Without vision the people perish, but with pure vision they manifest a Golden Age

TOPICS: Why pure intentions are so important - Impure vision leads to divisions in the psyche - A divided mind cannot have God power - The origin of inequality in society - A subtle secret about fallen beings - The mechanization consciousness - Discernment about technology - Turning a spiritual teaching into a mechanical doctrine - Growing up in a mechanistic society - Raising your vision above mechanization - Understanding true healing - The problem with alternative healing - The laws of nature are not mechanical - It is time to accept your creative power -

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 24, 2007 through Kim Michaels.


So, my beloved, as I have discoursed with you previously, when a lifestream goes through the first three rays – the initiations on those rays – it has sort of a divine grace period, in which it has great freedom to experiment with its creative powers in order to hopefully find some sense of balance between power, wisdom and love on its own—and with as much guidance from the spiritual teacher as it desires. As I explained, on the fourth ray the lifestream must face the initiation of purifying its creative efforts, but more than that: purifying its intentions, its entire sense of purpose. "Why do I co-create? Is it to gain some advantage for the separate self, or to raise up the All and fulfill the greater purpose for which I descended into these dense matter spheres?"

Now, in the natural, ideal scenario, a lifestream will pass the initiation on the fourth ray. It will purify its motives, and therefore it can move on to the fifth ray of God Vision with a pure motive, a pure intention—to co-create that which is best for the All, for the overall purposes of God. This will empower the lifestream to develop a pure vision, so that – as it begins to express that vision in the material realm – it will be based on a pure understanding of how creation works.

Why pure intentions are so important
The fifth ray is the first ray in the upper half, so to speak, of the seven rays, the one that comes after the nexus point of the fourth ray. And although – in a linear fashion – the rays naturally ascend in order, in order to fully understand the mystery of creation we need, so to speak, to turn the scale upside down. We need to realize, that what truly happens is that a lifestream starts its co-creative efforts in a higher sphere of God’s Will. Then, when it has passed those initiations, it descends to the next lower sphere, and so on until it reaches the fourth. Which is precisely the place – as you have been told – where Lucifer and many other angels fell—out of their pride of thinking they knew better than God. Thus, condemning God for his creation and his intention for that creation.

After the fall happened in the fourth sphere – which is a representation, a symbol if you will, of the fourth ray – then lifestreams descended into the fifth ray. And thus, you will see that when you consider a figure-eight, the fourth ray, the fourth sphere is the nexus. The first three rays, love, wisdom and power are in the upper half of the figure-eight, which is the realm that we might call the realm of spirit. And then fifth, sixth and seventh rays are in the lower half of the figure-eight, which we – for the purposes of this discussion – will call the realm of Ma-ter, the realm of Mother.

In the ideal scenario, a lifestream would face the opportunity to truly start using the Ma-ter light in its co-creative efforts. And when used with pure intention, the lifestream would formulate a pure vision of what it wanted to co-create, and then impose that vision upon the Ma-ter light. Yet, when a lifestream separates itself from the flow of the River of Life, from the flow of the Great IS, and begins to think it is a separate being, then of course it cannot formulate a pure vision. So instead of having the vision and the intention to co-create that which raises up the All, the lifestream is now blinded by the spiritual pride it developed as a result of failing the initiations on the fourth ray. Thus, the lifestream cannot see beyond the separate self. And therefore, it cannot see that it is truly one with the All, and one with God.

It sees itself as separate from all other beings in the sphere where it abides, and thus it inevitably sees a sort of competition or conflict between itself and others. And precisely because of the pride, it now attempts to use its co-creative efforts – to use the momentum it developed on the first four rays – in order to impose images and visions upon the Ma-ter light, that creates the impression that it is more important than other beings, and thus elevated above them in some sense.

Impure vision leads to divisions in the psyche
Such a lifestream, inevitably, is not seeking to raise up the All. And therefore its vision – its eye – is not single—it is divided, it is dualistic. When thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light and only light. But when thine eye be divided into the dualities of the mind of anti-christ, well thy whole body will not be full of light, for there will be a duality in your body, which of course is not the physical body but your being. And there will be room for both light and darkness.

