Ascended Master dictations given during 2006:

Title Created Date Author
Virtues of Magnificent Confusion 25.08.2006 Jesus
A House Divided Against Itself 24.07.2006 Jesus
Diverting Your Attention From the Inner Path 18.07.2006 Jesus
A Spiritual Teaching Can Abort Your Growth 14.07.2006 Jesus
When the Ego’s World Is Gray 16.05.2006 Jesus
When the Ego’s World Is Black and White 09.05.2006 Jesus
Becoming a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy 07.05.2006 Jesus
Fitting a Square Peg Into a Round Hole 27.04.2006 Jesus
Not Seeing the Forest for the Trees 26.04.2006 Jesus
Spiritual Blindness – the Main Ego Challenge 15.04.2006 Jesus
Was Jesus a complete ego-maniac? 28.05.2006 Kim Michaels
When your forgiveness is unconditional, your joy will be full 26.11.2006 Mother Mary
We want our students to self-transcend 22.10.2006 Mother Mary
How to recognize a true messenger 22.10.2006 Shiva
Now is the time to take a stand and Be who you are! 22.10.2006 Sanat Kumara
It is time to expose what happened in the Garden of Eden 22.10.2006 Lord Maitreya
Beware of the superiority-inferiority dynamic 22.10.2006 Gautama Buddha
Do not hold your peace—share it! 22.10.2006 Jesus
It is time the true teachings of Christ be understood 22.10.2006 Kuthumi
Be free as a little child 21.10.2006 Saint Germain
Let your vision be MORE 21.10.2006 El Morya - Master MORE
Are you awake? 20.10.2006 Gautama Buddha
The master key to growth is integration between your Higher and lower Being 20.10.2006 Mother Mary
The Golden Age cannot be brought through control 09.10.2006 Kuan Yin
We prepare for a new cycle in Europe 09.10.2006 Saint Germain
We prepare for a mighty work in Europe 09.10.2006 El Morya - Master MORE
I hurl the challenge: To be or not to be 03.10.2006 Saint Germain
Allow yourself to enjoy the journey 01.10.2006 Mother Mary
Keeping your peace while letting your light shine 01.10.2006 Gautama Buddha
All I want is constantly growing students 01.10.2006 El Morya - Master MORE
The spiritual path should make you more free, not less free 01.10.2006 Elohim Arcturus
Let the people of Europe choose the Living Christ! 01.10.2006 Jesus
Claim your Freedom in Europe! 30.09.2006 Saint Germain
God government versus human government 30.09.2006 El Morya - Master MORE
Be spiritual regardless of outer conditions 30.09.2006 Mother Mary
Those who start wars cannot stop war 08.09.2006 Mother Mary
The underlying cause of conflict in the Middle East 16.07.2006 Mother Mary
Let the winds of change be unleashed 04.07.2006 Saint Germain
Your mission is spiritual wholeness 03.07.2006 God Meru
Understand why civilizations rise and fall 30.06.2006 Great Divine Director
Anchoring the Mother Light in the base chakra of America 21.06.2006 Mother Mary
I seal you in the Mother's Love 28.05.2006 Mother Mary
The Key to establishing the Mystery School on earth 28.05.2006 Lord Maitreya
Become the open door for the Living Christ 28.05.2006 Jesus
Find centeredness in the heart 27.05.2006 El Morya - Master MORE
Did someone say, “Shiva?” 27.05.2006 Shiva
Dare to disturb people 26.05.2006 Vajrasattva
Dare to let your light shine! 26.05.2006 Mother Mary
I will send you to bear witness to Christ truth in this age 26.05.2006 Jesus
Why difficulties can be blessings in disguise 26.05.2006 Hercules
Why environmentalism is lacking love 25.05.2006 Mother Mary
The true alchemy of the heart 25.05.2006 Saint Germain
I need those who will walk the Path of Peace 04.05.2006 Elohim Peace
The inescapable decision to let the ego die 23.04.2006 Jesus
It is time to purify the heart 16.04.2006 Mother Mary
Help us build the City Foursquare 06.03.2006 Mother Mary
Join me in the River of Life 04.02.2006 Mother Mary
There is only one test on the spiritual path 04.01.2006 E Morya - Master MORE
Always look for the practical solution—not the ideal solution 03.01.2006 Saint Germain
How ego games destroy spiritual communities 01.01.2006 Gautama Buddha

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