Poverty is hatred of the Mother

TOPICS: Understanding the fourth ray - Understanding the fall on the fourth ray - Impure motives - Taking full responsibility on the fourth ray - How hatred of the Mother begins - How Lucifer fell - How poverty relates to God Purity - Breaking the spiral of poverty - Understanding that the power elite are the most poor people - Breaking the downward spiral - Use the invocations to overcome hatred of the Mother - There are no material means for overcoming poverty - No freedom without purity -

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Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 20, 2007 through Kim Michaels.


Saint Germain I AM, and I come in the great flame of Freedom. This is the flame of the Great IS, the IS of all life, the River of Life that flows from Spirit to matter and back to Spirit, thus raising up all creation as it flows. The seventh ray is the integration of the first six rays. But before you can integrate the six rays and graduate to the initiations of the seventh ray, you must integrate the first three and win your freedom on the fourth ray of God Purity.

In my first three discourses on this topic, I have spoken about winning your freedom on the first ray of God Power, the second ray of God Wisdom and the third ray of God Love. I have talked about the need to overcome poverty on those rays, and poverty, of course, is that which keeps you trapped at a certain level, and thus prevents you from winning the freedom that allows you – that empowers you – to rise beyond that level.

Understanding the fourth ray
We now come to the fourth ray of purity, and it is represented by the white light. And you know what happens when you send a ray of white light into a glass prism: you split it into all the colors of the rainbow. The fourth ray is in the middle, with three rays before it and three rays after it. And thus, what happens to a new lifestream, that descends into the matter sphere, is that it must first be tested on the first ray and learn to express God Power. When it has some proficiency in God Power, it will begin to be tested on the second ray and express Wisdom. And then it moves on to Love. But the first three rays are, so to speak, the beginning of the path of initiation. And we know well that as a lifestream begins those first three rays, it has not yet attained Christhood, or even a certain degree of mastery. Therefore, there is – in an ideal situation – a great deal of guidance that is offered to such a lifestream.

If the lifestream takes advantage of this guidance, then it will integrate the lessons of the first three rays and be well prepared for the initiations of the fourth ray, where it must begin to stand on its own. And thus, on the fourth ray of Purity, a lifestream cannot be tutored in every little detail, for it must of necessity show that it has integrated what it has learned as a result of its tutorship on the first three rays. On the first three rays – when the lifestream experiments with expressing Power, Wisdom and Love – there is a great deal of forgiveness. So that, when a lifestream makes a mistake, well it is instantly forgiven and helped by the teacher to see its mistake so that it can rise above it. That is, of course, a lifestream can be helped by the teacher – the true spiritual teacher – only according to its free-will choices and its willingness to learn from the mentorship of the teacher.

Understanding the fall on the fourth ray
What I am telling you here is, that as a lifestream experiments and learns on the first three rays, we allow the lifestream to make mistakes and we are quite tolerant of these mistakes. We are not the kind of teachers that you might know on earth, who come down hard on you and punish you for every little mistake, my beloved. For it is not our goal to turn you into robots who can stand attention or march in sync with others, as if you had no individuality. It is our goal to raise you up so that – when you pass the initiations on the seventh ray – you are free to express your divine individuality in this world. And this is not a mechanical process that can be forced, which is why free will reigns supreme.

Because of this, it is possible that a lifestream – as it experiments with the first three rays – can build up a certain momentum and habit on misusing those first three rays—in other words, expressing Power, Wisdom and Love in an unbalanced way. A lifestream may begin to feel a certain kind of fear, that causes it to express power in order to control other people or its outer situation. This misuse of power – this fear-based expression of power – is the beginning of poverty. Because when you seek to take by force in the material world, well then the more force you express, the more that force will limit yourself and your own spiritual freedom.

