Ascended Master dictations given during 2008:

Title Created Date Author
21. Transcending the path to Christhood 22.07.2008 Jesus
20. The Alpha and the 
Omega of Christhood 21.07.2008 Jesus
19. Understanding who 
Christ really is 20.07.2008 Jesus
18. Find your Self 
by losing your self 19.07.2008 Jesus
17. The non-violence of the 
Living Christ 18.07.2008 Jesus
16. Rediscovering your will to BE 17.07.2008 Jesus
15. Truly sophisticated ignorance 16.07.2008 Jesus
14. Gray ignorance 15.07.2008 Jesus
13. Black-and-white ignorance 14.07.2008 Jesus
12. Escaping the subtle 
trap of pride 13.07.2008 Jesus
11. Get off the treadmill 
of competition 12.07.2008 Jesus
10. Raising anger above fear 11.07.2008 Jesus
09. Freedom from cravings 10.07.2008 Jesus
08. Seeking first the kingdom of God 09.07.2008 Jesus
07. Loving yourself free 
from conditions 08.07.2008 Jesus
06. Confront your fears! 07.07.2008 Jesus
05. Decide to be teachable! 06.07.2008 Jesus
04. The beam 
in your own eye 05.07.2008 Jesus
03. The second challenge 
of Christ 04.07.2008 Jesus
02. The first 
challenge of Christ 03.07.2008 Jesus
01. Exposing the graven images 
of Christ 02.07.2008 Jesus
00. The sword of Christ 01.07.2008 Jesus
AWAKEN to the reality of who you are 31.12.2008 Gautama Buddha
Taking Responsibility for Your Mind 31.12.2008 El Morya - Master MORE
Remember the point of stillness within you 02.11.2008 Gautama Buddha
Can any man-made system bring the Promised Land to earth? 02.11.2008 Lanello
Choose ye this day the parallel universe in which you want to abide 02.11.2008 Jesus
How can Europe be free, when the minds of the people are imprisoned by illusions? 01.11.2008 Saint Germain
We shall use the trees to purify the European psyche 01.11.2008 Kuan Yin
Only Oneness between masculine and feminine can stop war 01.11.2008 Mother Mary
You cannot overcome the past without looking at the past 31.10.2008 El Morya - Master MORE
I have withdrawn my Presence from the White House 26.09.2008 Saint Germain
Do you want an economy for the people or an economy for the elite? 21.09.2008 Saint Germain
Understanding the challenge of moving from individuality to community 24.08.2008 Jesus
The Olympic Spirit is the Spirit of Oneness among people 17.08.2008 Mother Mary
Forming the true sangha of the Buddha 29.06.2008 Gautama Buddha
Establishing Aquarian communities 29.06.2008 Lanello
Remembering your own sins no more—by being MORE 29.06.2008 El Morya - Master MORE
NOW is the time to embrace the Golden Age consciousness! 28.06.2008 Jesus
Overcome your grand illusions to find a higher level of service 27.06.2008 Mother Mary
Intratheism—an entirely new approach to religion 26.06.2008 Maraytaii
Understanding the Buddha and the Mother 23.03.2008 Gautama Buddha
Who IS the Divine Mother 23.03.2008 Mother Mary
Attune to my Presence daily! 23.03.2008 God Surya
The kingdom of God is at hand—through the union of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother 23.03.2008 Jesus
Envisioning the money system of the Golden Age 22.03.2008 Saint Germain
Freedom is found only by forgiving everything 22.03.2008 Kuan Yin
Balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of God 22.03.2008 Mother Mary
The Divine Mother is back—and she is here to stay! 01.01.2008 Mother Mary

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