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TOPICS: Allow Jesus to have his victory - Religion denies oneness - the Rosary of Miracle Oneness - Choose Life! - Abandon the false religions of separation - Multiply your talents! -


Ascended Master Mother Mary, June 1, 2004 through Kim Michaels.


My beloved hearts, I trust you can see and feel that this magnificent discourse by the Presence of Oneness is truly the capstone of the pyramid of the delivery of the Living Word. I trust you will see that the magnificent rosary of Miracle Oneness is indeed the capstone of the pyramid formed by the other seven rosaries. It has truly been my purpose with this release to raise you to an awareness of the very fact that everything is created out of the One God, and therefore everything is one with the One God. I hope to raise you to the awareness that you too are one with your God—when you choose to be one with that God.


Religion denies oneness
I know all too well that you have been brought up in a world that does everything conceivable to prevent you from accepting your oneness with your God. Many of you have even been brought up in a culture and religion that claims to be the representative of my son Jesus Christ on earth, yet that culture and religion denies the Presence of the Living Christ within you and programs you to deny your oneness with your God. The reason being that this religion has been taken over by the very mindset that persecuted my son Jesus, when he walked the earth 2,000 years ago, and accused him of blasphemy and of violating the letter of the outer law. And this mindset continues, to this day, to deny the Living Christ within all life. It was indeed the mission of Jesus to raise people into oneness with their God, the oneness that has been lost due to the original sin, when their lifestreams first departed from the direct, inner connection to the I AM Presence and became trapped in the consciousness of duality, division and separation—the consciousness of death. 

My beloved hearts, I trust you can see that all of the problems and imperfections that you currently see in your personal life and on planet earth as a whole spring from this point of division, the point of separation from the One God. I therefore trust you can see that the ultimate solution to the problems on planet earth, the ultimate key to bringing God’s kingdom to earth, is that a critical mass of people make it a priority in their lives to reclaim their oneness with their God. I trust you can see that the teachings I have given in my previous discourses are like the layers of a pyramid that gradually build upon each other until you reach the apex of the pyramid. What then is the apex of a pyramid? My beloved hearts, it is a single point, a point of oneness. That point of oneness is the single-eyed vision that Jesus spoke about when he said, “When thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light” (Luke 11:34). It is the nexus point of the figure-eight flow of energy between the spiritual realm and the material realm. And that is why a person who achieves Christ consciousness becomes the open door between heaven and earth, the open door that no one can shut.

The seven rosaries that I have given before this new Rosary of Oneness form the layers of a pyramid. By giving these rosaries, you can climb the pyramid of life. When you reach the top, the rosary of Miracle Oneness will empower you to put the capstone on the pyramid of your life. When you do reach that summit of being, you will be who you truly are, namely an individualization of the One God, a part of the whole that, as every part of a hologram, has the whole within itself—and accepts it.

Choose Life!
My beloved hearts, because of the intense programming to which most people in this world have been exposed for many lifetimes, it can indeed take some time for you to fully integrate and accept the fact that you truly are one with your God, that you never were separated from your God and that you never can be separated from your God. Therefore, “In your patience possess ye your souls” (Luke 21:19).

I have been in embodiment on planet earth, and I have experienced the heavy weight of the collective consciousness of humankind, a consciousness that springs from separation, division and duality. Therefore, I know how difficult it can be to reclaim your oneness in this world because as you climb the pyramid of life that leads you to that point of oneness, you must overcome the gravitational force of the mass consciousness created by human beings and by the dark beings that roam this planet, seeking whom they may devour (1Peter 5:8).

Yet precisely because I have been in embodiment and have climbed that pyramid of life, I also know it can be done. I realize that many of you have been programmed to accept an idolatrous image of me and of Jesus, making you think we were somehow special people who could do something that you cannot do. Yet I tell you that you too can climb the pyramid of life as Jesus and I did, and as many others have done both before and after us. And precisely because Jesus and I have climbed that pyramid, we have blazed a trail that is now easier for you to follow, and that is indeed one meaning of the statement, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me” (John 12:32). So won’t you please allow Jesus to have the victory of his mission by allowing him to draw you unto him? My beloved, Jesus cannot do this against your free will, so you must choose to accept your ability to follow in his footsteps. If you do not accept this, as so many Christians fear to do, you are denying Jesus the victory of his mission and his sacrifice for humankind.