As you begin to express power in an unbalanced manner, you will cut yourself off from the Power of God. You will not be able to have the Power of God flow through you and thereby manifest in the material universe all you desire. And of course, when you experience that you cannot manifest what you desire, you begin to feel poverty—and thus you begin to seek to use even more force, in order to control your outer situation. Many lifestreams can then come to the point, where they go to the next level and start misusing Wisdom, which then allows them to use the mind of anti-christ to come up with a sophisticated reasoning for why they do not need or do not want God Power; they simply want power in the material universe. And they can gain that power, at least to some degree, by misusing the power of the first ray through the unbalanced wisdom of the mind of anti-christ, the perversion of God Wisdom.

This perversion of Wisdom can lead to the next step, where the lifestream begins to feel that it does not love God and that God does not love it. Because it begins to believe that if God really loved me, God should give me everything I want and should not force me to face the consequences of my own choices—and my own misuse of power and wisdom. You now see the triangle of the misuse – the abuse, the unbalanced use – of power, wisdom and love, which causes the lifestream to sink into a state of spiritual poverty, of feeling cut off from the Power, Wisdom and Love of God—which is a state that sets the stage for the lifestream failing the initiations on the fourth ray, which is the ray of purity.

Impure motives
So you now see that the abuse of power, wisdom and love causes the lifestream to build a momentum of impurity, and to express its co-creative abilities in an impure manner that is focused on raising up the self – the separate sense of self, the ego – rather than raising up the All. This, my beloved, is essential to understand. For when you reach the initiations of the fourth ray, you will face precisely the test of whether you will purify yourself from all imbalanced use of power, wisdom and love, and thereby begin to express your creative abilities in a more pure manner.

What, my beloved, do I mean when I say more pure? Well, I mean whether you express your creative abilities in order to gain an advantage for your separate self, or whether you rise to the higher level of using your creative abilities to raise up the All, seeking to have everything in the material universe become MORE. Do you see the essential difference here? When you use your creative abilities in an impure manner, you are seeking to gather more and more to the separate self – around the separate self – so that you build an impenetrable wall that isolates the separate self from the return of its own karma, from the return of the consequences of its own choices, so that you seek to use the energies of the material realm to isolate and insulate yourself from the spiritual path and its initiations.

Why do you do this? Because the separate self, of course, cannot see the true purpose of the spiritual path and therefore believes that the initiations – the return of your karma, the cosmic mirror sending back to you whatever you send out – is a punishment by an angry God in the sky. Whereas the reality is that the return of the consequences of your own choices is precisely how you learn, and therefore it is an opportunity, my beloved.

When you receive a return current from the cosmic mirror that is not pure according to your highest vision, then that is an opportunity for you to realize that what you sent into the cosmic mirror was not a pure impulse—and that is why the mirror reflects back an impure material manifestation. So you now have the opportunity to rise up and purify your co-creative efforts. That is, of course, if you are willing to allow what comes back from the cosmic mirror to awaken you to the need to look in the personal mirror and do what Jesus said, namely look for the beam in your own eye—of where you have allowed impurities to gather in your eye – in your vision, in your mind – thus causing those impurities to form a colored film that inevitably colors your mind. And thereby, it colors everything you send into that cosmic mirror, making it inevitable that the mirror can only reflect back to you an impure manifestation.

Taking full responsibility on the fourth ray
The fourth ray is the ray of God Purity and the ray of the white light of the Mother. What happens when a lifestream has built this momentum of misusing power, wisdom and love, and when the lifestream – when faced with the fourth ray initiations – refuses to look in the personal mirror, when the lifestream refuses to purify itself? Well, if the lifestream will not purify itself, there can be only one reason. And that is that that lifestream is not willing to take full responsibility for itself and its use of its creative power.

If you are not willing to take full responsibility and recognize the fact of life – that what comes back to you in the material universe, in the world of matter, in the world of Mother, is a reflection of what you have sent out – well then, if you will not take that responsibility, what must you do? Very simple, for if what comes back to you from the cosmic mirror is not your fault – because you are not willing to recognize that you could have sent out an impure impulse – well then it must be someone else's fault, must it not?

This is one of the core issues of the ego. When something is not to living up to the ego's expectations of how the material world should be, then there must be something wrong and therefore it must be someone's fault. And if you are not willing to consider that it might be your fault – in the sense that you have used your co-creative abilities in an unbalanced manner – well then you must place blame outside yourself—on someone else.

