I come to shatter the illusion that God is not where you are

TOPICS: The Divine Feminine is the expressed God in joyful flow - The perverted father image and the illusion that the mother plane can exist separately - Escaping from matter postpones your spiritual progress - The inner longing for purity - Spirituality in the Aquarian Age - Accelerate into purity - You can always express yourself freely in matter - The lesson you could learn from the Catholics - Even the Church will sense a shift  - See how simple life could be - No need for comparisons - Overcome your illusion of the limitations in the matter plane -


Ascended Master Magda through Helen Michaels, February 14, 2010. NOTE: This dictation was given inside Saint Peter’s Basilica while there was a Catholic service in the background.


You cannot force your way to heaven by following outer rules or ceremonies
Magda I am, and I too want to magnify my Presence, anchor my Presence and Light, in the center of the Catholic Church—in Saint Peter’s basilica. The reason we sent our messengers here during the ceremony was simple: the Catholic Church has long projected that God can be expressed only through a certain ceremony or by following the outer rules or the outer structures. 

You see this mentality outpictured in so many places here in Rome, where you see the enormous structures that the Catholic Church has built and see all those pre-defined ceremonies for mass and for church services—all kinds of outer rules that must be followed in order to express God or to be acceptable in heaven. And they claim that this is the Living God, who is waiting for the beloved child on the doorway to heaven with the keys to some magical kingdom.

Indeed, as my companion, Jesus, has explained to you, there is no Living God within the predefined, hundreds-of-years-old ceremonies and structures. There is no Living God in the ceremonies or predefined outer rules that are designed to cheat or force your way to heaven. As Archangel Michael has told you, you cannot take heaven by force and you cannot come even a single bit closer to heaven by forcing yourself to follow some kind of outer rules or following outer ceremonies—be it a Catholic ceremony or any other ceremony, decree or rosary that you have taken and set in stone.

The illusion I want to shatter here is that the Catholic Church has presented purity and closeness with God as coming only through the outer ceremony. They think that if there is a Pope or some other high priest who performs the ceremony or preaches the word, then this is a pure ceremony—and this is the one and only way to express God. Apparently, according to the Catholic Church, the word cannot be preached by anyone else, anyone who has not been accepted by the Church. For these people cannot be as pure and as close to God as well-trained and brainwashed Catholic priests.

The Divine Feminine is the expressed God in joyful flow
Yet, I, as the representative of the Divine Feminine, tell you that the Living God can never be found – as Jesus himself said – in predefined structures or in predefined ceremonies. This is the fallacy that I will shatter here in the center of the Catholic Church. For I will anchor my Light here, the Presence of the Living Divine Feminine that is the joyful flow—the expression of the Living God in a joyful flow.

Today, as these messengers were guided to see the living fountain, the Trevi Fountain, they sensed that nothing could stop the living flow, nothing can stop the River of Life. Yet, in many cases we in the ascended realm see that our students have a longing to be part of the real, Living God – to be one with the River of Life – but somehow they still see themselves standing outside the River of Life. Our messengers saw people standing next to the Trevi fountain, where they admire the living flow. They want to be part of the flow, but in reality – and in a spiritual sense – they are still afraid of becoming one with the River of Life.

The reason is that people cannot see themselves as the representatives of purity, as the expressions of the real, Living God. And that has been the main reason that the Catholic Church – and many other spiritual organizations – have managed to put into people’s sense of identity this conceptual lie: that human beings are by nature so sinful that they cannot communicate with the Living God directly, they have to use mediators—the priests and the pope. Because if the pope or the priests perform ceremonies and make calls for them, then God will accept them into his kingdom. Due to this conceptual lie, people do not see themselves as spiritual beings whose real identity is in the spiritual realm.


The perverted father image and the illusion that the mother plane can exist separately
As we have explained so many times, many people want to define spirituality through the masculine God, through the father image, that has been perverted in several teachings. They don't see that the matter Light is a manifestation of this father element of God, outpicturing the images in their own consciousness.

They are not able to see – behind the appearances in the matter realm – the purity of the Divine Father. Therefore, life on earth – in the matter plane – seems like something that is impure. The reason for that is that the consciousness that people see outplayed in the matter plane – the images that their consciousness has projected onto matter – are not the kind of images they really like or are happy to confront. Thus, they will not take responsibility for the images they have projected upon the matter plane.