There is indeed a gravitational force of the mass consciousness of humankind that is pulling you down into the depths of the consciousness of hell. Yet there is also an ascending force, created by your ascended brothers and sisters, that is pulling you up toward the apex of the pyramid of life. You need to choose which of these forces you will allow to be the deciding force in your life. Will you allow yourself to be pulled down into the consciousness of death, or will you be pulled up into the consciousness of life? And therefore, I must say to you, as Moses said to the Israelites of old, “Choose life, choose the consciousness of life that leads you to accept your oneness with your God!”

Abandon the false religions of separation
If you will take time to ponder the teachings I have given you in the previous discourses, you will see that the true goal of the Ascended Host is to bring God’s kingdom to earth. You will also see that in reality God’s kingdom is a state of consciousness. Therefore, for God’s kingdom to be manifest on earth, a critical mass of human beings in embodiment must change their state of consciousness and embrace a new sense of identity, a sense of identity that is not based on separation and division but on indivisible oneness with their God. My beloved hearts, this has been the goal of the Ascended Host for eons. This is the only message that has been given through all of the true religions found on this planet, and there are indeed many true religions. There is only one message behind all religion, and it is the message of oneness, the message that you are one with your God and that the sense of separation is an illusion.

I am aware that there are many people on this earth who will not be able to understand or accept this message of oneness. They will reject it, and through the relative faculties of the lower mind and the human intellect, they will come up with innumerable clever and sophisticated arguments for doubting the message of oneness. You can find these arguments broadcast through the institutions of society, such as governments and educational institutions. You can find them broadcast through the media. And you can even find them broadcast through many religions that have departed from their original Gospel of Oneness and are now preaching a Gospel of Separation.

If you care to look at the historical record, you will see that the early followers of my son Jesus were not called Christians. They were called “Followers of the Way” because Jesus truly came to teach all people the true way to oneness with their God. When Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6), he was not referring to his outer person or to an outer Christian church. He was saying that the way to salvation is the way to oneness with your God, and without establishing oneness with your God, you cannot come to your Father and enter the kingdom of your God. And of course, the key to oneness with your God is the Christ consciousness that Jesus embodied and to this day represents to humankind. Therefore, to come into that oneness, you do go through the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

If you will make the effort to stretch your mind and heart and ponder this message, you will see the underlying logic, the underlying truth. God created everything that was created and without him was not anything made that was made (John 1:3). You need to be saved because you have departed from your God, meaning that you have departed from oneness with your God. So how could you possibly be saved and return to your Father’s kingdom, except by reclaiming your true sense of identity, your sense of oneness with your God? My beloved, there is no other way to God but to reclaim your sense of oneness with your God by allowing the Presence of Oneness to be in you.

This then is the message of oneness, the Gospel of Oneness, the religion of oneness that is the one true religion. Throughout the ages, this message and gospel has been preached through many different religions, and it is still being preached through several religions. Yet throughout the ages, we have seen the same pattern, namely that a new religion was started by a person who had dared to reclaim his or her oneness with God. Therefore, that person became the open door for preaching the Gospel of Oneness to a specific group of people.

Yet when the original founder was no longer in the material realm, the religion slowly started disintegrating, and after a period of time the Gospel of Oneness was lost. In many cases, as is certainly the case with my son Jesus, the original founder was elevated to the status of an idol and seen as the only one who could reclaim his or her oneness with God. Therefore, what started out as a true religion, preaching the Gospel of Oneness, was gradually turned into a false religion, preaching the Gospel of Separation. This then is the false gospel that has been present on this planet since Lucifer and his followers first descended to the material realm.