And my beloved, who is that someone else? Well, it is quite simple. For you see, it is precisely the white light of the Mother that forces you, so to speak, to face the initiations on the fourth ray. The initiation of whether you will raise your co-creative abilities to a higher level and use them to raise up the All, raise up all life, or whether you will use them to gather more to the separate self. Will you seek to gather more of the things of this world to the separate self? Or will you rise to the higher level of seeking to make everything in this world MORE –meaning More of God's Light, more of God's abundance – and thereby raising up all life, even raising up the material sphere to the perfection of the Kingdom of God, as Maitreya explains in his book.

It is precisely the white light that forces you to face the necessity to look at how you have used your co-creative abilities in expressing Power, Wisdom and Love. And it is the white light that gives you a sense of co-measurement. For is it not so, that in most cultures on this planet white is associated with purity? When you do your laundry, do you not want it to be white, rather than gray or dirtied by other colors.

How hatred of the Mother begins
When you rise to the initiations of the fourth ray, what will happen is that your spiritual teachers and your I AM Presence will release a greater amount of the white light of purity into your energy field. And this is much like shining a bright light into a dark room. When the room – when your energy field – was still in the shadows – when it was not brightly lit – well, it was more difficult to see what was pure and what was impure in your energy field. It was more difficult to see where you had expressed power, wisdom and love in an impure manner, and where you had expressed it in purity. This allowed your ego to hide in the shadows, so to speak, and find excuses for saying that an imbalanced expression was not really that bad, and therefore you did not have to face it and change it right now.

But when that white light of purity descends, you can no longer hide in the shadows. You are forced to take stock of yourself and see what is pure and what is impure. For you now have the white light as a sense of co-measurement for what true purity means, even what true power, what true wisdom, and what true love means. For as the white light shines into your energy field, it will naturally brighten the colors that are there. For you know well that as the sun rises in the morning, well at first everything looks gray, but as the light intensifies, you now begin to see all of the colors of the flowers and the sky. Naturally, the white light will make it easier for you to see where you have an impure manifestation of the blue color of God Power, an impure manifestation of the golden color of God Wisdom, and an impure manifestation of the pink ray of God Love. And thus, your ego cannot so easily deny the need for change.

But, of course, if you are not willing to look in the mirror, then the ego always can present you with an easy way out. And that easy way out is to place blame on the white light itself, the white light of the Mother. And thus, the reasoning from the mind of anti-christ, which the ego believes and seeks to make you believe, is that it is not YOU who has imposed an impure image on the Ma-ter light. It is the light itself that has manifested an imperfect manifestation that now burdens you, or does not give you what you want. It is the Mother who is against you, and who is refusing to give you what you want.

The reasoning is that the Mother is wrong, that there is something wrong with the Mother and that you should seek to use your creative abilities to control, even punish, the Mother. Rather than immersing yourself in the pure white light of the Mother, so that you can purify your energy field and have the clear colors of the first three rays shining through the brightness of the fourth ray, thereby expressing your co-creative abilities with a higher degree of selflessness.

When you are not willing to look in the mirror and pass the initiation on the fourth ray, well then the inevitable outcome is what we call hatred of the Mother. When you believe in the lie, that the Mother is not merely reflecting back to you what you send out – but that the Mother is deliberately forcing you to encounter an imperfect manifestation – when you believe in that lie, well you will almost inevitably turn your fear into hatred of the Mother.

How Lucifer fell
For in hating the Mother, you can avoid looking in the mirror—seeing your own impurity. Instead of recognizing that the impurity is inside your own mind and energy field, you do what the ego does best—you project the impurity outside yourself, projecting it onto the Mother light, saying, "Oh this planet earth is such a low place. There is such a lack of resources. There is such an imbalance in nature. Our bodies are so limited and manifest disease so easily. There is not enough money for everyone. There is not enough resources. There is not enough oil. Everything is so limited and restricted. And this is the Mother's fault, this is the fault of Mother Earth because she will not give us the abundant life."