People think that the matter plane is something that exists separately from them. And if they do not like their lives in the material realm, this has nothing to do with the impure thoughts and images they project upon matter. That illusion has been one reason why the Catholic Church has been so successful in creating the division between man and woman – between the divine masculine and feminine – using the idea that no one on earth, other than the Pope, could be so pure that they could carry the Divine Father’s energy and be vessels for it in the matter plane. They have used the illusion that there is nobody on earth who is even worthy to think that they could have direct contact with the higher realm—other than the Pope or other Catholic authorities.

Escaping from matter postpones your spiritual progress
The matter plane outpictures everything that is in people's consciousness—all impure thoughts, impure actions and feelings. And that, obviously, is not – as Archangel Michael and Saint Germain have explained – a pleasant picture that people want to look at. Therefore, they tend to see that the matter plane and the Divine Feminine is something that is impure, something that they would rather run away from and something that they want to escape from inside the church or the enormous cathedral.

Once inside the cathedral, they think that they can hide and escape from their own feelings and consciousness. They have this illusion that when they come here, and when the Pope or some other high priest performs a ceremony that purifies them, then if they take part of that ceremony – even without taking responsibility of their own actions, thoughts and feelings – then they become pure, or at least free from their sins. Later, after the ceremony, they go back to their lives—and if the sense of an outer, worldly impurity becomes strong again, then they have to come back to the church, take part of the ceremony and become purified.

People don't see that the matter plane acts like a movie projector, outpicturing everything that they carry in their consciousness. When they see the result of their consciousness outpictured – as you currently see in the matter plane – then it seems to be something that is indeed ugly. But for me – as the representative of the Divine Feminine – it is not ugly; it is just another lesson in the schoolroom that is called “earth.” In this schoolroom, everything has only one purpose, namely growth in self-awareness. To overcome your dislike of the material life that has been chosen for this particular embodiment is just the next necessary step in order to come closer to your real identity and to your real self.

And that is the specific reason I want to anchor my Presence here in the middle of Saint Peter's basilica. Because the Divine Feminine and the Divine Mother – that is the expressed God in the matter plane – needs to be seen and understood by people. It is a challenge for people to understand that they can raise their lives into purity within an instant—once they make the shift in their consciousness and start identifying themselves as expressions of the Divine Father, as part of the Allness which is already pure. Until people do see themselves as vessels of light – where the Divine Father can pour the light, the creative energy that takes form in the matter plane – until then human beings and the lifestreams on earth will continue to see the matter plane as impure.

The inner longing for purity
My beloved, you have seen how Catholics have built structures, elaborate constructions, to illustrate the images of the father aspect of God. Even if those structures represent the perversion of the father aspect, they still symbolize the longing for purity—the longing for the inner knowing – gnosis – that there is more than this outer image of life. People in spiritual organizations and in the Catholic Church have endeavored to catch this finite purity, that they think is built into those structures. Instead of facing real life on the matter plane, they come to church or to the basilica, thinking that this is the only pure place of God—and here is this divine purity that they have been longing for.

But I tell you that this is not the approach we want to see in the Aquarian Age, because the Aquarian Age is the age of the unity of the father-mother oneness with God. As we have expressed – and I express it as well – the unity of the Father-Mother God is a sacred thing. Through this sacred unity, through this pure perception – if people go into the level of pure awareness and connect to the pure stillness – then they are able to experience the pure father energy and realize that they can all be vessels for the expressed God, the individualization of the formless God for the delivery of the pure father energy to earth. From the level of pure perception, people also see that the matter plane is as pure as their attention, their consciousness—and they see how purely the flow of spiritual light could go through their consciousness.


Spirituality in the Aquarian Age
In the Aquarian Age we – the masters – do not need any worshiping. This is something that we of the ascended masters wish humankind and the lifestreams on earth would see—that none of the ascended masters need worshipping. Neither God nor ascended masters need those long services, where people get tired and sleepy because they cannot follow this long and monotonous flow.

In the Aquarian Age we want to see that people are able to spiritualize every aspect of their lives. We want to see that people come into union with the Allness and spiritualize everything, but especially their family life – the male and female union – and start seeing this union as sacred. Because what else can be more pure than the unity of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother, that people outpicture in their lives, in their families and in their societies?

This is the age in which we seek to see that people start acknowledging that the matter plane is exactly as pure as the extent to which they can deliver and express the purity of the Divine Father. Keeping the immaculate concept for all life is what would signify spirituality in the Aquarian Age—the immaculate purity and the pure perceptions, which tear down all the negative ideas—these perverted father images that people are so used to seeing in the Piscean age.

