Freedom means surrender into oneness

TOPICS: Understanding the power of “One” - The critical mass - New ideas are released by the ascended masters - The Golden Age is an age of community - Speaking from the heart - Closing the figure-eight flow - Saint Germain moves on - Receive a higher teaching on freedom - The separate self can never be free - Understanding infinite freedom - Why ignorance is not really bliss - Save the world by saving yourself - The peace that passes understanding - It is time to contemplate the River of Life - What does it really mean to be free? - Tell the story of your awakening to the spiritual path - Contemplate surrender into oneness -

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 29, 2007 through Kim Michaels.


My Beloved hearts, you have heard various variations of the joke, "How many electricians does it take to change a light bulb? How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb?" But I, Saint Germain, want to present you with a new thought. How many ascended master students does it take to change a planet? [Pause] I am waiting for your answer, my beloved. Audience: “One!” Right the first time! It takes one. For there is immense value in one person making up his or her mind, that this or that manifestation of imperfection is no longer allowed on my planet.

From the cradle to the grave, human beings are bombarded with energies and ideas that are designed for one purpose only—and that is to prevent you from exercising your co-creative powers in making this planet a more godly place to live. You are being programmed to be passive, to live like all other people, to think that one person cannot make a difference, that you do not have the power to change your society – even on the small level – and certainly not the power on a planetary level. But I tell you, we have explained, over and over again, that everything on this planet is determined by the free will of human beings in embodiment.

And thus, one person CAN make a difference by making up his or her mind with absolute total unwavering determination. Which is something that is not actually an act of will, as you normally conceive will. For it is an act of Being, of Being who you ARE, being in contact with a higher part of your being, so that the light from your higher being shines through the lower mind. And that way you can come to a determination, that is not the outer will – that can easily be shifted by this or that impulse from without – but is an inner determination—an inner knowing that this is the new reality on your planet, because you are being that change. And you are willing to BE the change in the world by holding the spiritual balance for that change. So that you hold the vision – unwavering – that this or that manifestation will not come to be on this planet.

Understanding the power of “One”
Many years ago, this messenger was very concerned – at a young age – about nuclear war. He went deep into meditation one night and cried out to God – feeling a greater degree of oneness with God on the issue of nuclear war – he cried out to stop this. And he felt a return current, a reassurance that there would not be a nuclear war, at least a large-scale nuclear war on this planet. But that was because – unbeknownst to his outer mind – he had vowed to play a part in holding the balance so that there would not be such a war.

Yet, one person cannot necessarily hold a balance if millions of people pull in the other direction. Because, again, the Law of Free Will must outplay itself in giving people the lessons they need in order to change their consciousness. While there is value in one person shifting his or her consciousness, there is in most issues a certain critical mass that must be reached, so that there is a counter-balance between those who are willing to raise their consciousness and those who are not, including those who are simply indifferent without knowing better.

So when I say that it only takes one ascended master student to change a planet, this is true, in the sense that one person making up his or her mind will shift the collective consciousness. But it takes a certain critical mass of individuals to prevent certain outer manifestations. For if one person, or just a very few, could remove some ungodly condition from this planet, well how would the majority learn the lesson and come to the point, where they have decided that they too have had enough of this or that manifestation?

The power of one must be understood at different levels of consciousness. There is value in YOU making up your mind, but that it is also necessary that you realize, that you are not a separate individual living in a world with six billion other separate individuals. It is necessary that you contact the oneness in your own Being, which gives you the sense of oneness with your own I AM Presence, but also takes you to the next step of realizing your oneness with all other people.

And thus you realize, my beloved, that it is not always enough for you to come to an inner determination based on oneness with your own higher being. It is also necessary for you to fulfill the Omega requirement and go out and seek to awaken others, so that they can come into oneness with their own higher beings. And so that, eventually, a critical mass of people can come together in oneness on a particular issue, and therefore shift the collective consciousness

The critical mass
So, my beloved, what is the percentage? What is the critical mass? Well, as with the abolishment of slavery, there came a shift in the collective consciousness of humankind, where it became obvious to many people, that it was not acceptable any longer that people could be owned as property. And that shift occurred, when the top ten percent had come to that realization. So the magical number, in terms of truly shifting the collective consciousness, is ten percent.

