Awaking unconditionality through equilibrium

TOPICS: God is one for all - Equilibrium through wholeness is the essence - Find the place of stillness to let God’s Light flow - “I am sensing there is a message for me…” - 

Ascended Master The Divine Mother, given through Helen Michaels, October 27, 2009 in Jerusalem.


My Beloved children on earth, what is the role of the Divine Feminine? Being the contracting force in polarity with the Divine Masculine, it is purifying and filling with unconditionality the matter plane.

How can the flow of purity be restored in people’s hearts—that is a question that it is good to ponder here in Israel, in the land that people consider to be the Holy Land. The flow of unconditionality can be crystallized only through equilibrium in people's hearts. Equilibrium that does not mean to absorb old traditional ways of conforming to social norms, where people have learned through outer methods to maintain the socially accepted behavior. I am talking, hereby, about the divine equilibrium, the inner way to experience God’s Light in your hearts and embody the Divine qualities of your I AM Presence.  

How do you create this flow of the Alpha-Omega polarity, how do you make the love of God, the unconditionality, purified and crystallized in the matter plane? As these messengers were guided to see life within a Palestinian family today,* they had to question how Palestinians have managed to create and embody the oneness within their families, but not managed to create the oneness for the whole nation? They honor each other within their family, but they cannot extend their sight, go beyond the traditions of their religion and notice the people outside their nation or even envision amongst themselves the new Palestinian state. 

God is one for all 
For Palestinians, as well as for people in many other middle eastern nations, it is a most essential realization that people go beyond their outer rules – that force separation between man and God – and notice, as the Palestinian guide said: “God is one for all.” To respect this one God in each other, and not only within the circle of family but within the circle of the whole communion, within the whole nation, and also, see the same God in a neighbor, who might not be from the same religion or from the same nation, but honor the neighbor as they honor themselves.  

The Divine Feminine cannot be embodied in vessels that are occupied with these national dramas. Divine energy cannot manifest in the hearts of people who are so willing to outplay their dramas, who have gone into such an extreme that they are willing to kill in the name of God. The only possible way to outplay this extremism is to identify yourself as separated from God. The part of creation that truly identifies itself as part of the Divine cannot act in this extreme way, because it understands, that in order to hurt other parts of creation, you first have to hurt yourself.  


Equilibrium through wholeness is the essence 
Equilibrium is the essence of manifesting the actions, thoughts and deeds from the state of wholeness. What is equilibrium? Well, this is a good question to ponder through the teachings that have been given in the Wesak conference, by beloved Gautama Buddha.

Equilibrium is an inner quality that starts from hearts, from homes and everywhere where people interact with other people. Equilibrium is the hallmark of the hearts who see themselves as extensions of God—identify themselves as part of the Divine Feminine. Beware that “feminine” here is not the linear concept normally used in society, meaning a certain type of outer behavior or manners considered to be feminine. The Divine Feminine is not a social norm, but is the inner recognition, where the extension of the Creator identifies him/herself as a co-creator, where the extension of God is awakened to manifest the unique I AM presence—their Alpha aspect of God.

In many cases, indeed, women are more awake to the spiritual path, because of their natural ability to be more in touch with their feminine side. Thus, I am speaking out, here in Middle-East – where the Divine Feminine has been put into a rigid mental box – to awaken the divine mother and restore the divine mother role by transcending the mental box. That is the question for all people, especially for females in the Middle East, where they should ask themselves, “Do we really have to live in those limiting conditions, where females are meant to wear only certain types of clothes, where females are meant to behave only according to traditions and never ask equal rights with men within society?” Why is it so that females have not been willing to raise their heads and say, “This is enough, we and our children deserve a better life, we want to embody the qualities of God and the flow of life through us.”  

You have been traveling through deserts, and you have indeed drawn the parallel that the desert represents people's consciousness. Land becomes desert without water that would give life to the seeds, and consciousness becomes desert after the people have shut off the River of Life. Truly, in many cases they have shut off the voice that speaks through their hearts. And even within their own families, they would rather adapt and conform according to the outer rules and to outer traditions, even when they question them within their hearts. But I will tell you, my beloved, there are many of my disciples who are embodied both among Arabs and among Jews whose hearts are questioning, “Why do we really have to adapt?”  

