Ascended Master dictations given during 2009:

Title Created Date Author
Am I a bad person? 17.04.2009 Kim Michaels
Overcoming your dramas by going from reacting to acting 31.12.2009 Gautama Buddha
There is no room for judgment in the ascension spiral 18.12.2009 Serapis Bey
Transcending the energies of the accuser of the brethren 17.12.2009 Elohim Astrea
Knowing your divine plan through the crystalline structure of divine direction 14.12.2009 The Great Divine Director
Alchemy is a creative process 29.10.2009 Saint Germain
Nature was my church 28.10.2009 Jesus
There is safety only in oneness 27.10.2009 Divine Mother
The ongoing spirals of ascension towards the White Cube 26.10.2009 Lord Ling
Women shall no more be blamed for the Fall of Man 25.10.2009 God Surya
Abraham’s God was the Living God—not a dead god 25.10.2009 El Morya - Master MORE
I come to awaken the Christed ones to a new opportunity 24.10.2009 Jesus
The fourteenth ray of sharing your Presence 10.05.2009 Sanat Kumara
The thirteenth ray of creative flow 10.05.2009 Saint Germain
The twelfth ray of rebirth 10.05.2009 Jesus
The eleventh ray of transcendence 09.05.2009 Gautama Buddha
The tenth ray of transparency 09.05.2009 Gautama Buddha
The ninth ray of equilibrium 09.05.2009 Gautama Buddha
The eighth ray of integration 08.05.2009 Gautama Buddha
Balancing the scales of life 19.04.2009 Portia
The unconditional joy of service 19.04.2009 Nada
Closing the gap on the spiritual path 19.04.2009 Mother Mary
Acceleration is the key to wholeness 18.04.2009 Serapis Bey
You are always worthy of love 18.04.2009 Archangel Charity
Wisdom is a vital force of healing 18.04.2009 Lord Lanto
A non-linear view of karma 17.04.2009 El Morya - Master MORE
What you need from outside the separate self 17.04.2009 Mother Mary
The end of nation states and the beginning of the Golden Age 12.04.2009 Saint Germain
Let there be joy in your spirituality 11.04.2009 El Morya - Master MORE
The resurrection of the Divine Mother in Holland 11.04.2009 Mother Mary
Know the Dharma in the Modern Age 04.01.2009 Gautama Buddha
A New Type of Spiritual Community 04.01.2009 Mother Mary
Overcome Your Dramas 04.01.2009 Saint Germain
Serve fully by being at peace 04.01.2009 Jesus
Communicate that life is MORE 03.01.2009 Mother Mary
Your real self is still pure 02.01.2009 Elohim Purity
Let Love Flow! 02.01.2009 Elohim Heros
More than Intellectual Knowledge 01.01.2009 Elohim Apollo

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