If the lower ten percent are in agreement that a certain manifestation is acceptable to them – and this is what they want out of their own self-interest – well, then if there is not a counter-balance of the top ten percent saying, "No, we will not allow this on our planet," then according to the Law of Free Will, the lower ten percent will pull the population down. But when the top ten percent come into alignment, come into agreement, well, then they will pull the population up, and a positive shift would occur. And then – suddenly – many among the population can now see what they could not see before, because they were blinded by the duality consciousness, by the mass consciousness.

Even many of those who had experienced slavery themselves did not have enough awareness to speak out and say, "This is not right, this is not acceptable." So, right up until the shift had occurred, the majority of the population simply could not see what seems obvious to most people today—that human beings are not things that can be bought and sold in the marketplace. But when the top ten percent had shifted, all of a sudden many among the population – without being consciously aware of the shift – realized, "Oh yes, this is obvious!" And now they supported the outer change.

Thus, again, everything begins with one person. But there is great strength in numbers. If two people in two different parts of the world – with no outer connection between them – reach the same determination, then it will count. But if those two people establish some sense of oneness between them with their outer minds, then it will count exponentially more. And thus, the whole is more than the sum of the parts.


New ideas are released by the ascended masters
So you see, my beloved, every positive change that has happened on this planet, started with an idea released from the realm of the ascended masters, which then descended through the four levels of the material universe—the identity, mental, emotional and physical realms. We are constantly releasing such ideas, but they will not have an effect in the physical, until one or more people grasp that ascended master idea with their outer awareness. And they either start expressing it as an idea of what needs to change, or they start expressing it as a practical innovation, as a practical invention, that suddenly brings forth a technology, that revolutionizes some aspect of society.

So what we are looking for is, of course, that more and more people will be able to tune in to the ideas we are releasing. For as Jesus said 2,000 years ago, "Fear not little flock, for it is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." The Father's good pleasure is executed by the ascended masters who are working with humankind on earth. And I can assure you, that we of the ascended masters have solutions to every problem you find on planet earth. The catch is, my beloved, that those solutions cannot be given unless people are willing to change their consciousness. For as we have said before, you cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created or precipitated the problem. This is simply not possible. And that is why it is essential that the consciousness shifts, so that people can reach beyond the old way of looking at a particular problem and thus be open to receiving the solution.

What you have seen in the past, is that typically one person was able to raise his or her consciousness, tune in to the ascended masters and receive an idea—whether it be a political or spiritual idea, or a practical idea about a particular invention. But you have also seen in a few instances, where two people independently of each other made the same discovery or came forth with the same invention. And what we are looking for is a situation, where so many people are open and attuned to the ascended masters, that many people at the same time – all across the planet – will tune in to a particular idea. And this, of course, is especially important, when it comes to ideas about political changes or spiritual changes, where it is not enough that one person brings forth a technical invention, but where many people need to catch on to an idea before it will begin to have an impact on society.

The Golden Age is an age of community
For, my beloved, it was a Piscean-age phenomenon, that you had one Christed being, one person, who would stand up and claim to be the Son of God and speak out for a higher understanding. In the Aquarian age, it is not the matrix that there should be one person, who stands out above all other people. For as you saw with Jesus, when one person brings forth a new idea—well either that person will be killed or that person will be idolized. And either way, there is a limitation put on how the idea can spread to the population, so that people can internalize it and make it their own.

In the Aquarian age, we need thousands, and tens of thousands, and millions of people to be so attuned with the new ideas we are releasing, that many of the people catch that idea as soon as it is released and immediately start speaking about it. So that all around the world there is a mushrooming in the awareness that something has changed, or something needs to change. Because now there is that new awareness and a new determination, that these old problems are no longer acceptable to us, and we want a change and we want it NOW. Not because somebody says so, but because we say so, because we know it in our hearts that this is true, that this is right, that this is necessary.

We are not looking at the Aquarian age as an age in which we have a few remarkable leaders, but where we have millions of remarkable people, who dare to stand up and speak the truth that they know in their heart. Even if they cannot argue for it in rational, analytical terms, or by pointing to any outer authority, but simply by speaking out from their hearts.

Speaking from the heart
My Beloved, surely you can look at the world today and say, that if one person starts speaking from his or her heart, it will have little impact on society. But I can assure you, that if more and more people start speaking from their hearts – simply stating the truth and stating the need for change – then it will begin to have an impact on society. And you will see a shift beyond what most people can even imagine. Because part of the programming that I spoke about in the beginning is precisely this idea, that change is brought by the powerful people, by those who are in positions of authority, be it in church or the government or science. Thus, any new change in society must come from that realm, and only what is approved by the elite will actually be carried out in society. Whereas I tell you, the true positive changes that have happened on this planet, have always happened because a number of so-called ordinary people embraced the idea.