Even when a being falls, it is not instantly stripped of the momentums and attainment it has gathered before the fall. It is allowed to keep that momentum of light, but along with it comes the darkness. Listen carefully: when a being is of one mind, it has the intention to raise up the All, because it has the clear vision to see that it is one with the All. And thus, the only way to truly raise up yourself is to work on raising up the All. The more you raise up others, the more you will be raised, for this is what we have spoken about many times—the principle of multiplying the talents so that God can give you more.

And when you have clear vision, pure vision, you see this principle as the most fundamental principle of life in the Ma-ter realm. For you see, that the purpose is to raise up a particular sphere in the Ma-ter realm to express the full perfection of the Kingdom of God, so that the sphere is so filled with light, that it ascends and becomes part of the spiritual realm. And thus, you are willing to be that open door for the light of your higher being, the light of God, to stream through you. You become – as Jesus said – the open door, the Way, the Truth and the Life. And you know then, that the more you actually give to raise up other parts of life, the more you receive from the true source of life, which is God itself, through your higher being.

But when your vision is divided, you obviously cannot see this truth. And thus, you are not unified in your creative efforts. When your vision is unified, your co-creative efforts are unified. You have no conflict in your being, you have no evaluation of, "Should I really give to this other person, because will that raise up the other person to be more important than myself or to have more than myself?" You know that the more you give, the more you receive from God. And thus, there is no point in even evaluating who has more and who has less, for you are simply focused on being all you can Be and expressing that in the Ma-ter realm.

But when your vision has become divided, then you see a duality, and suddenly begin to think in an entirely different way. You begin to pass value judgments and say that something is better than something else—some people, some beings, are better or more important than someone else. And the more you are trapped in pride, the more you want to belong to those who are more important or who have more or who can do more. And thus, you now seek to express your light, the momentum you gathered on the first four rays, in a way that not only seeks to raise up life but has a duality, because you are seeking to raise up yourself while putting others down, by limiting them so they will not grow.

A divided mind cannot have God power
It is not possible to truly express God Power, when you have separated yourself from oneness with God. How, my beloved, could this possibly be done? Those who have fallen into duality, can express their co-creative efforts by using the momentums they gathered before they fell. But they cannot receive more from the source, for they are not multiplying the talents.

And thus, it is inevitable that – when they express their creative efforts in order to put down other forms of life – then they will bury their talents in the ground. And that which they have, will be taken from them, in the sense that they lose that portion of their light and momentum—which they have now used to put down and limit other forms of life. This is very simple, this is simple mathematics. If you do not multiply, you cannot have more. If you divide, you have less. You learned this in some of the first grades of your school system, my beloved.

So you now see why those who have fallen into duality, must seek to put down others in order to elevate themselves. If they were focused on raising up the All, the more they give, the more they would receive and that would raise themselves up. But when they cannot do that, when they cannot multiply the talents, well then they cannot be raised up, can they?

So therefore, the only way they can seem more important, or seem to have more than others is to limit others. And that means that those who have separated themselves from the River of Life, and have fallen into the consciousness of poverty, must now seek to trap all other beings in that same state of consciousness—of believing in the illusion of separation, the illusion of lack, that this material realm is separated from the abundance of God, the River of Life. And thus, there are limits to what can be done.

The origin of inequality in society
In many past ages it has happened, that those who were the dualistic leaders managed to create a society in which they had set themselves up in leadership positions. And positions that were untouchable, because the people could not challenge them—either because they did not have the physical power or because they believed that they could or should not challenge the leaders.

The Jews of Jesus' time had created precisely such a society. And this was a society in which they were very comfortable. And even though they had the concept that a Messiah would come, they were not actually looking forward to the coming of the Messiah. Of course, they would not have admitted this consciously, but subconsciously they were not willing to lose their comfortability, to lose their mortal lives, in order to follow the Messiah. And thus, subconsciously they were happy to believe that the Messiah would come sometime in the distant future.

