Ascended Master dictations given during 2005:

Title Created Date Author
I AM here! 05.07.2005 Archangel Michael
Form a nucleus for world change 04.07.2005 El Morya - Master MORE
Wake up—NOW! 25.03.2005 El Morya - Master MORE
Know the Eternal Silence! 05.07.2005 Gautama Buddha
Hypocrites need not apply! 05.07.2005 Jesus
I, Jesus Christ, kneel before God in you 26.03.2005 Jesus
The Eternal Breath of the Divine Mother 03.07.2005 Mother Mary
You are here to build an upward spiral 02.07.2005 Mother Mary
Transcend time and space! 02.05.2005 Mother Mary
Let women be raised up in the Catholic Church 02.04.2005 Mother Mary
If you love me, give my Rosary of God’s Will 20.02.2005 Mother Mary
Help me consume the conflict in the Middle East 23.01.2005 Mother Mary
Apply to receive my mantle 05.07.2005 Sanat Kumara
25. Afterword 28.04.2005 Mother Mary
24. Flowing with the River of Life 27.04.2005 Mother Mary
23. Giving Is the Key to Receiving 26.04.2005 Mother Mary
22. Find Your Emotional Freedom 25.04.2005 Mother Mary
21. Discovering Your Divine Plan 24.04.2005 Mother Mary
20. Changing Who You Think You Are 23.04.2005 Mother Mary
19. Dealing with Emotional Pain 22.04.2005 Mother Mary
18. Mind Over Brain 21.04.2005 Mother Mary
17. Your Highest Potential 20.05.2005 Mother Mary
16. The Four Levels of the Universe 19.04.2005 Mother Mary
15. The Law of Return: Giving Is Receiving 18.04.2005 Mother Mary
14. Oneness Is the Source of Joy 17.04.2005 Mother Mary
13. Your Internal Dialogue 16.04.2005 Mother Mary
12. The Illusion of the Angry God 15.04.2005 Mother Mary
11. A Closer Look at the Self 14.04.2005 Mother Mary
10. How the Mortal Self Blocks Abundance 13.04.2005 Mother Mary
09. You Are a Co-creator 12.04.2005 Mother Mary
00. Introduction to A Course in Abundance 03.04.2005 Mother Mary
08. Attaining a Balanced State of Consciousness 11.04.2005 Mother Mary
07. Awakening from the Collective Illusion 10.04.2005 Mother Mary
06. Secret Lessons Behind the Human Struggle 09.04.2005 Mother Mary
05. Bringing Spiritual Light Into the Material World 08.04.2005 Mother Mary
04. Are You Creating Harmony or Lack? 07.04.2005 Mother Mary
03. Actively Receiving Abundance 06.04.2005 Mother Mary
02. Free Yourself from Images of Lack 05.04.2005 Mother Mary
01. Why You Don’t Already Have Abundance 04.04.2005 Mother Mary
What is true healing? (Part 2) 27.03.2005 Mother Mary
Is There Room in the Inn For the Living Christ To Be born? 27.03.2005 Jesus
The judgment is complete 31.12.2005 Jesus
Call for the spiritual healing of children 31.12.2005 Gautama Buddha
Who will keep the Living Flame of Life? 31.12.2005 Saint Germain
Why South America Needs the Discipline of the Father 31.12.2005 Mother Mary
Reach for the One Vision—the Vision of Oneness 31.12.2005 Elohim Cyclopea
The essence of Divine Direction 31.12.2005 Great Divine Director
Beyond Maitreya’s Mystery School 30.12.2005 Lord Maitreya
Forgive those who have hurt you and walk into the new day 29.12.2005 El Morya - Master MORE
The ascended masters seek to reach all lifestreams 29.12.2005 El Morya - Master MORE
When there is no division, your joy will be full 28.12.2005 Mother Mary
It is time to understand my true message of oneness 25.12.2005 Jesus
The master Key to the Success of Spiritual Movements 24.12.2005 Archangel Michael
See the Living Christ in yourself—and let the Living Word flow through you 23.12.2005 Jesus
The Light of God can solve all problems 23.12.2005 Mother Mary
Let What Is Hidden Be Revealed 22.12.2005 Mother Mary
I Claim South America for the Cause of Freedom! 21.12.2005 Saint Germain
How Can There Be Peace Without Victory? 23.10.2005 Mighty Victory
Non-attachment is the master Key to the Ascension 23.10.2005 Gautama Buddha
The Living Christ is ALWAYS more than you think 23.10.2005 Jesus
I release a flood tide of unconditional love 23.10.2005 Presence of Unconditional Love
I will help you let go of your fears 22.10.2005 El Morya - Master MORE
Claim Your Freedom from Religion! 22.10.2005 Saint Germain
Mercy is setting life free 22.10.2005 Kuan Yin
Enough is enough! 22.10.2005 Omega
If you want to BE with me, become more—as I AM 22.10.2005 El Morya - Master MORE
The Lord’s judgment Upon the False Preachers in Religion 22.10.2005 Archangel Michael
Give up the ghost that prevents you from accepting the love of the Divine Mother 22.10.2005 Mother Mary
The protection of the Office of the Presidency 21.10.2005 Saint Germain
The gratitude and the judgment of the Divine Mother 21.10.2005 Mother Mary
Share my vision of the Golden Age America 10.10.2005 Saint Germain
Visualize a better future by understanding the problems of today 31.08.2005 Saint Germain
Will you BE with us in the Golden Age Consciousness? 07.08.2005 Mother Mary
I am overjoyed in the company of saints 05.07.2005 Mother Mary
Anchoring the Freedom Flame in the center of the earth 04.07.2005 Saint Germain
Forming the Circle of Oneness 03.07.2005 Presence of Oneness
Victory Is All That Is Real 03.07.2005 Presence of Victory
I come to join forces with Jesus and Mother Mary 01.07.2005 Saint Germain
We cannot save people against their will 01.07.2005 Mother Mary
I am come to inaugurate the Age of the Universal Christ 01.07.2005 Jesus
East is East and West is West, and the Twain Shall Indeed Meet 11.05.2005 Jesus
Laugh at the devil—and yourself! 28.03.2005 El Morya - Master MORE
Flow with the in-breath and the out-breath 28.03.2005 The Creator
You cannot give away what you do not own 28.03.2005 Jesus
Life is pure joy 27.03.2005 Presence of Wisdom
What is true healing? (Part 1) 27.03.2005 Mother Mary
Why on earth are you here on earth? 26.03.2005 El Morya - Master MORE
I congratulate you for the vigil to God’s Will 27.03.2005 Archangel Michael
When thine I be single 26.03.2005 The Creator
Will you accept or reject my love? 12.03.2005 Mother Mary
God’s Will is your will 20.02.2005 Presence of God's Will
If you love me, give my Rosary for Mother Russia 11.02.2005 Archangel Michael

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