If George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, or any single person had signed the declaration of independence, it would have gone nowhere, I can assure you. But because 50 people were willing to sign it and risk their lives, it created a chain reaction. And because many more people were willing to support it, even to the point of being willing to risk their lives to do so, then it created the momentum, that became the United States of America. The first country in the world to truly be based on the concept that human beings have rights that are not defined by any authority on earth – be it the king or the emperor or the Pope – but are defined by a higher authority that no government on earth has the right to override.


Closing the figure-eight flow
What I come to give you in this release is the continuation of the six discourses I gave in South America. And in this release I especially talk about how poverty and the poverty consciousness relates to the seventh ray. There is a reason why I am giving this dictation here in North America, here in California. And it is precisely that North America in general has a higher degree of the Freedom Flame than is yet manifest in South America. Where they are still too burdened by the old world views, especially coming from the Catholic church or the influence of socialism—where both world views deny – precisely – the power of the individual.

In North America, especially in the United States, you find much more of an individual freedom flame, where people believe that they can, if not make a difference on a planetary level, then certainly create a better world for themselves. So they are more innovative, more open to new ideas. And this, of course, is especially true in the state of California, where, as I spoke about last summer, there is a great potential, that the shift in consciousness that we are talking about, can start here and create a momentum that can roll throughout the other 49 states and eventually throughout the world.

This is an appropriate place to close the figure-eight flow between North and South America, so that we can hopefully get the energies moving, that will eventually clear up this entire hemisphere. So that we can have the power of all seven rays flowing through the people and bringing about a shift in awareness.

And thus, I give you this piece of information to encourage those who are in a position to do so to bring Mother Mary's rosaries to Central America. For I tell you, my beloved, there are many wonderful hearts in that part of the world. But I must tell you that some of those hearts have become somewhat complacent, they have come to feel that the level of service they have been giving for a number of years is sufficient. 


Saint Germain moves on
But I come to tell you, that if you think the God of Freedom can be limited to any organization or any teaching, then you have lost attunement with my heart. For I move on, my beloved. And when the need is there, then I move on to wherever there can be the greatest expression of the Freedom Flame, and the ideas and energies that I desire to bring to this planet.

I would like to give you the realistic assessment, my beloved, that surely you cannot imagine that I, Saint Germain – having the responsibility to bring forth the Golden Age on planet earth – would let that Golden Age wait on a limited number of ascended master students in a particular teaching or organization? For if you – even for a split second – imagine that this is the case, I must tell you, that you have lost the connection to my heart. And I encourage you greatly to reestablish that connection by tuning in to your own hearts and realizing that I, Saint Germain, do not stand still, never have stood still, never will stand still and never will let any organization or person or movement on earth limit me, box me in.

For I AM the God of Freedom, my beloved, and I will not be slowed down by anyone. And thus, I move on—simply leaving those behind who are not willing to move on with me. This does not mean that I do not care for those I leave behind. But it does mean, that I care more for the greater cause of freedom, of building the Golden Age, which is a cause that is far greater than any organization or any individual, my beloved.

This is what you will see also when I was the Wonderman of Europe, traveling around, seeking to work with the crowned heads of Europe who thought – each one of them – that they were the most important king on earth, and wanted me to treat them according to that self-assessment, which of course sprang entirely from the ego. And thus, in some cases there were kings that would not work with me, because I would not treat them as if they were the most important king. For I saw the bigger picture and the need for a unification of Europe—that surely went beyond what any single king could grasp at the time.

You who claim to be ascended master students should be smarter than this. You should be able to see beyond your own ego and its need to feel that you are more important than any other spiritual people on this planet. For, my beloved, we need to move beyond the relative dualistic game of comparison, of thinking that one teaching, one organization, one guru, one messenger is more important than anyone else. What is most important on earth is all of the people who have some attunement to the ascended masters.

We are beyond the age of exclusivity. For the idea that there could be one Christ, or one king, or one emperor, or one inventor was a test that humankind faced during the Piscean age—and needed to pass during that age. Most people have not done so. But surely, the ascended master students should be able to pass this test and realize, that no one person is more important than anyone else, that you all have the potential to be part of the movement of the ascended masters, part of bringing the Golden Age—if you are willing to tune in to the kingdom of God within you and find that kingdom each one of you—instead of looking for it outside of yourselves.