So when suddenly Jesus appeared and said, "I AM the Messiah and I am here NOW," they came up with all kinds of excuses for ignoring him. And they allowed the fallen leaders to kill his physical body in an attempt to prevent that he would overthrow status quo by overturning those tables of the spiritual money-changers—who had taken away not the money of the people but the consciousness of abundance of the people. Thus separating them from the flow of the River of Life, so that no one among the people could gather enough light, enough Christhood, to stand up and challenge those fallen beings in leadership positions.


A subtle secret about fallen beings
I will now give you a subtle truth, that very few people on this earth have understood. And I do not say this to cause any kind of pride in your being, although I do say it with the intention of giving you a test of whether you will respond with pride or not. What exactly is it that happens, when a culture or society or a lifewave separates itself from the flow of the River of Life? Well, my beloved, they obviously are cut off from the creative forces of God, namely the expanding force of the Father and the contracting force of the Mother. They cannot be the open door for this creative force, and thus they cannot bring more abundance into their sphere, into the sphere of their planet. But more than that, you need to understand exactly what is going on in the minds of such beings.

To illustrate this, let me ask you to imagine something. Imagine that you had a gun as you know them on earth. And imagine you were walking in the forest – and you were starving and your family and community were starving – and you saw a deer that could provide nutrition to your community. And you took aim with the gun and fired the gun, and then the gun would fire and the deer would be killed. But if you flew into anger and raised that gun to shoot one of your fellow men, then the gun would refuse to fire. This is how it is with the creative power of God, the flow of the River of Life. If you co-create with a pure intention and pure vision, then the power of God and the love of God – in perfect balance – will gladly and lovingly flow through you. They will flow with the eagerness of the God who wants to express itself through all of its sons and daughters. And thus, you will have the power of God for which nothing is impossible.

When you try to express your co-creative abilities with impure vision, an impure intent, well then the power of God will not flow through you. We might say that the cosmic gun will not fire, and thus you will not have the power of God. You will only have the power you have garnered in your own being through your initiations on the first rays before you fell. Those who were the original fallen beings – who realized this mechanism after they had descended into the matter spheres – realized that they would soon run out of power if they did not do something. And here is the plan they came up with, in order to prolong their own existence in the matter realm for as long as possible.

We might say that the River of Life – the creative force of God – is creative, and by creative I mean something that is not predictable, that is not mechanical. And this creative force will work only when you have pure intention. And thus, it will not work for those who are trapped in duality and seek to limit other forms of life and raise up themselves. And so what they decided to create was a sphere in the material realm – not limited to planet earth, but including planet earth – where they had created a mechanical force in imitation of the creative force of God. A force that allowed them to express power with impure intentions.

The mechanization consciousness
This is precisely the beginning of what we of the ascended masters have called the mechanization concept. To return to my previous analogy of a gun, you know that a gun is a mechanical device. And if it is properly loaded and functioning, it will fire anytime you pull the trigger, whether you are shooting to get food, or shooting to kill another human being, or shooting for the mere sport of killing an animal even though you do not need the nourishment.

This is precisely what the beings trapped in duality love—something that allows them to express their power without any of what they would call restrictions. For when you are separated from the flow of the River of Life, you think that the laws of God are restrictions of your creativity. But in reality they are not restrictions of your creativity, for what you are expressing is not creativity; it is a mechanical display of power, a dualistic display of power. This concept, this consciousness of mechanization, has permeated virtually every aspect of life on this planet. And it is a clear perversion of the fifth ray. For the fifth ray of God Vision is precisely what is meant to empower beings to use their powers in a creative manner, by tuning in to their higher beings, thus expressing their creative powers in accordance with the laws of God, so that they multiply all life.

As a perversion of that, you have the creation of a mechanical device, which does not even have to be a physical device, where you do not have to be in alignment with the laws of God. You do not have to have pure intention in order to express power and force the Ma-ter light into an impure matrix, into an impure form. This is a consciousness that is very subtle, that has been given many subtle disguises and that in today's world – especially in the more technological part of the world – truly has deceived the majority of the population into believing, that it is necessary, that it is good and that there is no alternative to it.

