Ascended Master dictations given during 2010:

Title Created Date Author
08a. Understanding will and power (2) 29.12.2009 El Morya - Master MORE
30. Transcending hatred of the Mother 21.12.2010 Gautama Buddha
29. Individuality is the key to the Golden Age 20.12.2010 Saint Germain
28. Being the open door for peace through oneness 19.12.2010 Nada
27. The immaculate vision for the environmental debate 18.12.2010 Hilarion
26. Accelerating the environmental debate to a new level 17.12.2010 Serapis Bey
25. Selfish love will not heal Mother Earth 16.12.2010 Paul the Venetian
24. Discerning between dualistic and non-dualistic wisdom 15.12.2010 Lord Lanto
23. Helping the Earth Mother without doing anything 14.12.2010 El Morya - Master MORE
22. Uncovering the central dynamic in human society 13.12.2010 Mother Mary
21. Overcoming the illusion that matter has permanence 12.12.2010 Mother Mary
20. The process of materialization, of matter realization 11.12.2010 Mother Mary
19. The relationship between humans and elementals 10.12.2010 Mother Mary
18. A deeper understanding of the four elements 09.12.2010 Mother Mary
17. Understanding the elemental beings 08.12.2010 Mother Mary
16. A deeper understanding of consciousness 07.12.2010 Mother Mary
15. The illusion that there is something wrong with the earth 06.12.2010 Mother Mary
14. What it truly means to be free 05.12.2010 Saint Germain
13. Overcoming duality in order to give true service 04.12.2010 Nada
12. Bringing a higher truth into the environmental debate 03.12.2010 Hilarion
11. Accelerating yourself to a higher view of environmental issues 02.12.2010 Serapis Bey
10. Flowing with the unconditionality of love 01.12.2010 Paul the Venetian
09. Understanding true wisdom 30.11.2010 Lord Lanto
08. Understanding will and power 29.11.2010 Mother Mary
07. To be a healer, you must know your true potential 28.11.2010 Mother Mary
06. To be a healer, you must overcome your fear of calamity 27.11.2010 Mother Mary
05. Understanding the basic principle behind all life 26.11.2010 Mother Mary
04. Understanding how the earth was created 24.11.2010 Mother Mary
03. A new vision for approaching environmental problems 24.11.2010 Mother Mary
02. You are consciousness looking at itself 24.11.2010 Mother Mary
01. Overcoming the sense of being powerless 23.11.2010 Mother Mary
00. Introduction to Healing Mother Earth 22.11.2010 Mother Mary
It is time to accelerate yourself beyond psychic projections 15.10.2010 Mother Mary
Communism was an attempt to destroy the figure-eight flow between East and West 13.06.2010 Gautama Buddha
Tune in to the true Joy of the Spirit that I AM 13.06.2010 Jesus
Only those who seek to raise up all life will enter the ascension spiral 13.06.2010 Master MORE
You, women of Russia, are all daughters of God! 13.06.2010 Mother Mary
Imagination, acceptance, oneness: A new formula for alchemy in the Golden Age 12.06.2010 Saint Germain
Let the cosmic wrecking ball shatter the structures that limit your Spirit 12.06.2010 Kuan Yin
Entering the ascension spiral requires you to overcome the great projection game 10.06.2010 Serapis Bey
There is nothing in the past of any nation, that the Light cannot purify 10.06.2010 Elohim Astrea
Dare to imagine a Golden Age in Russia and surrounding nations 10.06.2010 Archangel Michael
Can the Islamic world – starting with Turkey – be accelerated into the golden age consciousness? 05.05.2010 Pallas Athena
How you can come to “know” ultimate truth 04.05.2010 Pallas Athena
I officially inaugurate the Aquarian age—catch my enthusiasm 22.03.2010 Saint Germain
I withdraw space from the consciousness of anger against women 14.02.2010 Gautama Buddha
Don’t be like the Romans—be the Christ in you 13.02.2010 Archangel Michael
The Roman Empire symbolizes your personal struggle with the structures you have created 13.02.2010 Saint Germain
Shiva clears the records of the Roman Empire 13.02.2010 Shiva
The suppression of women must come to an end – in the Church and in the home 13.02.2010 Mother Mary
I, Jesus, withdraw my light from Christianity 11.02.2010 Jesus
It is time to face hatred of the mother 10.02.2010 Mother Mary
How a limited imagination blocks peace in the Middle East 03.02.2010 Saint Germain

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