An Aquarian age organization must not cause you to look to an outer teaching, or outer messengers or gurus. It is designed for one purpose only, and that is to help you find God within yourselves. And if you do that, you are fulfilling the purpose for this movement. But if you turn it into another exclusivist teaching or organization, well then you are just following the same path that you have been following for lifetimes—and it is time to wake up from it, my beloved.


Receive a higher teaching on freedom
Why is this so important? How does this relate to freedom, how does it relate to overcoming the poverty consciousness? Well, what is the essence of poverty? It is that you are separated from God's abundance. So the essence of poverty is separation. Well, what is the essence of anti-freedom? It is that you are separated from God, you are separated from oneness with God. And out of that illusion of separation, spring countless other illusions that keep you trapped in a mental box, where you define borders around yourselves and say, "I am inside this mental box. All other people are outside that mental box. And God is somewhere way beyond that mental box." This, my beloved, is anti-freedom.

I know that in the past I and other masters have spoken about freedom, and the Flame of Freedom. But what we could give at that time was what the people were ready for. And so I come now to give you a higher teaching on freedom. For as I gave a higher teaching on service, saying that most of you had a limited view of service, well, I can assure you that most of you also have a limited view of freedom. What exactly does it mean to be free, my beloved? Well, the separate mind, the ego, defines freedom as the ability to do whatever it wants, to have whatever it wants, to have all of its needs fulfilled. And thus, you see, indeed, in human society, even in spiritual and religious movements, a certain attitude, that if we can do whatever we want, then we are free. Meaning, to some degree, that if we can escape the consequences of our actions, then we are free.

You see many spiritual people, who have attempted to walk the spiritual path for the purpose of learning some magical formula, of finding some philosopher's stone, that will allow them to do whatever they want and escape the return current of the consequences of their actions. And they believe this is freedom. But I tell you, my beloved, this is a completely perverted concept of freedom, that springs from the consciousness of those who have fallen into duality and thus have left off from oneness with God. For it is freedom only for the separate self, but that is not true freedom. For the separate self has no reality, no existence in God—and thus, how could it ever be free?

You see, one separate self can gain freedom only by taking freedom from one or more other separate selves. Which is why you saw – during the feudal societies – that one landlord had great freedom, materially speaking, but he had taken freedom from thousands of peasants who lived on his land and whom he treated as property. And this, of course, cannot be true freedom. For when you look at this – even with the logical, linear mind – you realize that you could not possibly have all people on earth be landlords or emperors. For who is going to be the slaves that keep the emperors in power and in comfort?

This, of course, is not logically possible. So therefore, you need to rethink what it means to be free. And you need to realize, that true freedom does not mean to escape the consequences of your actions. It means to actually acknowledge the reality, that the physical universe is the cosmic mirror that sends back to you what you send out.

The separate self can never be free
So, my beloved, if you free your mind from the illusion of separation and the entire consciousness of seeking to gain something for the ego, for the separate self – if you free your mind from those illusions that spring from the consciousness of separation and lack – then you will begin to project into the cosmic mirror images and ideas, that do not seek to raise up the separate self—but seek to raise up other people, to do something for humankind. You develop a global awareness, where you seek to raise the all, rather than the separate self. And when you do this, the cosmic mirror will gladly and lovingly – as cycles go through the four levels of the material universe – reflect back to you exactly what you are sending out.

And thus, you will escape the limitations that are created by the separate self and its belief that, in order to gain for itself, it must take from others. For there is not enough wealth and abundance in the material world to go around for everyone. If you will begin to shift your thinking and take a look at this – even with the outer logical mind – you can begin to see, that what takes away your freedom is the illusion, that it is possible to gain something by taking it through force. Instead of seeking to do what Jesus meant when he said, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you."

The Kingdom of God is within you, so you seek first that inner oneness with your own higher being. And when you attain that oneness with your own higher being, you begin to see, that as you are connected to God, so are all other beings connected to God through their higher selves. You see that if you work to set other people free, then God will give you the multiplication of your efforts—which is beyond anything you could possibly attain by taking it through force in the material realm. Literally, my beloved, the message that Jesus brought was the message that God is ready to give you infinite abundance—if you are willing to share that abundance with everyone else, instead of seeking to hoard it for the pleasure, or the sense of security, or power of the ego, the separate self.