You have an entire class of lifestreams that fell on the initiations of the fourth ray. Most of them fell in higher spheres, but it was the same basic initiation. And thus, you may know that Lucifer himself fell on the fourth ray, and he fell because of the pride of not being willing to look at his own impurities and therefore projecting those impurities on the Mother light, building up hatred of the Mother. This is where you need to understand, how ingenious God's universe is designed, and how ingeniously the Law of Free Will actually works. When a lifestream refuses to voluntarily look at the beam in its own eye, well then that lifestream has put itself beyond the reach of the true spiritual teachers of humankind.

We cannot reach that lifestream, for we work exclusively within the framework of the Law of Free Will. There is no point in that lifestream remaining in the mystery school, and that is why the lifestream then falls or descends into a lower sphere, or outside of the mystery school. And what happens to that lifestream is that it descends precisely into a sphere that corresponds to its level of consciousness. Ehen a lifestream has hatred of the Mother, it will descend into the most dense level of the world of form, which is currently the material universe, where it encounters the lowest vibration of the Mother light—and therefore has an opportunity to learn by encountering precisely that which it has come to believe is responsible for all of its problems. And by being forced, so to speak, to face that which it was not willing to face in the mystery school, the lifestream has the only remaining opportunity left open to it to pass its initiations—and overcome the false beliefs that caused it to fall in the first place.

The question, of course, is whether the lifestream will actually do so or whether it will continue to build upon the momentum of denial, thereby building up more and more hatred of the Mother—until its time runs out and there is no opportunity left for that lifestream to become MORE, making it necessary for the lifestream – the separate lifestream – to be dissolved in the final act of dissolution in the Court of Sacred Fire. Where the intensity of the white light of purity burns away all impurities that have been built up over what would be corresponding to millions of lifetimes on earth.


How poverty relates to God Purity
Can you now see, how poverty relates to the initiations of the fourth ray of God Purity? Poverty is precisely caused by the fact, that you are projecting an impure image onto the Ma-ter light. When you do this, you pull the white light of the Mother down to a lower vibration that is not according to – or in alignment with, in attunement with – the abundant life. 

When the white light – a beam of white light – hits a glass prism and is split into the colors of the rainbow, what you see as the colors of the rainbow are not the pure colors that you find in the higher realms. They are a symbol for the impurities in humankind's consciousness—that therefore project imperfect images onto that Ma-ter light. And as more and more of such images are projected onto the Ma-ter light, more and more limitations are created on the physical earth. Which is why people come to feel that the earth is a limited place. 

But the earth is only limited as long as imperfect images are projected onto it. For the earth has so desire whatsoever to limit or restrict you. The earth would gladly outpicture the abundant life of God in the twinkling of an eye. But the earth has vowed to take on the role of being a substitute teacher for those lifestreams, who have cut themselves off from their spiritual teachers—and therefore cannot learn through the school of Divine Direction. And therefore, they must learn in the school of hard knocks, by experiencing the mirroring back of what they are sending out—because this is what they have allowed to build in their own consciousness, namely the impurities and the imbalances.

When you look at the people on this earth who have the greatest degree of material poverty, you will see that many of them are often being pulled into some very impure activities, as a way to sort of compensate for the fact that they feel boxed in in their daily lives. So they seek an escape, for example through alcohol, through drugs, through gambling, through imperfect music, through perverted sexual practices or anything else that can be done without a great degree of money. The more poor people become in the material sense, the more insensitive they often become to their own lives, including to their environment. You will see this in a lack of personal hygiene, an unwillingness to dress cleanly, even when this is actually possible according to their material means. You will see it in an inattentiveness to their environment, to the cleanliness of their houses, the beauty of their houses and their surroundings.

Breaking the spiral of poverty
I full well understand, that there are many people on this earth who have grown up in poverty and who will say, "But Saint Germain I do not have the money to build a house, to live in a beautiful house." But I say to you, “There is not one person on this earth who is so poor, that they could not do something with what they have to make their lives MORE, to make their lives better!”