This is why you have an entire group of leaders on this planet – not only political leaders, but leaders in science, in the media, even in religion – who believe in, are blinded by – and thus are continually promoting – an approach to life that springs from the mechanization consciousness. Where they are attempting to maintain their positions of leadership, privilege and power by keeping the people in a state of consciousness, where they are not being co-creators with God, for they dare not or cannot express their true creative powers.

They are literally living as mechanized beings, as a kind of biological robots, who are doing the same thing over and over, never breaking out of certain boundaries. Because they have, like computers, like robots, been programmed to stay within their program and do what they were programmed to do and nothing more, nothing beyond it, nothing creative, but mechanically repeating the same actions, the same beliefs, the same patterns over and over and over again.

Discernment about technology
Tthis, of course, is most clearly expressed in technology, where you have grown up, from you were “this big,” with technological devices that are entirely mechanical in nature. When you push the switch on the wall, the light will come on. And if it does not, well then you know there is something wrong that has to be fixed somewhere. This is where you need to use the discernment of the Christ mind. For I am not saying that all technology is wrong. For at this particular stage in the unfoldment of the growth of humankind and of this planet, technology does give many people freedom from the drudgery of physical, mechanical labor.

If you go back to older times, you will see that many people lived in an agricultural society, where they were literally having to work night and day to scratch out a living from the meager conditions provided by the unbalanced state of nature. And thus, most of their time was caught up in simple survival, so they had little left over for spirituality of any kind. And thus, in my embodiments as Roger Bacon and Francis Bacon, I did indeed set the stage for the emergence of modern science, which has brought forth much technology. What I realized those centuries ago was that humankind was so trapped in the mechanization consciousness, that it would not be possible to bring them out of it through spirituality alone. And thus, I determined to – for a time – literally fight fire with fire, by bringing forth the scientific method and thereby creating technological, mechanical devices, that could set people free from the mechanical labor of scratching out a living from the earth.

But, my beloved, it – of course – was not my plan or my intention that people should be trapped in this technological wonder age. Being so used to, so addicted to, technology, that they would refuse to develop the creative powers of their mind to the point, where they no longer needed technology. Or where they could use technology wisely, to bring forth only that which could not – at the time – be brought forth through the powers of the mind alone.


Turning a spiritual teaching into a mechanical doctrine
It is necessary for you who are the spiritual people to realize, that there are many of the things you see on this earth that are by no means ideal whatsoever. And thus, even we of the ascended masters have to adapt our efforts to free humankind to what is possible to bring forth at a particular time, in a particular culture. And one aspect of this is, of course, that when we bring forth a spiritual teaching, it is adapted to the consciousness of the people of the time. And thus, it is not meant to be turned into an infallible doctrine that can stand for all time.

When human beings turn a spiritual teaching into such a fixed dogma, well, then they turn a spiritual teaching into a mechanical “device.” And now – instead of using a mechanical device to produce food or take them from one place to another on the earth – they now seek to use a mechanical device to take them from earth to heaven. And they believe that the outer path – what Jesus called the broad way that leads to destruction, the outer religion – can lead them to salvation. But they fail to see that it will never lead them to salvation because it is a mechanical path, my beloved.

And you must understand that this concept of a mechanical, outer religion that will guarantee your salvation was developed by a very small minority of the people in embodiment and the disembodied beings who are controlling them, as Maitreya explains in his book. And it was not developed because these beings actually believe, that they can force their way into heaven through a mechanical path. For they – in their pride – have no intention of going to heaven. They do not want to have anything to do with God. They want to stay separated from God for as long as possible. And how can they do this? Well, they can do this only when they turn the majority of the population into mechanical people, and especially when they do this to the top ten percent—those who have the greater connection to their higher beings, to the spiritual realm.

The top ten percent are those who still have some connection to their higher beings, who have a pure intention of doing what is right for the All. But they have been tricked into expressing that pure intention through an impure vision that is affected by the mechanization consciousness. Whereby they believe, that if they do what is prescribed by an outer religion, then they will not only be doing what is right to raise up other people, but they will also be securing their own salvation. The fallen beings do not believe that a mechanical religion will work. They have only created a mechanical religion in order to trap especially the top ten percent, but also the majority of the population into approaching salvation in a mechanical manner, thereby expressing whatever light they have through the mechanization consciousness.