What you realize when you begin to contemplate these concepts is precisely, that there can be no true freedom in separation. And why is this so? Where is freedom meant to be found? Well, freedom can be found in only one place and that is in oneness—oneness with your higher being, oneness with your fellow beings, oneness with your source, oneness with the Infinite as we call it in the new book [The Art of Non-War]. For only when you are one with the Infinite, can you have infinite freedom. And only when freedom is infinite, can it be truly free. For you see, my beloved, the concept of freedom that most people have on earth is a dualistic concept, where freedom is always seen as being in opposition to bondage, or anti-freedom. And there are many people on earth who are not able to even grasp the concept of infinite, non-dualistic freedom, freedom that has no opposite, for it needs no opposite.

Understanding infinite freedom
In fact, I can tell you that some of you – and many spiritual people around the planet – have had glimpses of experiencing true non-dualistic freedom. But you have not been able to fully acknowledge or understand it with your outer minds. Because your minds are still so focused on the dualistic polarity, where you think that in order to be truly happy, you have to know what it means to be truly unhappy. And thus, you can experience freedom only when you have experienced bondage, because you need the contrast in order to know what it really means to be free or happy.

But I tell you, my beloved, beyond this dualistic interplay of light and darkness, there is the reality of God, which we have often called bliss because once you start putting words on it, you limit it. Because people immediately start projecting their dualistic concepts and images on it. Yet, true freedom is true bliss, that has no opposite.

And when you first experience it, you might not know what to do with that experience. And it literally takes some adjustment, especially of overcoming the linear thinking of the outer mind, before you realize that this is a state of freedom that is truly free, because it can never have an opposite. So you can never be anti-free when you are in that state of Being, that state of flowing with the River of Life, what we call the flow of the IS. What we desire all of you to have – all of you who are ascended master students, all of those who are in the top ten percent among humanity – we desire you to have that awareness, that experience, of the reality of God that is beyond the dualistic extremes. So that you no longer look at the world through the filter of duality.


Why ignorance is not really bliss
You see, my beloved, there is the old saying that “Ignorance is bliss.” And there is some truth to it, in the sense that as long as people believe in the programming they have been told since childhood, they do not realize how many problems there are in the world. They do not realize that there are forces who are working against freedom, who are working against positive change, who are always seeking to pull this world into conflict.

These people are blissfully ignorant of these problems, that could at any moment wipe out their jobs, wipe out their lives to a war or some other calamity. And thus, what you see in most people is that they go through an awakening in their lives, where they on one hand become more aware of the spiritual side of life, but also become more aware of the problems on this planet and the need to do something about them. And obviously, there are so many problems in the world, that if you focus your attention upon them, you can never really feel at peace. How can you, when at any moment something somewhere could blow up and create a major conflict or war?

It is unavoidable at the present level of consciousness, that when people awaken to the spiritual side of life, they are awakened to a greater awareness of both light and darkness. So it is almost unavoidable, that most students go through a period of focusing on the problems, not only the problems in themselves but also the problems in the world. And yet what I desire you to understand, is that we of the ascended masters have no desire to see our most devoted students live for 20, 30, 40 years or longer being focused on that duality between light and darkness, never feeling at peace, never feeling that they can truly enjoy life, for there is always more work to be done, more prayers to be said, more decrees or rosaries to be given. And thus, they feel like they are always behind, they are always running after the carrot that is dangling in front of their nose—but the carrot keeps moving and the harder they push, the faster the carrot keeps moving away.

We of the ascended masters know, that in order to awaken people from the common indifference, they need to be shaken out of their comfortability. And thus, we have a desire to see people awakened from that state—what Jesus called the consciousness of death. But we do not desire people to stay in that sense of duality, of being so aware of the light and darkness, always doubting whether the light will win out over the darkness, or whether some calamity will happen, some earth-change or some man-made conflict.

Save the world by saving yourself
My Beloved, what we desire you to see is, that there comes a point where focusing on the problems and the negatives actually becomes an excuse, that the ego will use to get ascended master students to focus so much on changing world conditions, that you simply say, whether subconsciously or consciously, "I do not have time to work on my personal psychology, for I have to save the world for Saint Germain." But you see, how do you save the world for Saint Germain? You do so precisely by starting with yourself, by overcoming your own ego, so that you come into that oneness with your own higher being. So that instead of running around doing, doing, doing, you are instead centered in the peace, the higher bliss, of Being.