When you look at Jesus' parable about the talents, you will see that the lord gave ten talents to one servant, five to another and two to another. But all have something that they can multiply. But what you see is often that those who feel that they have too little are the ones who say, "We have so little, we can do nothing." And thus, they do not even try to do the best with what they have, thus burying their talents in the ground. Whereby that which they have is taken from them—not because an angry God does so, but because they themselves take from them what they have. Because they refuse to use what they have to multiply what they have, so that they connect themselves to the River of Life. 

The River of Life is the process of becoming MORE. And do you see that even if you have very little, if you do the best with what you have, you reconnect yourself to the River of Life? Being connected to the River of Life is not a matter of having a certain amount of money and material possessions. It is only a matter of one thing: your willingness to use what you have and make it MORE. That act of multiplying your talents, no matter how few talents you have – and even if you have next to nothing, you can always do something more with what you have, some kind of kindness, some kind of unwillingness to participate in impure activities – and thereby reconnect yourself to the River of Life. So that what you have will inevitably be multiplied by the law of God which is unfailing. 

Those who feel they are poor are like the person sitting in front of a mirror, refusing to smile at the mirror, saying, "Until the mirror smiles at me, until the image of myself in the mirror smiles at me, I will not smile at the mirror." But do you see that this will never happen, for the mirror will unfailingly reflect back to you what YOU project into the mirror? So you must smile at the mirror, you must smile at the world before the world can smile back at you and give you more. But when you DO smile, the world WILL smile back—although, as Mother Mary explains in her book, it may take some time. Because the impulse has to cycle through the three higher levels before it reaches the material universe. So depending on how many impurities you have built up in those higher levels, well that will determine when and how pure of an impulse the mirror can reflect back to you.

There is always something you can do to make things better. And this is precisely why you see, that in many countries in the world, the people in general are less poor today than they were a hundred, or five hundred, or a thousand years ago. That is because a critical mass of the people, in what you call the rich nations, have been willing to do more with what they had, no matter how little they had. This my beloved, is Love. This is the culmination of the third ray, where you integrate that love so that you say, "We are willing to learn how to express our creative abilities in a more pure way and therefore bring forth more than what we have right now, thereby raising up all of life, even the environment in which we live, by beautifying it and purifying it."


Understanding that the power elite are the most poor people
No matter how little you have, you can always do more. But the reverse of that is, of course, that no matter how much you have, you can still refuse to do more with what you have. And thereby, you will see that some of the richest people in the world – in terms of money and material possessions – are in reality as poor spiritually, mentally, emotionally as those who are poor physically. I can assure you, that when you look at the wealthiest people, the members of the power elite, you will see that if they are not sharing their wealth – seeking to raise up all life, but are using that wealth to control life – well, then I can assure you, that they have taken that wealth by force. And although a lifestream can build up a momentum that allows it to gather material wealth through force, I can assure you that by doing so a lifestream will diminish its spiritual wealth.

Precisely because of the time delay built into the material universe, as Mother Mary explains, it is possible that a lifestream can misuse its co-creative abilities to take material abundance from other people by exploiting those people. The lifestream can get away with doing this for several lifetimes. And that is why many people have come to believe, that there must be some injustice in the universe, that allows certain people to be very rich or inherit great riches, even if they have done nothing to help other parts of life. The law of God is unfailing, and it works two ways. If you have little but do more with what you have, it is unfailing that the law will in the future give you more. But the reverse, of course, is that if you have much and refuse to do something for others with what you have, then in time – as cycles move on, – it is inevitable that what you have will be taken away from you.

When you look at the history of the world, you will often see, that there have been societies that had a power elite who seemed to be untouchable. For they were simply so above the ordinary population, that it seemed like their power and privileges could never be taken away from them. Yet, suddenly things shifted in that society. And through some natural occurrence or a revolution or other occurrence in society, well suddenly some of the richest people lost all they had, and now stood with nothing. But they were worse off than the people, for they had never had to work for what they had. And thus, they were not able to handle that situation psychologically—often going to pieces, as they say, instead of picking up the pieces and starting the path of initiation, the path of doing more with whatever you have, no matter how little or how much you have.