Also, you see the perverted mother aspect of the same situation in how people want to belong to spiritual organizations – such as the Catholic Church and others – but while belonging, they still feel separated from God and do not have a sense of completeness and fulfillment. The perversion of the mother is that while being in embodiment, they are able to maintain the illusion that the mother plane is separated from the Father. Therefore, no matter how hard they try to take part in all the services and ceremonies in churches, there always remains the sense that something is missing. They don't find this “missing part” from the churches, not the Catholic Church or any other church and spiritual organization.

The kingdom of God can only be found inside by transcending your own consciousness. This is the fullness, the completeness, that cannot be found in spiritual organizations. Yet, those who are able to see their oneness with God – and see themselves as individualized vessels of the Divine Father energy – those people have worked out this oneness within themselves, realizing that the kingdom they seek is inside themselves and thereby spiritualizing their lives in all aspects. What I am expressing here is that finding the kingdom of God inside of you is an individual process.

And those people who have understood that the keys to the kingdom are inside their own consciousness – not in the hands of the Catholic Pope – they see that their entire lives becomes part of the kingdom. They see that God or spirituality is not some outer quality—something that is distant and where you go only when you have some problem or when you have been too long in the “impure” matter realm. This is an illusion, my beloved. As Jesus has explained, each one of you, including this messenger, have to go inside of yourself, find Saint Peter's tomb and see those illusions inside yourselves that do not allow you to express God-reality fully, and do not allow you to see yourself as a pure individualization of God in the matter plane.

Accelerate into purity
“Accelerate into purity! Accelerate into purity! Accelerate into purity!” have been the words that Elohim Astrea used in her latest decree, I, Magda, will confirm that inside this church, inside Saint Peter's basilica, that acceleration into purity has to take place in the matter realm—in order to shatter all of the illusions that humankind – especially Catholics and people in other spiritual organizations – have become used to seeing as part of their identity.

Shatter those illusions, and wake up and rise into the purity of real life! Start seeing yourself as part of the Ma-ter light and as part of the pure Divine Feminine—the purity that flows into you from the spiritual realm. It flows into your identity body, where it shatters all those immense structures through which you have become used to seeing yourself as a sinner. Shatter those illusions that have allowed you to see that the matter plane – where you live your daily life – is something impure, something that you need to escape from. And tear down the sense that only when you deal with spirituality, only then can you be pure or be a vessel of the real God.

No, my beloved, I tell you: this is the illusion that I have come to shatter. Let this illusion disappear right now with the Divine Mother's light—that I too represent. Let there be joy in spirituality, let there be the joy of the River of life, let this be restored in humankind's identity body as part of their true identity. By restoring their true identity, people would see that they represent the highest God and that they are indeed individualized co-creators, who express their creativity on earth.

The creativity I am talking about is not the Catholic traditions and ceremonies – or those of other churches – but the expression of creativity through daily life—through communicating with other people, expressing it in society, inside institutions, governments and everywhere. By doing that, people will see what a joy it is to realize your identity as an individualization of God in social life. And they will see what a joy it is when you take responsibility for yourself, realize that you are an individualized co-creator, and express your individuality inside the matter plane—where everything becomes visible within a certain amount of time.

This is the joy that I, Magda, want to express in the beginning of the Aquarian Age. This joy – to express God freely in matter – is something that has been long suppressed—by Catholics and by humankind, who have accepted the false identity that the feminine aspect of every human being is impure and that women are impure, that material life is impure. The best they could do with those impurities was to either suppress them or escape from them.

You even see this in the idea that only men can be in higher positions in the Catholic Church. And once they are in those high positions, then still their expression in society and matter is limited because of the endless doctrines, dogmas and structures they have to follow in their speech, actions or ceremonies. In actuality, this is all a suppression of the Divine Feminine energy—saying that you cannot express your divine being freely.

This is the fallacy that I come to shatter. I come to demonstrate that there is no reality in this belief and this false sense of purity. What a lie it is that humankind has accepted for so long! Do you see, my beloved, that the free expression of your true being is exactly the vessel through which co-creation can take place in the matter plane?

People who see and experience the Divine Father, through their pure awareness, the point of stillness, are the people who will be able to see – in the Aquarian Age – what a joy it is to express this pure, formless Father energy in the matter plane. They will see what a joy it is to express their individuality here in this matter plane, and what a joy it is to co-create something that is new, that has not existed here before.