Thereby, people are misqualifying their light with a dualistic, human vibration, that allows the fallen beings – who are cut off from the flow of light – to steal the misqualified light, use it to sustain their own beings, their own existence, use it to sustain their own leadership positions. They can use it to secure their position as the money-changers in the temple, who control the people because they have managed to make the people believe, that the people cannot enter the kingdom of God without going through the outer religion and its leaders.

Growing up in a mechanistic society
My Beloved, you have been brought up in a society, in a religion, that is almost completely inundated with this mechanization consciousness. But it is time for you to come to a higher level of understanding of the spiritual path. It is time for you to make a sincere effort, an all-out effort, to shake off this yoke of the mechanization consciousness. It is time to take a stand and say, "I am not a robot. I am not a mechanical being. I am a son or daughter of God. I am a spiritual being. I am a creative being. I see who I AM, and I am willing to purify my vision, so that I will no longer express the power of God from my heart through the impurities of this mechanization consciousness, that causes me to use my co-creative powers in a way that seeks to maintain a society, and a culture – and even nature – in a state that is less than the actual potential for this earth.”

This is keeping the earth cut off from the flow of the River of Life, serving to maintain status quo, that allows a small power elite to control the population and to keep this planet in a state of poverty – physical, material, spiritual, emotional, mental poverty – that causes the majority of the population to live at a much lower level materially and spiritually than is necessary, in order to make it possible to create the illusion that the elite is raised above the people. Even though the reality is, that the elite are more poor than all those below them – for they are more trapped in the consciousness of poverty, the consciousness of mechanization – than any of the people, that are being led by these blind leaders who are truly heading for the ditch of duality, either the ditch on the one side of the road or the ditch on the other side.

Raising your vision above mechanization
We have given you the teachings that you need to accomplish this task, especially in Mother Mary's book, that speaks on the psychological level, and in Maitreya's book, that speaks on the overall level of understanding what is going on on planet earth. You have the tools, you have the teachings. And what is left is to grasp the vision of the need to reach beyond that mechanization consciousness, and to become creative beings—instead of continuing these patterns of mechanization, that have been programmed into you for many lifetimes.

Thus, my beloved, make that effort, make the determination right now to reach for the vision. And if you are willing to make this decision, then I want to hear it from you, spoken physically. So call to me, Saint Germain, now and ask me to assist you in showing you the vision of what is beyond duality, what is beyond the mechanization concept, so that I may have the authority to give you that assistance, to give you the vision that will set you free from the mechanization concept. [Audience makes calls]

Thus, my beloved, now that I have the authority to assist you – and have achieved the double goal of waking you up – I will continue my discourse. You see, the task I am asking you to engage in, is not easy. For eons, very few people on this planet have freed themselves entirely from this mechanization consciousness. And thus, you need to think about the teachings we have given you—of how all of you have volunteered to come into embodiment to take on specific aspects of the collective consciousness. And I now give you the understanding, that what you have taken on is some aspect of the mechanization consciousness. For really, there is no other state of consciousness on earth but the mechanization consciousness and the Christ consciousness, the creative consciousness.

When you have this overall understanding, it will be easier for you to gain a greater understanding of the particular aspect of the mechanization consciousness that you have taken on. And when you begin to understand, so to speak, the mechanics of the mechanization concept, you will be able to apply it to any aspect of your personal situation, any aspect of society.

There is no greater service, there is no greater need, on planet earth right now than to have some people, who will not only free themselves from the mechanization consciousness, but who will begin to speak out against that mechanization consciousness. They must point out how it has influenced every aspect of society, and how it has caused human beings to limit themselves in a multitude of ways. First of all by causing them to deny the very reality that they are spiritual beings, who have the creative powers of God, and therefore do not in many cases need a mechanical device to produce what they want on earth.