And therefore, you are the open door which no human can shut, because you have decided not to allow your ego to shut that door, that is your connection to your higher self. And therefore, the light of that higher self, the Being of that higher self, can radiate through your lower form and anchor its light, its vibration, here in the physical octave. And this, my beloved, has a far greater impact than anything else you can do, including any amount of violet flame decrees or rosaries. This is not to say that you do not need to take outer actions. But what we desire to bring you to is the point, where your outer actions do not spring from the outer mind, and the outer will, and the outer determination. They spring from the inner reality of who you are, so your outer actions are based on Being. You are Being as you are doing. That will have the maximum impact on this planet!


The peace that passes understanding
At the same time, it will also give you that deeper sense of peace that passes understanding. Think about this expression from the Bible, the “peace that passes understanding.” What does it mean, my beloved? Well, what is understanding? It is the outer mind, the logical mind, the intellect. And the intellect is an analytical faculty, that always operates with two dualities, two polarities. So peace that can be understood by the linear, analytical mind must have an opposite in the form of anti-peace. Which is why many, many people – even many intelligent people on earth – currently believe, even at subconscious levels, that there is no way to eradicate war on this planet. It simply is not possible to be free of the ghost of war, that will always haunt humankind.

Yet I tell you, it is entirely possible to remove war from this planet. It is a completely realistic and attainable goal. And humankind is actually much closer than you would think by looking at the headlines here or there around the world. For as happened with slavery, there is a potential and a momentum built, that could very quickly break through, where a majority of the people suddenly come to see that war is not necessary, that war can be avoided and that it is time for them to stand up and demand an end to war. Because they will no longer allow themselves or their children to become cannon fodder for the endless ongoing struggle, precipitated by a small elite who are absolutely dedicated to destroying this planet and the Golden Age I have planned for earth.

We desire you, who are the ascended master students, to rise above that dualistic consciousness. Not that you isolate yourself from the world and suddenly no longer pay attention to the news. We desire you to know what is going on, but we desire you to be in a state, where what is happening in the world would not disturb your inner peace, your inner connection to your higher being. So that no matter what might happen, no matter what conflict there might be, you can Be in that situation. And thus, you can be the anchor for the spiritual light, that will prevent even a situation like you see currently in Pakistan from escalating into a more widespread conflict.

And thus, you will have a situation where the power elite have planned a conflict, and they have set all of the people in motion to blow up this or that, to create this or that conflict. And they start executing their plan, but suddenly – to their surprise – the ball stops rolling, so to speak. Because the people who should have been drawn into the conflict, refuse to be pulled into the vortex of negativity and conflict. Instead, they stand back and say, “We will no longer engage in these energies.”

And thus, the carefully orchestrated plans of the power elite come to naught. They just die out. And the power elite stand there and cannot understand how this could happen: “Why did our plans not work, as they have worked so many times before in the past? Where we just needed to create a tension and then provide the one little spark that lit the powder keg, and everything would blow up and people would be killing each other in the streets. And now they are not doing this.” Well, my beloved, it can very well be because one person – in a state of Being, in a state of Oneness – is holding the balance for tens of thousands or millions of people. So that they are not drawn into a conflict, but so that they finally stand back and say, “No we have to find a higher way, a higher approach to problems. We have to find a non-violent solution to our problems.”

It is time to contemplate the River of Life
This is what I desire to see for you, who are the ascended master students. I desire you to be truly free by rising above the duality, that takes away your freedom. For you can never truly be at peace, seeing how the world is being pulled from one extreme to the other. But you can come to a state of consciousness, where you are so centered within, that you know that even though there may be conflicts here or there on this planet, this planet is moving forward as it has been moving forward throughout recorded history, but even beyond.

For you see, even though we have told you of past Golden Ages that came to an end, I desire you to lock in to the fact, that beyond the cycle of ups and downs there is a greater movement, which is what we have called the River of Life. And it is a movement, that cannot be stopped by any force on earth, not even the collective consciousness of all human beings in embodiment. The River of Life flows directly from the Creator’s Being, through all levels of the higher spiritual realms, through all beings who are one with the Creator and who are one with each other in that River of Life.