You can always express yourself freely in matter
Yet, you also have to understand that in order to reconnect to this joy of being, there is something in each one of you that you need to encounter and be willing to look at honestly. This is the perception in your identity body – that you have come to accept – that the matter light is impure, or the belief that you cannot express your true being in material life. Or there is the belief that it is so much easier to become one with the mob consciousness, thinking that by merging into the mob consciousness you have ensured your salvation, your entry into heaven. Only by encountering these subtle and hidden corners of your identity body, can you overcome the fear of expressing yourself freely in the matter plane—without having any attachment to other people’s reactions.

As long as you have these kind of hidden corners in your identity body – that you don’t want to look at – you are not able to express yourself freely because you cannot fully restore the connection with pure awareness, the Conscious You. And until you do, your expression here in this matter realm remains impure. Every hidden corner in your identity colors your perception, and in order to flow freely – in order to start seeing yourself as a pure being, as a pure co-creator in the matter realm – you have to be open, completely open, completely willing to become transparent by applying the secret ray teachings given by Gautama Buddha.

You have to be completely willing to be transparent, to be the open door. You have to be completely willing to be like a prism, letting the light shine through your identity body, into your mental body, from there to your emotional body—exposing all those colorings that have not enabled you to express yourself or see yourself as a pure expression of God.


The lesson you could learn from the Catholics
Do you see, my beloved, that there is something you could learn from the catholic ceremonies? Indeed, you see people coming into the church with the longing for something special, something that is so pure, that can be found only in the church and given by the authorities, who have been baptized by the pope. Those people have the longing in themselves for the pure flow of life, and they see through their perception that only the Catholic Church could represent this pure flow of the Mother Light.

Through the sense of separation, they do not see that the true church for restoring the sense of oneness with God is inside and that oneness will heal their wounds—will comfort them, will tell them that God the Father is ready to receive them with open arms. Instead of going within, they think that if they submit to the Catholic Church with the right behavior, then they will be saved. Do you see that this is a fallacy and a lie that I come to shatter?

The Presence of the Divine Feminine and questioning perceptions
It is my Presence of the Divine Feminine that I share with all those who come here with the longing in their hearts, with a longing for this nurturance of the Divine Mother. I share this Presence around this Catholic center, in Saint Peter's basilica and around the world, where people who belong to the Catholic Church – or people who belong to other churches and spiritual organizations – where they go with the longing in their hearts to see and seek something pure.

It is my Presence that I share, and it is indeed my Light that shatters the illusions in the inner levels of each one of them. It is my Light that touches them so personally that after they go back from this church, they sense that, indeed, it is not to the church, it is not to the spiritual center, that they have to go in order to find this purity, this Flow of the River of Life. And they start sensing that there is something more.

I tell you that those people who are willing to discover this “something more,” those people will find it because it is my gift that I have opened it up to them. Through this dispensation of the Divine Mother's Presence, I welcome them into my Heart. I welcome them so they can see that purity and the Divine Presence, the Presence of God, can be found everywhere in the matter plane. And they themselves, those people who come with open hearts, they are able to sense this Presence—everywhere in their daily lives, where they live with their spouses, children, or whatever situations they encounter in society. I can confirm that people will be able to do the work for themselves, if they are willing to question all those perceptions that exist in their lower bodies—the perceptions that they have not been willing to look at so far.

Even the Church will sense a shift
I also tell you that the Catholic Church itself has to realize that there is something that they have not been able to fathom here in the Vatican. Even the leaders of the Catholic Church will sense the shift at inner levels, where they come to the realization that in order to preserve the church, they have to see how they can move closer to real life, to real society. They must be willing to take responsibility inside the Catholic Church, and they must also look honestly and critically at the Catholic Church and its structures. Without this critical look inside, I can tell you that the shift in the Catholic Church cannot happen. And then the Catholic Church becomes – as you have seen in Ancient Rome – the ruins that collapse under their own weight.

There are many hidden secrets in the Catholic Church – and in society – that need to be exposed in the beginning of the Aquarian Age. And the purity energy that we of the ascended realm are releasing is meant to partially do the job—bring to the surface everything that is not pure. And indeed, in this beginning of the Aquarian Age, it is this release of Light that is meant to expose that the expressed God in the matter plane is as pure as people’s consciousness. The Light cannot flow without complete transparency. It just is not possible. The Light that from the spiritual realm could flow into the matter realm, can do this only where there are no colorings or conditions that would turn the Father’s light into impurities in the matter plane.

Hereby, I seal you in the Divine Mother's love, in the light of the Divine Feminine—that seeks to present God's purity, the divine masculine purity, in the matter plane, in every aspect of the matter plane. And you will see that once this shift happens in society, there will not be many people who are eager to come to those elaborate buildings to adore the images of the perverted father. That kind of buildings and artwork will not be admired by the people who have found God within—who have found the creative flow within themselves, and who have restored within their beings the flow of joy and purity, which is like the eternal fountain of Light.