This has influenced every aspect of society, where for example you still believe that in order to have energy to run your cars or heat your houses or produce electricity, you need oil. Well, I tell you that if people could free themselves from the mechanization concept, they would be able to tap into a far greater source of energy, that would make oil obsolete. And thus, you would see a state, where there was free and unlimited amounts of energy ready for creative efforts.


Understanding true healing
Likewise, my beloved, you see it in the field of health, where people have been seduced by modern medicine and materialistic science into believing that their bodies are a kind of biological robot, a kind of mechanical device. And if some kind of disease manifests, it is because something has gone wrong with the body machine. So we need to have the mechanics in the garage – called a hospital – go in with their mechanical devices or their chemicals and fix what has gone wrong with the machine, so it can again run properly.

This, of course, is a total denial of the true art of healing, which is also the expression of the fifth ray. For true healing is not a mechanical process; it is a creative process. And it starts by the realization that you are more than the physical body, because you are a spiritual being. But it also starts with the realization, that the body is not a mechanical device through which your spiritual being is expressing itself. No, the human body is not a device. It is an expression, a projection, of the state of consciousness of the spiritual being that inhabits the body.

Your physical body is like the movie on a screen in a theater—that is a projection of what is on the film strip in the projection room. And the projection room, of course, is the four levels of your mind, as we have explained many times. And therefore, the lowest of the minds being the physical mind, your physical body is a projection of what is occurring on the four levels of your consciousness – what we have also called your four lower bodies – that simply converge to create the physical body as a projection upon the Ma-ter light.

As science has now proven over and over again, there is a limit to what can be achieved through mechanical approaches to healing. When you introduce a chemical into the body, that chemical might remove a specific symptom, but it will have side effects that might be as severe or more severe than the disease that is being attempted to be cured. Likewise, it is, of course, a very primitive procedure to cut open the body with a knife and seek to remove some part from the body that you think has gone wrong. And thus, it needs to be realized – as many people in the spiritual field have already started to realize – that healing needs to be approached in a new way. Which so far has often been called a holistic way, where you realize that the only way to truly heal the body is to also work on the mind, including all levels of the mind.

If the people who are in the healing field would heed the teachings I have given in this discourse – about the mechanization consciousness – and would seek to truly understand what I am saying here, and would then seek to apply it according to their expertise in whatever field of healing they have experience, then you could see a tremendous acceleration of the alternative or holistic healing field. Where suddenly, when the healers themselves are willing to remove the beam from their own eyes – are willing to remove the mechanization consciousness from their own minds – then, they will be inspired by their higher beings to bring forth new healing methods that work at an entirely higher level.

The problem with alternative healing
Let me tell you, what is the single most important problem with the field of alternative or holistic healing today. That problem is, that most of the people who are healers in that field – and most of the people who come to the healers – are still trapped in the mechanization consciousness. They are looking for the easy way out – the guaranteed path to salvation, the mechanical path to salvation, the magical formula – that will allow people to either take some natural remedy or do some kind of exercise, be it physical or mental, and suddenly, puff, the disease is gone.

In order to have true healing, you need to rise above the mechanization consciousness. And that can only be done, when you are willing to follow the true spiritual path, the inner path to Christhood. For only then can you rise above that mechanization consciousness—and avoid being seduced by the oh-so-subtle illusions created to reinforce that mechanization consciousness, and make people believe that this material world functions according to mechanical laws.


The laws of nature are not mechanical
My Beloved, science has created the concept of the laws of nature. And certainly, there are laws that guide the evolution of nature. But the problem with materialistic science is that it has given people the impression – the fundamental belief, the paradigm – that even the laws of nature are mechanical, and thus always function in a certain way and therefore nothing can override the laws of nature.

This is what has caused several past societies – that had achieved a high level of sophistication – to actually lose the abundance they had attained. Some of these societies were so abundant and so sophisticated that, compared to your current civilization, you would have said that they were a Golden Age society. And to some degree they were. But what happened was, that those societies were eventually taken over by the people who had an imbalance of power. These are the people who are unbalanced in power, and they will seek to control those who are unbalanced in love—and who therefore become passive followers of the blind leaders.