My Beloved, I will tell you that the positive change and the spiral upwards starts only when humankind, especially the female, take back their power to decide within their family and within their nation—and say that adapting to the outer religion does not create any positive progress for our nation. We need to restore our true oneness with God, accept the social norms that create equal conditions for males and females and promotes peace rather than agitates people to nonstop war. This positive change in the Middle East – and also in other countries in the world – can happen only when those on the feminine side question their mental box and asks if it truly is their highest potential to outplay their dramas or conforming to their traditional role, rather than awakening their true oneness with the Divine Mother and starting to act from the state of equilibrium.  

You see, my beloved, true love and true life can never be forced to adapt or forced to follow pre-defined forms or a predefined outer tradition. Purity and Love can only flow. It is not possible to put the ever-transcending God behind the western Wall, to limit love to stay within the walls of the Muslim mosque. The real unconditional love is energy that flows through pure hearts, without questioning whether this specific individual prays to Allah or Yawheh. And that is the pure unconditionality of God that wants to crystallize in the matter plane, without making any geographical distinction as to its manifestation.  

Find the place of stillness to let God’s Light flow
My Beloved, how can the Divine Mother restore the purity in a consciousness that is busy with a drama? The flow of light, the Alpha-Omega flow, can be restored only when there is the stillness in the mind, when people sense that, indeed, there is something that is so much more important, that there is something that is beyond our dramas—and that is the light of the Creator. It is this light and this original love and purity that we want to embody in ourselves as the Divine Mother in embodiment, and bring through us to the matter plane, so that everywhere we go, in everything we do, we sense this oneness with purity. In this state of consciousness, every action, every thought and idea is carried from the equilibrium energy. The 9th ray, which is unreachable for followers of the outer path, but is easy to embody for those whose minds are free to let the River of Life flow and who are in touch with the Divine Feminine. Indeed, from this state of consciousness people would not even imagine hurting each other, because how can you hurt somebody who is part of the same Allness?

“I am sensing there is a message for me…” 
I will tell you that people who have recognized this sense of oneness or rather stillness in their minds – where nothing else occupies their minds and they let the Presence of God just flow in – well those people are indeed in touch with this point of equilibrium. They see that everything in this life starts from their hearts in the moment when nothing else occupies their minds and they are free to become the true vessels of God. In this moment, everything that God has created may become the next stepping stone that challenges the existing beliefs or mental boxes and makes you step beyond the old rules or traditions. You saw this change happening with the Palestinian guide, who had his own view about religious wars, but in a moment, where his mind was not occupied with predefined verses from the Koran and he was open for a challenging discussion, he ended up saying that “I am sensing there is a message for me…”.  

Listen to your hearts in the moment when you are out of your ordinary role, because the Divine Mother will have a message for you!

My Beloved, take time for yourself, meditating on yourself being in the nexus point of the figure-eight flow, and imagine how your heart becomes like the fountain of light, the constant River of Life and only seeks to be MORE every day. Imagine, my beloved, yourself in the middle of the desert while you see the River of Life flowing through your hearts and creating new life. Creating new life in the dead land, where the grass starts to grow, the flowers are blossoming, where the birds are singing from their hearts full of joy.

Meditate upon restoring the figure-eight flow – both on the vertical and the horizontal level – between each other and through Alpha-Omega oneness with God. Therefore, I seal you and your presence in the Middle East that is the focal point, where you see the death consciousness outplayed in its most extreme. Remember that I, the Divine Mother, can work through you always and everywhere you go, once you have restored your oneness with the River of Life. I seal you and bless you, as I am blessing all life with the purity that has always been there in the spiritual and etheric realms, ready to manifest when there is an Omega aspect in the matter plane who is willing to receive.


* We were invited to dinner in a Palestinian family.

** Available in the book Master Keys to Personal Wholeness.


Copyright © 2009 by Helen Michaels


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