We are many. We are such a multitude, that you could scarcely understand the numbers with your outer minds. We have come into oneness, and as Jesus said, “I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me.” And we have become one and we see the underlying oneness of all life, and we refuse to let any dualistic consciousness pull us into denying that oneness. And thus, we are providing that force, that unstoppable force of the River of Life that is bringing the earth and humankind forward. Even though we sometimes have to drag humankind kicking and screaming to do what is best for themselves.

Yet, it is time that you, who are the spiritual people, truly begin to contemplate that River of Life and place yourself in that river, becoming one with us. So that you are free from the dualistic pull of ups and downs, of fears and hopes, that are always somewhat preventing you from feeling at peace, from enjoying life. We are certainly not encouraging you to stand still and become comfortable. But we are encouraging you to come to that point where – no matter what is happening on earth – you can find some enjoyment, some gratitude, some appreciation. Even the appreciation for the sun rising every morning, no matter what is happening on the earth, appreciation for the change of the seasons, the beauty of nature, the sun sparkling on the river, the flowers unfolding, the birds singing, human beings being kind to each other, the beauty of a child who innocently enjoys life.

All of these things, you can enjoy. And we desire you who are our most dedicated students to enjoy life, the time you have left on this planet, by not being in the dualistic state of enjoyment, that is always tied to the negative. But locking in to that greater joy, the state of Being, the state of flowing with the River of Life. And this, of course, is something that can happen to large numbers of people only in a part of the world, where physical, material life is not as difficult as it is in the countries that are still trapped in materialistic poverty.

And that is – again – why this dictation is given in North America, where many people have a greater state of material abundance, that gives them free time and attention to focus on the spiritual side of life. For I hope you realize, my beloved, that the fact that you have been able to follow the spiritual path is caused by the very condition, that you do not have to toil every day just to make a living, to get food on the table. So that you have no energy or attention left over to speculate about the purpose of life, or the purpose of your own existence.

What does it really mean to be free?
As the conclusion of this release, let me give you a concept to ponder about freedom. Freedom is a word that has been so misused on this planet, that it almost has lost its meaning. And thus – again, as I did with the sixth ray – I desire to give you a different concept to ponder. What does it really mean to be free? What is the meaning of freedom? The true meaning of freedom is surrender into oneness—the surrender of the separate self, the illusion of separation, the illusion of lack. You surrender your conscious being, your conscious self, into oneness with the River of Life, so that you begin to flow with the River of Life.

And even though you are in physical embodiment and you see the imperfections on earth, you are locked in to that greater force behind all outer appearances—the River of Life itself. And you know, that as long as you stay centered in that peace, you will be the open door, whereby the River of Life can bring humanity and the earth forward, towards greater states of abundance and peace. So, even what might seem to be a backwards step or a negative experience, as some conflict around the world, is actually – through you holding the vision and the balance – turned into a positive learning experience, where the people finally wake up and say, “We have had enough of this conflict, we want positive change!” The negative is turned into a positive, because it helps people rise above the dualistic state of consciousness, that will inevitably create an endless string of conflicts until people abandon that state of consciousness.


Tell the story of your awakening to the spiritual path
Many spiritual people knew from an early age, that there was more to life, there was something you had to find. There are literally many millions of people on this planet, who are at that level but have not quite realized consciously, as you did, that there is more—more to know, more to understand. And some of you did not realize this, did not have this breakthrough, until late in life.

I tell you, there is immense value in you formulating your stories of how you received your own awakening. This is why we encourage you to tell your story today. But we encourage you to do even more, to find ways to bring out your stories. It can be through books, it can be through recordings and videos, it can be through social networking sites on the internet, or any of the other many tools for communication you have available to you.

You might sometimes feel apprehensive about going out and tackling the beast of politics and speaking out against world conditions. But none of you should feel apprehensive about telling your personal story of how you found the spiritual path and realized there was more to life, so that you might inspire someone else to go through that same transformation. This should be something that is natural to you, because if you have benefited from finding the path and the teachings of the ascended masters, then why would you not want to share that with others?

So if you feel some apprehension against doing this, be willing to look in the mirror. Be willing to look at yourself and say, “Why do I feel apprehensive towards sharing my personal story?” And what you will find – if you look honestly – is that behind that apprehension, some aspect of your ego is still hiding—making you feel whatever you feel that holds you back from freely sharing your story. You have not quite depersonalized your path. You have not quite surrendered into oneness with your own higher being, and oneness with other parts of life. You are still trapped in some illusion of the separate self, and you feel whatever you feel that keeps you from freely sharing.