Breaking the downward spiral
Do you now see – again – what I spoke about in my previous discourses, of how poverty becomes a self-reinforcing downward spiral? For when people begin to feel that they have too little – and that they have too little because of some injustice, because the Mother light will not give them more abundance – well then, through the manifestation of hatred of the Mother, they refuse to take care of the Mother. Which is their physical environment, their physical bodies, other people, their own children. So they begin to become neglectful of the Mother and the expressions of the Mother. And thus, what do they do? Well, they project that hatred, that impurity, onto the Ma-ter light. And so, they must inevitably receive a return.

Beyond this is also the very physical neglect of their environment, whereby their environment becomes more and more impure, more and more dirty, more and more disorganized, more and more non-functional. And so, by living in an environment that is dirty and disorganized, their consciousness is affected to the point where their vision is impaired. They cannot envision a way out, they cannot envision something better, they cannot envision the reality that the white light simply reflects back what is projected upon it. And thus, if they are willing to change their minds, they will change their lives, their outer situations. And this, of course, sets the stage, whereby they reinforce the downward spiral through their failed initiations on the fourth ray, setting the stage for the next level where they fail the initiations on the fifth ray of God Vision.

This, of course, will be the topic of my next discourse. Thus, for now I leave you to ponder the importance of overcoming hatred of the Mother, by looking at everything in the material universe as an expression of Mother, and realizing that whatever you do to any part of life, you are doing to God the Mother, to the Divine Mother. If you wish to overcome any momentum of hatred of the Mother, then, here is a simple technique. If you have any love for any representative of the Divine Mother, then use that love. For example, I know many of you have a great love for Mother Mary, who is the highest representative of the Divine Mother for the evolutions on this planet. So see Mother Mary behind every outer manifestation. And allow yourself to realize, that whatever you do to any part of life, whatever you do to your physical environment, whatever you do even to a stone, or even by throwing a piece of garbage onto the ground, you are doing to Mother Mary. And then ask yourself, "Do I love Mother Mary more than this activity?" And if you do, my beloved, then of course you will know that it is time to stop that activity.

Use the invocations to overcome hatred of the Mother
And if you cannot yet come to that realization, then ask Mother Mary – with all the fervor of your heart, with all the purity of your heart – to help you see and overcome the momentums of hatred of the Mother that you have in your own being. And use her invocations for this purpose, my beloved. You have so many rosaries and invocations, and you must realize that each rosary is actually designed to help you overcome a specific aspect of hatred of the Mother. For you are beginning to see, I trust, that any imperfection you encounter in the material universe is an expression – is a variant – of hatred of the Mother. And thus, use those invocations, pray to Mother Mary who is here with me and wants to extend her love and gratitude to you, those of you who have already used her rosaries and invocations.

And she implores you to use them more consciously in the future, to use them specifically to give her a matrix, that she can use to enlighten you and to purify you of the illusions and momentums of hatred of the Mother. This is the hatred of the Mother, that you will almost inevitably pick up by being in embodiment on this planet, which is currently so weighted down and polluted by hatred of the Mother in all areas of human society, of individual lives, and even in nature herself, as I spoke about some time ago in California, when I talked about the imbalances of nature.


There are no material means for overcoming poverty
I trust you can see, that the only way to overcome poverty is to be willing to take responsibility by recognizing that your material circumstances are a reflection of your state of consciousness. And therefore, the only true way to overcome poverty is to look in the mirror, to look at the beam in your own eye and raise your consciousness. That is why there is no material means for overcoming poverty. You cannot create a government program that will automatically eradicate poverty in a particular nation. No government program can force the people to change their consciousness. However, it is possible to institute a government program that suddenly somewhat shakes the people out of the sense of hopelessness and lack of vision, and thereby changes their consciousness, and thus changes their vision. What I want to help you see is, that it is not actually the outer program that eradicates poverty, but the fact that the outer program has an impact on changing people's vision.