Thus, everything you see that has been outplayed here in Rome – so much display of outer power by the Pope or the Emperor, which the people of Rome longed to see in order that they could submit to this outer power – confirms the willingness to merge into the mob consciousness and not take responsibility for yourself and for your individuality. You see that in the Golden Age, the symbols of the outer power will not have any adoration. Because people connected to their true selves do not need these outer forms, these outer representations, as they see themselves as individualizations of God.

See how simple life could be
Therefore, I wish you would meditate upon the image of how much simpler and easier life would be, if people who have been so used to following the crowd – the outer rules or the outer ceremonies – could restore the flow of creativity inside themselves. Imagine how much more diversified a society can be, when each member feels that he or she is an individualization of God—that does not need to adapt to anybody’s mental box or outer rules, and there is complete freedom to express your creativity, to express your individual God quality.

By doing that, people become the representatives of the divine, nurturing Mother that flows from the spiritual realm into the matter realm by blessing, and bringing comfort and joy, into all aspects of this matter realm that you can fathom. Imagine how different would be the relationship between man and woman if both partners are free to express their creativity and feel they are equal individualizations of God—who don't see themselves as opposing polarities, where they need to keep this rivalry, struggle or warfare at home in order to make sure that one was right and the other was wrong.

Do you see, my beloved children, that the peace that Jesus was talking about can start only from the union of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother? First of all, this means that each one of you has to restore this union within yourself, before you would be ready to find this Alpha-Omega oneness with your partner. Do you also see that the nurturance that the Divine Mother wants to bring forth in the matter plane, can come only from this union inside yourself, where you are in complete peace with yourself?

No need for comparisons
Do you see that it is up to you to define where and how you want to express the formless God through the Conscious You in the matter realm? Do you see what a joy it is to define your freedom, your life, your expression of God? Do you also sense that while doing that, you don't need to compare your individualized expression of God with other people’s expressions? Do you see that after you see yourself as the representation of the individualized God, you don't need to have any sense – any negative emotion, any negative idea or thought – towards any part of life? Because God has created you with a certain quality that only you can express, and nobody else has the quality that is the particular talent or gift that you are meant to purify and express in the highest form in the matter plane.

Do you see that by identifying yourself as the representative of God – as the Divine Mother expressed in the matter plane – all the negative feelings – the hatred of the mother – just fades away? And you are able to surrender this as another illusion. You see what a fallacy it is that you need to sense or feel anything negative towards any part of life. You see what at fallacy it is that you need to fight with other people or with your partner inside the family. You see that once you are one with your higher self, with the masculine aspect of God, through this infinite Peace, all illusions and perceptions just disappear like clouds. And you begin to see that the matter realm is just an excellent white canvas, where you can start painting with your talent, defining the way you want to create your painting. Life becomes, then, an artwork in itself – a divine artwork – and you see that there is nothing in this matter plane that actually limits your Spirit.

My beloved hearts, you might say, “How can there not be any limits in the matter plane for how I can express myself, for it is in the matter plane that the free-will choices of people clash?” Yet only your separate self can think that, “I have a limitation here” or “I cannot do this or I cannot do that” for whatever reason. But do you see what an illusion it is? It is an illusion because other people’s choices – their free-will choices – can limit you only if you take those limits inside and accept those limits as part of your identity. Unless your separate self has come to accept those limitations and you see yourself as separate from the true source of the River of Life, then nothing on earth can limit you.

Overcome your illusion of the limitations in the matter plane
We, in the ascended realm, hold the vision for you to overcome your limitations. Because when a critical amount of people in society can see the illusion of the limitations in themselves, then all those outer structures on the matter plane will collapse.

People who have made the shift in consciousness – who have taken responsibility for themselves – do not need the outer framework, the ceremonies, and the structures—and they do not let other people or anything on earth limit their true identity. They see that they are free!

Whatever form their daily lives take – within the family and within society – they are free to express their true identity. Because nothing on earth, NOTHING on the matter plane can limit the Spirit that wants to express itself and feels free to express its creativity. That is the real kingdom, that is the real basilica, inside of each one of you!

[The ceremony taking place in the basilica ended, and the bells started ringing]

With those ringing bells, I complete my release and seal you in this infinite peace, and in the infinite energy of Purity that we have released here in this place in the Vatican and in Rome.


Copyright © 2010 by Helen Michaels


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