I encourage you to take a look at this. Be honest, be willing to work on yourself until you come to the point, where you have depersonalized your life to the point where you say, “This is not MY life. It is not reserved for me.” I have walked this path because I volunteered to be one of the forerunners with Saint Germain who took on a particular aspect of the mass consciousness. So that by working through this myself I might, Number 1: make it easier for others by carving a path through the jungle of the collective consciousness. But Number 2: also go out and share the process with others, that they might be inspired by it and realize the truth that we of the ascended masters have preached for a long time—that what one has done all can do.

While there is value in you overcoming – personally – a certain element of the mass consciousness, this is only the Alpha aspect. The Omega aspect is that you go out and share that process with others. And each one of you comes from a particular background, each one of you has faced certain problems. But do you really believe, that you went through those problems only as a result of your own karma, or your own psychology? For if you believe this, I can assure you that if that was the case, you would not be listening to this message. For if you are open to direct communication from the ascended masters, that openness is due to the fact, that in past lives you attained a certain mastery over self. So that in this lifetime, all of your problems were not exclusively due to your own karma or your own psychology. You have carried part of this for the mass consciousness. You volunteered to take this on, so that you could help others.

And that is why you are in a unique position to reach out to those who are still trapped in the problems that you have experienced yourself, and share with them how you came to some insight or awakening that helped you to rise above that consciousness that used to blind you. And now that you see more clearly, you see how to solve the problems that seemed insurmountable back then. The key to solving any human problem is a shift in consciousness. For, as I said earlier, you cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created the problem. And thus, the key to solving any problem is to shift your consciousness, so you see beyond the consciousness that created the problem—whereby the solution begins to become obvious. And thus, without having to argue this or that, without having to have outer proof, you change your life because you know from within that this is right, this is the obvious thing to do.

Share your experiences, my beloved. You are not your own. You were bought with a price, as Jesus said. For if you are the spiritual people that are open to a direct communication from this strange being called Saint Germain, then I had to buy you with a price. I had to sponsor your embodiment. I had to, at critical moments, give part of my life and momentum to help you rise above the problems you were facing. And thus, realize that I did this partly because I love you personally, but also because I love all of humankind. And I desire you to fulfill your potential to become the examples and the forerunners, who can stand up and witness to the fact, that change is possible, that there are solutions to all human problems, and that we can overcome whatever limitations we face—and which the experts in church and state and elsewhere claim are insurmountable obstacles to progress.

I have bought you with a price because I saw your potential. And I saw your desire to play a part in the awakening, that is necessary before the Golden Age can begin to manifest. So once again, I remind you lovingly of this. For as I said in South America, I would rather jolt you out of your comfortability in order to awaken you, than have to meet you after you leave embodiment and see you go through the regret of realizing, that you did not live up to your full potential, because you did not share with others what you had learned and experienced on the path of overcoming.

Contemplate surrender into oneness
Thus, my beloved, be willing to work on this issue, the surrender into oneness. If you feel you cannot surrender, then be willing to acknowledge that it is because there is still a part of the separate self, that you have not seen for what it is. So be willing to look at it until you see it, you see its unreality, you see how it is limiting yourself and taking your outer peace. And you see how it is preventing you from fulfilling your reason for being, your divine plan, preventing you from making the contribution that you are meant to make in bringing forth my Golden Age.

So find that greater love, that you all have in your beings. It can be a greater love for yourself, for other people, for the earth, for Saint Germain or another ascended being. But find that love, so you are willing to look in the mirror and say, “What is keeping me from fulfilling my divine plan? What is keeping me from being free to Be here below all that I AM above, so that I can play an active part, so that the earth can be here below all that it is above. Meaning, all that it is above in the mind of Saint Germain where I hold that vision for the Golden Age to be manifest.”

Thus, my beloved, I seal you for now in the Flame of Freedom, the freedom that has no opposite but is the surrender into oneness with all life, oneness with the River of Life. Thus, be at peace, be sealed in that freedom until I shall address you again. For I have indeed more to say about this conference, and about what comes after the seventh ray—for we shall reveal what we used to call the secret ray, but it shall no longer be secret for I shall expose to you what it truly means. Thus, be sealed, my beloved—and my gratitude for your being here.


Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels

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