Imagine that you combined the kind of programs you have seen so far on this planet with an educational program, that taught the people how to take command over their own psychology and mind, so that you have both the Alpha and the Omega effect. The Alpha being teaching people of the power of the mind, and the Omega being instituting actual physical programs to give them better jobs and a better source of physical income or a better physical environment.

What has been done so far on this planet has been only the Omega aspect of eradicating poverty. And that is why in many nations it has had such a limited effect. And many well-meaning people, as I spoke about in my previous discourse, who have a great understanding that things need to change, have been seduced into supporting such government programs. And although they can have a limited effect, they cannot ultimately fulfill the goal of eradicating poverty—for poverty can only be eradicated through both the Alpha and the Omega.

And therefore, you must step up. The people who really want to help eradicate poverty must step up and realize, that it is necessary to bring in the Alpha by educating the people. This does not mean, that all people need to come into a particular religious or spiritual belief, or recognize a particular religion, or even recognize the ascended masters. But all people need to understand the simple fact, that the human psyche has an impact on everything they do personally and on everything that goes on in society, even on what goes on in nature.

And therefore, you cannot truly change the physical conditions on this earth unless you deal with the human psyche and educate people, so that they can learn to use the power of their minds to create a pure state, both materially and spiritually, instead of continuing to create impurity both spiritually and materially. Only when you combine the Alpha and the Omega, only when you enlighten people to the power of their minds, will you be successful in any government program or even any planetary effort to eradicate poverty and bring forth the abundant life, that many of the most aware people in the top 10 percent know should be manifest on this planet.

No freedom without purity
I have spoken my peace on the topic of Freedom, for now you see that there can be no Freedom without Purity, the purity that comes by overcoming hatred of the Mother, and building that unconditional love of the Mother. Because you realize, that the Mother has unconditional love for you, and will reflect back to you whatever conditions you project upon the Ma-ter light. For the conditions and limitations you experience in the matter sphere, are simply the reflections of the conditions in your own mind. They are not conditions of the Mother—who loves you unconditionally and will gladly and lovingly give you the abundant life materially, when you are willing to reach for the abundant life spiritually.

It is not the responsibility of the Mother to give you the abundant life spiritually. It is only the responsibility of the Mother to give you the abundant life materially. But she can do so only by reflecting back to you what you send out. And thus, it is your responsibility to purify your mind, so that you can project pure images upon the Ma-ter light—that the Mother will then reflect back to you as material circumstances.

When you overcome hatred of the Mother, you see that the Mother has unconditional love for you and will give you anything you desire in the material world—according, of course, to the laws of nature that define what can be created on this planet. And according, of course, not only to the state of your own consciousness but also to the collective state of consciousness of humankind, as it is currently manifest.

Yet, it is indeed possible for people to rise high above the collective consciousness and manifest far greater material abundance, than what you see in the general population. Unfortunately, what you have seen so far is, that those who have manifested greater material wealth have done so by taking it through force. Which is precisely why many spiritual people do not want material wealth, because they think it can be taken only through force. But if you study Mother Mary's book, you will see that her entire purpose is to show you, that you can indeed have the abundant life materially, and you can have it, not through force, but through love—the unconditional love of the Father-Mother God. And this is the perfect love, that will set you free, through the purity of the fourth ray.

And thus, I seal you, my beloved, in that purity. And I thank you for your attention, for your willingness to be the open doors, that I might anchor an extraordinary portion of the Freedom flame, expressed through the fourth ray of Purity, that will radiate out from this physical place but will in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, cover the entire planet. And thereby accelerate the process of setting people free, of empowering them to overcome the hatred of the Mother and the sense that the Mother will never give them the abundant life. Coming to the point of realization that the Mother light can manifest abundance—the abundance that it is the Father's good pleasure to give you when you are willing to be One with your own higher being.

Thus, be sealed in the fourth ray of God Purity, reinforced by the seventh ray of Freedom. Go forth and sin no more! Overcome your hatred of the Mother! Be willing to see it and let it pass into that fourth ray of the intensity of the white light, that burns away all hatred of the Mother, for it burns away all unlike itself. Be sealed! BE FREE!

Copyright © 2007 by Kim Michaels

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