And when the blind leaders had taken over, they created a society in which the people were very comfortable. But they were comfortable because, number one, they had used the mechanization consciousness to create mechanical technological devices, that gave them what they needed to sustain their lifestyle. And number two, they had been seduced by the mechanization consciousness to believe, that there was nothing beyond their current lifestyle, that there was no greater abundance to be had. Because according to the laws of nature – and the limitations built into nature on this planet – they could not have more than what they had.

This is the scenario expressed in the saying that ignorance is bliss. The people were ignorant of the potential to have more, and therefore they had reached a certain state of contentment, a certain state of comfortability with what they had. And this was to a large degree the case with the Jews at the time that Jesus appeared. And that is why he had to perform certain miracles, that shook people out of the consciousness that there were certain limitations, that there were certain things that were impossible for a human being.

Today, those who are trapped in the aspect of the mechanization consciousness called materialistic science, look back at Jesus' time and deny his miracles because they say, "This would go against the laws of nature, and therefore, clearly, it could not be possible that someone could raise the dead, heal the sick by a simple command, or walk on water or turn water into wine. Thus, Jesus must have been a phony, he must have been a charlatan, he must have hypnotized the people to believe in his miracles. Or the gospel writers simply made it all up to make Jesus look special."

The reality is, that the laws of nature are not mechanical. When you attain some measure of Christ consciousness, you can go beyond what science currently calls the laws of nature. And thus, you can use the infinite creative power of the expanding and contracting forces of the Father-Mother God – through the balance of the Christ mind – to bring forth a much higher manifestation than what is currently possible on earth.

What science currently sees as the laws of nature are not actually the laws of God. They are the laws that are created out of the duality of the mechanization consciousness, where an action must have an opposite reaction. And thus, any action will be limited by the reaction. There are certain limitations, that human beings cannot go beyond—as long as they are trapped in the dualistic state of consciousness, the mechanization consciousness. And Jesus came to demonstrate, that with men it is impossible to go beyond the current limitations of nature, but with God all things are possible.

It is time to accept your creative power
This is the message, that Jesus gave 2,000 years ago. And we of the ascended masters knew that 2,000 years ago, there were very few people who were ready to understand the fullness of Jesus' message. But we also know that today, there are many people among the top ten percent who are ready to understand this message. They are ready to embody that message and to go out and make good on Jesus' promise, that those who believe on him shall do the works that he did and even greater works than he did—because humankind has progressed in consciousness over the past 2,000 years. And therefore, it is possible to bring forth even greater abundance, even greater so-called miracles, than Jesus could bring forth 2,000 years ago.

This is the reality that can be attained by you, when you truly understand the fifth ray of creative vision and of holistic healing, through a total change in consciousness that frees you, that raises you above the duality of the mechanization consciousness of action and reaction. And therefore, it sets you free to be the open door for the Father-Mother God to express itself through you, as that infinite power that is completely one with the love, and thus brings forth a balanced manifestation through the Son, that raises up all sons and daughters of God. Because the consciousness of the Son is precisely what sees all life as one and empowers you to see yourself as one with the Father and as one with all life, thus seeing that it is only by raising up the All, that you truly raise up yourself.

Thus, my beloved, I seal you in the fifth ray of vision and healing, infused with the seventh ray of freedom and the entire momentum of freedom that I, Saint Germain, embody for this planet. For I AM in the Great IS of Freedom. Therefore, I IS Freedom for the earth. And I am willing to give that flow of IS to those who will reach for total freedom from the mechanization consciousness that is anti-freedom. Thus, be sealed in that Freedom Flame, that cannot be stopped by anything—except the free will of the individual and the free will of a society. I seal you in the love of my heart.

Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels

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The sound files for the Holland 2020 webinar are now on the subscribers website, in a folder named Women2020.     {crossposting}


  For practical reasons, we will not be selling access to the webinar after midnight CEST Friday, May 29th, so if you are planning to attend but have not yet purchased...


As of today, Tuesday, June 26th we have sent emails to those who have purchased the webinar for the liberation of women. If you purchased the webinar and if you have...


There is now another invocation for the liberation of women.   Please use this alternately with the first one, or if you have time, give both of them once a day before...

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