My beloved hearts, it is time to see through the false message and abandon the false gospel, the gospel that is often disguised as the “only true religion” yet is truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is time to stop following the blind leaders, the false prophets, who are posturing as true leaders but are inwardly like ravening wolves (Matthew 7:15). It is time to stop following those who are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones (Matthew 23:27).

It is time to rise above the lies and the manipulations of the forces who have chosen to separate themselves from their God and who have become trapped in that consciousness of separation. It is time for you to stop worshiping the false gods who are clamoring for your attention by every means conceivable. It is time for you to stop playing around in the sandbox, building your elaborate castles that will crumble when the Living Waters of the Holy Spirit come to wash them away. It is time to climb the rock of Christ and anchor yourself firmly on the true way that leads to Christ consciousness, the consciousness that empowers you to see and to claim your oneness with your God, as Jesus did indeed claim that oneness.

It is time to realize that life on planet earth is currently a contest, a game, and that the prize is your soul. The prince of this world is constantly trying to tempt you, in numerous subtle and clever ways, to deny your oneness with your God. And we of the Ascended Host are constantly seeking to help you reclaim that oneness. My beloved, as long as you continue to deny your oneness with your God – no matter how important your reasoning might seem to your outer mind – the Devil holds your soul captive in the consciousness of hell. You are worshiping a false god who is not the One God behind all appearances but is simply one of the appearances. Yet the moment you fully abandon that denial and accept your oneness with the One God, the Conscious You will be in the consciousness of the kingdom of heaven.

Multiply your talents!
Therefore, I say to you, “Make use of the teachings and the tools I have given you in these discourses. Make use of the teachings and the tools that my son Jesus has given in the other books and on his website!” You have been given much through these teachings, and much is expected of those to whom much is given. Therefore, I say with Jesus, who is here with me to anchor his light through the words of this discourse, “Multiply your talents, multiply your inner oneness, and set your priorities straight so that you are no longer pulled hither and yon by the activities of this world that constantly seek to pull you away from oneness with your God. Make it the top priority of your life to follow the way that leads you to the apex of the pyramid of life, where you can reclaim your oneness with your God!”

Truly, when you have proven that you are faithful over a few things, namely the tools you have been given by Jesus and myself, then God will surely multiply those talents, multiply what you bring to the altar, and make you ruler over many things. Your God wants you to come home to his kingdom because he has need of those who are willing to be his co-creators. Truly, the world you know on planet earth is only one mansion in the House of God. Your Creator has many other worlds, and after you win your permanent victory as an ascended being, he will make you ruler over one of those worlds so that you can help co-create that world in his image and likeness.

The eternal question posed by Hamlet is, “To be, or not to be?” I now say, take the mantra given by the Presence of Oneness, learn it by heart and use it throughout your day whenever you have a moment. Use it to affirm the Presence of Oneness in all conditions you encounter in your life. Use it to consume all imperfections and all appearances of division and separation. Therefore, claim your oneness by affirming:


I choose to BE one with my God, and therefore
I AM the Presence of Oneness in this world.


Or invoke the Presence of Oneness in a specific situation:


I choose to BE one with my God, and therefore
I AM the Presence of Oneness in [briefly describe the situation].

For example, you might use the following affirmations and make your own to suit your personal situation or a specific crises on the world scene:


I choose to BE one with my God, and therefore
I AM the Presence of Oneness in my health.

I choose to BE one with my God, and therefore
I AM the Presence of Oneness in my family.

I choose to BE one with my God, and therefore
I AM the Presence of Oneness in my finances.

I choose to BE one with my God, and therefore
I AM the Presence of Oneness in my nation.

I choose to BE one with my God, and therefore
I AM the Presence of Oneness in the Middle East.

I choose to BE one with my God, and therefore
I AM the Presence of Oneness in the world economy.

I choose to BE one with my God, and therefore
I AM the Presence of Oneness consuming all war.


Copyright © 2004 by Kim Michaels


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