if there are not many people in Lithuania who have found the ARJ website –or who have been willing to ask those questions and deal with the TOPICs that have been spelled out in our recent dictations in Russia – I can assure you that we in the sscended realm can still work with many people in Lithuania and in previous Soviet Union countries, who have a readiness at inner levels and who have the sincere desire to bring the changes and the creativity into their societies, into the economies and into their family lives.  

With this release I welcome you, the Lithuanian people and people from surrounding countries, who have suffered greatly through structures, imposed upon the national consciousness. I welcome you into this new era that symbolizes tearing down all the predefined structures and rules, also the outer symbols that have greatly limited people's ability to use the creative approach in many aspects of society.

We in the ascended realm are especially focusing our light on the inner structures that people have built into their identity, emotional and mental bodies and that have become the limitations to further self-transcendence. As the Cosmic Divine wrecking ball has also been used here in Vilnius, where this messenger is at present, I can assure you that the changes at inner levels give an inroad to other changes that will take place in this society and in this country. The inner longing that many people feel within themselves – and see expressed in may cases as a longing for security in their family lives – is actually the inner longing to belong to the divine family, to be one with the I AM Presence and be united with each other through Spirit, because anything on earth cannot fulfill the Spirit's desires.  

I, Master MORE, hereby complete my release, and with great love I welcome the changes at the inner levels in the previous Soviet Union countries as well as here in Lithuania, and I give the next turn to my beloved sister, Mother Mary, who wants to talk about the masculine and feminine balance in this society.


Copyright © 2010 by Helen Michaels


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